EASY CAKE PLATE PEDESTAL DIY- With just two inexpensive household items and glue you can have a one-of-a-kind cake pedestal!

I’m thrilled to share this oh, so easy and very pretty cake plate stand! It can be used every day or like shown here for a special occasion. Not only is making this cake plate pedestal so simple it’s also very very inexpensive! If you like shopping for gems at places like Goodwill this DIY project might be a little addictive! How about making a very sentimental cake pedestal using a plate from your great Aunt Audra or Mom Mom Margaret. You can make large cake pedestals and mini ones too. Let’s make a 10-minute cake plate stand!


Today is 10 MINUTE DECORATING THE SPRING EDITION! You can find easy and creative ideas for spring home decor below!

How pretty is this cake pedestal? It looks quite expensive but I have a secret… it was free to me! I found a glass candlestick and a pretty glass plate… and VOILA!  With the right kind of glue you have a stunning cake plate pedestal! 

EASY CAKE PLATE PEDESTAL DIY- With just two inexpensive household items and glue you can have a one-of-a-kind cake pedestal!

Here’s how to make a glass cake stand…


  • large glass plate
  • glass candlestick
  • e6000 industrial strength adhesive

  1. Turn the plate upside down on a flat surface and find the center. 

2.  Add glue to the top of the candlestick at the point of contact with the plate.

3. Put the glued area of the candlestick to the center of the back of the plate. Let it dry (This does take more than 10 minutes) and cure. See the glue label for instructions.

Again… Voila!

EASY CAKE PLATE PEDESTAL DIY- With just two inexpensive household items and glue you can have a one-of-a-kind cake pedestal!

You can also use mismatched colored plates and a candlestick and spray paint it. But this would be a decorative cake plate stand only. Do not eat off of spray-painted pieces.


EASY CAKE PLATE PEDESTAL DIY- With just two inexpensive household items and glue you can have a one-of-a-kind cake pedestal!


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  1. I have made them and love them. So useful when entertaining. Forget about the cake plate I wante the cake. It looks so good

  2. This is lovely. I think I would need a wider item for the base though, I can just see me dumping a lovely cake using this candlestick base. I can think of many options that would work. Thanks Yvonne.

  3. Right now I have a small short white bowl and a white luncheon plate with a pencil thin navy border in mind for serving appetizers. You are so correct – it can be addictive.

  4. I will be doing this for my sons wedding reception. Pricing cake stands–this is very economical!

    1. Kathy, my friend did this for her daughter’s wedding too. Lots of fun thrift shopping was involved for the fabulous finds. All were mismatched which was a huge part of the charm. They complemented the vintage themes to become beautiful centre pieces to hold the wedding cupcakes.

  5. Love this idea — for mine – I used three sizes of plates and one saucer. The plates and super were all mismatched but in the same color family. Used the same adhesive too! The saucer is upside down as a base, then the largest plate, then a candlestick (dollar store), then the middle plate, then a candlestick, then the smallest plate. I use this for “goodies” – like a variety of cookies, pastries, small cakes — I have two – one in red tones and one in blue tones and it covers most holidays!!! Will try the clear idea too — super way to present a cake to someone!!!!

  6. So easy and such an elegant look. Thanks for sharing. Also thanks for sharing the other bloggers. Enjoy your day.

  7. This is so pretty! My Mom had a hobnail cake stand when I was growing up. I remember the day it broke. She was crushed. 🙁

  8. You can also spray paint the bottom only of a clear glass plate and the candlestick before gluing together. I recently made a couple of the light teal color that is popular and gave as gifts. Just made a few pink and grey themed cake stands of various heights for my son and his finance’s wedding shower coming up soon – for the cupcakes they wanted as dessert. Very easy.

  9. what a great idea! I love cake plates. even empty ones make me smile at the memories of happy celebrations with a good home-made cake on the stand and anticipation of another family gathering for big events and small.

  10. Love this idea and will be making several in different sizes and heights for an upcoming baby shower

  11. Now I have know what to do with those old candlesticks that sit in a closet!!!! Thanks so much Yvonne?

  12. Cakes on a pedestal are so elegant! Note to self – I must start baking round vs rectangular cakes.

  13. I was just thinking that I need some cake plates. This is perfect. I didn’t know what type of glue to use, so thank you for sharing!!

  14. Yvonne, what a great idea to reuse and recyle something old and making it functional. I’m going to try this with some old plates and candlesticks that my mom gave to me recently. My Mom also gave me cake plates that were my great-grandmothers and grandmothers that I will cherish for always. Have a great day!

  15. I want the cake! 🙂 This clear cake plate is beautiful. I’ve made them with the colorful plastic plates and used a small cup in the same family as a base. Great to have for outside activities ~ no breakage!

    What would we ever do without the E6000?


  16. I’ve made these types of cake stands and it’s so easy. Thank you for a great reminder of a possible birthday gift for my friend!

  17. I LOVE this so much. I haven’t found the right pieces though…but I am still looking. I want to make a small one too for my daughter when we have ‘tea time’.
    Thank you!

  18. I have made a couple of these cake plates and used them as pedestal for various things. They are so beautiful!!! I really like the plate you used! E6000 works so well for this application. Thank you for the tutorial/post!

  19. Love it! I made several and sprayed them a pretty gold and used a bowl with flowers on top for a wedding reception!

  20. Even I can handle this project!!! Making the cake stands in different patterns and sizes would be lovely. You can use what you already have or shop at Dollar General…$1 for plate and $1 candlestick. This would make a such a thoughtful gift for a friend or shut-in, with cookies or cake included!!!


  21. Great idea and yours is simply charming, the cake Devine! Used this trick with chipped cracked tea cup & saucer (sets) on iron rods as bird feeders to stick in the ground or flowering pots. Love your sharing ideas.

  22. The candlewick plate makes for a beautiful cake plate. I have used this process to make 3 tiered candy/cookie plates as well. The E6000 glue is the BEST because it dries crystal clear. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Have seen this idea but never read as far to find out just what glue to use–now I know! And I have saved a number of your cake recipes over the last couple of years, too!

  24. Wow…classic elegance! The cake stand and cake are beautiful! This is a wonderful idea and this idea makes the possibilities endless! You are so talented…I’m envious!

    Happy Easter!

  25. With our imagination, we are limitless! I love repurposing objects, and making things out of cast offs.

  26. What an easy way to make a cake stand! I was going to buy one and now I’ll just make my own. Thanks!

  27. I’ve seen this done before. It’s very clever. I was going to make one, but when I got the plate from the thrift store home and looked at it , it had a circle with raised edges in the middle of it for a chip or veggie dip dish! I’ve just never gotten back to the project, although I did serve a cake on the plate anyway. It was a little funky when cutting the cake, but not really a problem. Yours turned out beautifully.

  28. I just finished making 3 pedestal cake stands!
    All made from what I already had, all lingering in various boxes. Free!

  29. Your plate is prettier, but I have made these in a smaller version for cupcakes. They make for a great presentation! Thanks for sharing.

  30. Hmmm…. Now I am sitting here wondering if I have any of these candlesticks from my Home Interiors selling days from years past.

  31. I have the plates and the candle now I need to get the E 6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive. Thank you!!

  32. I love these. I have also made a cake stand using a plate and an ice cream dish for a low cake stand. The ice cream dish had curved edges and made an interesting base.

  33. Your “Candlewick ” plate made a beautiful stand. E 6000 is great but has a very strong smell and slides a little before setting up. I suggest letting it dry outside of your living areas and checking on it frequently. Your advice to read the label Is crucial.

  34. This was my favorite hack when putting together my daughter’s wedding reception! There are so many glass plates out there for the taking; so many different options! I’ve used my cake plate multiple times since the wedding, and 3 1/2 years later its still going strong!

  35. I made something similar for my daughter using a plate, the candlestick in the middle, then a bowl on top; it was a jewelry organizer. I didn’t think of using the candlestick and plate to make a cake plate though; that’s a great idea. We can always use cake plates for so many things.

  36. So pretty! It looks like Candlewick, maybe the plate is!! What a great idea! I need to find a clear candlestick and try this!

  37. Love this! I’ve used the same adhesive for outdoor projects involving glass. Off to search for glass candlesticks…

  38. Totally great idea. As soon as i saw your title photo, I figured what you had done! I always forget about DIYs like this. Great wedding gift, too!

  39. Love your cake plate and the suggestions/comments of your other readers! Great ideas! Now I will look forward to the cake recipe!

  40. I swear to you, I keep saying I’m going to do this and I just need to jump off and do it! Beautiful! When you see the prices of the ones in the stores, making one yourself is a no brainer! Yours looks really high end too so my hat is off to you Yvonne! Love it!

  41. I always enjoy your ideas. I would love to find a plate like yours. I will have to keep looking. Have a great weekend and keep your cool.

  42. Yvonne, what a stunning cake and cake plate! Going to start hitting my Goodwill stores. Just wondering how you sugar the fruit. Will you please share your method? Thanks so much. I really enjoy your daily blog so much!

  43. I am so on this! I already have half of what I need to get started. Now, what about this gorgeous cake of yours! Thank you for your inspiration!

  44. I love the plate stand idea. I had the perfect size candle sticks, sigh, but I donated them to the thrift store some time back. Guess I need to make a trip to the thrift store.

  45. Your cake plate and cake are so pretty! I’ve actually done this with a dessert plate and candlestick I got at a thrift store but have never made a cake pedestal. Thanks for all of your good ideas.

  46. For my daughter’s wedding I made a small bride’s cake for her to cut and 25 smaller 6″ cakes–one for each table. I made cakestands like this out of Dollar Tree “cut glass” plates and candlesticks, and we found cake servers with glass like handles on sale to have at each table. They worked great!