SUMMER is here! I hope you are all enjoying the beauty of the season! Planting outdoor pots and eating al fresco! Spending time on porches and patios and maybe even dipping your toes into a pool or body of water. Summer is easy-going and a little more laid back! Wouldn’t you love to bring some of the style and ease of summer inside? Here are 10 easy ways to add summer to your home! Let’s enjoy every ounce of this wonderful season inside and out!

Now, let’s summer-ize our homes!


The first thing I do each new season is to hang a big wreath on my front door.

Start at your front door with a summer wreath to welcome family and friends!  It’s the little things that will give a home a big punch of summer!

If you like this summer wreath, check out the diy HERE.


After I hang a summery wreath on my front door the very next thing I’m all about is changing up are my pillows. Although I decorate with lots of neutrals, I like to keep the texture, fabrics, and patterns of my pillows light and breezy for summer.


Even if you don’t live near the beach, a few things from the sea are a great way to bring summer into your home. A glass bowl of pretty shells, a container of sea weights, or how about making these Pottery Barn inspired rope wrapped starfish candleholders?  

Just a tiny nod to the sea and season! Don’t overdo it!

I made these easy peasy Pottery Barn Inspired rope candleholders. See how I did it HERE.


Blue and white are such a classic color combination, but they are “the” colors of the season this summer! Have fun infusing blue and white into your home. And if you already decorating with this great duo, you are right on trend!


Each season has its own beauty and elements that make it special. So make sure to change out some vignettes in your home to show off summer’s special charm. Go lighter or brighter but don’t forget to add some summer-inspired organics! 


I treat summer annuals and perennials like store bought cut flowers. For about the amount of a nice grocery store bunch of flowers, I can get a pretty blooming potted summer plant. It will last a couple weeks or more and that is longer than cut flowers.

The purple verbena on the table lasted about a month and then I planted it outside. It’s thriving oudoors and now I’m cutting blooms off of it to bring inside. I love geraniums, daisies, salvia and more!

Once you bring a blooming potted summer plant into your home you will be hooked!


Just a nod to summer looks nice in a foyer. Our foyer is long so at the front door I have a bench (just added a new cushion) with my favorite summer hat tossed on it.

And on the vertical coat rack I have a faux branch of green leaves and my summer straw sun visor.

What could you add to your foyer that gives just a hint of the summer season?


Here’s the easiest way to bring summer into your home! How about picking (or buying) a fresh bunch of summer blooms! Summer flowers are a must at StoneGable!

Almost every morning I put on my gardening apron and take a little walk around my yard picking pretty blooms and deadheading and pruning our containers of flowers.

I love to arrange a little bunch of garden flowers. The one’s above I arranged yesterday in a white coffee mug. Super easy and super pretty!


I LOVE this idea! It’s so easy and so pretty. Adding fruit like lemons, limes, and other citrus adds a pop of color to a room! In the image above I added some leaves from a tree and voila, a really bright and pretty arrangement.

The fruit can be used when it begins to get a bit soft.

Here is a great use of lemons used as a centerpiece…




One of my favorite things to do seasonally is to change the bedding. Not all the bedding but the top layer and pillows! I changed out my winter bedding for softer lighter layers.

You can see my spring/summer bedroom HERE.

These are just a few ways to add lots of summer charm to your home. Why don’t you add to our list in the comments? What are some other ways to bring summer into your home? 


  1. First of all Happy Memorial Day weekend! Thanks for all the great tips Yvonne. I’m like you, I like to have fresh flowers from the garden to make arrangements to sit around the house.

  2. Love the simple ways you bring summer into your home!! I have tried a few ideas and it is so easy!! Thank you!

  3. I love your deep blue and white deep ice cream (?) bowl that sits atop your blue and white Calico Burleigh Staffordshire England plate. We stayed in a B&B in England that had the original antique dishes in a buffet. I would love to add these bowls to my collection. I have the set of 12 plus teapot, creamer and creamer of the “new” Calico pattern. What is the pattern of the bowl and where did you purchase these?

    I love your blog and never miss a day of not having my “sunshine”. As a fellow believer, I adore your Sunday posts and your boldness in the sharing your faith. Are you a “BSF”er? That Bib study encourages sharing of your faith.

  4. Surfing all over your last few posts. Loving it! I just wanted to thank you for the recommendation for the Third sheets. We are always looking for good sheets.
    I loved your help with using whites. There are so many tips that help me to decide if I’m still on track with decorating.
    I will be using your advise also as I try to discover my decorating style. I always loved the decor in the movie; “Out Of Africa” but it doesn’t seem to go here in the coastal forest.
    Finally, I wanted to tell you how I like to bring summer in. I couldn’t find where to post it, but here is my favorite thing to do. I play taped songs and sounds of birds and crickets, water falls and rivers. It seems to awaken the soul to all God’s amazing gifts of a new season, even if we are still getting clouds and rain here on the Oregon coast in early June.

  5. Love wreaths – they add so much to curb appeal. I just went to my basement and counted the wreaths I have hanging from beams. – I have 10!!! Also, I have two wooden welcome signs. I used to make all my own wreaths, but I recently discovered a new source. It’s JoAnn’s. I just bought two beautiful wreaths for a total of $48 dollars. They were deeply reduced in price, I ordered them on-line and I was not disappointed. I absolutely could not have made the wreaths for that price. I always have a wreath on the front door and I even had had someone occasionally pull in the driveway and ring the bell and comment about a wreath. How lovely!

  6. Beautiful! I also just set a blue and white table geared to Memorial Day. It’s so refreshing! I have a nautical theme planned for the near future and the beach candles with the roping would fit in as well! You have the best hints and tricks, Yvonne! Thanks for the inspiration!

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