SILVER AND GOLD CHRISTMAS TABLE- A fantasy of a table filled with snow, silver, gold and touches of Christmas green.

When Christmas is in the air it’s time to set a table worthy of the season. This year my decor is soft and filled with lots of silver and white and touches of gold. No reds here just celadon greens and evergreen. All of this is laid over a tablecloth of snow! Because aren’t we all dreaming of a white Christmas?


Today I’m so thrilled to be part of  STYLED AND SET HOLIDAY ENTERTAINING BLOG TOUR. Make sure to check out the beautiful tables at the end of this post!

Today my table is set with lots of metallic sparkle and just a hint of green!

This Christmas table is what I like to call a fantasy table. Full of pretty touches that may not work if we actually were to sit down and have dinner at it. But what better time for a snowy fantasy than at Christmas, right?

Each place is set with two of my favorite white dishes.

The top dish is called Leaf And Berry. I bought it years ago and I have not been able to find this pattern for a while! It looks very festive and although I use it all year long I think it looks the best at Christmas!

One of my favorite tablescaping tricks is to put a wreath between plates. Such a surprise and a beautiful look!

I also use…

  • grapevine wreaths
  • preserved boxwood wreaths
  • willow wreaths
  • magnolia leaf wreaths
  • moss wreaths

For today’s table, I used faux pine wreaths. I do take all the plate and the wreath away before serving a meal.

Do you see the little bees on the handle of my flatware? These are my everyday stainless but I thought the bees would lend themselves to the nature theme of the table. If you like my flatware you can see it HERE. These would make a beautiful Christmas gift!


The light reflects off of these fluted green and clear glass goblets. They give the other shiny objects on the table a little competition! The green flutes came from target years ago. Go HERE to see their new style. So pretty!

A pretty silver glass ornament tied up with a celadon bow sits at each place. I love to give my guests something small to take home.

Snow creates a table runner drifting down the center of the table.

Three potted orchids are the star of this table. I put them in these ornate mercury glass cache pots.

The center of the table is also filled with glass balls and frosted pinecones and mercury glass candles. Oh, and a sweet pair of reindeer’s salt and pepper shakers.



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A big thank you to Lory for hosting this week’s HOLIDAY TABLE TOUR!!! Make sure you stop by Designthusiam and say thanks. It’s a lot of hard work!!!!!

Hosted by Designthusiasm

Holiday Table Settings: White Roses and Magnolia Leaves


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  1. Your table is outstanding! Yes it is a fantasy table….and so elegant! I would love to set a table like that! Beautiful!!

  2. Stunning and so very elegant! Love it!!

  3. So lovely, you did it again. Where did you buy your flatware and where do you store you decorations, I am running out of space in my house, no basements in California. Hugs Susan You are my favorite blogger !!!

  4. Lovely, Yvonne! I am, especially, drawn to the Napoleonic Bee flatware. It could be a great gift for moi!!! I always give myself the best Christmas and birthday gifts.

  5. Deborah Hunter says:

    Oh how beautiful……It has such a serene and calming affect. I LOVE IT. Thanks for sharing and making our day so bright with your stunning talents and abilities.

  6. Theresa at Winterberry Lane says:

    I love your winter fantasy tablescape, it is so elegant and inviting. You are a great inspiration Yvonne and I’m going to buy a white orchid and try to replicate the look with the greens and bobbles. Thanks and have a great day.

  7. Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads says:

    Oh, my goodness, Yvonne! This tablescape appeals so much to my green lovin’ heart! I love your idea of putting a wreath between the charger and the plate. So gorgeous!

  8. Who made Leaf and Berry? It is pretty.

  9. FrenchGardenHouse says:

    Yvonne, you have created a winter wonderland! I love this setting, so beautiful. The colors, the sparkle, and the snow, this is magical. I’m so blessed to be on this Styled +Set Tour with you. xo Lidy

    1. Lidy, you are such a darling! And what a compliment coming from you! xo

  10. Lovely table,I especially like your bee flatware and the orchid is so pretty.

  11. Maureen Pettine says:

    Yvonne, stunning and charming all in one! I love all of it! I saw that Leaf and Berry is hard to find, but who made the other white dishes you display? Thank you~

  12. Yvonne S. says:

    Love the table settings. I would rather desire a tblescape for hours vs cooking for hours!!

  13. Karen Stopher says:

    Your table is just beautiful! Thank you for saying it is a fantasy table, I see so many beautiful tables with lots of layers of plates, gift, napkins, etc. while the are beautiful to look at they are impractical for me when actually having guests. How to disassemble when ready to eat. It is a great effort now for me to entertain now as I once did. II still want it to be lovely but simple. You have shown both ways many times, So I appreciate your comment, relieves some of the pressure somehow.

  14. Marcia O'Brien says:

    Love your elegant holiday table. Sharing this idea with a local florist I have done business with for many years . She checked on white orchids for me. Her husband had an appointment in the city she had him check on orchids at Sprouts lo and behold he brought home 3 beautiful orchids. She & her husband have 3 of most wonderful daughters. Yvonne you don’t know how far reaching affects your decorating goes. Bless you and your family this holiday season.

  15. I’m speechless ~ which none of my family or friends would believe!

  16. Shirley@Housepitality Designs says:

    Stunning, just stunning Yvonne…love that you sprinkled the snow on the table for that elegant snowy effect!

  17. Love the metallic look – I can just imagine how it all sparkles in the sunlight
    And thanks for letting us know where your everyday ware came from – love the bees!!

  18. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh wow!!! Beautiful

  19. Beautiful, so beautiful!

  20. says:

    I love how it just keeps going. It looks so peaceful and inviting that I just wish I could pull up a chair and be your guest.
    Merry Christmas Yvonne and thank you for all your beautiful ideas and your inspiring words you share with us as you share your love of Christ.

  21. I love how it just keeps going. It looks so peaceful and inviting that I just wish I could pull up a chair and be your guest.
    Merry Christmas Yvonne and thank you for all your beautiful ideas and your inspiring words you share with us as you share your love of Christ.

  22. Karen VanLoo says:

    Oh my gosh – this is the most beautiful Christmas table I’ve ever seen! I love the silver and gold, and that green is my absolute favorite color at this time of the year. So soft and natural looking. Just stunning, Yvonne!

  23. Julie Briones says:

    LOVE! The colors and ‘fantasy’ aspect are perfection!

  24. Bobbi Duncan says:

    Yvonne, I adore your fantasy table setting….magical! I also have the bee flatware…so whimsical and fun.

  25. Yvonne! Your table is SO gorgeous! Green is my favourite colour so I’m biased on the colour choice but it is just stunning. Love all your details.
    Hugs, Jamie

  26. Sue O'Quinn says:

    Your table looks wonderful!

  27. Laraine Larkin says:

    I love your table setting! It is so beautiful. The slight touch of green really is perfect. Every time I see your posts, I want to have a dinner party!

  28. Annette Loscialpo says:

    Your table is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. I’ve tried to copy it with things I already have. I’m over 75 so not too interested in acquiring much new. But you tempt me.

  29. Ruth Newton says:

    This is absolutely stunning Yvonne! I’m so inspired by your beautiful tablescape!

  30. Different and delightful! I love the touches of green. I was at an estate sale and passed up green depression glass. Am rethinking that!! Merry Christmas!

  31. My goodness, I love your style, and all the directions it runs!! Thank you for the idea of wreaths between plates. I’ve never thought of setting a beautiful table just for the lovliness and not for dining!! You inspired me years ago to expand my dish inventory ~ now I think I’ll start to enjoy it more often. Have a blessed and merry Christmas <3