June Is A Great Month To…

June is a great month to celebrate! Here is a list of 10 things to do in June to help you celebrate this first month of summer.

June outdoor table with flowers

June is a great month for brides and June bugs and to wave your flag on Flag Day! Summer officially begins in June! School is out in June, and pools are open every day. June is a great month to enjoy the outdoors and cookouts and family reunions, and love Dad on Father’s Day!

Did you know that June is supposed to be the best time to buy a laptop and the worst to buy a grill? June is a great month to do lots of fun and interesting things! See 10 wonderful ways to celebrate this summer month and find lots and lots of inspiration too!

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Dig In The Dirt

herbs and a cup full of dirt

June is a great month to go outside and dig in the dirt. If you are not a natural gardener, why not plant flowers and herbs in pots, urns, containers, or raised beds? They are so easy to care for and will repay you with a harvest almost every day.

When we lived at StoneGable, I had lots of gardens: raised bed gardens where I grew vegetables, herbs, and flowers. And cutting gardens and a kitchen garden. It was a lot of work, but I loved it.

spearmint plant

Here at the Tanglewood House, I have pulled things back, and now I garden in the beds around our home and have become a huge fan of container gardens.

Even if you are not a gardener, plant something in a container. It’s good for your soul to tend a little garden in a container! And your home will look so pretty when you bring the bounty of a container garden inside!

Tending to my container gardens is part of my morning ritual. With coffee in hand, a straw hat on my head, and red lipstick on my lips (we always look better with our favorite lipstick on), you will find me deadheading and picking flowers to bring in for the day. It’s also a great time to have a conversation with God. Sometimes I think this is the best part of the day. That is until those long summer evening roll around to end the day, and I end my day repeating my garden rounds.

To help you with digging in the dirt, you might like to read The Ultimate Guide To Container Gardening and Herb Container Gardening Guide.

frozen herbs in ice cubes of olive oil

If you have herbs or are planting herbs, here’s how to Freeze Herbs To Keep The Summer Freshness.

June is a great month to dig in the dirt!

Go Strawberry Picking

a bowl of June strawberries

June is strawberry month! Even the first full moon this month is called the Strawberry moon. So pick a few pints (or quarts) of strawberries and eat a few standing in the strawberry patch!

If you can’t pick strawberries, make sure to get them fresh from a farmstand or roadside garden! In our area, people with gardens often sell fresh-picked strawberries at the end of their driveways. YUMMY!

a handful of fresh June strawberries

Nothing tastes better than a perfectly ripe strawberry. But there is always a downside to an upside. And the downside to a heavenly June strawberry is they don’t stay fresh for long. So use them quickly and only wash them right before you use them!

Besides eating them just as they are, try using them sliced on top of Strawberry Shortcake or in salads. Bake them into an easy Strawberry Cobble From A Box Cake Mix or preserve their glorious fresh taste and make an easy Strawberry Freezer Jam. And strawberries would be delicious in this beautiful Galette recipe.

June is a great month to pick and eat strawberries.

Drink Iced Tea

a Mason jar of iced tea

Iced tea is the official drink of summer! It’s actually good for you (depending on what you put in it) and tastes delicious. Tea has many health benefits, like fighting off cancers, because it is rich in antioxidants. A variety of different teas can boost our immune systems, fight inflammation and be good for our hearts.

I drink iced tea every day from May through September. My favorites are meadow tea and iced tea made with a combination of different teas.

I make it and keep it in the refrigerator in a container with a spigot for easy pouring.

Making Amish Meadow Tea

Meadow tea could not be easier to make. All you need is 8 cups of boiling water and a cup of washed mint leave. Steep the mint in the water for 3-5 minutes. Remove the mint. Add sugar to the hot tea if desired and chill. When it is cold, serve it in a tall glass over ice.

My favorite mint to use is spearmint.

Arnold Palmer Sun Tea

My mother made this when I was growing up. For me, this is what iced tea should taste like. Arnold Palmer iced tea is a mix of tea and lemonade.

For this tea, I use four to six black tea decaffeinated tea bags. However, use the tea you like best. Fill a large container, one that will fit in your refrigerator, with cold water and put the tea bags in the water and seal the container. Then put it on the counter or in the sun until the water becomes the perfect tea strength for you.

Remove the tea bags from the tea and throw them away. Add 1/2 to 1 of a sleeve of Crystal Light lemonade to the tea and stir. If you want a sweeter tea add more sugar or a sugar substitute.

You can also add a flavored tea bag like raspberry or peach to the water with the other tea bags.

June is a great month to drink iced tea.

Dine Outdoors

an outdoor blue and white table

Take advantage of the warm weather and longer evenings in June and eat outside. Grill hotdogs and hamburgers. Or steaks!

Over the years, I’ve collected a pretty and eclectic stash of melamine and plasticware. It’s nice to use attractive tableware that you know won’t break! However, I don’t always use plastic. Sometimes paper plates and napkins work just fine, and other times, I like to pull out the “real stuff.”

It honestly does not matter what you serve or what it is served on. What matters is getting out and enjoying summer evenings!

If dinner is not your thing, why not have a few neighbors in for appetizers and a favorite drink or a delicious dessert. Our patio works great for having a few friends over for a summery dessert. I use our portable cart to set up a pop-up bar and the coffee table on the patio to set up a self-serve dessert bar.

And there are those lazy Saturday mornings that Bobby and I love breakfast on the patio. A good cup of coffee, toast, and in-season fruit! These leisurely breakfasts sometimes last till about lunch.

You might like to read Beautiful Ideas For Al Fresco Dining, 10 Amazing Outdoor Dining Ideas, and Easy Summer Tablescape Ideas.

June is a great month to dine outdoors.

Remember The Men In Your Life

big and little cowboy boots

Sunday, June 18th, is Father’s Day. Mark this day on your calendars. It’s a time to celebrate Dads! I also think it is a time to celebrate the Father of my children, my wonderful husband Bobby. And the fathers of my grandchildren, my dear sons Christopher and Jonathan.

I’m also celebrating my own father, Christopher. My dad was a kind man and the perfect father to his daughter!

We like to let the men in our lives plan their own day, which usually means golfing. And then we will all get together for a big outdoor steak dinner!

Start planning now and show the man or men in your lives just how special they are to you!

June is a great month to celebrate Dads.

Celebrate All Month

There is so much to celebrate in June. Here are some of my favorites!

June 1- Dinosaur Day (for my grandbabies), June 2- my dad’s birthday and National Rotisserie Day, June 3- National Bubbly Day, June 4- Trinity Sunday, June 5th- National Gingerbread Day (think it would be better in December), June 6th- D Day, June 7th- National Ice Cream Day, June 8th- National Best Friend Day, June 9th- National Movie Night, June 10th- Belmont Stakes, National Iced Tea Day, June 11th- Corpus Cristi, National Corn On The Cob Day, June 12th- National Superman Day, June 13th- Weed Your Garden Day, June 14th- Flag Day, June 15th- Sneek A Kiss Day, June 16th- National Veggie Day, June 17th- Bunker Hill Day, June 18th- Father’s Day, June 19th- Juneteenth, June 20th- National Eagle Day, June 21st- Giraffe Day, National Sea Shell Day, First Day Of Summer, June 22nd- National Kissing Day, June 23rd- Take Your Dog To Work Day, June 24th- Summergiving, June 25th- Global Beatles Day, June 26th- National Chocolate Pudding Day, June 27th- National PTSD Awareness Day, June 28th- National Day Of Joy, June 29th- Hug Day, June 30th-National Food Truck Day, National Social Media Day.

June is a great month to celebrate almost anything.

Make A Summer DIY Project

rope wrapped candle holder

June is a great month to make something for your home.

You might like to make an easy Rope Wrapped Candle Holder. This is one of my very favorite DIYs! It’s so easy to do and makes my living room look updated and summery!

And why not make something for your front door this summer. I made a Hydrangea Door Basket for our door this year. It’s so super easy to make!

I am also making a few pillows for our living room too. I’m not sewing them, I’m making No-Sew Hot Glue Pillow Covers. These are so easy! I use cotton tablecloths to make several pillow covers! Here’s the one I’m using for this project.

June is a great month to make something for your home.

Add Summer Decor To Your Home

cookbooks on a table

Do you decorate your home for the season? Summer decorating should be just like the season… easy and simple. We should be lightening up in the summer! Lighter colors, lighter weight layers, and less decor. I love to decorate for summer because it, just like this warm weather season, is all about giving yourself a break! A break from the way we decorate! For me, summer decorating is bringing some of the outside inside.

I like to add just a little nod to our summer home. Did you see our 2023 Summer Home Tour? There are lots of easy ideas and little things you can do in your home to give it an updated summer look!

If you want to see all StoneGable’s summer decorating ideas go HERE.

June is a great month to decorate.

Make Your Own Popsicles

homemade blueberry popsicles in a bowl

I love popsicles, how about you? You will find these easy and yummy treats in our freezer almost all year long. They are so easy to make. If you can make a smoothie, you can make popsicles! Actually, you can make a smoothie and put it into popsicle molds and freeze it. My daughter and daughter-in-law do that.

You just need three ingredients. Fruit, yogurt, or juice and a blender. You can also add some add-ins like sweetener, honey, or citrus zest as needed.

I have a Vitamix, and the investment was so worth it! I’ve had it for years. It is heavy-duty and runs like the day I got it.

Put juice (any type) and/or yogurt in the bottom of the blender. Add fresh or frozen fruit and blend until smooth. Taste to see if you need to sweeten it. Amend the flavor and pour the popsicle mixture into silicone popsicle molds and add the stick. Freeze and eat!

Here are my favorite popsicle molds: this silicone mold that makes 10 popsicles, this 6 slot space-saving popsicle mold, and these super cute dinosaur popsicle molds for my grandkids.

June is a great month to make and eat popsicles.

Try Something New

When I think of trying something new, I think of a new hobby! I love cooking and painting, and crafting! But trying something new can be as simple as trying a new recipe or trying to learn a new skill.

Last weekend our grandchildren broke out the sidewalk chalk and colored our son’s back patio. They had a blast! Each of them (except our 17-month-old, who chalked everything) worked little by little on the patio during the long weekend.

From our oldest, age 6, to the youngest 17 months, they all participated in this outdoor art project. Here’s part of their masterpiece. Notice the little foot. They also chalked their feet! They had so much fun and felt a lot of pride in their masterpiece! This is a lesson for us too. We need to do new things. Even small things. We need to be excited, feel excited, and accomplished. We don’t have to be the best. We just have to do something!

My oldest granddaughter will turn 6 this month, and we will be making potholders together. I can’t wait to introduce her to something I LOVED making them as a child. I’m picking up my art brushes and painting. It’s not new, but I’m excited about it because it’s been a while since I’ve watercolored! I’m also fermenting vegetables. I have never tried that.

June is a great month to try something new.

What will you try this summer? Pick a few things and have fun because June is a great month!


june evening outdoor tablescape

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