Easy No-Sew Pillow Covers


I’ve made many no-sew pillows before. I have usually adhered the sides together using fusible webbing tape. Easy peasy!  But today I’m sharing how to make a no-sew pillow by gluing it together with a hot glue gun! Yup!!! Works perfectly! I’m thinking I just might be making all of my pillows this way from now on. It was so much more than easy! And the best part is that even if you are not crafty or a sewer or handy or a diy’er you can make this pillow! And it will look amazing! So let’s make a 10 minute, no-sew pillow with glue!


Today is 10 MINUTE DECOR, the spring edition. Please make sure to check out the great and easy spring ideas at the bottom of this post!

I know it’s 10 MINUTE DECORATING today. And I thought I would be able to make this pillow in that amount of time but in full disclosure, it really took me about 20 minutes to make! But I had to figure it all out so it took a little longer. I bet you can make this pillow under my time because I have such detailed directions for you!

Spring is a great time to put away all your heavy pillows and bring out light, pretty patterned pillows that are perfect for spring! So let’s make pillows that work with our spring decor!

I can’t tell you how easy this pillow is to make!!!  A group of my friends was talking about pillows and someone asked if we thought a pillow cover could be glued together. And a lightbulb went on! So I gave it a try and now I know you can!

I used an old curtain that I had been hanging on to for quite awhile. I love the linen fabric and the medallion motif. 

Any size pillow can be made. Here’s the formula for cutting the pillow fabric… 

 Pillow Length:  Measure the pillow from top to bottom. Multiply that number x 2 and add 7 inches.

Pillow Width: Measure the pillow width and add 1/2 inch.

It’s probably easier to make a standard size pillow form. 

To make the pillow…

Put the pillow fabric wrong side up on a flat surface and follow the directions below. I make diagrams for this diy because it was hard to see the right side and the wrong side of the fabric in the photos.

NO SEW EASY ENVELOPE PILLOW- This pillow is easily glued together with a glue gun!

NO SEW EASY ENVELOPE PILLOW- This pillow is easily glued together with a glue gun!

Now that you have the finished the top and bottom edges that will become the edges of the enclosure flaps, let’s go on!

Fold the fabric according to the image below. You can hand fold them or iron them. These folds will be very helpful. Fold the fabric in half and iron or hand fold. From the center line, going towards the top of the fabric, measure 1/2 the length of the pillow and mark the length by folding it.  Iron it or hand fold it.

Measure from the center line towards the bottom of the fabric 1/2 the length of the pillow and mark the bottom length by folding it. Iron or hand fold it.

NO SEW EASY ENVELOPE PILLOW- This pillow is easily glued together with a glue gun!

NO SEW EASY ENVELOPE PILLOW- This pillow is easily glued together with a glue gun!

Now let’s get gluing!  Following the diagram below and glue the left and right sides together using the picture below as a guide. Glue a couple inches at a time laying down a continuous line of hot glue. Press the fabric together with your fingers as you go and make sure there are no gaps in the glue. Reglue if any gaps appear!  You will end up with a pocket of sorts. 

NO SEW EASY ENVELOPE PILLOW- This pillow is easily glued together with a glue gun!


Now fold up the bottom of the fabric stopping at the bottom fold line of the pillow. The top finished edge and some fabrics of the first  pocket that was made will be covered over by the fabric that was just folded up!

Using the diagram below glue both sides of the fabric like you did above. Now you will have another pocket. Follow the image below.

Turn the fabric right side out . TA-DA! We have just made a pillow!!!  

So so easy and pretty!

NO SEW EASY ENVELOPE PILLOW- This pillow is easily glued together with a glue gun!


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  1. You are so creative. Off to make one of these. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is fantastic!! Can’t wait to get started!

    Love the fabric, btw…

  3. Wow,that’s great! Your pillow looks awesome!

  4. love this idea and will definitely try this one. thanks for making my decorating easier!

  5. Patricia Torbett says:

    Yvonne, thanks so much for this tutorial. It’s the kick in the pants I need to get started on pillow covers for my sofa. But since I have leftover fabric glue (Fabri-Tac) I’m going to use that! I was wondering if I could glue a pillow cover that would still look beautiful and not amateurish. I see from your photos it looks just as good as a purchased cover. Thanks for giving me confidence to go ahead with this project.

  6. Carol Davis says:

    What a great ‘the light bulb came on’ idea. It is something I am going to try on some curtains to add a bit of contrast to the bottom of a pair in the dining area. Better stock up on glue sticks.

  7. Lorri Rauscher says:

    Yvonne…this seems really confusing. I make envelope pillows ..yes I sew it on my machine..looks really professional. Nice to know another way, but I will stick with my tried and true sewing machine.

    1. You are very blessed that you have a sewing machine and know how to sew. Many of my readers don’t sew. So this post is to give them another option.

  8. Lisa Berkowitz says:

    I’m so glad you did this! My husband and I just finished upholstering a bench and I have
    beautiful leftover fabric that I wanted to try to make a throw pillow out of. I’ve never made
    a pillow before and I was a little nervous about attempting it, but you’ve just encouraged
    me to do go ahead and give it a try! Thank you for the I inspiration!

  9. Julie Veldman says:

    Beautiful pillow Yvoonne. I will definitely try making this, as I had a fight with my sewing machine and kicked it to the curb!!!

  10. Julie Maier says:

    I love this! I think even I can do this one! Thank you for showing us the simple, beautiful, and cozy pillows even the DIY challenged can do!

  11. Thank you that was a great explanation of how to make no sew pillows! I’ve been making glue gun pillows for literally years now, and they’re still going strong!!!

  12. I have made the envelope pillow several times using a sewing machine. Good to know that a glue gun will work in a pinch. This pillow form gives a great bang for the buck. I had a watermelon themed party last summer and wanted watermelon pillows, but of course I wanted them on the cheap. I made several pillow in red twill. I used my Cricut to cut black vinyl seeds (tear drop) and placed them on the fabric. They looked great and unless one was right upon them, she couldn’t tell that the seed were stuck on. Thanks!

  13. thanks for the great pillow idea!

  14. You know what I love even a tiny bit more than the pillow tutorial?!? The idea you just sparked in my head of repurposing some of those curtains I have been saving! One of my goals in decorating our new home has been to bring new life to things I already have, and you have been such an instrumental part in giving me inspiration. Thank you!

  15. I’ve been putting off making a couple of pillows, but this looks like it will be a fast way to do this. Thank you!

  16. Marylyn Miles says:

    Please Remove me from your Blog, it is so very aggravating with all the advertisements,that keep poping up when you are trying to read something good on your site. Thank you

  17. Jere Newcomb says:

    So easy peasy. I am going to try this.

  18. Interesting, I would like to see the back of the pillow too!!

  19. Susan Lange says:

    Wouldn’t iron on hem tape work too in place of hot glue? I think it would leave a crisp hem and you wouldn’t have to worry about too much glue in places.

  20. Teresa Gonzales says:

    Looks simple will have to give it a whirl.

  21. I love this!! Could you show a picture of the back of the pillow? There’s something I’m not getting on how that finishes on the backside…sorry! LOL

  22. Deb Weber says:

    I am going to try these pillows with an old shower curtain for my outdoor furniture set. You posted this at a great time 🙂

  23. Jackie Walls says:

    Thank you for the instructions on the no-sew pillow! Love how it turned out.

  24. How do the pillows hold up if you wash them? I love the idea of using glue.

  25. Jen Piper says:

    I can’t wait to give this a try!
    I can now have different pillows for all seasons without spending a fortune!
    Thanks for sharing!

  26. I have never considered making a pillow cover using my glue gun. Genius! I love the fabric on the blue and white pillow, but the white one with the burlap edging is my favorite. For some reason I love burlap.

  27. Mary Nell Harding says:

    I look forward to reading your blog each morning! I need some new pillows for my sofa and porch bench so I think I’m giving this idea a try this weekend. Will let you know how I do! Thanks for all of your ideas.

  28. Fun idea! Love the re-purpose idea of using a favorite window treatment.

    Thanks for the easy to follow instructions.

  29. What an easy and inexpensive way to get new pillows! Thanks!

  30. MaryChris says:

    Couldn’t be much easier.I like the pattern.

  31. I’ve been wanting a change in pillows for the impending warmer weather but no longer own a sewing machine. I’ll definitely give glue a try and am wondering how well it holds up when inserting/removing the pillow form for laundering. Do you have to reapply the glue?

    I’m also wondering, Yvonne, if my “December win” is in the mail yet? I’ve emailed you a number of times but, so far, received no reply. I was so excited to be declared a winner as it was the first time I ever won anything. I do feel that your Reader Appreciation Giveaway should stipulate it’s not applicable to Canadians.

  32. Love repurposing items, pretty fabric.

  33. Fabulous instructions. Thanks for taking the time to do those detailed graphics. Appreciate it!

  34. Love the idea and great for people that don’t sew. I am blessed that I can sew but great idea for those that can’t. Love the idea of old drapes for doing pillows, I love going to estate sales so I will start looking . Thanks for the idea.

  35. Great tutorial….easy and quick!

  36. Love the instructions for measuring the fabric for the pillow. I have a sewing machine so will sew the seams but I have trouble figuring out size to cut without a pattern. Your instructions for measurements will be very helpful. I love the burlap pillow! I only subscribe to two blogs and enjoy reading both yours and the other with a hot cup of tea first thing in the morning. A very pleasant way to start my day and wake up slowly.

  37. Love this idea!! Your pillow looks wonderful!

  38. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  39. Martha Durick says:

    You have given an option to nonsewers, but I struggle more with hot glue and its strings than I do with my sewing machine.

  40. Carol Elkins says:

    Love, love, love this!!! I do not sew, but I can use a glue gun! Thank you so much for sharing!

  41. The no-sew pillow is such a great idea for a craft day with my young granddaughter! Safe, quick, and doable! Perfect for her upcoming birthday. Thank you, Yvonne, for your constant inspiration!

  42. I am not a sewer …I know how, just am too impatient to wait for the results. This option is marvelous for all of us impatient non-sewers! Thanks for sharing this and giving the ladies and gents in this category such a great option! Look out pillows …HERE WE COME!!!

  43. Great alternative to sewing. As always, I love reading your post, so many great ideas.

  44. Dorinda Selke says:

    Cool beans on the pillow craft. Anything with a glue gun works for me!! Gonna give it a whirl ! Hugs, Dorinda

  45. Love the Ideas you have… Thanks

  46. Lizzianthus says:

    I never thought of this but will be giving it a try soon. Thanks!

  47. Theresa Winterberry Lane says:

    I’m impressed Yvonne with your glue gum pillow cover and the awesome tutorial. I like the idea of recycling your curtains as pillow covers. Happy March 1st!

  48. Patricia Lawlor says:

    Thank you for this tutorial. I will definitely be making this and saves me from hauling out sewing machine.

  49. So pretty! I love everything about StoneGable!

  50. Love the pillows! I’ll have to give it a try!

  51. Carole Klopschinski says:

    Yvonne…another great trick to easy decorating…Thanks.

  52. Thanks for the great idea. I have some curtains that would be great for this project.

  53. I love your posts and reread them all the time. I’m definitely going to make a pillow with hot glue!

  54. Nancy Smith says:

    Great use of beautiful old fabric.

  55. Kathy Lust says:

    Your ideas are always so inspiring! This is one that I will definitely try – its time to do a spring spruce up at my little house. Where is a good place to get pillow forms? Keep those ideas rolling – its always fun to see your decorating tricks and treats!

  56. Thanks for the idea! I could do that.

  57. Yvonne, I love the fabric you used for the pillow, just gorgeous! Thank you for the very well written and illustrated tutorial, I am excited to give this a try with some of my stashed fabric.

  58. I love your pillow ideas/posts!

  59. Awesome tutorial! Can’t wait to try it! Thanks, Yvonne!

  60. Teresa Alexander says:

    pretty fabric!

  61. Tonya Vakser says:

    Love it! Definitely trying this!!

  62. What a wonderful idea! Please tell us where you purchased the fabric.

    1. It was an old curtain that Yvonne had held on to. The treasures we can find in our stash.

  63. Portia Read says:

    Thanks Yvonne! I’m going to make some. BTW my sister always does her upholstery projects with a hot glue gun. She says it holds up very well.

  64. Jacque Avant says:

    Easey peasey is so very right. I follow lots of blogs but you are definitely one of my favorites.

  65. You make it look so easy. I need new cushions for my porch furniture so I’ll be looking for some spring fabric. I love no saw projects!

  66. Brilliant! As I refresh for spring I am definitely trying this. The instructions are very detailed so I believe that I can make a couple. I love the idea of using some drapery fabric. I do have some and this is a very good way to use them up.

    Thank you – this looks to be a very doable DIY project.

    Happy March to all!!

  67. I have a pillow that needs a new cover. I’m going to do this! Thanks for the tip.

  68. I love the idea of repurposing the curtain. Love the fabric/curtain you used. Lovely!

  69. Esther Williams says:

    I love this idea! I keep thinking I’ll set up my sewing machine, and make some pillow covers, but I’m just too lazy to do so. Glue guns and the ironing board and iron are much easier. It’s amazing how just changing out your pillows can change the whole mood of a room. Thank you for the ideas!

  70. Cindi Thomas says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks! Love your fabric!

  71. No sew is my kind of project. I’m allergic to the needle and thread due to a mean home economics teacher in high school way back in the day.

  72. Seems like you would be able to feel the bead of glue, I’ll stick with my sewing machine!!

  73. Patti Smith says:

    Pretty, but how does it stand up to everyday wear & tear?

  74. Diane Ruebel says:

    Granddaughter is coming this weekend and your no sew pillow will be a incredible project. Diney from Camano

  75. Linda Charlton says:

    I enjoy the podcasts so much.

  76. My husband jokes that our whole house is held together with hot glue. Now I can add pillows to the list!

  77. Alisa Pruett says:

    How cute and simple!

  78. Candace Taranto says:

    Love Stone Gables posts! I learn so much!

  79. Robin Talley says:

    I really love these pillows!!!! I’m planning on making 4 for my bed, and about 8 for my couches!!! I’m ready to do this!! Thanks so much for the instructions Yvonne! I love it!!

  80. That pillow fabric is beautiful. Thank you for sharing a DIY. I really like that idea of using my hot glue gun.

  81. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    Pretty Fabric from your curtain! Thanks for this great idea. Reminded me of my first date. My mom running late, put the hem of my semi formal dress in with iron on tape.

  82. Thank you for these instructions. May have to try this one day. Hope mine turn out as pretty as yours.

  83. Have glue gun plus your great instructions, new pillows in my future now. The simple glue gun just got a promotion and may be heading for a greater use in my life.

  84. Great idea to use a glue gun, I’ll have to try it!

  85. Eileen McCullough says:

    Yvonne great idea. The only problem I have with a glue gun is that I am always burning my fingers. I see myself trying to smoothe the edges and then burning the tips of my fingers. I seem to be all thumbs.Any suggestions?

    1. I use the end of an old spoon, Eileen. The hardened glue is then easily removed (from the spoon) with your thumbnail.

      1. Yes, I also burn my fingers! Thanks for the post and the tip.

  86. Nancy Marino says:

    Good idea and tutorials.

  87. Love all your posts on pillows. Such an affordable way to change out the look each season! BTW, you sure had a GREAT idea for upping the number of comments to your posts. I’ve noticed you now have scads more of us dropping by with a comment since you started offering the monthly $100 visa card contest! Very smart of you!

  88. Mildred Hoppe says:

    Thank you for these gift card giveaways.

  89. Very smart! It’s a beautiful pillow.

  90. Thanks for providing such detailed information. I don’t have a sewing machine, so this appeals to me.

  91. Easy Peasy! You make everything looks easy. I have made many envelope pillows but never thought of using glue. Awesome idea!

  92. Patty Soriano says:

    A lovely fabric…. makes me think of curtains differently. Next time I’m at thrift shops I’ll look in the curtains for pillow fabric!

  93. I love your idea and your directions were fabulous. I usually use sewing machine for such things but nice to know there are alternatives. Who knows–my machine might be in the shop for a week and now I could get this kind of thing done without the machine. Thanks a lot!

  94. I am a Sewist and have never tried anything like this. However, I don’t have much time to sew these days and this is a strong possibility, particularly for decorative accent rather than heavy use. Now….where is that glue gun?

  95. Carol Anne Thompson says:

    The glued edges won’t come apart when you try to stuff the pillow form in?

  96. I saw above in another comment that you used a saved curtain from your stash for the fabric for your pillow. That was to be my question! I love the fabric! I have a stash of fabric which includes some single curtains, so you’ve nudged me to get out that crate and start looking! I’ve been enjoying the podcasts with you, Anita, and Kelly! I always recognize your voice, but sometimes it’s hard to tell Anita from Kelly!

  97. Pam Fogal says:

    I’m glad you made a glue seamed pillow. I’ve wanted to try it out but I can see I it works just fine!

  98. Pam Fogal says:

    Thank you for the great step-by-step instructions! Can’t wait to try it.

  99. Great ideas. Love your home. How are you feeling now ?

  100. Thank you for the tutorial. The pillows are lovely.

  101. These pillows should be fun to make. Thanks.

  102. Thanks for sharing. Will try to tackle this. Maybe even I can do this. lol

  103. Dianne Lanier says:

    Great way to recycle!

  104. I have been sewing most of my life. The one thing I really hate to sew is pillows! Not sure why but I just do. this is way easier and turned out lovely. Thanks for the tip.

  105. Fire up the glue gun ! Love the “fabric” it makes a great pillow !

  106. Anne Marie says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial.

  107. Cute idea and looks easy

  108. I just joined your blog a few days ago and I’m enjoying seeing all of the ideas you have for decorating. I am hoping to learn how to do some of your decorating. I like your style.

  109. GwenCondit says:

    Hi. I will study your instructions. My injury does get in my way. I used to sew so I have to think? And I do want to try. Thank you for your helpful instructions.

  110. I am going tomorrow to purchase pink light bulbs. I love, love, love the podcasts!!!!!

  111. We all need to know this! I do sew, but in a pinch…well, you know!

  112. Although I can see and I have a sewing machine, sometimes I would rather not drag it out and have to take time to prepare it all. It ‘s nice to have an optional method of making a beautiful new look in pillows in a fast way. Thanks for sharing another great idea.

  113. LuAnn Meyer says:

    I may even be able to do this! I have three pillows purchased at Joanns, after Easter last year, that would be perfect! Now to find the perfect fabric!

  114. Thanks so much for this idea and instructions for a no-sew pillow. I can sew, but this looks so much easier and I never would have thought of it myself. Hopefully, I’ll use it to make some new pillows!

  115. I would not have thought of gluing a pillow cover but I plan to give this a try! Thanks for the idea!!

  116. Huh. I never would have thought to glue them together! I guess my only question would be — how does the glue stand up to washing? Do I have to hand wash the covers if something gets on them?

    It’s an absolutely beautiful cover for a pillow and now I know how I can use some old curtains that I didn’t want to get rid of, but don’t know what to do with either! Thank you! Reminds me of Maria in the Sound of Music! 😉

  117. Very timely post as I recently found some gorgeous printed napkins at Pier One. Thanks for the information.

  118. Marianne S says:

    I just love this idea, also love all of your decorating! You must have a huge storage area to keep all of your seasonal decorations!

  119. Paula Thomson says:

    Love your easy to follow directions on how to make a pillow! Love your ideas!

  120. I will be saving this for sure. I’ve made a few pillow covers, but I seem to struggle when it comes to make sure I am getting them the right size. I always use the sewing machine, so I’ll probably continue to do that, but it’s great to have the option using a glue gun. I love the blue material you are using! That would look lovely in our living room.

  121. I love to make pillows and this is an easy pattern to follow. Thanks

  122. I’m looking forward to trying these Yvonne! I made your woven burlap placemats today. They took me awhile but they look great……then I got to thinking you could probably come up with a DIY placemat using fabric and a glue gun! Ha! Another challenge for you! I’m sure you can come up with a wonderful pattern.

  123. Elizabeth Anne says:

    Yvonne, LOVE this idea since I do not have a sewing machine this is a great way for me to make pillow covers! You do have great ideas as always!

  124. Great tutorial! Been wanting to make a pillow from some of my mom’s barely used soft pajamas. She passed away recently and I thought this would be a great pillow to snuggle up to when I’m missing her. Thank you!

  125. I love the curtain fabric! Looks like it was made to be transformed into a pillow. It would look perfect on my couch.

  126. Really enjoy your pillow. Especially the motif and color. I have used my glue gun frequently but haven’t used it in a while. Well, after seeing your pillow it is time to take it out use it with some of quilting material. Great idea

  127. mattsgramma says:

    Love your pillows, so very pretty!

  128. Kimberly Tracy says:

    Love, can’t wait to try.

  129. Kathryn Barton says:

    Love the no sew pillow. An easy way to go.

  130. Maggie Nelson says:

    I need new pillow covers for the swing we have in the patio. Love the new podcast !!

  131. Yvonne Sanders says:

    Boy, you can’t much simpler than this. Will have to make some.

  132. You are simply amazing! Awesome recipes! Awesome decorating tips… Can you please come and spread some of your fairy dust all over my home?!

  133. Jayne McLeod says:

    YOU always do such amazing things, thank you ! Your home is lovely and your bible study is wonderful. All so much fun to for us, your readers. Enjoy the SONshine, Jayne

  134. Charlotte Snodgrass says:

    I love this!! Thank you!!

  135. Megan brewer says:

    Beautiful pillow!!!!

  136. I have done this very thing before and my daughter made fun of me for not really sewing (which I hate)! She thought the whole idea was cheesy. Now I can send this to her and be vindicated at last!;-) Thanks for sharing!!

  137. This idea is perfect for dressing up your usual pillows for Christmas or a special party, especially if you up cycle a curtain or scarf. No money spent on temporary decor. The motif on your pillow is beautiful.

  138. Obsessed with this gorgeous fabric. I am all for a no sew DIY. All about that hot glue gun too.

    Fabulous work, friend.

  139. I love the fabric you used for the pillow! It is beautiful!

  140. Rebecca Droste says:

    Love this idea! Pillows are like shoes…can never have too many! Thanks!

  141. Thanks for the tutorial! Easy! Love it!

  142. I’ve pinned this for later to give it a try. I do have a sewing machine but I’m not the best or neatest sewer. I’m concerned about the glue though; it seems like you’d see the bead of the hot glue. Hey, it’s worth a shot though right?

  143. Sheila Philippi says:

    Glue to connect pieces of fabric? Wouldn’t the edges be sorta’ wampy? Can’t figure out how acceptable it will look w/ edges.

  144. Linda James says:

    I have made covers with iron on hem tape, that worked pretty good, also. Will gave to try the hot glue idea! Great looking pillow! Turned out great.

  145. I love this! I have trouble finding pre-made pillow covers in fabric I like- this solves that problem!

  146. Love the pillows!! I’m all for fast a and simple. I use table runners for quick pillows. Cut each end of a double-sided runner to desired length. This gives you two pillow covers enclosed on three sides. It only takes minutes to hot glue or fuse the remaining opening. I recently found a “French” runner with ruffles on the ends…SOOO cute!

  147. Jerry Wetmore kirby says:

    I have followed you for the last 3 years, maybe more. I have never written on a post, not sure I have anything to add. However this pillow instruction was great. I believe I may be able to do this. Thank you for this post for anyone not so talented but wants beautiful surroundings.

  148. Laura Harrie says:

    Wow, I never would have thought of using hot glue to make a pillow! My favorite tool is the hot glue gun! Thanks for the tip.

  149. I love this idea but I am really confused where I need to be folding and adding glue. Do you have a video tutorial by chance?

    1. Sorry, this tutorial is a little confusing to you. What a great idea! I’ll do a facebook live in the fall!

  150. What a great idea! I’m going to have to try this! Thanks for sharing this!

  151. Sarah Kressaty says:

    Love the idea of the no sew pillow and wonder if the directions can be printed out in a condensed version?

  152. Yvonne, I so enjoy your posts, you are creative, kind, thorough, and just reading the text is uplifting – no matter the topic.
    Thank you.

    1. You are so sweet Bonnie! Some of these pillows are so easy to make you don’t need a creative bone in your body!

  153. Today’s topics were perfect for me. I was just wondering what to do with my basil and have been wanting to start watercolor painting. Thanks much!

  154. Thanks for easy to make pillow. For those of us who like to sew, this was quick with glue. With the simple tutorial, I followed easily….but, sewing patterns refer to the “darker” color as the “right” side of the fabric. So I had to keep that in mind.

  155. Where do you like to shop for pillow fabric?

    1. I don’t have a special place to shop for fabric, Robin. I have been using things like old comforters, curtains, and other things I no longer use around my home. I just took down an old pair of white linen curtains and am saving them to use for other home decor projects. Hope this is helpful

  156. Sharon Spears says:

    Great idea! Beats getting the sewing machine out!