Easy Fall Mantel Ideas

fall mantel with fall decor onit

Let’s talk about fall mantel decor! One of the first things I do at the beginning of a new season is decorate my mantel. It sets the tone for the rest of the decor in my home. I have tons of easy ideas for decorating this important focal point in your home!

Today’s post is a guidebook for creating the best fall mantel using tried and true interior design concepts that I have broken down into easy-to-understand, repeatable processes YOU can use to create the best fall mantels!

This is a huge post and you can almost use it as a mini decorating course. Work through each topic, one at a time, and read all the relevant posts I suggest and this post will give you lots of decorating know-how and confidence to decorate a fall mantel and more!

These ideas can work on any flat surface in your home like a table or buffet! You can see how to use this fall mantel to decorate other places in your home further down the post!

This post is loaded with ideas and lots and lots of pictures and different ways to style a mantel with just a few changes. So grab a drink and let’s decorate a fall mantel!

There are a few things to remember when decorating a mantel that will help you create the prettiest seasonal one!


This year’s early fall mantel is about adding fall-inspired branches and pretty lanterns to the living room. I’m saving the more quintessential fall decor until a bit later.

August and early September are a great time to style a fall default mantel.

Default, meaning a preset mantel in this instance, is one that most of the elements on the mantel stay the same.

Once you create a default mantel it will work through Christmas and with just a few changes and tweaks as the seasons change! I’ll show you how I changed my default mantel for each season and holiday in upcoming posts!

Up from the basement came some curated fall decor to put together a default fall mantel. I found the branches at a local shop and knew they world work this fall. Then I found the white ginger jars that I have had for-ever! And I thought they would be the perfect vase for the branches.

Every year I go through my fall stash and cull everything! Those things I no longer want I usually give away or sell. And I buy a couple things every season that will add tons of beauty to my home! I try to buy things that will work with the season at hand and others too!

So with a few decorating attempts, I came up with what I call my early fall default mantel!

wide view of fall mantel decor

It’s simple and checks all the decorating best practice boxes.

pretty side of a fall mantel

So let’s talk about how to decorate fall mantel decor and create something special… and easy!


Make sure to add a little fall magic to your mantel this year! There are so many beautiful things you can use to create a mantel to get noticed!

Go easy on fall mantel decor in August to mid-September. Then start adding things like pumpkins and gourds later in the season.

Below I used orange candles instead of white in the candleholders on the mantel! A small but interesting change.

beautiful fall mantel

And here is the same default mantel with a few pumpkins…

fall mantel decor ideas

You might like the things on the list to decorate a mantel or long flat surface. If you think of more please share them in the comments at the bottom of the post.

  • pumpkins
  • fall leaves and branches
  • fall faux flowers
  • gourds
  • candles
  • bittersweet
  • wheat sheaves
  • acorns
  • pheasant feathers
  • cloches
  • candles
  • pinecones
  • lanterns
  • cat o’ nine tales


Before you put one thing on your mantel you should consider what you put on the wall behind it.

Notice the little goldtone candle next to the ginger jar. So sweet, but I digress!

close-up of branches, a candle and a gather sign on the wall behind the mantel

The wall behind the mantel is prime decorating real estate! So make it count and put something on the wall that is big and pretty and works with the rest of your home.

I have a “gather” sign (see it HERE) and a white tobacco basket on the wall behind my mantel. It is light and has very little visual weight making it nondistracting. You should know about visual weight when you decorate anything including a mantel.

See How To Use Visual Weight In Your Home.

Whatever you choose to go on the wall behind your mantel, hang it low and close to the mantel. One mistake home decorators make is they hang things over their mantel way too high which makes the item look like it’s floating and odd and not part of the whole mantel look. (A little tough love!)

The idea is to make the mantel and what you hang over it look like one piece! If there is too much room between what you hang on the wall and the mantel your hanging piece will look disjointed!

If you have thought there was something that looks not quite right about your mantel this may be it! And what an easy fix!


I mention the magic of three so often. It is one of the best ways I know to create instant beauty and it’s so so simple. Grouping three items together will create a very happy synergistic relationship between them and a decorating home run!

trio of pretty fall mantel decor

Here is the trio using an orange candle. I’m sure you have your favorite but just look how three simple objects can create beauty!

fall room

Our eyes love items grouped in threes and perceive those groupings as something worth looking at!

So use the magic of three on your mantel!

You can read more about how to use The Rule Of Three HERE.


Another thing our eyes just love is symmetry.

Symmetry is easily described as things that are mirror images. There are several in the picture below…

symmetry on a fall mantel

In other words, symmetry is styling decor on one side of something, like a wall or mantel, or table or fireplace or bed so it looks like a mirror image of something you styled on the other side.

Doing this will create instant appeal!

I tend to buy things in twos just for this reason. I’ll buy two pillows or candles or lanterns or vases or chairs or pictures that are the same because I know creating symmetry with them in a room is so easy and will look fabulous.

Don’t miss this decorating tip, friend… Buy, collect or borrow two of the same item when you can!

Symmetry works wonderfully on a mantel. Actually, I like the symmetry on my early fall mantel this year. It looks clean and pretty.

Just learning these important elements of decor like The Rule Of Three and The Instant Beauty Of Symmetry will create such an appealing and interesting mantel and home! And it’s so so easy!


Asymmetry is a form of symmetry, did you know that?

Asymmetry is when one side of something (like a mantel) looks a bit different than the other side. And often has some of the same elements on both sides.

Can you see what things are the same and what items are different on the mantel? It’s not quite a mirror image it?

beautiful fall mantel decor

This difference causes a little decorating tension! And our eyes pick it up immediately because they are always trying to make sense of all the surroundings.

And sometimes a little bit of tension is wonderful! Our eyes can read a bit of asymmetry as creative and a little different in a good way! Just remember a little bit is good. Lots of asymmetries will look confusing and literally hurt our eyes, decoratively speaking,.

Asymmetric fall mantel decor is a bit harder to pull off well and takes a little more effort than symmetrical fall mantel decor. But it’s worth the effort!

I used the default fall mantel and styled one side a bit differently. The goal, for me, was to have a balanced and asymmetrical look.

You can read about asymmetry in my post The Elements Of Decor… Balance.

Start styling an asymmetrical fall mantel by creating a symmetrical mantel first and then change out a few items on one side. Strive for a balanced look. The things on each side may be a little different but one side does not read heavier than the other. Again, it’s important to learn about VISUAL WEIGHT!

Think of an old fashioned scale. When you weigh the visual weight of one side of the mantel it should be close to the visual weight of other side, hence balancing the scale!

Arranging and rearranging your fall mantel decor is the best way to learn what works and what doesn’t.

And here’s another great tip: TAKE PICTURES WITH YOUR SMARTPHONE! I say my smartphone is my best assistant! It often tells me what I can’t see myself!


Even a mantel needs a little breathing room or negative space. You don’t need to decorate the entire mantel.

I like to decorate with large fall mantel decor and that usually means mostly decorating the left and right sides of the mantel.

I like a less-is-more approach to mantels most of the time. You might want to read about Less Is Best Decorating here.

A crowded mantel, unless a very artistic one, just looks messy!

Here’s how I’m decorating the mantel as fall becomes cooler and the pumpkin fields are dotting the countryside and the leaves are just starting to dress in saturated colors…I’m adding a few pumpkins to my symmetrical mantel.

pumpkins and fall decor

I used the same fall default mantel and added three pumpkins to the middle of the mantel. There is still lots of negative space on this mantel so it looks clean and attractive.

You will see this mantel again later this fall!

side view of pumpkins on the mantel

You might like to read about Negative Space HERE.


Another thing our eyes love is to see different heights. Our eyes read this as interesting.

So when we are talking about beautiful fall mantel decor we want to put things on our mantels that are different heights!

Choose the decor carefully for your mantel!

And if your decor is somewhat the same size, no problem, create a riser with books to help them become a little taller.

asymmetrical fall mantel decor

You can see My Favorite Decor Risers HERE and see How To Paint Books and still read them. Books make the best risers!


Our eyes read how everything in a room feels! When we look at something we can say, oh, that’s bumpy or smooth or shiny or fluffy or rough. When we vary texture in our fall mantel decor it is a delight to our eyes!

You might like to read about Texture, The Best Kept Secret.


fall mantel

Here’s a very easy little tip that will up your fall mantel’s good looks! Bring a bit of fall mantel decor down to your hearth. That will direct our eyes to look around a bit and pick up other interesting things!

It will also give your mantel a finished look.

I’ve been collecting goldtone decor since last Christmas. I had this sweet little lantern so I used it on the hearth. You should see how pretty it looks when the battery timed light goes on and flickers!


I’m so over the moon about showing you how I use some of the same fall items on my white buffet!

I did this to gently repeat and repeat again that when you see “mantel decorating” in the title of a post you should pay attention. Don’t say, “Oh, boy (sarcastic) another mantel. I’ve seen a thousand”. Really, I know you wouldn’t say that but it helped to make an important point!

You can use mantel ideas to decorate any long flat surface in your home!

You might have to edit them to fit your surface but all those great mantel ideas are so easy to transfer to a table or buffet or credenza and more!

Here is my white buffet dressed up for early fall with some of the same decor I used on my mantel…

fall decor on a white buffet

And here’s how pumpkins on the white buffet would look…

beautiful fall mantel decor on a white buffet

So next time you see ANYTHING about styling a mantel perk up! You can use these ideas even when you don’t have a mantel!

fall decor on a white buffet


This is YOUR home so use the fall mantel decor YOU love!

Who says you need to use orange pumpkins? You might love pinecones and they can look very nice on a fall mantel.

If you want to use faux branches filled with colorful leaves then make them the star of your mantel!

It’s all about decor that looks nice to you and makes you smile every time you see it! And that my friend, is my best fall mantel of all!

so pretty fall mantel

Now think about collecting what you need to create a beautiful early fall default mantel that can easily be turned into a late fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas mantel too!

Send pictures of your fall mantels using these tips to my email stonegable333@gmail.com and I’ll share some on my Facebook page!


Here are the sources for the items in this post. When I could not find an item I substituted something similar.

This post contains affiliate links. That means when you click on some of the links in this post and you make a purchase I earn a small commission at no cost to you. All my opinions are my own.

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  1. Yvonne your mantel is gorgeous. My problem is having a TV above the mantel, over the fireplace. The mantel is long on one side and shorter on the side next to a door. Below the mantel is stone all the way across around the fireplace and a raised granite hearth with long cabinets under the granite. It is very difficult for me to find the right mantel balance. Should I only decorate the long side?

    1. I think you can use a lot of the ideas here. Choose the longer side and try to get a grouping of three items. So many homes have tv’s over their fireplaces. My gather sign can give you some perimeters for decorating around your tv. Just make sure the decor stays off the tv. But you already knew all of this! YAY!

  2. Great post! I love the “default” mantle idea…easing into Fall is a great concept especially since it’s 95 degrees where I live! Always love your posts.

    1. I’ve used default decorating for years! I think I’ll do a default series for the blog.

  3. CarolbinTX says:

    If the back of my fireplace is brick, how should I anchor the background pieces? I’ve been just leaning them on the mantle. I also thought I’d ask hubby (let the procrastination begin…) to drill a few masonry screws in and just paint them white so that they may or may not be less visible as seasons/decor change. I’ve also used leaning background pieces off to the side (not centered). I have an issue of overdecorating. This year, I purchased bigger pieces and stopped using little things, Unless I use them in a vignette. Baby steps…

    1. Baby steps are amazing. You are adding a background in a very clever way and one that looks great! Leaning a background piece against the wall is perfect!

    2. For Carolbin – guess what? No need to rely on husband to attach something to your brick wall. Just get masonry nails and a hammer. Hammer them into the mortar very easily. Good luck!

  4. Ashley Walter says:

    Love this post today! I have been trying to figure out how to decorate a console table. Thank you Yvonne!

    1. I’m so glad this helps. I’ve said for so long that mantel decor works on any long flat surface. I bet you will never look at a mantel post the same again. Thanks for letting me know. I’m so encouraged!

  5. Your mantle looks lovely.I’m all about symmetry.Love the gold lanterns for a little sparkle.

    1. I love symmetry too! It is easy and almost always brings beauty along with it!

  6. Beautifully done mantel, Yvonne. It makes me relaxed just looking at it!

    Also appreciate the “Get the Look” section. I have found some new websites for shopping! Always a good thing!

    Thank you for sharing your recipes, decorating ideas and words of inspiration over the years.You are a gift that keeps on giving!

    1. This post literally took me two days just to write and that is not counting styling images, taking pics, editing images. I added the shopping category at 2:00 this morning. Not complaining just letting you know I’m trying! Thanks for your encouraging words.

  7. Linda L Hall says:

    Can always use mantle decorating ideas. Never thought of applying those same ideas to the buffet. Thanks

  8. Jayne McLeod says:

    Good morning Yvonne … I just wanted to say thank you once again for all the time and effort you put into gracing my life as I read this lovely blog, and for all of the wonderful ideas and suggestions that you share daily. I very much enjoy trying out your ideas (and recipes, yum) in my own home. Have yourself a lovely day !

  9. Lynn E Giardinelli says:

    Fabrics for a cat household? Your pieces on updating and transitioning are so interesting! I got great ideas from your mantle recommendations. Furniture wise, we have very traditional cherry and mahogany and I am constantly striving to reduce the accessories and make it visually cleaner, and mixing in a few contemporary touches. We soon will be reupholstering our classic camel back sofa, but your suggestion to simply purchase updated occasional chairs resonated with me. Makes sense! We have 2 young cats who have not been declawed and have to be sure our next upholstered items will be more durable. Your cat is adorable (I also have a spunky orange male). Do you have any advice on fabric selection that is more durable when they decide to claw at the chairs?

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  13. I’m holding onto the month of August. Summers seem so short. I’ll file these hints for mid September though.

  14. Yvonne, how many stems did you use in each ginger jar? Lovely!

  15. LOVE your symmetry and for showing how it can be achieved. I really enjoy the calm of the spaces but must admit that I miss seeing a more contrast and contrasting textures. I actually miss the beautiful wood color of your tobacco basket. I’m guessing we WILL be seeing more color contrast in the Fall. Perhaps I am more ready for that season than I think! Thanks for your wonderful blog and posts. 🙂

  16. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    You have such elegant style! I’ve been following but no time to comment. The mantle decor is lovely.

  17. Wondering about height of ginger jar, candlesticks, and the shorter candles? Love the simplicity of this mantle decor!

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  19. Fall is my favorite time of year! I love putting out the fall decor & finding new ideas!

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  25. Shawn Marie Moore says:

    Hello – I love all these mantle decorating ideas and am trying to help my daughter with hers. Is your fireplace mantle the same white color as the brick fireplace? Can you please share what paint colors you used on each of them?

    1. Hi Shawn, the mantel and the walls are the same color, Benjamin Moore Simply White. I’m not sure about the brick color as they came already painted.

  26. Kerri Weaver says:

    The mantel is beautiful and I LOVE the rug! Do you know where it is from?