I’m thrilled to share this oh, so easy and very pretty cake plate stand! It can be used every day or like shown here for a special occasion. Not only is making this cake plate pedestal so simple it’s also very very inexpensive! If you like shopping for gems at places like Goodwill this DIY project might be a little addictive! How about making a very sentimental cake pedestal using a plate from your great Aunt Audra or Mom Mom Margaret. You can make large cake pedestals and mini ones too. Let’s make a 10-minute cake plate stand!


How pretty is this cake pedestal? It looks quite expensive but I have a secret… it was free to me! I found a glass candlestick and a pretty glass plate in my basement… and VOILA!  With the right kind of glue, you have a stunning cake plate pedestal! 

EASY CAKE PLATE PEDESTAL DIY- With just two inexpensive household items and glue you can have a one-of-a-kind cake pedestal!

Here’s how to make a glass cake stand…


  • large glass plate
  • glass candlestick
  • e6000 industrial strength adhesive

  1. Turn the plate upside down on a flat surface and find the center. 

      2.  Add glue to the top of the candlestick at the point of contact with the plate.

      3. Put the glued area of the candlestick to the center of the back of the plate. Let it dry (This does take more than 10 minutes) and cure. See the glue label for instructions.

Again… Voila!

EASY CAKE PLATE PEDESTAL DIY- With just two inexpensive household items and glue you can have a one-of-a-kind cake pedestal!

You can also use mismatched colored plates and a candlestick and spray paint it. But this would be a decorative cake plate stand only. Do not eat off of spray painted pieces.






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  1. Ellen Sorce says:

    Great idea. I think this with the cake will make great hostess gifts.

  2. Diane Wyte says:

    Yvonne, this cake plate stand is so cool! I have several antique ones and this looks like the real deal —— I have also used this technique in another way. I got three different coordinated plates in three sizes (larger, medium, and small – like a small dessert) and one saucer. I also got two glass inexpensive candlesticks and a tube of e6000 glue I put the saucer upstide down and glued the largest plate to it, then the glass stick, then the medium plate, glass stick, and smallest plate. Voila! A three tiered colorful and one of a kind stand. It is my absolute favorite tiered stand for small cupcakes, cookies or appys, I always get rave reviews on the stand!! Thought I’d share.

  3. What a great idea!! Looks beautiful! I would have never thought you made it! Very clever!!

  4. Doing this today! Wonder if Gorilla Glue will do the trick?

  5. Karen VanLoo says:

    That is so creative! It would be a great idea to shop at thrift stores for plates and candlesticks in different materials, colors, etc… and make these as gifts for friends.

  6. This is a very pretty project indeed but I’ll have to pass for the same two reasons I never use candles: a pair of energetic and ever curious 18 month old kittens. There’s a reason why one of their nicknames is The Flying Fellinis. As a former co-worker would say, they’d be on this like a pit bull on a pork chop.

  7. The cake stand turned out very pretty especially with the yummy cake…. thanks for sharing. Jean

  8. Great idea, I love cake stands and you can make a one of a kind! ✨

  9. Very pretty. Great post. My sister does this too, usually with salad or bread sized plates for a single cupcake. She is in charge of birthday cupcakes at work and she has a special cupcake stand for the birthday person’s fancier cupcake and then regular cupcakes for the rest of the employees. She uses all kinds of things for the bases, small ceramic pots, interesting small bowls or other dishes. She just turns them upside down. All of hers are from Goodwill finds and yes it can get addicting. Your glass plate on a glass pedestal is very elegant. Colorful dishes on a coordinating colored stand can be fun too. You could do Easter and Christmas and Halloween decorated plates

  10. Denise Cox says:

    I love the plate you have… Gorgeous!

  11. Love this idea! I have a pedestal cake plate that my grandmother bought for my aunt who would make a cake each week for her brothers. I never met either of them…they passed on long before I was born – but luckily the plate has been with me since my marriage 41 years ago and I love using it. I think of all the great occasions the plate has witnessed and say a little prayer for all who enjoyed it. I have some dinner plates that would make great pedestals to accompany my treasure, and I think you for sharing this idea. Enjoy all your posts – thank you ! http://www.ournewvista.com

  12. This is a beautiful cake stand!!! Great gift idea!!!

  13. Yvonne,you are so creative ! The cake plate turned out beautiful and such an easy craft.

  14. Jan Cochran says:

    Have done this before but a while back so good to refresh old craft ideas. Also do you know the name of the white plates in your photo. Have been looking for set of white dishes. LOL

  15. Fabulous idea! Can’t wait to create one.

  16. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh so beautiful and elegant Thank you for sharing with us

  17. What a clever idea! And so beautiful, my mother used to tell me about getting that type of dish (although smaller) free in a box of detergent, many (many) years ago. Loved it then, love it now and thank you because you got my own ideas flowing! God Bless You, and BTW, thank you for your ministry, would love to live closer and have you teach me!

  18. Always love your ideas. It’s so nice to see and read of others who enjoy the beauty and use of cake plates as much as I do. I have a few that I’ve picked up along the way, and you have inspired me to get them out and use them. I also am admiring that beautiful cake!!!! I searched in your recipes but couldn’t find it. Would you be willing to tell us about it?
    Thank you for taking the time to share with us!
    Lucy Amelia

    1. Hi Lucy, I have not shared the recipe for the cake. I use Marta Stewarts white cake recipe. Hope this helps.

  19. That is the greatest idea i have heard in a long time. I love those very tall cake plates that are so expensive – this is a great bit of information!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Nancee Stewart says:

    I am more drawn to the beautiful cake!!!
    If that is one of your recipes, please share!!!

  21. Shauna Neuenswander says:

    I love this idea, I do it all the time! Sometimes when I don’t want it to be permanent I just use hot glue and then take it all apart when I am done.

  22. Your cake plate is lovely… I , too have made several using various plates and dessert saucers… I also added the candle sticks to some of my teapots… the teapots were somewhat crowded in my curio cabinet, they were all the same height making it difficult to admire their individual beauty… It occurred to me the needed to be graduated heights.. The candle sticks at varying heights solved that issue… I enjoy your blog so much.

    Brenda P. Collette

  23. I love your idea and the tutorial! What a beautiful way to use for pretty cookies, cakes…I could see a blueberry cheesecake on a summery plate. Thanks!!

  24. A group I was in made these for a ladies luncheon (charity) but we made them three tiered all with different plates but colored coordinated — then we sold them to make money for he charity. What a hit!!!! People are still talking about them and that was ten years ago!!! Love it on glass plates –

    1. I know just what you are talking about Diane! What a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Phyllis …. I sooo enjoy your blog!! Love the easy pedestal tutorial….
    different subject… you love “Airtable”… do you have a tutorial on how you use the app?
    Big Hugs

    1. You can find lots of help right on AirTable. I just dig in and learn as I go.

  26. This is gorgeous ? do you know if the glue survives the dishwasher? Thank you

    1. Hi Rachel, do not put your cake pedestal in the dishwasher. I think the glue would be fine, but I mostly handwash those bigger items.

  27. I love cake plates, for some reason, and think I should have a bakery for the number of these I have! ha Although I have been intrigued in making these, yet instead have found them at thrift stores/rummage sales and scoop them up! Love your blog and can’t wait to read what you are sharing today! Thank you as always!

  28. Love this. I used a glass salad plate to hold a Myrtle topiary next to my sink!

  29. CarolbinTX says:

    I am obsessed with cake stands (and candle holders)! Home Goods generally has some unique glass plates, especially around the holidays and I have two glass candle stick in my dining buffet that would be perfect for this DIY! Guess I’m going out this afternoon!

  30. I am definately making your cake plate. It sounds so easy so I think i should be able to handle it. Can I assume the glue you used was invisable and dosent show through to the plate once it is turned over? You have the best ideas, my whole house was decorated by your ideas.


    1. Hi Kim the glue is invisible. Thanks! I’m happy you are a better decorator! I knew you could!