Christmas Simmer Pot That Will Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

Elevate your holiday home with our Christmas simmering pot blend. Infuse the air with the festive scents of citrus, spices, herbs, and pine clippings. Experience the enchanting aroma that captures the essence of the season.

top view of cranberries, oranges, pine  clippings in a glass pot

Our son recently visited us and as soon as he walked in the door said to me, “Mom, it smells like Christmas!” This made my heart melt. I remember a little blond boy busting through the door after school and saying the same thing. Christopher was right. Our whole home smelled like Christmas.

They say what goes around comes around, and a Christmas simmering potpourri, also known as a simmer pot, is a perfect example of this axiom. You might have enjoyed the distinctly delicious aromas of a blend of spices, fruits, and other add-ins simmering on your stove years ago, making your whole house smell marvelous, too.

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A Christmas simmer pot is such an easy and festive DIY to put together. You probably have the ingredients for it in your kitchen. You can use this wonderful recipe to make your home smell like Christmas the entire holiday season.

What Is A Christmas Simmer Pot

Gather up a few items from your refrigerator and pantry, put them into a pot filled with water, and simmer everything on low heat on your stove. Refill the pot with water when it gets low. Now you have a simmer pot. It’s that easy!

To make a Christmas simmer pot uniquely yours, add scents that remind you of Christmas. And if you are adventurous, tweak the ingredients to come up with different versions of this wonderful holiday tradition.

I like a simmer pot so much better than burning a scented candle or diffusing essential oils because I control the fragrance it produces and how our home smells.

Why You Will Love A Christmas Simmer Pot

  • A BLAST FROM THE PAST– the aromas will remind you of Christmas past
  • ECONOMICAL– you probably have most or all of the items in your refrigerator and pantry
  • REUSE– You can use the ingredients in a simmer pot more than once
  • ALL NATURAL– a simmer pot uses natural ingredients blended together to fill your home with an unforgettable and beautiful aroma
  • EASY TO MAKE– all the ingredients can be added to a pot, and in just a few minutes, you can begin to smell its delicious aroma

Ingredients In a Fresh Christmas Simmer Pot

One of the things I love about a Christmas simmer pot is all the ingredients come from my refrigerator and pantry. And I can change the amount of the ingredients I simmer to tweak the aroma. Here are the items I put in my simmer pot recipe.

  • Oranges– Oranges remind me of Christmas. My grandmother came from very, very humble beginnings and would tell us about getting an orange in the bottom of her stocking. It was such a treasure. So when I smell an orange, I think of my Nani and Christmas, and I’m just a bit more grateful.
  • Fresh Cranberries– They give the Christmas simmer pot a festive red color.
  • Cinnamon Sticks– They make a simmer pot smell like you are baking cookies.
  • Whole Cloves– This spice has a deep, warm aroma that is the base note of the Christmas simmer pot.
  • Star Anise– This spice has a mild licorice smell.
  • Fresh Pine Sprigs– Small pine clippings are the best to use because they have that quintessential Christmas tree scent.
  • Fresh Rosemary– Rosemary sprigs enhance the evergreen scent.
  • Water– All you need is water to simmer your Christmas potpourri in. Water should fill the pot at least halfway full and be slowly simmered over low heat. And refilled when the water gets low. You can use apple juice if you want to introduce a slight apple scent.

Optional Ingredients

You can use some of these other amazing frangance-producing foods and other items to customize your Christmas simmer pot.

  • Vanilla Extract– Either a capful of liquid vanilla or a piece of a vanilla bean.
  • Lemons, Limes, And Other Citrus- Slice them thin. They add a freshness to the simmering pot.
  • Apple Slices– A very distinctive smell.
  • Pear Slices- Gives your simmering potpourri a perfumey aroma.
  • Whole Allspice Berries– This spice reminds me of pumpkin pie.
  • Whole Peppercorns– A pungent spice, so use a few peppercorns at a time.
  • Nutmeg– Grate a little fresh nutmeg in your simmer pot for a lovely, warm smell.
  • Evergreen Clippings– If you have access to evergreens and like their smell, you can use their clippings.
  • Cardamon Pods– A wonderful addition to a simmer pot. They have a complex blend of pepper, menthol, eucalyptus, and citrus.

Can I Use Peels Instead Of The Slices Of Fruit

Absolutely, using food scraps like citrus peels works wonderfully in a stovetop simmering potpourri. The essential oils that give off the most intense aroma are in their peel.

The Best Type Of Pot To Use

simmer pot on a white counter

There is really no right or wrong pot to simmer your potpourri recipe in. A small Dutch oven or a saucepan will work well. The amount of water and potpourri will be determined by the size of your pot.

Can I Use Dried Fruit In A Simmer Pot

Yes, you can use dried fruit to make a Christmas simmer pot, as well as fresh fruit or a combination of both. Christmas simmer pot ingredients make the most special and thoughtful gift. Use dried fruit when making a simmer pot jar to give as a gift.

What You Will Need To Make Christmas Simmer Pot Jars To Give As Gifts

This Christmas, I’m making Christmas simmer pot jars to give as gifts. I love to receive handmade gifts, don’t you? A jar of the ingredients for a simmer pot will make a useful and thoughtful gift.

Here’s what you will need to make a Christmas simmer pot jar…

  • Jar or Bag– You can either put the simmering potpourri ingredients into a jar with a lid or into a cellophane bag.
  • Twine or ribbon– Gifts are always better tied up with a festive ribbon or twine.
  • Dried Fruit– See the list above, only use dried fruit or dried peels.
  • Spices– See the list above.
  • Pine Sprigs– Cut small sprigs of pine and put them into the jar of the bag just before giving the Christmas simmer pot as a gift. You want them to be fresh.
  • Gift Tag– Print out sweet gift tags below with the instructions on them. See them below.

How To Dry Oranges

If you are anywhere near my age, you will remember drying oranges. Drying them this time around was so much more fun because this easy DIY brought back so many memories! If you are new to drying oranges, you are in for such a treat!

dried oranges

The Best Way To Dry Oranges So They Stay Vibrant will show you how to dry oranges in the oven and in a dehydrator. And I’m sharing a secret for keeping them looking vibrant that works!

stack of oranges

You don’t need to be crafty to dry oranges, and the results are gorgeous. They can also be used to adorn decor or a cocktail. And they can be eaten as a snack.

How To Assemble The Gift Jars And Bags

top view of ingredients in a jar

You can arrange the contents of the simmer pot in a way that pleases you. Just remember to leave space to close the lid of the jar or tie up the bag. Here’s how I arranged the jars I’m giving as gifts.

  1. I started by adding seven dried orange slices standing upright to the Weck mason jar.
  2. Then, I sprinkled two teaspoons of cloves and a tablespoon of dried cranberries around the bottom of the jar.
  3. And I added three star anise to the jar, positioning one in front of the dried oranges.
  4. Finally, I tucked the pine springs and the cinnamon sticks into the sides of the jar. standing upright. If I knew the simmering potpourri was being used right away I would probably have added a few springs of rosemary to the jar as well.

I put the lid on the jar and tied a Christmas simmering potpourri gift tag onto the jar with baker’s twine.

I’m taking the one in the image below to my friend Eileen. She is having me over for soup!

Printable Christmas Simmer Pot Gift Tags

simmer pot with gift tag

If you are giving these simmer pots as gifts, add a pretty gift tag with the instructions on them. You can download a sheet of them HERE.

sheet of gift tags

A Christmas simmer pot will fill your home with warmth and nostalgia. And the aromatic blend of spices and citrus will stir up precious memories that will warm our hearts. I hope you make, give, and enjoy this Christmas simmer pot.

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FAQs About A Christmas Simmer Pot Recipe

Using natural scents is much better for you than synthetic ones.

Yes, for the most part. You want to make sure to only simmer what a cat or dog can eat. And keep the simmering pot out of the reach of pets.

It depends. Some of the ingredients, like pine clippings, are not to be injected. Make a nice cup of tea instead.

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  1. Happy Saturday! I love the Christmas Simmer Pot. I made them when I first got married and had forgotten about them! I didn’t use as many ingredients. Thank you for this lovely idea. Am moving but they would make great gifts.

    1. Yes, I gave one as a gift to my friend. She had me over for soup and loved it.

  2. Ms. Yvonne,
    Thanks for sharing this lovely idea! I can’t wait to make my home smell like Christmas!

  3. Do you use a pot that is dedicated for this? Asking whether it is ok to use for food after using it for this or if the taste/scent lingers and can only be used for potpourri..

    Do you worry about it going dry? How often do you need to add more water?

    1. Give your pot a good scrub. The smell and taste do not linger. We cook all kinds of things in our cookware and they are fine.