Fall Porch And Patio Ideas

Transform your outdoor space this fall with creative porch and patio ideas, and welcome the season in style. Embrace the beauty of fall with our curated collection of tips and designs for a warm and inviting outdoor haven.

It’s almost Fall! And Fall means PUMPKINS! Lots of pumpkins and mums too! It is my favorite time of year and the weather here is so glorious! Blue skies and cooler temps are perfect for spending time on our fall patio and porch. I hope you will join me for a little tour of both!

Welcome Fall!



Decorating a small front porch, just like a small patio, has its challenges! Each year I like to do something a little different, however, there is only so much space on the porch and so much you can do!


So, our fall front porch is all about using different colors and small changes, like a new wreath from year to year!


I made this super easy leaf wreath late in the season last year so it did not hang on our front door except for a photoshoot.

That’s why I brought it out this fall to enjoy!

A wreath should be able to be seen from the road in front of our homes. A wreath is the first welcome friends and family get! So make it a big happy welcome!

This is a wreath ANYONE can make! If you are not crafty, this is the wreath for YOU! It’s that easy!



I used the same doormat and rug as I did last year. The doormat is just so cute!!!!

Do you layer a rug under your doormat?

I love this rug because when it gets dirty, I throw it in the washer with Oxyclean, and it comes out clean!

Layering a rug under a cute fall doormat makes your front porch all the prettier!


This year I added a smattering of white baby boo pumpkins to our front porch.

The ledge above the front door is a perfect pumpkin perch!

I get my pumpkins down the road at a local Amish greenhouse where they are picked right out of the field. Many of my pumpkins have great stems, and a little bit of dirt comes home with them too!


Last fall the tall planter was filled with pretty fall blooms. But last Christmas we planted a golden false Cyprus in the planter and it must be love where it is planted! It has grown so much and filled out the planter so well. I have an affinity for what I call “frilly plants”. And this is a frilly plant!

To add a nod to fall I tucked another baby boo in the corner of the planter. And a trio of boos sit at the base of the planter!

I’m sure my little grandbabies will have them all rearranged when they come to visit us this weekend. They are the joy of my life much like their parents!

Since grandbabies, our lives are so much more messy and wonderful and exhausting!


We have two four-year-olds, one three-year-old, a one-year-old, and a new little one coming in early December. And God willing another little one He will bring us via adoption very soon!

We took all of them camping this weekend. And they all fished for the first time except the one-year-old.

On Sunday, my very smart three-year-old grandson, Alexander, was sitting on my lap facing me and I was cuddling him and singing to him and kissing his sweet head. He looked up at me with those big blue eyes and said in a little birdie voice, “Gigi you are nice like Mommy”! I just wanted to melt and cry and laugh!

I never knew it was possible to love someone as much as I love my children! But it is! And I do!


Thanks for indulging me!

Okay, back to the fall porch and patio tour…



The bench on the left side of our fall front porch gets tons of use… by the UPS or Amazon or Fed Ex guys! This is also a nice spot to have my first cup of coffee in the morning.

If you come by early enough you will see me out here in my pajamas with a Yeti of coffee and pumpkin spice creamer!

This year I made my own Pumpkin Spice Creamer with real pumpkin! It’s so delicious! You should give it a try!


I added a little lantern to the bench. Right now it has a real candle in it but I’ll switch that out with a battery-operated one!

I love to have a little soft glow on the porch when the days start getting shorter. Maybe I’ll replace the lantern with a carved pumpkin closer to Halloween.


Oh, I love fall! How about you?


Let’s head down the walk to the patio in the back of our home.


I’m excited to start our fall patio tour!


The back of our home is sunny so taking pictures is always challenging! I took the back patio pictures over a couple of days. Some in the am and some in those beautiful golden hours of the evening. The best time to take pics is on overcast days. The weather here has been beautiful!!!!!


And while I was taking the fall patio images my Nikon camera stopped working! So I took the bulk of the pictures with my iPhone.

The images are not as good as I would like them to be. Sorry!


Let’s head down the hill to the patio…


There is a little sitting wall on either side of our patio. It’s a great place for planters and pots of seasonal flowers and plants.


Our patio is small. It’s just the right size for an outdoor living room.

And now is the most perfect time of the year to use it. Our fall patio gets lots of use!


Bobby and I often eat dinner on the patio or have a cup of coffee in the morning here too! It’s just so peaceful!



I think I saved up all my love of decorating with pumpkins and unleashed it on the fall patio!


All of the pumpkins in and around our home came from one fruitful trip to that Amish greenhouse!

This fall I chose mostly white pumpkins but I found some interesting and bumpy peachy/orange pumpkins too! I think the bumpy varieties are called “knuckleheads”!

How funny and appropriate!


White baby boo pumpkins are my favorite. I think they are just so darling! So my fall patio is littered with them!

The large blue and white bowl holding white pumpkins to its brim was from a vintage shop ages and ages ago! I used it inside my home but I think it looks nice on the patio.

Isn’t it a great place on the fall porch to corral a gaggle of little white pumpkins? I like to use things meant for indoor spaces outdoors and vice versa!


I love to move things around in my home! It’s the best way to get a fresh look! I think it also helps to curate a home’s look. It’s important not to let things sit in one place for too long!

You might like to read HOW TO CREATE A CURATED HOME.


As these little pumpkins get a bit yellow (since they are out in the sun and sun and real pumpkins don’t get along) I’ll paint them as long as they are still firm.

There are a few tips that will really help keep pumpkins fresh longer. You might like to read about them. See 8 TIPS FOR KEEPING PUMPKINS FRESH LONGER.

Near one of the planters, I stacked a couple pumpkins. I do this every year and never get tired of seeing a pretty stack of pumpkins!


I have such an easy way to fill the fall planters around our home every year. It had one of those huge AH-HA moments.

If you want beautiful fall planters but don’t want to spend a lot of time or $$$ planting them you should read DESIGNER FALL PLANTERS DONE THE EASY WAY!


I used lots of mums for this patio tour!! They just looks so so pretty this year! Some years I love mums and other years not so much. This is a mum-loving year!

I try to buy mums whose blooms are partially open. I planted these mums less than a week ago and they have opened up quite a bit. If they are in the sun they bloom pretty fast!

Mums like water and get droopy quickly. So most of my larger planters are self-watering.

I love to spend a little bit of time several times a week deadheading the spent mum blooms. This keeps my plants healthy and looking nice.

Mums don’t last forever so I will replace the ones that are worse for wear!


My favorite planters are blue and white chinoiserie fishbowl I’ve had for decades. This year a pretty deep yellow mum is planted in each of them.


I love mums in this chic planter!

Happy fall!

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  1. I slowly scrolled through your post enjoying every single picture that you shared. I am officially inviting myself to your home to sit on your patio. Tanglewood looks great decorated for fall!

  2. Yvonne, your porch and patio are so cozy and inviting. I love your fall wreath–pinned! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. Cecilia is my middle name. I wish is was my proper name! thanks for pinning!

  3. Yvonne
    Your porch looks amazing for fall. So happy to be on this tour with you today.

    1. Since I’m such an outdoors person, I’m always excited to see your porch and patio posts (and all your posts honestly!)! I share your love of little pumpkins and sometimes mums too. I wish I could figure out how to make mums look great the following year!
      Have fun with your grandbabies this weekend!

      1. Hi Leen, Happy Fall! You are so sweet! I think of mums as annual plants.

  4. Your fall porch is gorgeous!! I’m so sorry about your camera!! So glad to be touring with you this week!!

    1. Thanks, Aliya. I have to take it to our local camera shop tomorrow.

  5. Mary Griggs says:

    I just ordered an indoor outdoor rug for my porch to layer. I always get great little ideas from your creative mind. And your story about Alexander!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. You porch looks so pretty! I especially love the bowl of pumpkins!

  7. Love the baby boos. They are so happy. Too funny, we have grand babies; ages 6,4,4,2, and 2 weeks. Joy of my life too. So inspired by your colors and your writing is so up-lifting! You motivate me to create a lovely and inviting home.

  8. CarolBinTX says:

    I noticed something very small, but I think I’m going to use your idea! I love the spheres in decorating…My family thinks they are a little unnecessary and frivolous, but I think they tie in little bits of decor here and there. I typically have them all over the house, but placing one in your pot of mums is genius!

    1. I love something unexpected. Beautiful and interesting decor is never unnecessary or frivolous!

  9. Yvonne both your front and back porches are stunning. Love the mini white pumpkins above your front door. Such a fun little touch. And your flowers are all gorgeous. So fun touring together. Pinned!

  10. Everything is so beautiful, Yvonne. Happy to be touring with you this week!

  11. I have a black bench on my front porch, and I was planning a very similar layered look with my doormats. I’m taking notes, Yvonne! LOL Your porch and patio are stunning. Those mums! The story about your grandson completely melted my heart, too!

  12. Love love your style, I’ve been trying to discover which is my style. Like Farmhouse but don’t want to clutter my house. And as you posted you like it too, but you are changing tova Transitional Style, so I will like to understand more about this syle. Thank you and wishing you the best.

  13. I’ve looking forward to seeing your patio and as I expected it is so pretty. The bright mums with all the blue accents are simply gorgeous. Updating our porch is on my list for next year and I want some comfy furniture like yours. Love it Yvonne!

  14. I’ve been looking forward to seeing your patio and as I expected it is so pretty. The bright mums with all the blue accents are simply gorgeous. Updating our porch is on my list for next year and I want some comfy furniture like yours. Love it Yvonne!

  15. Love the white pumpkins on the front porch and then the oranges and blues out back! So welcoming and such a great place to relax! Really pretty!!

    1. Hi Kristin, I’m off to visit your beautiful fall home! Thanks for stopping by,

  16. Well, my friend… your fall patio and porch look gorgeous, just like the rest of your fall home! I especially love all the mums, and those cute little baby boos on the ledge above your door! What a perfect place to add little signs-of-the-season to your home! Pinned, and I hope to have coffee with you in a few weeks on your fall patio! So excited!

  17. Yvonne thank you so much for sharing your porch and patio with us! The pumpkins on your ledge above your door are darling! We did something similar! I am loving all the color outside too. I bet coffee on that patio is the best! Pinned?

  18. Hi Yvonne!

    Your porch is looking so fresh and pretty! I love the touches of blue. I pinned it to my fall board to share 🙂


  19. Oh, that shot of your console table with the hydrangeas is stunning!!
    In important news…did you figure out what happened to your camera??

  20. Yvonne, your patio and porch looks amazing! I love how your patio planters all potted up for fall. The mix with your blues and autumnal colors is so beautiful! Love it! Pinned!

  21. Yvonne,
    It all looks absolutely beautiful.
    I love how warm and welcoming it all is my friend.

    It is a joy to be on this hop with you .


  22. Your Fall outdoor decor is beautifil! Love the contrast of the blue with the traditional Fall colors! Pinned!

  23. What a beautiful home! Your fall planters are spectacular. Nice touring with you this week.

    1. Kim, I always LOVE your home.
      Always a pleasure touring with you too!

  24. Your porch and patio are stunning Yvonne. The way you’ve displayed your colorful mums and those sweet white pumpkins in the bowl. I love EVERY SINGLE DETAIL! You are always such an inspiration. Happy fall!

  25. I love your back patio space! What a wonderful, scenic place to relax. The mums and planters are gorgeous; yes, they’re fleeting, but so pretty. And I love how you placed the little pumpkins up high above your front door; how cute! Thanks for the tour!

  26. I love your story about taking the grandkids fishing. Hoping one of our three kids changes their mind and wants kids someday. :/ Your fall porch and patio are so inviting. I enjoyed seeing all the places you tucked in pumpkins. In pots, in bowls, etc. It’s like an Easter egg hunt with tiny pumpkins! So cute and so fun. Enjoyed hopping with you this week. Sorry I’m late to the party. Life happened. Pinned

  27. Yvonne, your fall outdoor spaces are gorgeous! Everything is styled beautifully! I love the combination of colors and textures you used. I am always inspired every time I visit your blog. It is wonderful to be on this tour with you. Happy Fall!

  28. Jeanne Defferari says:

    I love love love your Wednesday wishlist. I have asked this before but maybe you didn’t get it. Is there anywhere you can tell me to find the round baskets you have on the bottom shelf of your foyer table?
    Also I am looking for a new breakfast table set. Any ideas and where did you find your?
    Thank you so much!

    1. So sorry I did not see your earlier question. I found these baskets several years ago at Wayfair, but I have not seen them on their site for a while.

  29. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your fall front porch (love it, especially the frilly plant!), your very colorful back porch, your morning routine (although I don’t think I’d be up early enough to join you!!), and your precious grandchildren! God has richly blessed you, and I thank you for sharing those blessings with your readers!

  30. Good morning I scrolled several times thru the post you did today. So fallis. Loved the blue details you used with mum’s and pumpkins. I am getting more excited to add more fall decorating to the inside and outside. Have a wonderful Monday. Can’t wait to see more.
    Ce Ce

  31. Thank you for all these fabulous ideas

  32. Oh my friend I absolutely love your patio. I wish SO much that ours was covered and that I could get new furniture. Let’s try to get together SOON, before it gets cold. I would love to come there and see the house then maybe go have some lunch. Hope all id GREAT with you and your amazing, beautiful family. Call me:):) XOXO

      1. Great!!! My new email is szpinky826@gmail send me some dates.!!!