10+ Best Fall Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Decorating with fall pumpkins is a ritual this time of year! Here are some fun and pretty ways to use pumpkins to add to your fall home decor.

Fall just would not be the same without pumpkins. Glorious fall pumpkins in all shapes and sizes! White pumpkins, faux pumpkins, mini pumpkins, orange pumpkins, carved pumpkins, a stack of pumpkins, glitter pumpkins, and even gourds! Pumpkins are the best autumn home decorations!

Let’s celebrate fall by decorating with pumpkins! Here are 10+ best fall pumpkin ideas.

Group Pumpkins Together

I love pumpkins in all shapes and sizes because different-sized pumpkins provide a natural contrast in scale and shape. This contrast is so visually interesting, and a group of pumpkins added to a room is perfect for fall.

Grouping pumpkins together reminds me of a little pumpkin patch… right in my home!

Arrange Mini Pumpkins In A Bowl Or Tray

Arrange mini pumpkins in a dough bowl on a tray or even on a kitchen platter. Then, add leaves and little bits of harvest organics, like acorns, to the arrangement. In the image above, I also tucked wood block carving stamps around the fall pumpkins. Such a simple and pretty fall pumpkin idea!

Use this formula or recipe for making all kinds of pretty pumpkin centerpieces.

Make Fall Pumpkin Candles

Let’s use the same tray and the same mini white pumpkins and make them into sweet candles! This DIY project is so simple and quite impressive! Carve pumpkin tops off these little pumpkins and carve out just enough of the center to drop in small votives.

You can create just one pumpkin candle or as many as you want in an arrangement.


I carve out pumpkin candles every year! Use white pumpkins like I did here, or use another favorite pumpkin or gourd. See the PUMPKIN CANDLE DIY HERE.

This is one of my favorite carved pumpkin ideas!

Wouldn’t these look so pretty on a fall tablescape?

Use Pumpkins In Threes

Three is a magic number for decorating with anything! Try lining up three pumpkins on a mantel, console table, or any flat surface in your home.


This is such a super easy way to add pumpkins to your fall home! Sometimes, the best pumpkin to use on furniture may be a faux pumpkin. You don’t have to worry about them getting soft or weepy and making big spots on your furniture!

Make sure you check out EASY FALL MANTEL IDEAS. This is a huge post about how to start with a default fall fireplace mantel and hearth and tweak it a bit so it becomes the prettiest fall mantel.

I love the look of three pumpkins in a row!

Add Real Pumpkin Stems To Faux Pumpkins


This is my personal favorite fall pumpkin decorating idea! I’ve been talking about adding real pumpkin stems to faux pumpkins in my posts for years! This is one thing that makes a faux pumpkin look so real! Or at least not so fake.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to do this, but it was an original idea for me!

What a super easy way to make your fall pumpkin decor more realistic! And this is such an easy little craft!

At the end of the pumpkin decorating season, as you are done with your pumpkins, remove their stems.

Depending on how long you have had your pumpkins and what type they are, you should easily be able to snap the pumpkin stem away from the pumpkin at its base.


Here’s an easy trick to pop the pumpkin stem right off the pumpkin…

Put your thumb at the base of the pumpkin stem where it meets the flesh of the pumpkin and push it over. If the pumpkin is old enough, a good, hearty push will pop it off.

If the stem does not come off, you have two other options. Leave the pumpkin outside until it gets a bit soft, and then pop off the stem using the technique above. Or cut the pumpkin stem away from the pumpkin, cutting the pumpkin stem core out from the flesh of the pumpkin.

It’s important to dry the stems so no mold grows on them. But once they are dry, put them in a paper bag that you label and put it somewhere where you will find it next fall.


To hot glue the real stem to a faux pumpkin, pull out the faux stem with a pair of players or cut the stem off flush out of the pumpkin.


I think faux baby boo pumpkins look so pretty with a thin checked ribbon tied around their new real stems!

If you have lots of orange faux pumpkins kicking around your home and would like to paint them white, here’s an oldie but goodie post about how to paint them with chalk paint to give them a realistic look. I’m sharing my secret for making these pumpkins look almost real!

Check out the post HERE.

You can also spray paint pumpkins or paint them with acrylic paint for a pretty look.

Make Succulent Topped Pumpkins


This is one of my favorite ways to decorate with pumpkins! Top real little baby boo fall pumpkins with little succulent clippings. Aren’t these miniature pumpkins just so darling?

Even if you are not crafty, you can easily create mini white pumpkins topped with baby succulents! These sweet pumpkins look so pretty on a fall table! And they make lovely gifts for any guests to take home! And when pumpkin time is over, you can plant the succulents and use them in your decor.


You can see how I used succulent-topped pumpkins on a Thanksgiving table HERE.

FALL PUMPKINS- thanksgiving place setting

Put Pumpkins In A Dough Bowl

Pumpkins and dough bowls are a fall gift! Along with pumpkins, use other fall organics like mini Indian corn, gourds, acorns, leaves, bittersweet vines, berries, and pinecones. There are so many colors and textures in this dough bowl.

Make sure you check out How To Make A 10-Minute Dough Bowl and see tips and tricks that will help you create the prettiest fall decor! And see this Fall Organic Dough Bowl.

Elevate A Pumpkin

FALL PUMPKINS- pumpkin on a cake pedestal

Think a little bit outside the box when decorating with pumpkins, no matter the color, size, or shape. To call attention to fall pumpkins, put them on a pedestal, cake plate, or a riser of books. Elevating them gives them importance and presence! This is such an easy idea and really makes a pumpkin the star of your decor!

Also, think about putting real or faux pumpkins in a cloche and making it part of a vignette looks so amazing. Especially if the cloche is put on top of a cake stand.

Here are a few other ideas for elevating pumpkins to make them the star of your decor…

  • Put pumpkins on the stack of books.
  • Wood rounds make wonderful risers for pumpkins.
  • A pumpkin looks great on a stack of dishes.
  • Add a little pumpkin to a candlestick.
  • Set a pumpkin on a small cake pedestal.
  • Stack small breadboards and add a pumpkin on top.

Stack Pumpkins

pumpkin ideas as centerpiece

Stacked pumpkins create such synergistic beauty! And there is no doubt they will get the attention they deserve! This is not a new idea, but it is still very popular because it is a show-stopper!

Choose pumpkins that are wider and flatter than they are tall, and stack them from the biggest on the bottom to the smallest on the top!

Stacked pumpkins look pretty in an all-white vignette or outside on a front porch!

FALL PUMPKINS- stacked pumpkin


Decoupage Faux Pumpkins

chinoiserie pumpkin

Oh, these DIY pumpkins are addictive and transforms a plain white pumpkin into rockstar status! And the best part of this fall pumpkin idea is that this pumpkin diy is so so easy to do!

All you need to make these gorgeous pumpkins is…

  • a faux white pumpkin
  • mod podge
  • cocktail napkins
  • foam paintbrush

Here’s how my blue and white chinoiserie pumpkins looked in a centerpiece with velvet pumpkins.

FALL PUMPKINS- pumpkin arrangement

You can see how to make these simple and oh-so-pretty CHINOISERIE PUMPKINS here.

And here’s another, bigger pumpkin I covered using cocktail napkins, too!

mod podge pumpkin

See how to make this big Decoupaged Pumpkin here.

Add Little Pumpkins Above Your Front Door

pumpkin on the transome

I have been putting little pumpkins above the transom over my front doors for decades! It’s just a part of the fall! I remember when Bobby and I were first married, adding pumpkins above the door of our first home, which was 100 years old! If you have a ledge or a transom above your door, you should give this a try!

And don’t you love the little details in life and decorating? Such nice surprises!

Pumpkins are perfect for outdoor fall decorations. Use them on your porch and patio.

You can see more fall porch and patio ideas and ways to use pumpkins outside HERE.

Pair Pumpkins With Other Fall Organics

pumpkins and spinner near a basket of flowers kale and cabbage

Fall decorating can be as simple as potting a couple flowering kale plants, putting them in a basket, and pairing them with a couple little white pumpkins and a handful of small gourds called spinners. Sometimes, simple is best! Especially when it comes to accents like an assortment of pumpkins and gourds!

This little fall arrangement sits at a small round table in our kitchen. It is the perfect place for family and guests to sit. And they can’t help but pick up the pumpkins and spin the gourds. It makes me secretly smile. I just know what they are going to do when they sit here.

Click To See More Pumpkin Inspiration


Here are a few more ideas for using pumpkins in and outside of your home!

  • Paint or stencil easy motifs on pumpkins – See HOW TO PAINT EASY PATTERNS ON PUMPKINS
  • GILD PUMPKINS, they look stunning!
  • Carve or paint a jack-o-lantern on a fall pumpkin.
  • Wash and dry pumpkins before using them so they last longer- See 8 TIPS FOR KEEPING PUMPKINS FRESH
  • If you like Halloween decorations, make a mummy pumpkin by wrapping it in gauze and adding googly eyes and spiders.
  • Cut off the top of a faux or real pumpkin and make the pumpkin into a vase for flowers or other fall organics.
  • Paint your monogram letter on a large pumpkin.
  • Make a confetti pumpkin by gluing gems or tissue paper rounds to a white faux pumpkin, starting at the top of the pumpkin.
  • Mod podge fall leaves to the top of white pumpkins
  • Buy a big white pumpkin and have friends and family write something on it with a marker when they come to visit. Keep it all fall and just keep adding to it as people visit.

I hope you are taking away lots of fall pumpkin inspiration. Happy pumpkin decorating!

FALL PUMPKINS- pin for post

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  1. Yay! All the pumpkin ideas in one spot! I’ve got my table set up to make your decoupage pumpkins this week 🙂 And as the hurricane passes through this week, I’m hoping to have time to implement some of your fall decorating ideas. We get so much rain and wind through October in south Florida, so I’ve decided to hold off on decorating the front porch until the end of the month

  2. OMG, thus post not only cute and creative, I am in love with all your ideas. You are so talent. I can’t wait to apply your ideas into my holiday home. Everything is so gorgeous in this post, as always. Thanks for sharing

  3. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Enjoyed all your pictures and info, Yvonne! I just loved seeing your pumpkin arrangement with all the velvet and chinoiserie pumpkins — so beautiful! I made a few of the chinoiserie pumpkins last year when you gave us your tutorial. I have also started to purchase the velvet pumpkins. They are so beautiful. — and a great investment. I also like the idea of hollowing out a tiny pumpkin and putting a votive in it. Thanks, again, for sharing with us.

    1. Hi Mary Ann! I’m so thrilled you are using some pumpkin ideas in your home. Aren’t the chinoiserie pumpkins so easy and so pretty?

  4. So many great ideas. I particularly like the blue and white chinoiserie pumpkins that will work so well in my home. One question – did you paint “hello” on your door?

      1. Thank you so much for the decal information. I just ordered decals.

  5. Always look forward to your
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  6. These are great ideas. I love decorating for Fall. It’s my favorite season. Happy Fall!