Easter Table Decor Ideas- The Ultimate Guide

Get beautiful and easy-to-do Easter Table ideas. From the perfect color palette to centerpiece ideas, this post has tons of doable and so pretty ideas.


Need Easter table ideas? Setting an Easter table

Setting an Easter dinner table is such a creative endeavor! It should be an expression of your love and care for those who will grace your table!

Easter tables do not have to be fancy and frilly! Often my Easter tables are Easter brunch tables and are very relaxed and simple. Think of an Easter table as a beautiful spring table! And celebrate all the new life that is budding and blooming this time of year!

Where To Start

The best way to start decorating an Easter table? I say, start with what inspires you! Do you have a plate that you love and the colors are perfect for a spring table? Or did you find a tablecloth that you can build a table around? Or do you want to start with an Easter centerpiece and work from there?

It’s really up to you!

What Is The Color Palette


Choosing a color palette for your Easter table is very important. It will keep your table cohesive and adds to its attractiveness!

Will you use pastels or neutrals or will you go a bit bolder? Once you have your inspiration pieces build a color palette! Doing this will also make your table easier to decorate!

Table Linens

Let’s start with a good foundation for our Easter table. And that means table linens! Tablecloths, placemats, table runners, and napkins. They set the stage for all your Easter tables!


There are so many beautiful spring options! It’s a fun idea to mix and match things like table runners and napkins for a one-of-a-kind look.

Napkins and Napkin Rings


Easter is a celebration. Use pretty spring napkins to grace your Easter table. Go light and airy or sassy and bold. Make a statement on your Easter table with real napkins. It’s those little things that make a table feel special!

Don’t have enough napkins for Easter dinner? No problem!!! Mix and match them! Such a pretty look!

These Bunny Napkin Folds are my favorite! They are easy to make and everyone gets an Easter Egg!




One of my favorite parts of setting a table is playing with my dishes! I’m a stacker! I love to see a salad plate or bowl on top of a few well-coordinated dishes. How about you?

Most often, I like to use a white dinner plate so I incorporate it into the stack of dishes at each Easter table setting. Then I stack dishes on top of the dinner plate which works with my color palette. I don’t have dinnerware with any motif that is overtly Easter.

You can choose to use your best china or beautiful spring paper plates and napkins. Sometimes we feel we need permission to use paper products. So here’s your permission! There are so many truly stunning paper products you would be proud to use in an Easter tablescape.


A cup and saucer are called into duty to be a container for a couple of sunny daffodils!

The Centerpiece

The star of an Easter table is the centerpiece! It can be elaborate or simple! But make sure it is spring-inspired!


For me, there is nothing prettier than a tulip centerpiece like the ones I used on our Easter brunch table! If you have a rectangle table you can spread your centerpiece down the table!


And if you have a round table you might like to make a beautiful vignette with flowers and Easter decorations grouped together in a basket.


Any bouquet of spring flowers would be the perfect centerpiece for an Easter celebration!

Now is a wonderful time to plant little herbs in pots! These would make such a pretty take-away gift for each person you invite to Easter dinner! I painted little terracotta white and planted small fragrant herbs in each. To make the twiggy cage, I found sticks and twigs outside, stuck them into the pot, and tied them with twine. Easy-peasy!


Other Easter centerpiece ideas…

  • Use other favorite flowers, like hydrangeas in a big vase.
  • Decorate a tiered tray with spring items and spring flowers.
  • Fill a dough bowl with moss and bunnies
  • Lay a grapevine wreath on a cake stand and fill the center with dyed eggs
  • Use spring branches, real or faux, in a glass hurricane on the center of a table

Use groupings of candles on your table as well as other Easter-inspired items like little bowls of foil-covered chocolate eggs, nests, and bunnies. The kids at your table will love the candy!


It is Easter, after all! Let the bunnies in your home go a little wild and decorate your table! Adorable!

Pull out your old bunnies and if they look a little out of date paint them! This is such an easy DIY to update worn Easter decor. Use chalk paint to give them a makeover!

Create a one-of-a-kind Easter basket for each person at your Easter table! I personalized a terracotta pot and filled it with crinkle paper and goodies. Then I topped the pots off with a handsome chocolate Easter bunny! So easy and so so fun! Everyone should have a little chocolate on Easter morning!


Embellish your table with things like salt and pepper bunnies or creamer and sugar bowl bunnies!


I’m not a huge fan of tchotchkes, but on this table, but Easter-bunnies-gone-wild looks perfect!


Easter Eggs

Make sure you use your pretty colored eggs as part of your Easter table decor! Don’t forget to add some moss, crinkled paper, or even a few flowers with your eggs!  They will be a charming part of your table!


These naturally dyed blue eggs are so pretty! Can you guess what vegetable dyes these gorgeous shades of blue? You might like to see How To Naturally Dye Blue Easter Eggs.


Make a few Torn Tissue Easter Eggs for your table! They are so easy to make and just stunning. Choose paper napkins that work with your color scheme.



Make sure the Easter bunny leaves something for everyone at your table! Use fun treats at each place setting to greet family and guests! This is my very favorite thing to do! Just watch how surprised and delighted your guest will be!



FAQs about cheesecloth

Think of the food on your Easter buffet as the main decor. Use pretty dishes and vary the height of food by putting some on a pedestal. Add some spring flowers and a few votive candles and that is all you need.

Keep the centerpiece simple. A big vase filled with tulips or hydrangeas will look perfect!

There are many options. Think about creating a color palette and sticking to it throughout your table. Traditional spring colors are purple, pink, green, yellow, and other pastels. Use the colors you love.

I hope this post has inspired you with lots of Easter table decor to create a special Easter table.

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    painted a pink rabbit cream to go with my neutral scheme.Love
    repurposing items.

    1. So simple. Paint whatever you want with chalk paint. I recommend One Step by Amy Howard. YOu can get it at any Ace Hardware. When 2 coats are completely dry mix a little Amy Howard clear wax with antique wax and rub it on the object. Buff off with a soft white rag. That’s it!

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  38. After a few years of use my Easter table cloth was stained and no longer usable. The stains were in the white center of the cloth so I cut out dinner napkins from the border and hemmed them by hand. I ended up with enough napkins for the family with assorted prints from the edge of the old cloth. They looked great with a pastel tablecloth and my grandkids loved them when they were small.

  39. Enjoying the Easter/Spring decor. Have borrowed many of these ideas over the years. Made dye from red beet juice last year. Just remade another small bird’s nest this morning. Love all you do.

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