Easy Summer Geranium Wreath Diy

Looking for an easy DIY for making a wreath for your front door this summer? Then, this beautiful summery geranium wreath is perfect for you. With just a few materials, our step-by-step instructions, and pictures to help you visualize this project, you will make a stunning and showy wreath filled with summer charm.

a geranium wreath on a front door

Here’s a very easy summer wreath diy using faux geraniums. Geraniums are the quintessential summer flower! They are bright and happy blooms that withstand the hot sun and are so carefree and pretty! And they are the perfect flower to put on a front door. Let’s get started!

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This summer wreath diy could not be easier. And the impact of bright big geranium blooms on a door is stunning!


I like a big wreath on my front door that shows up from the street. I always say that a wreath is the first cheery hello people get at your front door!


You only need a few things to make this happy wreath!

  • two grapevine wreaths (mine are 14 inches and you can see them HERE)
  • zip type ties or wire (here and here)
  • bunches of faux geraniums (see them HERE, HERE, and HERE)
  • small faux picks of flower and leaves, optional
  • ribbon for bow (see it HERE)
  • white pipe cleaner (see it HERE)
  • hot glue gun and glue, optional (see them HERE and HERE)
  • scissors

You might already have many of the materials on hand!


These tips will help you make a wreath that not only looks pretty, makes a big summer statement but also keeps looking its best all summer long!



Tie two grapevine wreaths together for this wreath. This is a designer trick. You won’t believe how much better your summer wreath will look. Double grapevines will give your wreath a hefty base so the wreath sticks out from the door.

I learned this trick when I visited a designer shop in Vienna Va that had the most gorgeous wreaths I had ever seen. On close inspection, I noticed that two grapevine wreaths had been tied together to make the wreath. Wow, what a difference!

So I went right home and tried making a wreath with two grapevines. And it worked!

I’ve been making front door wreaths this way for over a decade.



I like to think of a wreath I’m going to decorate as a clock. I look over the wreath and see where 12:00 will be on the wreath. From there I can place my bow and plan out how far to the left of the bow I want to decorate and how far to the right.

This wreath is a C wreath. The bow is at 10:00 with the flowers going to about 1:00 working around the right side and about 5:30 working down the left side of the wreath.

Using this clock methods really helps me visualize where I want the things on my wreath to go.



Another tip is to start with the bow! Here are a few tips for making the loveliest bow…

Make a B-I-G bow! A bow needs to stand out on a wreath.

My favorite thing for holding all the loops of a bow together is a pipe cleaner. A pipe cleaner works so much better than wire. Trust me on this! Grab a stash of pipe cleaners when you need to twist something together like a bow!

Put the bow on the wreath first! Yes, first!


For years I put the bow on last or in the middle of arranging everything on the wreath and it was such a pain! Then one day I had a lightbulb moment and have been putting the bow on the wreath first ever since.


Geraniums are fabulous faux flowers to work with especially in a wreath. They are what I call fluffy! They take up lots of space and their leaves do too!

Because of the anatomy of a geranium, they are just perfect to stick in a grapevine wreath. They have long stems. So I cut each geranium leaving about 2 inches of stem. This makes a great “pick” to plunge into the wreath.


I’ve found that if you have a somewhat sheltered front door you may not need to hot glue the stems into the wreath. Our front door is under a roof so I don’t have to glue my flowers into this wreath.

Remove the geraniums after the summer season is so much easier! Then I have a nice double grapevine wreath ready to be decorated again!


One of the most important things to do is shake out and bend the geraniums carefully before going on the wreath. You want them to be as realistic as possible. And mashed together leaves or bent geranium stems are not the prettiest or most realistic for a wreath.

Take time to “fluff” them so they look their best.


  1. Begin this summery wreath by wiring two wreaths together. I wire mine at 12:00, 4::00, and 6:00 on the wreath.
  2. Make a bow and put it on the wreath.
  3. Start adding geraniums and leaves to the left side of the wreath.
  4. Add geraniums over the top and underneath the bow.
  5. Continue adding geraniums to the right side of the wreath.
  6. Add additional little flower pics to the wreath.
  7. Hang the wreath on your front door.
  8. Adjust flowers on the wreath if needed.

I loved making this geranium wreath and it is so colorful on my front door. I hope you will add one to your front door this summer too!


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  1. Years ago you taught me to double my wreaths and I’ve never looked back. It makes such an amazing difference! I’ve never thought to start my wreath with adding the bow first. I’ll be trying this this week when I make a new summer wreath for my front door. I’ve never ever thought to use Geraniums on a wreath and I love it. Your wreath is beautiful and I’m sure that each guest that comes to your home comments on it.

    1. Paula, you are so sweet! Thank you, dear friend! I love all you do!

  2. Thank you for the quick and instruction-packed inspiration. I love the ideas of using zip ties, double wreaths, pipe cleaners and bows first!

    What do you use to make a hanger on the back?

  3. Kathy Menold says:

    Just this morning I hung my basket of red faux ivy geraniums. I have used it in past years but this time wired it into a oval woven metal tray and it looks so much more impressive. Like your great idea to use 2 grapevine wreaths it stands out from the door. Will definitely use the 2 wreath idea this fall when I replace my summer wreath.

  4. Thank you for offering your help! I’ve been following you for quite some time! Always beautiful ideas!!
    We live in a colonial home. As you enter, the living room is on the left and the dining room on the right, with a big entry hall and staircase in front of you.
    My issue is the very small dining room. It seems to just be a pass through to the kitchen. I really only use it for storing all my dishes. I have a round table.
    We entertain a lot and have room in other areas of the house.
    I was thinking of getting rid of the table and chairs and putting two comfy reading chairs in it’s place, as we get afternoon sun in the room! Maybe with a tea table.
    My concern is the look. Would it look too much like the living room?
    I know it’s hard not to see it all. Just thought i’d try!!
    Thank you,

    1. Cathy give your tea room a trial run and see if you like it. It sounds magical!

  5. Love the geranium wreath and putting the bow on first. I am going to copy you!! Always get ideas from you. Thanks

  6. Luann K Cartwright says:

    I made a new wreath today with beautiful flowers on sale at Michaels. It really makes the front door pop!! I wish I could upload a photo!!

    1. I’m so happy you made a wreath for your front door! You can always email me a picture.