SUCCULENTS AND WHTE PUMPKINS- A BEAUTIFUL TABLE THAT IS EASY TO SET. And lots of ideas for your Thanksgiving table and more!

Succulents and little white pumpkins are a match made in heaven! And so I combined this heavenly combo and used them as an inspiration for a soft white Thanksgiving table! And what an easy table to style! Really a table of “fall leftovers”. Today, I’m sharing how to set this table lots of other ideas for your Thanksgiving table!



Today I am joining some VERY talented bloggers for… STYLED AND SET HOLIDAY ENTERTAINING.

A big thank you to Lory at Designthusiam for putting this extravaganza of beautiful tablescapes together!

Make sure to visit these gorgeous table designers at the bottom of the page!

Here’s my Thanksgiving table this year…

Truth be told I really hate to iron large table linens so I’m giving myself permission to set a Thanksgiving table without a tablecloth. I did iron my linen runner because I am an ironer! I even ironed the napkins that are really rather crinkly by nature. Tackling a great big tablecloth was just too much for me this year!

Here’s the best tip if you are going to use table linens this Thanksgiving… wash your own linens and take them to your local dry cleaners to have them ironed there. 

Part of our family tradition is to put a small take-home gift at each person’s Thanksgiving place setting. This year I’m sending everyone home with little succulent topped pumpkins. How cute are these? 

You can see a very easy tutorial for making these succulent topped mini pumpkins. Even if you are not crafty you can make these. See the DIY post HERE.

Here are some great ideas for Thanksgiving place setting gifts…

  • a Christmas ornament to use on their tree this year
  • a small book
  • a potted herb
  • a photograph in a frame
  • an apple or pear in a small basket filled with crinkly paper
  • a heartfelt note

One year I found pictures of all my guests and family when they were babies or children and put them in small frames that I embellished. The framed pictures became name cards and also Christmas ornaments because

I made a little loop with the brown organza ribbon and attached it to the back so the picture could be hung up.

This is a picture of my brother-in-law Jimmy when he was a boy growing up in Canada. Wouldn’t a gift like this look nice at your table?

Each place setting is defined by a log slice charger on little feet. I think I found these at Hayneedle. Keeping the table mostly white, I stacked a white dinner plate with an embossed rim with a turkey plate I found at my local Pottery Barn outlet a few years ago.


When serving a big meal like Thanksgiving I usually put all the food on the island in my kitchen, buffet style. It really keeps the table from being overly crowded.

My rule of thumb when it comes to a table and buffet is the fancier the table the plainer the buffet! For this Thanksgiving buffet, I will probably add a couple large mums and some tall candles.

Always serve food in bowls, serving platters and warming service pieces. Take the time to pull out all serving pieces and utencils to know what you are going to use ahead of time.

I collect white serving pieces so they all work well together!

I also am leaving my silverware a little tarnished this year. I think it looks so beautiful against all the white on the table. Who knew I would ever put silver on my table that needs a little bit of silver polish!!!!! But I have warmed up to the idea of a little bit of patina, especially against white.

The napkin came from my local Pottery Barn Outlet. After I wash them I am definitely taking them to be ironed by my dry cleaner!!!

I love using cloth napkins but if you like paper or it’s easier for you than go ahead and use them!!!! There are so many gorgeous paper products to choose from!


I rounded up all the white pumpkins I had all over my home and consolidated them onto my table for Thanksgiving! Because I get them for a song at a local Amish greenhouse I don’t mind that they have scars and are not quite perfect. It gives them character!

My table is sporting a little white pumpkin patch! 

Small white bottles became vases for clipping from my white mums and snippets of succulents. Buy a big mum and then clip it apart to make bouquets. So smart and very very economical!!!!

I’ll be using the succulent clippings to propagate new succulents. Look for a post about growing new succulents from clippings in the New Year. It’s so easy!

Did you notice this table was set for six? Instead of using the head chairs I set the center of the table with three place settings on each side. I think it makes a more intimate table. 

I put the candles on the ends of the table instead of the middle. This might be a great way to set a second Thanksgiving table if you need more room for your family and guests.

Or set your table this way if you are celebrating Thanksgiving with just a few people you love!

I hope this table has inspired you and given you a few ideas to use on your Thanksgiving table!

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  1. mattsgramma says:

    Such an elegant tablescape with a touch of rustic. Lovely Yvonne!

  2. Such a calm, peaceful table setting! I will replicate this in my dining room. The rest of the house is in riotous fall color for the grandchildren.

  3. Your table is exquisite! I love the all white! Those little white pumpkins topped with succulents make the sweetest place setting gifts! I really want to give it a try! As always, thank you for being a daily inspiration to me!

  4. Norma Rolader says:

    So so beautiful as always you wow me!!!! It is elegant but inviting

  5. Who knew that an all white table setting could be so lovely??? (and I love color…) Have a beautiful fall week-end!

  6. Marcia Walter says:

    Y-e-a-r-s ago we were at a resort and when we ordered our after-dinner coffee they brought a coffee condiment tray. It was such a fun idea. When we got home we replicated it for our first dinner party, and for several more. All these many years later I’ve stopped using them for that purpose (they are really nothing more than cordial glasses, maybe 1 oz., from Crate & Barrel) and been using them to hold the individual “arrangement” I make for each place setting. Everyone seems to love the idea and you’re SO right, one bunch of flowers from the supermarket, cut and divided, and done! Your post, Yvonne, was such a delight! Thank you for bringing so much beauty into my life…so often!!

    1. Marcia, thanks for sharing this wonderful idea with us!!!! I love it!

  7. So lovely and doable, as always, Yvonne. I love the idea of ’rounding up’ the little white pumpkins and mums that I enjoy in my fall home. I also love the practicality of the ironing tip (a task I loathe as well) and adopting the mindset of silver patina appreciation!
    I’m pinning to reference for our Canadian Thanksgiving next year.
    Thank you.

  8. This is a beautiful table! I love the white color scheme. It’s so refreshing!

  9. Your table setting is fabulous! I love the little pumpkins and succulents, as well as the framed pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Who knew that a white theme could be soooo beautiful on a Thanksgiving table?? Love it!

  11. Savvy Southern Chic says:

    Beautiful table. Love the succulents and white pumpkins!

  12. Your table is lovely with the runner and napkins. No need for a cloth with your center pieces.

  13. This table is exquuisitely gorgeous! Bravo to you! Just fabulous. XOXO

  14. Botanic Bleu says:

    Such a fresh take on a Thanksgiving table. You can always be counted on to create beautiful table settings with new ideas to use.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family…


  15. You are so creative and these white pumpkins are adorable.

  16. Oh I adore those succulent white pumpkins!! Such a gorgeous table setting 🙂

  17. Beautiful table! I love the baby boo pumpkins with succulents and I think that the crinkled paper is a great add. I totally agree with you about the beauty of old silver with a bit of a patina. I had to buy an additional place setting of my grandmother’s silver this year, so I’d have enough for all my guests. When I received the silverware from Replacements, they had polished them so that they looked shiny and new. I don’t like the look nearly as well as my slightly tarnished silver!

  18. Sarah Fuller says:

    Love the serenity and simple beauty of this centerpiece. Great job!