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It’s good to say Happy Official Spring! It may be spring, but it feels like winter here. Spring can be so fickle in our area that way. The rolling farm fields here are so green and lush, and signs of spring are everywhere. I just planted spinach, and I am looking every day for little green sprouts to peek their heads above the ground. I hope signs of spring are making a big appearance where you live, too!

We are so glad you stopped by, friend! I’m up first today…

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Yvonne | StoneGable

large urn filled with greens on a dining room table

1. NEW FEATURE THIS WEEK: We all want beautifully decorated homes where our personalities and preferences shine through. If you are like me, you probably also like to decorate seasonally. However, it can be a lot of time and work! Over the years, I have discovered an easier way to decorate my home. It’s called LAZY GIRL DECORATING. Let’s decorate smarter and not harder and enjoy the process.

2. AMAZON FINDS: See all the new things I’m finding on Amazon HERE.

3. EASTER IDEAS: Easter is less than two weeks away. Here are some easy ideas to help you celebrate. Get ideas for an Easter Table. including this breakfast casserole, which we eat on holidays. Easy and beautiful naturally dyed eggs, and last-minute Easter ideas.


UNDER $100-

Over $100-

5. BEAUTIFUL HOMES AND MORE: I LOVE this darling 500 sq. feet houseboat tour, a very creative small home living situation, this moody and charming home, and this lovely London home.

6. MAYBE YOU MISS THIS: Recent post you might be interested in. This post for Rooms That Stay In Style, Ideas For Updating And Decorating A Tired Room, and 7 Ways To Love The Home You Have. All of these posts have great strategies for creating a welcoming, comfortable home.

7. FUN AND INTERESTING FACTS: Happy Spring! Yesterday was the first day of spring; what is spring’s official name? What date do most Americans unofficially start spring?

8. SPRING INSPIRATION: Last week on WWW, Ann shared this site that I got lost in. I signed up for this free mini-course and to plant flowers. This site is so beautiful, interesting, and educational.

9. Did you know your salad spinner is also a salad washing machine? Fill the large bowl with enough water to cover the bottom of your salad. Add your salad to the removable colander basket and spin it. This will wash your salad greens. Then, dump out the water and spin the excess water off the greens. Simple! Here’s my favorite salad spinner.

10. KITCHEN HACK: For 6 easy-peel hardboiled eggs, steam them rather than boil them. Put one-half inch of water in a medium saucepan with a tight-fitting lid. Add a steamer basket to the saucepan (not necessary—you can put the eggs in the water). Bring the water to a boil and turn off the heat. Add the eggs and let them steam for 12-15 minutes. Then, put the eggs in an ice bath until completely cooled.

Answer to #7: The official name of the first day of spring is the vernal equinox. Americans start to celebrate spring on March 1st. Now you know!

Lory | Designthusiam

nest and a vase of blue and green hydrangeas on a kitchen counter

1. Decorating for spring is a great way to elevate the mood and your daily life at home. Check out these Easy Ways to Add Spring Cheer to Your Kitchen. If you do nothing else for spring (besides maybe a wreath on the front door), try Styling a Spring Mantel for Your Home.

2. AMAZON PICKS: here are this week’s favorites from Amazon.

3. THIS WEEK ON THE BLOG I shared these Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas for upgrading a builder-grade bath on a budget, these Dining Room Updates That Make a Huge Difference and this pretty Cherry Blossom Easter Tablescape.

4. CURRENT DECOR CRUSHES UNDER $50 – well-priced spring coastal items:



7. Don’t let anyone tell you that chalk paint is over. Painting wood furniture is still a good solution to some of your home design needs. Read why (and how) I painted my bedroom chests in this post: Chalk Painted Wood Chests.

8. FASHION PICKS: I was blown away by the response to the comfy spring sandals I posted last week, especially this platform wedge slide! This week let’s look at classic transitional clothing.

9. WHAT’S INSPIRING ME AROUND THE WEB: This space has the perfect mix of California casual with French influences. This stunning Parisian interior layers modern updates over a classic European space. Another pairing of French touches with modern, I love this gorgeous space.

10. UP NEXT: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Creating Floral Arrangements…

Ann | On Sutton Place

rhubarb crisp

1.) Setting the table for a special lunch or dinner is a fun and relaxing experience. If you need ideas for keeping it simple, and using what you have, take a look HERE.

2.) See all my favorite items and best buys on Amazon HERE.

3.) FAVORITE QUOTE: “You have to take control of your feelings, before they take control of you.” ~Violet Crawley, The Dowager Countess of Grantham

4.) EASY DESSERT IDEAS: this yummy and pretty recipe for strawberry crisp, but if peaches are more your thing, you can make these peach shortbread bars.

5.) I’m sending the April digital calendars next week, so if you would like to see what they look like, sign up here. They are a fun and pretty way to personalize your phone!

6.) WHAT’S CATCHING MY EYE RIGHT NOW FOR UNDER $100: This super cute ceramic bunny bowl, this set of 4 gray willow lanterns, this gorgeous Dutch oven with 5-star reviews, these fresh meyer lemon soaps + lotions, this gorgeous round coffee table tray that comes in 4 sizes, and these colorful and practical melamine salad plates. P.S. The Dutch oven mentioned above would be perfect for making my tasty dutch oven beef stew!

7.) If you wish you could refresh your guest bath but aren’t sure what to do, take a look at these 26 creative guest bathroom ideas. I especially love #17, where they turned a vintage dresser into a vanity!

8.) SIMPLE SIDE DISH IDEA: One of our favorite side dishes is Minute Rice! Not just plain rice though…this version is very tasty. In a glass bowl, heat one cup of chicken broth in the microwave until it boils. Add one cup of Minute Rice, cover, and let it sit for 10 minutes. In the same measuring cup you used for the chicken broth, heat one cup of frozen peas and carrots in the microwave for two minutes. When the rice is ready, combine it with the peas and carrots, 2 tablespoons of butter, and 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder. Stir well and serve hot. It’s delicious!

9.) A FEW FASHION FINDS: I just got these white denim crops and I love them. I looked and looked last year but struck out, so I was thrilled to find these. I also got this cute black and white tee that’s on sale now. One more recent purchase that I’ve already worn several times are these cargo linen drawstring crops. They are very comfortable and go with anything.

10.) That’s it for me. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week! XO

Happy Day, friend!

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