Spring Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Here are 16 easy-to-do ideas for creating a beautiful spring bedroom.


As the season changes and the weather warms up we should be thinking about spring bedroom decorating ideas. Not just to make our bedrooms pretty and seasonal but to make them cool and comfortable and inviting. Let’s do a little spring bedroom refresh! Here are some must-do ideas for getting our bedrooms ready for spring!

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Are you thinking about springtime and how to change up your bedroom decor for the warmer season? Let’s head to our master bedroom. Here are easy ideas so you can make a few changes in your bedroom to make it spring-ready!

I think of our bedroom as a sanctuary. So everything I put into this room has to work with that adjective. Just the thought of coming into our bedroom and closing the door makes me feel relaxed!

The best spring bedroom decorating ideas are simple! And all these ideas are not only simple but smart! And they give a bedroom a spring feel!

Here are a few easy-to-do, spring-inspired things you can do to help create a relaxing and inviting spring bedroom.


Clutter causes stress. It is just the opposite of what you want your bedroom to be!


So the first thing to do is get rid of everything that does not belong in a pretty and peaceful bedroom!

Make your bedroom a clutter-free zone! And work at keeping it that way!

Even lots of things on a night table can clutter a room! So take a minimal approach to everything in a bedroom. Just doing this one thing will make your bedroom look and feel so much better.



This tip has many meanings! Think light textures, light colors, light fabrics, light bedding, and light decorating!

First, open up those windows and take down heavy curtains. Give your windows a good cleaning so that beautiful natural light streams in!

We took down the woven linen drapes in our bedroom and replaced them with a light soft white linen curtain. What a difference! Just doing this one thing made our room look so much lighter and brighter!


We also replaced our wide slat blinds with soft cellular blinds that retract up to the top of the window frame. Now we have a panoramic view of the world outside!



A white coverlet is my go-to choice for all of our bedding. It’s a great foundation and perfect for a light cover layer.


Especially in warmer weather when the air conditioner is on, we don’t need a big heavy duvet but one nice mid-weight layer works great.

I’m so partial to a matelasse coverlet. They have a subtle patterned stitching on them that adds texture to the bedding. And the white works with almost any other bedding on your bed!

I get asked all the time how I keep white slipcovers or bed coverings clean. It’s so easy! Oxyclean! Works like magic! I’ve washed this coverlet countless times and it always looks so fresh and white when it comes out of the wash.


Think about changing up all your bedding in the spring and summer. It makes sense to choose lighter fabrics, lighter textures and lighter colors and patterns.


For our master bedroom, I opted for this pretty Spa colored quilt with ivory ball trim from Ballard Designs. You can see it HERE.

I’ve loved this Audree Pom Pom quilt and shams for several years! So I finally decided to make the investment so I can use and enjoy how peaceful it makes the whole room look.

I switch up bedding in the fall and the spring. First of all, it feels so nice to put different bedding on my bed, and switching the bedding meets the sleeping comfort need for the new seasons.

We want to be comfortable when we sleep so knowing what bedding to choose is so important!

I’m not a duvet gal unless I use the duvet cover as a bedspread. The heaviness of even the lightest duvet makes me feel restricted. So, for me, I like a light quilt.


Use decorative pillows on your bed any time of year! If you have a queen size bed like we do three Euro Shams work across the bed perfectly. Add another Euro Sham for a king-size bed!

I’ve used two Euro Shams on our queen-size bed in the past but two is just not enough. So don’t scrimp on the Euro Shams because you won’t be happy with the look!


Instead of adding lots of extra decorative pillows try adding one long bolster pillow in a pretty complementary color and print!

As usual, when the camera comes out Hobbes comes running. It’s the funniest thing! For this photo shoot I had to eventually put him in the basement!


This spring’s decorative pillow choices were so different for me! I usually love lots and lots of pillows but decided to have just one long pillow for the bed this spring.

I chose the 16 x 36 bolster pillow in this light fawn color. You can see it HERE.


Spring is all about flowers so use them in your bedroom!


I love to use real flowers, but in reality, I most often use faux blooms in our bedroom.

Flowers are such a special treat and add lots of spring beauty to a room! I used these pretty faux white ranunculus. Ranunculus are just so pretty! If you love peonies then you might want to give ranunculus a try!

I found a white pot with raised dots in the basement and put the blooms in there.

The silhouette in the black frame is of my little granddaughter Emma Kate.


It’s amazing what a little bit of black in a room will do!


I kept this room quite minimal this spring. So I used a glass jar to hold a few faux spring branches.

I just love the “movement” of these branches and how their leaves are sparsely opening up here and there.


I also added a spring-inspired picture that reminds me to “bloom where you are planted”. You can see 4 pretty spring printables of mine and lots from other bloggers HERE. I’m sure you will find a spring printable you can use in your home.

Your bedroom is worth a little spring makeover! Make it a pretty and comfortable sanctuary!

Here are some other spring bedroom decorating ideas for your bedroom…

  • add a throw to the end of the bed in a spring color
  • linen sheets (I invested in linen sheets several years ago and that is all we use on our bed. I LOVE them. They just get softer and loftier with age. Not all linen sheets are the same. You can see the sheets we use HERE.)
  • wallpaper the wall your headboard is on with peel-and-stick wallpaper
  • add a bed tray to your bed with a vase of pretty flowers.
  • put a big oversized floral decal over your bed
  • add a rattan bench or chair to give your bedroom a warm-weather look
  • change out what is over your bed and add a trio of floral pictures
  • add a canopy of fabric on the wall in the back of your bed that goes to the ceiling and then drapes over your bed. Dreamy look!
  • add hooks and hang straw hats and baskets from them

Here are some sources for items or something similar in our master bedroom…


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  1. Tracy Hudson says:

    Hello, this is a lovely bedroom. Can you tell me where you got the bed skirt?

  2. I am doing a spring refresh in our bedrooms by replacing our honeycomb blinds. Our home is now 29 years old and this will be the 3rd set of open and bottom closing blinds. I always get white and use a more sheer white drapery as well. They provide privacy as well as allow sunshine in. I also like the look from the outside as they are very uniform. The price point varies, and they are available from many sources.

    1. Yvonne, Thankyou for the beautiful ideas for a spring bedroom.Had to laugh when I saw Hobbs. My Tuxedo cat Ollie settles on my unmade bed each morning when he comes in from a night on the town. It’s a fight to get him off so I can make the bed.But we love all 18 lbs of him!

      1. Hobbes is such a diva! He loves to have his picture taken. Ollie is such a cute name!

        1. Hi! Where are the wall baskets from?

          1. Hi Karla, I found these baskets locally and cannot find them online.

      2. This stopped me in my tracks! This is the color palette I have in my master bedroom also, though mine is not yet finished. I have no pictures up because I haven’t seen what I love until now. The prints on either side of the bed are stunning! Could you share where these are available?
        Thank you!

  3. Joyce Kennard says:

    Can’t find the search area. Wanted to look at picks of coffee tables. Need some new ideas, Sorry. Joyce

  4. joyce kennard says:

    Thanks, every time I start to clean a room and move something things around I think “look and see how Yvonne put it”, lol. Look forward to you post each day.

  5. Your bedroom looks so peaceful . I love your colors. My question , where did your bedskirt come from?


  6. Love those pillows and soft blue quilt. Where can we find those??

  7. Love your style Yvonne. Can you tell me the color of your bedroom walls?

    1. All of the walls in the Tanglewood House are painted Simply White by Benjamin Moore.

  8. Can you tell me where you got your rug as well as the color and size?
    Your bedroom is a dream!

  9. Mary Ann Masters says:

    Hi, where did you purchase your bed skirt?

  10. I would appreciate information on your headboard.
    Love your style!
    Thank you.

  11. Mary Donoho says:

    Love this. Where is the bedskirt from? Color?

    1. The raw silk bedskirt as from Soft Surroundings. It’s a wheat color. I have not seen it on their site lately. Hope this helps.

  12. This is stunning! I was scrolling for ideas since we are renovating and I can’t wait to redo my bedroom inspired by this colour palette and decor. May I ask where you got the wardrobe? It’s beautiful.

    1. Hi Lauren, I found our Armoire on Wayfair. It is from Hooker Furniture Co. I can’t find it in stock anywhere, sorry I can’t help more.

  13. Where did you get your dust ruffles?
    Thank you

    1. Hi, Jo. It came from Soft Surroundings. However, I don’t see it on their site right now.

  14. Charmaine says:

    What did you use for the bedskirt?

    1. I found this bedskirt online at Soft Surroundings. However, I don’t see it on their site right now.

  15. Your bedroom is gorgeous!! Would you mind sharing where you purchased your bedskirt?

    1. Hi Angie, it seems the bedskirt is very popular! I found it online at Soft Surroundings. However, I do not see it on their site right now.

  16. Where did you get your bed skirt? What’s it called? It’s all so pretty!
    Also, whats the color of your walls.

    1. All the walls in our home are Simply White by Benjamin Moore. The bedskirt came from Soft Surroundings.Last time I checked I did not see it on their site.

  17. Where did the bed skirt come from?

    1. Hi Kathy, the bedskirt came from Soft Surroundings. I have not seen it on their site lately.

  18. Kim Harding says:

    Hello Can you tell me where I could purchase the mirrored armoire in your blog?