5 Fall Arrangements That Are Easy To Make

Let’s add a pretty fall dining table centerpiece to our homes! Today, I’m sharing 6… yes, S-I-X oh, so pretty and easy-to-style fall centerpieces you can create for your home. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for each!

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Today’s post is part of the Ultimate Guide series. That means tons of fall ideas, information, and inspiration go into this post! You can also take these simple table ideas and tweak them just a little to create a centerpiece for any holiday! It’s all about using seasonal decor!

You will want to read every bit of this post because there are all kinds of great tips for creating arrangements and pretty fall tables tucked in the content! I’ve been creating centerpieces for decades and decades, and I’m pouring what I know into this post!

Let’s Create Beautiful Fall Centerpieces

Our dining or kitchen tables are big focal points, so we should dress them up for fall.

In each of these fall table centerpieces, I’ll highlight home decor essentials and how to use them for the season at hand! It’s also important to curate beautiful accessories for your home that can be used for every season! Things like vases, and dough bowls, and candlesticks, and more!

By adding organic and natural items to our accessories, we can create such pretty tables without breaking the bank or purchasing decor that will just work for one season.

A Good Thing To Know

Here are a few things to know to make your fall tables the most beautiful they have ever been!

I’m sharing as many sources for the things I use on my tables as I can find. My most asked question is, “Where did you get that.” So I hope this helps. When I can’t find the exact item, I’ll substitute a similar item in its place.

Let’s start with a classic…

Fall Dough Bowl Centerpiece

Create 6 BEAUTIFUL FALL TABLE CENTERPIECES for your fall home. Lots of ideas and creative home decor inspiration.  Make these arrangements and other home decor diy projects for your fall home.

dough bowl / my favorite dough bowl / large dough bowl / faux pumpkins / fall berry stem

A dough bowl is a must-have home decor essential. It can be used in countless ways in any season!

In the fall, let’s show off nature’s seasonal bounty and make a beautiful and earthy-feeling fall table centerpiece. This is the most colorful centerpiece. The real flowering cabbage and kale could last all season with a little watering and care. They are very hardy! Same with the baby boo pumpkins.

I used real berries from a bush in our yard to accent this dough bowl. They should last for about a week. When they are fading, I’ll add bittersweet or some pretty faux fall leaves to the arrangement.

I use lots of things from the outside my front door inside! It’s amazing what you can find to use if you look!


green candleholder / large dough bowl / table runner /

For this dough bowl centerpiece, I kept the fall decor tucked down into the bowl and not piled high. I love how all the natural elements peek over the top of the bowl! This centerpiece is perfect for almost any table in your home.


To make this dough bowl centerpiece, you will need…

  • a dough bowl or big shallow bowl
  • real or faux flowering fall cabbage or kale
  • small real or faux mini white pumpkins
  • fall stems and greens
  • pinecones
  • small candleholder and candle

How To Make The Fall Dough Bowl Centerpiece

Because our dining table is on the small side, I chose a dough bowl that had a scale and proportions that worked with our table. Scale and proportion are very important to consider when decorating. Every decorator should read HOW TO USE SCALE AND PROPORTION.

To make this dough bowl, start by adding the flowering cabbage or kale to the bowl first. I chose smaller plants to work with the size of my smaller dough bowl.

Next, fill in any spaces between the cabbage with pinecones.

Pinecones are my filler of choice. They fill up this dough bowl so I can place the pretty decor on top of the arrangement. Pinecones also help keep the decor from sliding to the bottom of the bowl. One of my best tips is to have an assortment of pinecones in a clear plastic bin ready to be used as filler! White pinecones are my favorite to use as filler.

After the pinecones are in place, add mini white pumpkins. And finally, add fall leaves or berries or bittersweet.


Here’s a little tip to keep the berries, twigs, or leaves in place. Smart idea, right?

If you have room on your table, you can also add candles or votives. And don’t forget a mini pumpkin or two!

This is a great arrangement to use when having folks over for dinner. It’s low and does not get in the way of seeing anyone around the table.



large white vase / black oil rubbed bronze candlesticks / burnt orange / dining table

The inspiration for this centerpiece came right from the grocery store!

I found these pretty muted fall spider mums and knew they would add a lot of seasonal beauty to our dining table!

This table centerpiece is quintessentially fall! Very traditional and pretty! And just so simple to create!

What You Will Need

  • grocery store fall flowers
  • vase or pitcher
  • small real or faux white pumpkins
  • candlesticks, candles, and votives
  • small container of another faux or real plant

I think it is important to put flowers we use as a centerpiece in a big vase. I’m not a fan of a little vase in the center of a dining table. For this fall table centerpiece, I chose a chalky vase I found at one of my favorite local decor shops.


white vase / clear votive candleholders / votive candles / burlap table runner

This is such a super easy fall table to create! Start by placing the vase of fall grocery store flowers in the center of the table. You can also use a big vase of fresh or faux fall leaves.

I think it is very important to know how to make this type of simple floral arrangement.

I almost cringe when I see an arrangement that looks like it has been taken out of its wrapper and plunked into a vase. You should almost never see all the stems of flowers near the base of the vase unless they are long and have a fountain effect in a vase.

Take the time to style flowers or leaves or anything else we put in a vase!


How To Style This Fall Centerpiece

Look for a post about how to arrange store-bought flowers soon!

Next, add tall, thin candlesticks with pretty candles on each side of the vase. The taller the vase of flowers, the taller the candlesticks can be. And the taller the candlesticks and candles, the thinner they should be, especially if you are sitting down for a meal.

I chose burnt orange candlesticks to bring out the pretty orange in the spider mums.

I once had a guest at my table unceremoniously remove a centerpiece I had spent quite a lot of time and $$$ making because she could not see over it! YIKES!

This table centerpiece is very symmetrical. Our eyes love symmetry! That is why this table will always look pretty! Every home decorator should know how to use symmetry in their home!

Here is a post that will help you with The Decor Element Of Balance And How To Use Symmetry.

To fill in the area between the vase and the candles, I love to add something low. The vase and candlesticks would look lovely on their own, but everything is elevated, and nothing is low on the table. I used my little bronze boxwood pots I found locally last year and a sprinkling of white pumpkins and a couple votive candles on the table.


So so easy! You can create this very tried and true fall table centerpiece so it has a modern vibe, a farmhouse feel, an industrial look, or any style at all. It’s all about the items you use to style it.

Here is a version of this table using fall leaves.

Free Form Hydrangeas Table


white cylinder vase / green candleholder/ burlap runner / round table / faux pumpkins

This pretty table really speaks to my sense of creativity and is so easy!

I just can’t get enough of my limelight hydrangeas and the way they dry in the fall. So that means cutting and bringing them inside to use as decor! I must admit I LOVE this type of fall table centerpiece! If you are in the mood for a more unconstructed fall table arrangement, this one is for you!



Use your imagination when it comes to this table. Use your favorite pumpkins and other fall organics!

  • three different size vases
  • flowers (I used hydrangeas)
  • two votive candles
  • pumpkins and other fall decor

How To Make This Centerpiece

The anchor of this arrangement are the three different-sized vases of hydrangeas. Use vases or pitchers or whatever you have. Just choose vases with different heights. Your eyes love to jump from one thing to another, and when decor is all the same size, we read it as boring!


white cylinder vase / green candleholder/ burlap runner / round table / faux pumpkins

I chose three white cylinder vases in different sizes.

They have a modern look, but when the hydrangeas were put in them, they looked a lot softer! It’s the juxtaposition of something geometric and modern against something frilly and old-fashioned. The vases work with my style and make them so interesting!

The texture of the smooth vase with the frilly and textural hydrangeas gives this table such interest!

Texture is the secret interior designer uses so well. You can use it too! Read HOW TO USE TEXTURE LIKE A DESIGNER.

Center the vases of flowers on the table but not too close together.

Then, add fall elements like pumpkins or gourds and votive-type candles to the centerpiece. These are lower to the table and add to the abundance of the centerpiece.


The goal of this centerpiece is to spread it out across the table. It’s all about creating a very abundant look.

This fall table centerpiece is so easy to make. This centerpiece should look like fall tumbled across your table!

Here is another version of this tablescape.

Coffee Table Centerpiece

Not all centerpieces are for our dining or kitchen tables. You can create a centerpiece on any flat surface. Our coffee tables are another piece of prime decor real estate that should hold a pretty fall centerpiece.


The coffee table centerpiece is only one of six coffee table centerpieces I used using 8 items. For this easy-peasy coffee table arrangement, I used…

  • a metal tray
  • Fall fluff in a white vase
  • pumpkins and dried gourds

How To Make This Arrangement

I put the metal tray in the center of my coffee table. On one side of the tray, I placed the white vase with the fall fluff, and on the other side, I arranged a few baby boos and mini-dried gourds on the other. Super simple!

The secret to this arrangement is the color! A tight color palette instantly makes an arrangement look a bit more upscale and cohesive.

Simple Apple Centerpiece


white shallow pedestal bowl / faux green apples / gold hurricane candleholder

This fall table centerpiece is the simplest of all! Just a big, pretty bowl of apples or any other fruit on the table with a few greens and a couple of candles. That’s it!

I love this arrangement because even though it is simple, it is quite elegant!

Think about using real or faux (my apples are faux today) fruit. I think pears would look so pretty in this pedestal bowl. Also, think about using pumpkins or gourds to create a fall look!

What You Will Need

You may already have what you need right in your kitchen!

  • large shallow pedestal bowl
  • fruit or pumpkins
  • a bit of real or faux leaves or berries
  • candleholder and candles

How To Make This Arrangement


white shallow pedestal bowl / faux green apples / gold hurricane candleholder

What could be easier than dumping a bag of apples into an attractive bowl?

Next, add a bit of greenery or berries or both to one side of the bowl so it spills over the side just a bit!


white shallow bowl / faux green apples / my favorite faux fall stems

Because this centerpiece is simple, I think it is important to add candleholders that are chunky and a bit showy, and not too tall.

These gold hurricanes are so pretty and keep the whole fall table centerpiece low! Another great dinner arrangement!


This centerpiece could also work on a buffet or countertop!

Creating a beautiful fall table centerpiece should be easy and filled with the beauty of the season!

I hope this post has helped you discover lots of ideas for creating a fall table in your home!








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  1. Beautiful arrangements for sure! Honest question- do you remove the various items on the runners to accommodate the place sittings for 4?

    1. When I set the table for company I take everything off and set a fresh table and rearrange what I have on the table to accommodate dinner conversation. Hope this helps.

  2. you are always the best at inspiring me to get busy! and you know neutrals ! nobody does it better! which is great for someone who fears ORANGE! thank you! HAPPY SEPTEMBER!

  3. Laura Lander says:

    These are lovely but how embarrassed you must have been by the too-tall centerpiece! Surprised the guest didn’t ask you to move it—just doing so seems rude even if she couldn’t see around it. (Sounds like something my evil sister would do!)

    I have a small collection of ironstone and other old gravy boats and cream pitchers that I often use. Gravy boats work especially well when I open out the table. A little oasis or a wire frog and it’s surprising how wide an arrangement you can make, right?

    Always enjoy your posts.

    1. HI Laura, I was not embarrassed at all. The arrangement was not that tall. I thought my guest was a bit presumptuous! The ironstone pitchers sound lovely to use in a fall centerpiece.

  4. Stunning arrangements and great tips! I was just reminding a friend to clip some hydrangea stems to bring in and dry. They last for years.

    1. Our hydrangeas are gorgeous this year! I’ve been clipping for a couple of weeks.

  5. Vicki Bray says:

    Ok – am I the only one who has problems with bringing outside items inside? I did the berry thing once, but soon realized the darn things had worms coming out of them. Yuk! just so disgusting and disappointing. I’ve never done it again. Is there something you spray on outside items before bringing them indoors?

    1. Hi Vicki, we all have stories about a decor ‘fail’. Don’t let that discourage you! Remember, you are brings nature indoors! Try bringing pumpkins or bittersweet or mums. Give it another go!