Christmas Hot Chocolate Bar

Transform a small space in your home into a Christmas Hot Chocolate Bar! Here are lots of holiday ideas and a delicious hot chocolate recipe for a Holiday Hot Chocolate Bar in your home!
hot chocolate bar mugs

A Christmas Hot Chocolate Bar is a wonderful idea for a fun treat! Just imagine how your family and friends will love to help themselves to a delicious mug of hot chocolate! And I’m sharing a fun way to add a little hot chocolate station to your Christmas decor!

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Let’s drink hot chocolate! I’ve created a hot chocolate bar in Vertical style! But if hot chocolate is not your thing this vertical bar can easily convert into a coffee, tea, or libation of choice bar!

three tiered hot chocolate bar

I was thinking how fun it would be to have a Christmas hot chocolate bar in the foyer! Can you imagine being greeted by Christmas music and hot chocolate?

We are having a holiday get-together for our neighborhood and what a nice welcome for our new friends, right?


We can roll our bar cart around the house so we rolled it into the foyer! I think a great entertaining tip is to use your whole home! I try very hard to keep my guests from all hibernating in the kitchen or dining room where all the food usually is. Instead, I love to create little “stations” for food and drink around my downstairs spaces. This encourages people to spread out and bump into new people throughout the evening!

white mugs with red and green plaid napkins

I used a tall tiered tray to put many of the hot chocolate bar elements on. It’s so so easy and people tend to think anything elevated is extra special! But believe me, it was so easy to assemble. This will be our little secret!


I started with the middle tier of the tray. Simple white mugs from Corelle were perfect for the hot chocolate bar. Just for fun, I added a candy cane and a festive plaid napkin to them. I thought a candy cane would be a delicious stirrer!

And to make the hot chocolate bar ever more festive I added snow to the base of the tray!

white mugs with candy canes and evergreen

And a twig of green to each much too!

white mugs in faux snow


The bottom layer holds all the goodies to add to the Hot Chocolate.

marshmallows on a Christmas hot chocolate bar

The base of the bottom tier of the Hot Chocolate bar was also filled with snow and I rimmed the base with greens, pinecones, and red and white ornaments. I think it looks a little like a wreath!

Christmas hot chocolate bar
greens, pinecones and red ornaments

Four little white bowls are filled with some yummy how chocolate fixings!

  • mini marshmallows
  • semi-sweet chocolate chips- you can’t get too chocolatey
  • marshmallows with burnt vanilla and nutmeg tops
  • and marshmallows with chocolate and coffee bean bottoms

Can you guess my favorite?

marshmallows on a hot chocolate bar


The tops tier is a pretty little candy cane and Christmas greens centerpiece!

candy cane arrangement on a hot chocolate bar

I lined the candy canes around the rim of the cylinder and topped it off with a ball of faux evergreens. And to the evergreens, I added sprigs of red berries.

And of course, added snow to the base of the top tier!

greens and candy canes


Next to the tiered tray, I put a white carafe filled with scrumptious hot chocolate!

mug of hot chocolate with a candy cane

You might like to see my recipe for Peppermint Hot Chocolate made in the slow cooker HERE.

There are log slice coasters for the mugs on the bar cart! Adding to the woodland Christmas theme!

white mug of hot chocolate

And a can of Pirouette cookies fanned out in a glass cylinder. These are chocolate mocha. And trust me, these are perfectly scrumptious dipped into hot chocolate!

rolled cookies on a hot chocolate bar


The bottom shelf of the bar cart holds a white Christmas house, some small square cookie plates, a bowl of peppermint candies, and a footed plate filled with raspberry thumbprint cookies.

bottom shelf of a hot chocolate bar

I hope my Christmas Hot Chocolate Bar has inspired you to create one of your own!

mugs in the snow
three tiered Christmas hot chocolate bar

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  1. This tiered tray is so pretty…I’ll definitely be using some of your ideas to upgrade my hot chocolate tiered tray. I especially like the bottom tray with the wreath-like greenery. Did you make those luscious sounding marshmallows? Would love the recipe or source. Thank you and have a blessed Christmas!

  2. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Yvonne, I love your Hot Chocolate Bar! It’s so pretty! Your plaid napkin, candy cane and sprig of greenery in the mug is such a cute idea! I like how you have used the snow — so pretty. What a great idea to set this up in your foyer. I am going to use your ideas to do a hot chocolate bar in our foyer this Christmas. Thanks, Yvonne, for always giving us so many great ideas. We appreciate you so much! Have a great week!

  3. I love it! It looks so pretty, who could resist your hot chocolate! Would love the vanilla marshmallow recipe, sounds Yummy
    I wish you and yours a very very Merry Christmas

  4. Linda D Hollenbeck says:

    Love your bar cart idea! May I ask where you purchased bar cart from? Love the look of it!

    1. I found it at Birch Lane but I don’t see that they carry it anymore. Look at Wayfair.

    2. Beautiful idea, I want to do this too!:) Where did you get the platters that make up the 3 levels?

  5. Wondering if you use packets of cocoa and hot water or pre made cocoa in carafe? Love all cocoa add one!

    1. At the bottom of this post is a link to the slow cooker hot chocolate I make. Hope this helps.