5 BUDGET FRIENDLY DECORATING IDEAS- You don't have to spend lots of money to decorate your home beautifully. Here are 5 easy, inexpensive ways to decorate your home.If you are like me and love to change up your decor pretty often, cost can really be quite important. Changing up your space doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Today I am going to share five of my very favorite budget decorating ideas.  They don’t cost much, but no one will ever know because they are so nice and elegant. 


Here’s number one on my budget friendly decorating list…


Instead of spending gobs of money on home decor items and accessories. Make them yourself!

This project for creating decorative orbs is one of my favorites. I saved so much money making my own instead of paying full price at the stores. They look fabulous and really make an impression when they are on display. 

This DIY cake pedestal is also so fun to make and it adds so much interest to an ordinary cake plate. You can also use them for more than just displaying food.  You can find everything you need at your local thrift shop and this project costs next to nothing! 

And I’ve saved the best for last… my burlap covered books and painted books! They are easy to make and the books can still be read. 



You all know how much I adore pillows. To me, they can add so much to a room. You can go from Winter to Spring in less than a minute when you swap out a few pillows here and there. They can be super affordable when you purchase them from discount stores or on sale. Pillows can make a room feel cozy, fun, dramatic, polished and so beautiful! 

And you can also make them yourself. It’s easy peasy! You can hot glue gorgeous pillows (above) or make a no sew flower pillow (below) too.


I think one of my favorite things Bobby and I have done in our home was creating these open shelves in the breakfast nook. This type of shelving is super affordable and costs much less than expensive built-ins. It feels good to have items I love on display rather than in a cabinet or closet somewhere. They are decorative and useful and they make me so happy. Yes, shelving makes me happy! 

See how we (and when I say “we” I mean Bobby) made them HERE.

Elevate Your Decor

Recently, I shared about using risers in decor. They add so much to tabletops, shelves, next to chairs and in your vignettes. The best part… you probably already have everything you need to create risers. I love using stacked books, plates, wooden rounds, small stools and stacked bowls to create interest and dimension with varying heights. Try it out… it is so simple! 


Layer it On

I love using all sorts of things in my decor and I love using all sorts of things all at once! I don’t like my home to look busy, but adding a few layers really can make any room look beautiful, polished and very interesting. Be sure to check out these tips for adding layers to a room like a pro. They are helpful ideas that will help you to create a space that you love while using what you have! 

A sofa can go from this…

To this, if you think about layering decor!

You can see a video of the transformation HERE.

All of these ideas are very friendly to your change purse! I hope you will look with a discerning eye at the rooms in your home and incorporate some of these budget-friendly ideas!

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  1. Love these ideas, Yvonne!! I especially find stacking kind of fun since I’ve been following your blog. You inspire me and always feel challenged to try to think about decor differently! Thank you!

  2. Hi Yvonne,
    Thanks for sharing! I have definitely used your tips before. Especially the paint your books! I love that! Recently I changed the color scheme in my master bedroom. I painted an accent wall that is like an ocean and the other three walls are a warm latte! I didn’t want to go out and buy all new decor, so anything that could be painted was repainted in aqua or turquoise! Anything that i couldn’t paint, I packed up to use for our new house once we move this year. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  3. Thanks for sharing these great tips. Great advice for everyone.

  4. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

    Yvonne, your DIY cakeplate looks like it’s Imperial Glass Candlewick! I inherited many pieces from my grandmother, but not a cake plate?What makes Imperial Glass so special to me is Bellaire, Ohio is where my father is from, where his grandparents immigrated from Italy. My cousin and I were given many pieces, I will have to ask her if she has a cakeplate from my grandmother. We will be celebrating my youngest son’s First Holy Communion this weekend, and I will see her then. No fighting over the cake plate, I can make my own now with your fabulous idea!


  5. I’m a big fan of layering and repurposing items you would get rid of with paint and spray paint giving them new life.

  6. Sue O'Quinn says:

    Love your posts! Would you please tell me the maker of your beautiful sofa.? It’s the very style I am looking for.

  7. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful, budget friendly ideas. Especially love your open shelving. Enjoy your blog and excellent design, inspiration, and menus

  8. Lorri Rauscher says:

    Thank you for all your great ideas put into one blog. I have used many of your ideas… so when I was reading this I was saying to myself ..done it ..yep did this one ..oh yeah that one turned out great..LOL!! Your words are ingrained in my brain..texture…rise it up… flowers real and great faux. and my fav..vignettes. When friends come over they comment how comfortable and put together our house looks.Thank you Yvonne I appreciate all your Decorator knowledge.?

  9. Botanic Bleu says:

    Your before and after photo of the sofa says it all… you are the master at decorating! I love all your ideas and have followed you for years now. I have studied your photos, tips, and writing style and have come away time and again with the best ideas. Thank you for sharing your talents.

    Happy Mother’s Day,


  10. Hi Yvonne,
    I follow your blog daily and enjoy your ideas. For some reason today I can’t access the cake stand directions ( I know I’m doing something wrong!) Could you kindly tell me what brand/ type of glue you used to adhere the pieces?
    Thanks, Lynn

  11. Yvonne, such lovely ideas! I particularly love your open shelves!! I’ve been wanting to do that in my dining room but I’m a little intimidated, afraid I won’t be able to “dress it” well! I think you’ve given me the confidence, thank you so much!!!
    I’ve tried to find the tutorial for your shelves, but it continues to take me to “planking a wall”. Is there anyway you can correct that?
    Thank you for all you do to encourage us to make our homes beautiful!!

  12. Connie Roberge says:

    I love that picture above your sofa, where did you get that lovely picture?

  13. Always love your post, you have such great style. Can you you tell me where the basket tray is from?

  14. I saved this post to read and I’m glad to read today. I always finish and feel like I’ve heard tips from a friend reminding me of what you’ve said before yet I’m not doing right now. Why not?!! These gentle reminder posts are good for me. I’m resting as tiles being knocked out. It sounded like all my dishes were falling! Just as I wrote why not!!! I jumped. Giggle. I’m praying you have finally heeled so that you too can enjoy decorating and playing around with your decor Thank you for being so faithful to post on schedule.

  15. NitkaDesign says:

    Fantastic ideas:-)) Cake plate is my favourite:-)))

  16. I have been looking for the dusters ever where. What dollar store did you find them? .last winter I did find white and blue together but the colors didn’t work for me. I want to put one in the center of a big mirror for the holidays with a little red in it.

  17. Johanna marnatti says:

    Where is your couch from? I’ve been looking for affordable neutral sofas:)

    1. The sofa is from Pottery Barn. However, I had another and I could not recommend it. I do love THIS sofa. It’s foam core and down wrapped. It is wonderful!

  18. I saw a previous post asking the same question. Thank you, I was able to find it and made the purchase.

  19. Lorie Thome says:

    Love that round wicker tray on your coffee table. Where could I get one like it please?

    1. Hi Lory, I’ve had that tray for years! I’m sorry I don’t have a source for that.