99 Merry Ideas To Decorate Your Home For A festive Christmas Look

Unleash the spirit of Christmas with our curated tips for a merry and stylish celebration. Elevate your holiday spirit with 99 Ways to Create a Festive Home – your ultimate guide.

Whether you are just starting to decorate your home for Christmas, or just about finished and need some ideas for a few more seasonal touches you will find them here. This festive collection of ideas is designed to inspire and ignite your creativity, giving you a wide variety of ideas to decorate your Christmas home.

Cheers to a season filled with creativity, warmth, and the joy of making your home truly special!

scented pinecones

Classic Red and Green Theme: Embrace the traditional Christmas colors by decorating with red and green ornaments, ribbons, and accents. If red and green are not your style, create a personalized Christmas color palette.

Winter Wonderland Window Decals: Decals have come such a long way. Apply winter-themed window decals, like sweet snowflakes, to a corner of a few of your windows. Such a pretty and snowy surprise.

Cozy Blanket Basket: Place a basket filled with cozy Christmas blankets near your sofa for warmth and holiday comfort. Plaid blankets look so festive this time of year!

Twinkling Fairy Lights: Fill glass candleholders with fairy lights to create a warm and festive ambiance.

Cinnamon Stick Candles: Wrap cinnamon sticks around the base of candles or a glass hurricane for a fragrant and decorative touch. You can also add dried oranges to the cinnamon sticks.

DIY Snow Globe Centerpiece: Create your own snow globe centerpiece using Mason jars, miniature figurines, and fake snow. This is a wonderful craft idea to do with your children or grandchildren.

Scented Pinecone Potpourri: Fill a bowl with scented pinecones to add a natural and aromatic element to your decor. See how to make this easy DIY HERE.

Holiday Card Display: Showcase your received Christmas cards by attaching them to a pre-lit garland or put them in a wooden bowl with faux greens and fairy lights

Christmas Tree: Put a little pre-lit Christmas tree in every bedroom in your home. No decorations, just the tree is lovely.

Advent Wreath: Make an advent wreath part of your Christmas celebration. Here are two modern versions that are easy to make. See the ONE above and another one HERE.

Personalized Stockings: Hang stockings with the family members’ names or initials for a personalized touch by the fireplace. Or make little tags for them like these.

DIY Pinecone Garland: String together pinecones with twine to make a rustic and natural garland for your mantel, staircase, or around your door.

Snowflake String Lights: Use snowflake-shaped string lights to illuminate your home with a winter wonderland feel.

Christmas Village Display: Create a charming Christmas Village scene on a table or mantel with miniature houses, figurines, and fake snow.

Dress Up A Chandelier: Hang fresh greens (or faux) from a chandelier above your dining table for a magical and eye-catching display.

Holiday Pillow Arrangement: Update your sofa with a mix of holiday-themed throw pillows to instantly add festive flair.

Scented Candle Centerpiece: Arrange scented candles of various sizes in the center of your dining table for a warm and aromatic focal point.

Hot Cocoa Bar: Set up a hot cocoa bar with mugs, marshmallows, and various toppings for a cozy and delicious treat. See an oldie but goodie Christmas Hot Chocolate Bar Here.

Pine Clipping Place Settings: Use small pine or boxwood clippings at place at each place setting on your holiday table for a natural and elegant table setting. See the image above.

Festive Front Door Mat: Welcome guests with a festive doormat featuring holiday greetings or motifs. See doormats HERE. Many are on sale.

Christmas candle in a gold bowl

Gingerbread House Display: Showcase a gingerbread house or village as a delightful and edible decoration on your kitchen counter. You will love these darling houses.

Red and White Peppermint Decor: Incorporate red and white peppermint-themed decor, such as striped candy canes and ornaments, for a sweet touch.

Gold Accent Decor: Add a touch of glamour by incorporating gold accents in your decor with gold ornaments, candles, bowls, and garlands. See my favorite gold and pearly white garland on sale, here.

Christmas Sock Garland: Create a charming garland by stringing together festive Christmas socks along your fireplace or staircase.

Ribbon-Wrapped Door: Wrap your front door with a big red or green ribbon with a bow for a simple, elegant outdoor decoration.

DIY Snowflake Window Clings: Make your own snowflake window clings using white window paint or removable decals for a frosty look. You can make your own, so simple.

Poinsettia Centerpiece: Place a vibrant poinsettia plant in the center of your dining or coffee table for a classic Christmas touch.

DIY Paper Lanterns: Create paper lanterns in various sizes and colors, then hang them around the house for festive and budget-friendly decor.

Chalkboard Countdown Sign: Use a chalkboard to create a countdown sign that adds an interactive element to your holiday decor.

Christmas Throw Blanket Basket: Roll up Christmas-themed throw blankets and place them in a decorative basket for easy access and cozy moments.

jingle bell on Christmas tree.

Nutcracker Collection Display: Showcase a collection of nutcrackers on a mantel, shelf, or as a centerpiece for a traditional and festive look.

DIY Yarn-Wrapped Ornaments: Wrap various-sized ornaments with colorful yarn to create textured and vibrant decorations.

Mittens and Scarves Entryway Display: Hang mittens and scarves by the entryway for both decoration and practicality during the winter season.

Rustic Wooden Signs: Incorporate rustic wooden signs with holiday messages or quotes for a charming and personalized touch.

Silver And Gold Bells: String together silver and gold bells to create a beautiful and melodious garland or wreath. And use them on a tree too!

Retro Christmas Lights: Use vintage-inspired Christmas lights with larger bulbs for a nostalgic and cozy atmosphere. I LOVE these lights.

DIY Pinecone Fire Starters: Combine pinecones with wax to create decorative fire starters for a functional and festive touch.

Cookie Cutter Ornaments: Hang cookie cutter ornaments on your tree or as window decorations for a whimsical and culinary-inspired theme.

Festive Candle Arrangement: Arrange pillar candles of different heights on a tray and surround them with holiday greenery and ornaments.

Bookshelf Elf on the Shelf: Incorporate the Elf on the Shelf tradition into your bookshelves, adding a playful and festive element.

DIY Candy Cane Candle Holders: Attach candy canes to the sides of pillar candles with hot glue for a sweet and decorative candle holder.

Red and White Striped Ribbon Tree: Wrap your tree with red and white striped ribbon for a classic and eye-catching look.

Christmas Tree-Shaped Card Holder: Create a Christmas tree-shaped card holder to display your holiday cards.

Festive Cookie Tin Display: Arrange various-sized holiday-themed cookie tins on a table or shelf for a charming and nostalgic display.

DIY Paper Christmas Trees: Craft paper Christmas trees in various sizes and colors.

Miniature Sled Decor: Prop Use a small sled on a table and add Christmas decor on top of it.

Holiday-Themed Throw Rug: Swap out your regular throw rug with a holiday-themed one to add a festive flair to any room.

Chair Wreath: Add a small wreath to the backs of dining chairs for a sweet and decorative touch.

DIY Christmas Tree Skirt: Create a personalized tree skirt using fabric, felt, or even an old sweater for a unique and handmade touch.

Silver and Gold Place Settings: Set a glamorous table with silver and gold place settings, incorporating metallic chargers, napkin rings, and utensils.

DIY Christmas Countdown Calendar: Craft a reusable countdown calendar with pockets or envelopes for daily surprises leading up to Christmas. It’s really not too late to make one for this year.

Evergreen Swag Door Decor: Hang an evergreen swag on your front door, adorned with pinecones, berries, and a festive bow.

Wine Cork Ornaments: Collect wine corks to create rustic and eco-friendly ornaments with a touch of personalization.

White Christmas Tree Decor: Opt for a white or flocked Christmas tree and decorate it with silver, gold, and crystal ornaments for an elegant look.

DIY Snowman Door Wreath: Create a charming snowman wreath using a combination of white and black ornaments, ribbons, felt, and a trio of wreaths for the body.

Framed Sheet Music Art: Frame sheet music from your favorite Christmas carols and display them as festive wall art.

Miniature Christmas Tree Forest: Arrange multiple small Christmas trees of varying heights and styles to create a charming forest display.

Christmas-Themed Kitchen Towels: Swap out your regular kitchen towels with Christmas-themed ones featuring festive patterns and colors. See Decorating For Christmas With Collectibles.

DIY Stockings: Craft stockings and personalize them.


Floating Ornament Ceiling Decor: Suspend paper ornaments or snowflakes from the ceiling at varying heights to create a whimsical and magical atmosphere.

Wooden Advent Calendar Display: Place wooden boxes or drawers in the shape of an advent calendar on a console table or mantel.

Cranberry Centerpiece: Create a centerpiece using a clear vase filled with water, a floating candle, and floating cranberries for a simple yet elegant look. Slip a wreath around the bottom of it.

Make A Christmas Simmer Pot: Simmer beautiful Christmas fruits, spices, and a sprig of pine to diffusers with holiday scents to fill your home with a warm and inviting aroma.

DIY Christmas Tree Napkin Folding: Fold your napkins into the shape of Christmas trees for a festive and decorative table setting.

Glowing Luminaries: Place battery-operated tea lights in decorative luminaries or mason jars to add a soft and safe glow to your decor.

Festive Couch Throw: Drape a holiday-themed throw blanket over the back of your sofa to add warmth and visual interest.

Painted Pinecones: Paint pinecones in paint for a show-stopping, chic decorative element. You can create gorgeous bleached pinecone, too.

DIY Wooden Reindeer: Craft wooden reindeer to place on your mantel, bookshelves, or as a tabletop display.

Ribbon Candy Garland: String together ribbon candy in bright colors to create a playful and nostalgic garland for your tree.

stocking on a tree

Gingerbread House Candle Holders: Place tea lights inside small gingerbread house candle holders for a cozy and edible-inspired decoration.

Festive Door Frame Garland: Hang garland around your door frames, incorporating lights, ribbon, and ornaments for a festive entrance.

Framed Christmas Card Collage: Create a collage of framed Christmas cards on a wall for a sentimental and visually appealing display.

DIY Christmas Tree Advent Calendar: Craft a wall-hanging Christmas tree-shaped advent calendar with numbered pockets for small surprises.

Reindeer Head Silhouette Art: Frame reindeer head silhouettes as wall art or use them as part of a holiday gallery wall.

Cranberry and Rosemary Centerpiece: Create a centerpiece using a clear vase filled with cranberries and sprigs of fresh rosemary for a festive and aromatic touch.

Ribbon Candy Vases: Fill clear vases with ribbon candy for a colorful and edible-inspired tabletop decoration.

DIY Stocking Holder: Craft your own stocking holder using wooden blocks or decorative hooks for a personalized touch.

Festive Pet Accessories: Dress up your pets with holiday-themed collars, bows, or bandanas for a playful and adorable addition to your decor.

Felt Christmas Tree Skirt: Create a cozy and textured tree skirt using felt in festive colors and patterns.

plaid napkins in a coffee cup

Santa Belt Buckle Napkin Rings: Attach miniature Santa belts as napkin rings for a whimsical and festive table setting.

Mistletoe Hanging: Hang a sprig of felt mistletoe in doorways for a classic and romantic Christmas tradition.

DIY Peppermint Candy Bowl: Make a peppermint candy bowl that you can use yourself or give as a gift.

Festive Throw Pillow Covers: Slip festive covers over your existing throw pillows for an instant and affordable holiday update.

Cookie Cutter Garland: String together festive cookie cutters with twine to create a charming garland for your kitchen or dining area.

Winter Berry Wreath: Create a wreath using faux winter berries for a classic and nature-inspired door decoration. Or make a little wreath using cranberries.

Festive Dish Soap Dispenser: Swap out your regular dish soap dispenser for a festive one in holiday colors or shapes.

Mason Jar Candle Centerpiece: Arrange mason jars filled with candles and holiday greenery as a simple and charming centerpiece.

Personalized Cookie Plate: Use a personalized or festive plate to leave cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Use Christmas Themed Table linens: Don’t forget to use pretty Christmas-themed napkins and other table linens.

small decorated tabletop tree

Jingle Bell Door Hanger: Hang a jingle bell door hanger to add a cheerful sound every time the door is opened.

Holiday Coasters: Swap out your regular coasters for holiday-themed ones.

Holiday Dishware: Change out your regular dishes for holiday-themed dishware. I like to swap/ change out salad and dessert plates as well as bowls for Christmassy ones.

Decorate Your Mirrors with Holiday Garlands: Frame your mirrors with garland and lights.

Decorate The Inside Of Your Front Door: You probably decorate the outside of your front door. Why not decorate the inside of your front door with a wreath?

Hang a Festive Garland Around Your Bedframe: Infuse holiday spirit into the bedroom by draping garland around the bed frame.

Create a Cozy Reading Nook with Christmas-Themed Blankets: Arrange holiday blankets and cushions in a corner for a warm and inviting reading spot.

Layer Bedding: Make your bed with luxury layers like a velvet quilt and faux fur throw pillows.

Decorate A Tabletop Tree: Decorate a tabletop tree with small ornaments, orange slices, and small pinecones.

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  1. Sherry Myers says:

    Yvonne, I love these ideas. There is much to do this time of year and suggestions for simple, festive ways to make this season meaningful, lovely, and memorable is always appreciated. Thank you. I’ve followed your blog for many years and Never tire of it. Thank you for your diligence and servant’s spirit.
    P.S. I love the beautiful shot of your seasonal decor on the curlicue cabinet. Simply refined and elegant.

  2. Mary Taylor says:

    Thank you do much for inspiring all of us! One thing I have been looking for this Christmas was your list of gift ideas for the grandchildren. Maybe I just missed it, but I found it to be very helpful.
    What I also find to be extremely helpful is your weekly amazon finds when it comes to choosing gifts for my daughter’s. I like to gift them something personal and something beautiful for their home. Your list covers both.
    Thank you so much!

  3. Than k you so much for these ideas! Definitely trying a few!