How To Create A Summer Door Basket

Decorating for summer begins at your front door. Here’s how to create a simple and beautiful summer hanging door basket to bid a cheery summer welcome to everyone who comes to your front door. You will love this easy DIY.


At our home, every season begins by making and putting some sort of decor on our front door to welcome the season and anyone who graces our front porch. These wreaths and baskets have become the focal point of our home.

This summer I made baskets of hydrangeas for the front door. Super simple to put together, you can make one for your front door even if you are not crafty.

I’m sharing lots of tips and designer tricks so you can make a door basket of your own.

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My Hydrangea Basket


I chose hydrangea blooms as the star of my basket this summer. We have 12 hydrangea bushes around our home. So a hydrangeas basket seemed to be a perfect addition to our home this summer.

I chose a natural color palette for the hydrangea basket with a black and white French striped ribbon to embellish it. After living here for over three years I found white and black work well with the color of our front door.

If the ribbon looks familiar to you that might be because I have used it on most of my front door decorations. It’s become my signature look.

Besides the faux white hydrangeas, I used faux eucalyptus stems in this basket. It really did not need anything more!

What Can I Use In A Front Door Basket

There really are so many different elements you can use in a door basket. Flowers and greens of course. But here are other fun seasonal decor that you might like to add …

  • Think about using berries and seed pods. They will add a bit of texture to your arrangement.
  • Wire a small bird into your basket or a nest.
  • An initial or monogram tied to a basket will make your front door basket personalized.
  • Make or buy a small sign that says welcome or hello for a cheery greeting.
  • Taller sticks and twigs add lots of interest to the back of a door basket.
  • Picks with summer fruit like strawberries or lemons look so pretty in a door basket.
  • Choose seasonal items like small American Flags for a summer basket.

How To Put Together A Pretty Hydrangea Door Basket

This front door decor could not be easier to throw together. And the results will give you a sweet and welcoming front door all season long.

Collect All Your Decor

I collected everything I need in an empty Amazon box. I use these boxes to organize and keep my DIY projects in.


Here’s what I collected…

Making The Bow


I find making the bow for a basket easier if I do it first before I put anything in the basket.

I hot-glued the ribbon about an inch below the front lip of the basket making a band. Then I made a bow from a separate piece of ribbon and hot-glued it to the basket just above the ribbon band.

One of my favorite tips when using a hot-glue gun is how to get rid of those pesky hot glue spiderwebs! If you blow them with a hairdryer set on warm they will melt away. No mess! No spiderwebs. Don’t put the hairdryer away yet! Use it to fluff and uncrumpled foliage and flowers.

Working On The Front Door

I find it easier to put together a door basket when it is hanging on the front door. It’s just so easy that I styled it and fluffed it all in one step!

Put Something In The Bottom Of The Basket

It’s a good idea to put something like floral foam snuggly in the bottom of the basket. This will help hold your flowers and foliage in place. If you don’t want to use florist foam you can also stuff the basket with paper grocery bags. If the weave of your basket is open use dark garbage bags- they won’t show through the weave. This will help the stems of the flowers and foliage have something to nestle in.

I used a block of florist foam and pushed it down into the basket snugly.

Start With The Foliage


For this basket, I started by adding three sprays of faux eucalyptus toward to back of the basket. Longer and thinner items should go in the back and larger and bigger items in the front! This is just good design!

Make sure to take the time to separate and fluff the foliage into pleasing shapes. Here’s how the eucalyptus came right from the package.


Separate the stems and bend them to look realistic. If any of the leaves are creased blow them with a warm blow dryer. You can also try running a curling iron over a leaf. Just make sure it does not have any plastic on it.

You can see with just a little bit of work how pretty these faux stems look!


Add The Flowers


After the foliage was in towards the back of the basket, I then added the hydrangeas. I started from left to right and from the front to the back. I just added hydrangeas until I thought the basket looked aesthetically pleasing.

Finishing The Summer Door Basket


After all the hydrangeas and foliage were in the basket I ran a hot curling iron over the tails of the bow. One of the tails was rather crumpled. I could have drug the iron out and ironed it but a hot curing iron works pretty good.

To help my basket stay in place I hot-glued clear rubber drawer bumpers near the four corners of the basket. This helps keep the basket from sliding back and forth across the door.

How To Hang A Door Basket

Baskets work best on doors if they have a straight back or are just slightly rounded. But what do we actually hang the basket on? There are several creative ways to hang a wreath or a basket on your door…

  • We opted to drill a hole in our door and then screwed a permanent hook into it. We painted the hook to match the door. We also did this at StoneGable and the same hook worked for 24 years!
  • You can use a Command Hook for steel doors or on doors with windows. Know the weight of your finished door decor and match the Command Hook to the weight. Follow the directions carefully on the Command Hooks for best results.
  • Large suction cup hooks are easy to use on glass doors.
  • Use an over-the-door wreath hanger for your wreaths and baskets. They are great for heavier decor.
  • Loop a ribbon through a wreath or the handle of a basket and thumb and use a thumb tack to adhere it to the top of the door.
  • Adhere a command strip upside down in the middle of the inside of a door near the top. Hang a wreath or basket from a double-length ribbon that is long enough to go over the top of the door. Tie the ends of the ribbon together and loop the ribbon over the upside-down hook.

Money Saving Tips


I usually use the same double wreath bases and baskets over and over again. But this year I got a new basket. I really like the color of this one and how sturdy it is. It will be used for years to come.

After the end of a season, I most often pull my decorated wreaths and baskets apart and put all the different pieces away in plastic boxes. The hydrangeas I used in this wreath were from other centerpieces. I have a large clear plastic box with a lid crammed full of white hydrangeas.

I buy things I need and save them from year to year so now I have a big collection of items to make lots of door decor and other home decor DIY’S.

I use my black and white striped ribbon over and over! I’ve kept the spool the French ribbon came on and when I am done with a bow on a wreath (like the Forsythia Wreath Here) I untied the bow, straightened it out the best I can, and wind it around the spool securing it with a straight pin.

Using what I have and adding things to my stash that I need has made it so easy to be creative.

Why You Should Make This Door Basket

This is such a pretty, simple, and easy door basket to make!

Friends, nice door decor is expensive! If you make this door basket for yourself you can have a truly designer quality seasonal basket to hang on your front door for a lot less!

Frequently Asked Questions About A Door Basket

What kind of hydrangeas work best in a door basket?

Faux silk or real-touch hydrangeas work best in a door basket that is used on an outside door. They can stand up to some light weather like wind and water. If you are making a basket for an inside door, faux or dried hydrangeas would work equally as well.

What is the best way to hang a door basket without damaging the door?

The best way to hang a door wreath is with Command Hooks. See the section above about the best way to hang a basket on a door.

What other flowers would look nice in a summer door basket?

Use flowers with showy blooms like geraniums, peonies, or even Black Eyed Susan. It’s important that the color of the faux flowers you choose be the same as their real-life counterparts.


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I hope you will give this sweet summery front door basket a try. You will have the prettiest front door in your neighborhood!

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  1. Margo Arel says:

    Good morning, Yvonne. This basket looks lovely on your door. But I had to laugh when I read through the list of tips suggesting wiring a little bird on to the arrangement. Last year the birds made a nest in the wreath on the front of our house. And this year don’t you know, they’ve done it again! No need for wire!

  2. Love this basket! Did you use the large or small basket as I’m wondering for scale regarding foliage. Thanks for all of your inspiration!

    1. I used the large basket. I’m looking at the small basket and right now and all kinds of ideas are going through my head.

      1. Thank you Yvonne. Can’t wait to see what you create with the smaller basket.

  3. Your basket looks so inviting that I think I will try this on my front door. I especially like the black and white ribbon and I do remember seeing this on other projects. Thank you for the step by step instructions.

  4. Beverly A Stefonich says:

    Such a gorgeous basket! I have used a wreath on my door for years but will be copying your basket just substituting peonies since they are one of my favorites. Already placed my Amazon order, lol. Thank you Yvonne for sharing all of your ideas and tips, I always look forward to reading your posts while enjoying my morning cup of Joe, a great way to start my day.

    1. I’m having coffee now reading your comment. So… we are sorta having coffee together! I love that idea!

  5. Good morning Yvonne
    I was just thinking about my front door summer focal point. I know I am going to shop my home and use some white faux Hydrangeas I have in a wall basket in my bathroom but haven’t decided on a cluster of them on a faux fern wreath I use as a base for many seasons or do a cute basket like you made. Maybe both with a basket on my back door. Plan to work on it this weekend. A new green outdoor rug for the front porch should be delivered tommorow. Thanks as always for inspiring me to make my house a home.

  6. That’s so pretty!! I have to look for a rectangle basket and I just love that ribbon. Thanks.

  7. Your talents show in everything you do. So grateful to have step by step guidance. Thank you

  8. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Love the basket you made for your door, Yvonne! The ribbon is so pretty. Thanks for the idea to glue the drawer bumpers to the back of the basket to help hold it in place. You have so many great tips — and I would never have thought of doing this. Your wreaths and baskets on your front door are always so beautiful. Thanks, again, for sharing with us.

  9. I love this basket “wreath” for your front door! I would like directions for making the bow for your outside wreaths and baskets. Mine never turn out as perfectly as yours. Hopefully a future post will give me some tips.

  10. Coukd you show us HOW and WHERE you store all of your things?

    1. I have a basement the footprint of our home. I store my extra home decor on shelves there.