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  1. Hi! Love your style! A year or so ago you featured a plaid throw for your porch and I lost the link to it. Do you know if it is still available? I regretted not buying it!
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Oh my gosh these are gorgeous and so simple! I love blue and white, but also love the idea you could use any color or pattern of napkin. Now I want to make some! Thank you, what a fun project this is going to be. I love the idea of giving them as gifts.

  3. These are beautiful! Funny how blue goes with orange so well too. May I ask where you found the napkins? I’ve never seen any so pretty!

    1. Thank you for the tutorial! I love the blue and white pumpkins and also the idea with the dough bowl. Ready to get rid of all the shells in my house now!

  4. To Colleen – Caspari paper goods can be found at high end card stores and even some of the Hallmarks I have been in carry them.

  5. What a beautiful DIY project. Thanks for sharing these thorough instructions. I have some left over silver leafing I may try to add a tiny bit to the stem to give it a small shimmering hilight.

  6. I LOVE your tutorial! So detailed and helpful! You rock, friend! 😉 I’m using napkins the next time I Mod Podge pumpkins (we have a local upscale nursery that carries and array of cocktail napkins… the possibilities are mind-blowing!)

  7. They are beautiful! Thank you for the detailed tutorial. Saving to Pinterest and going out to find some great toile napkins.

  8. These are brilliant!!!! so easy and pretty and the possibilities are endless!

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. I have been in gray mode with my house for awhile. I absolutely love the blue and thing I have some new projects to tackle! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Thank you for this tutorial and idea, such a gift! After checking two of our local stores for the napkins and came up empty handed, I clicked on the napkin link and would have paid the high price they are asking but the delivery time is one to two months! I know I can use any napkin, but these are really beautiful! Will keep looking……

  11. I love this idea! I just spent 30 minutes browsing beautiful paper napkins on Amazon. I found a floral design that has the phrase Friends Gather Here in small enough writing that it should work on a slightly larger pumpkin.

  12. I love this idea! Since I would rather have a different color, I just spent 30 minutes browsing beautiful paper napkins on the internet. Can’t wait to try this.

  13. I’m usually not a fan of blue but these are stunning along with the autumn colors you have chosen. It goes so well together. I ordered some of the napkins on Etsy. Can’t wait to make these. I have been decoupaging pumpkins for many years but never did them the way you demonstrate. I’ll have to try your way for this pattern. I have a friend who loves blue and I’ll make her a couple of pumpkins for Thanksgiving. She’ll love them!

  14. Yvonne, I love your use of designer napkins for the beautiful chinoiserie pumpkin! It turned out just lovely. I’ve chosen you as one of my features on Share Your Style this evening. I hope we’ll see you at the party!

  15. These look fantastic! Now while fall items are on sale I’m going to buy a bunch and try them! Thank you for the tutorial.

  16. Love this tutorial. Can’t wait to try this. Sure hope I can find some pumpkins and pretty napkins. the arrangement is beautiful; how did you get everything to stay on the cake plate? It’s so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your talent with us again.

  17. This is a wonderful idea . I want to make them and a table runner for a gift for friends. Love your website. Encouraging and just enjoy the ideas. I love to decorate my home.

  18. I just made these this past weekend. I have never decoupaged anything in my life and this was my first time using Modge Podge. They turned out stunning. Your tutorial was very easy to follow.

  19. So ADORABLE!!! I had a blast making these!! They will go with my willow blue themed thanksgiving table this year!!! Thank you!

  20. You constantly amazing with your gorgeous ideas….don’t tell you near enough how much I enjoy reading your blog!!!!! XXOO

  21. Yvonne, I love your DIY projects (and everything else on your blog)! But these pumpkins and the velvet ones are so adorable! Thank you 🙂

  22. I just stumbled across your blog and these DIY pumpkins. Thank you for the detailed instructions. I am hopeless when it comes to craft projects but I want these so badly that I am going to give it a try. I clicked on the Amazon link to the napkins and all 3 items are shown under Frequently bought together. You must have inspired quite a few people to make these! Fingers crossed that these end up displayed in my home and not in the trash.

  23. So, the pumpkins are sold out. Ugh. So for this year was wondering if real white pumpkins would work

  24. Good Morning!
    I love reading your posts
    I learn so much from you regarding decor and enjoying
    life itself. Thank you for being there.
    Recently you had a free Pumpkin print out on one of your posts. Is it still available?I would love to frame it

  25. I’m a new subscriber and enjoy all of your posts, especially this one. Just ordered all 3 items to make these pumpkins ; can’t wait!! We visit Lancaster county from northern Virginia occasionally and hope to run into you one day!!!

  26. These are not easy peasy and I am an experienced crafter. I’ve spent so much on supplies and very disappointed with the final product.

  27. I love these pumpkins. I could not find the napkins, so I used a blue & white fabric to decoupage on the pumpkins & it worked great. I just can’t decide if I should spray the finished pumpkin with gloss sealer.

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