The Evolution Of A Fall Foyer And Decorating Ideas

Decorating your foyer for fall is easy with the right inspiration! See four years of foyer decor and lots of images and fall foyer ideas you can use to decorate your foyer this autumn season.

lantern on a console table

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Our foyers are the first visual taste people get when they come into our homes. It’s important to set the stage, so to speak, for what they will see as they move further inside our home.

We have lived in our downsized home, the Tanglewood House, for four years now. The first year, we got settled in for a couple weeks, and I started to decorate for Christmas. So I missed the fall altogether! However, I’ve decorated our home for four fall seasons, and I thought you would like to see how our fall decor has evolved. And get ideas to decorate your home.

I like to change up seasonal decor from year to year. I usually have a fall color story and a few words that describe the look and feel I try to move from an idea in my head and bring into reality each season. Let’s look at the last four autumn seasons and tips you can use to decorate your fall foyer.

Fall 2020- The Softer Side Of Fall

 fall wreath on a front door

In the fall of 2020, we were still making a lot of changes to our home. So, I had not decided on the furnishings in our foyer at this point. I did add a two-seat bench with a rush seat and a piece of art with the Aaronic Blessing. I really love this beautiful prayer hanging in our foyer. As I said, in the Softer Side Of Fall Home Tour, everyone needs to be blessed.

farmhouse fall foyer

Many of my tours start with an open door. I like the idea of welcoming you in as if I am standing with the door open, waiting for you.

The wreath on the door is my favorite fall wreath. Very textural, with folds of natural colored burlap, dotted with white pumpkins and tied up with a buffalo check black and white ribbons and a bow. A big showy wreath is the first cheery welcome anyone coming to your front door will get. Bobby and I applied a hello decal to our front door. I think it is another fun welcome. You can see How To Apply A Decal To Your Front Door. It has step-by-step directions and images to help.

2020’s Fall Foyer was very simple. It took a few years before I really knew just how I wanted to decorate our home. StoneGable was so easy, it was a farmhouse. And there is farmhouse in my blood. This new house was open and a little contemporary and so different. You can see I still used my farmhouse items for the foyer in 2020.

I also used a very familiar color palette for fall this year. Neutrals, and honey gold and wheat. I call this color story blond. And it is the colors I feel most comfortable using here at Tanglewood. I think that is why I love baskets. They are textural and come in beautiful neutral colors that work with my blond color story.

One thing I talked about in my 2020 Fall Home Tour was about repeating elements. Repeating things like color, items, shapes, and more is a delight to our eyes. We are always trying to make sense of what we see. When our eyes pick up something repeated, it helps them to look around a room, and this translates as order and as something pleasing. In this tour, I used white pumpkins and the neutral color of the wreath hanging on the vertical coat hooks to give our fall home a cohesive look.

fall foyer ideas- bench in foyer

I call Lancaster County pumpkin land this time of year. As I drive through the countryside, pumpkins dot the landscape. I added one little white pumpkin in the foyer perched on a wooden log round. It’s a clue to what lies within our fall home.

You might like to read Rhythm, Repetition, Contrast, and Movement In Design. This is a must-read post to be a better and more confident decorator. Lots of great and helpful info. Did you know that I have a whole section on the homepage called Decorating School? All the posts in this section are dedicated to easy-to-understand and repeatable interior design processes you can use in your home. So many readers tell me they are better decorators after learning important design concepts in this section.

Easy Fall Decorating Home Tour 2021

fall foyer ideas- green hydrangeas in a basket on a fall console

In 2021, I started to have more of a plan for our foyer. The fall tour this year was very early, actually in August, and there was hardly a pumpkin around ready to be picked. In the late summer, I decided to decorate with a soft green and neutral color story. Other than neutrals, green is my go-to color to use in our home. Color is a great way to create a cohesive look in a room and help rooms in our home flow seamlessly together.

I’ve written several comprehensive posts about the importance of how to use color in our homes. You might like to read…

Our hydrangeas were such a pretty green as they started to dry, so they became the inspiration for our early fall home.

fall foyer ideas- green hydrangeas in a basket on a fall console

The star of the foyer was the green hydrangeas, the nubby woven basket.

I found the green and white gourds at a local Amish greenhouse. But came to find out they really were unripe pumpkins. Serendipity! These little underripe pumpkins worked perfectly with my colors in 2021!

I don’t often take images with lights on, but I thought a bit of glow would look nice with the decor. The soft glow of the light and the candle worked to enhance the pretty look of the decor in the foyer. Use soft lighting in your foyer, it is so welcoming.

The late summer/early fall look was carried over to the baskets to the vertical hooks. I brought the vertical hook from StoneGable. I’ve hung everything from coats to a Santa Clause hat on these hooks.

fall foyer ideas- green hydrangeas in a basket on a fall console

The market baskets on the hooks are for both form and functional. They look nice, but they also get used!

I especially like the burlap Lancaster market bag. I’m a very proud Lancastrian! I love this bag with Lancaster’s coordinates on it. Did you know that Lancaster Pa is the oldest inland city in the United States? This area is steeped in history with the most beautiful farmland! It’s worth coming to see!

Like last year’s foyer, I used lots of repeated elements.

We added a woven jut rug to the foyer and a white console table. This house wears white well. It’s open and bright, and I did not want anything too heavy for the foyer. Here’s what I wrote about decorating our home…

Our foyer reflects the changes I’ve been making to our home over the last 18 months. I’ve moved from Farmhouse Style (because we no longer live in a farmhouse-inspired home) and am now embracing the beauty of Transitional Style.

Pretty is back, my friend! The trend for beautiful furnishing and style is very strong, and I think it will be here for a long time! I couldn’t be happier!

Use What You Have Foyer 2022

fall foyer ideas- colorful foyer

For my fall home tour in 2022, I challenged myself not to get anything new except the wreath on the door. While I was foraging around in our basement, I came across two bins of beautiful, vibrant velvet pumpkins and a large tube with my beloved zebra rug wrapped around it. So, I decided to create a bolder color story in the foyer using bright orange velvet pumpkins.

Orange can be a difficult color to work with. It’s very bold and demanding and often does not play well with other colors. However, it is stunning when used very sparingly with lots of white. Orange works best when it is muddied, burnt, or toned down. Burnt orange is a gorgeous color for fall.

Isn’t this pumpkin gorgeous! It really is a work of art. I paired the velvet pumpkins around our home with velvet acorns and other tiny velvet pumpkins much like the one in the foyer. Everyone who came to visit could not help but notice and often touch this unusual pumpkin.

fall foyer ideas- orange velvet pumpkin

I had several of these stunning pumpkins with feather collars, so they were strategically placed around the house. These pops of saturated color are not characteristic of my style. But I like to challenge myself and do something different.

fall foyer ideas- colorful fall foyer

Because the hydrangeas are right outside our front door, I find it hard to resist using them in the foyer.

In 2022, I used lots of candles and lanterns, along with velvet pumpkins and velvet acorns.

fall foyer ideas-

Look at all the texture! A neutral home finds interest and beauty through texture. What You Should Know About Texture is an important post that will help you use texture in your home.

This year I replaced the blessing word art (put it up in a guest room above the bed) with a mirror. I just fell in love with it! The wooden frame adds warmth to the white foyer.

Simple And Organic Fall Foyer 2023

fall foyer ideas- fall front door

I’ve often heard it said that it takes 3 years to live in a new home to figure out its style and how to decorate it. And I believe it! I feel like I started to understand our home, my new evolving style for our home, and the way we wanted to live in it around year three.

The Lumaria wreath was used again on the front door, but this year I added a black and white French bow to the wreath.

I will probably use this wreath for Christmas, too. But in a different way. I tend to use something over and over and find different ways to use them.

fall foyer ideas- fall wreath on a door

This year’s fall color story was white, black, and honey. Honey is the color for fall 2023. And it is so pretty and works with so many color palettes. The trend forecast for Fall Decor 2023 was so interesting. I loved every trend the experts said was going to be popular. And that is usually not the case. 8 Fall Decorating Trends To Look Forward To In 2023 is full of beautiful ideas.

Don’t miss The Smart Girl’s Guide To Fall Decorating, as well. In it, you will find a tried and true fall decorating plan that i so easy to follow.

fall foyer ideas- fall foyer with wreath on a mirror

The inspiration for this foyer was a few things. I found these big black lanterns in the basement and thought they would make quite a statement on the white foyer table. And I also hung a wreath on the mirror, the same wreath that is hanging in the image on the vertical coat hook in the 2020 foyer. I love the repetition of a wreath on the front door and one on the foyer mirror.

But the real big inspiration was the faux gourds I found at a local shop.

gold gourds on a console table

When I find something, like these gourds, that I feel is something so special, I usually buy them in multiples, as long as they are not too expensive. And here’s why… I know I will use them over and over in many different ways. One gourd would be nice, but three gives me lots of options! The blond-colored wreath in several images is another example of buying in multiples. I bought four of them four years ago. If you look at the 2020 fall foyer image, I used a wreath to hang up on the vertical hooks and bent one to fit in the basket below it as filler. I hung one more wreath on the hood in the kitchen and cut apart another one for fluff.

I used the cut apart fluff from the wreath to form candle rings for the candlesticks in the lanterns in this year’s foyer.

I have used these wreaths and fluff decorating for Christmas too.

Hone your style and train your eye to find multiples of beautiful decor that you can use over and over in creative ways. They really end up being a bargain!

Decorate with black and white makes everything look just a bit more sophisticated. If your decor tends to be on the casual side, add black and white to your color palette. Your decor will still look casual, it will just look a little more grown-up.

I used the same finials that appear in the 2021 fall foyer for the 2023 foyer, but I painted them with gold paint and antiqued them with dark wax to work with the goldtone candles and the gold on the gourds as well as the mirror. A paintbrush is magic!

The finials caught my eye in a clearance bin at the Pottery Barn Outlet over a decade ago. They were ugly! But their form was beautiful. So I painted them and silverleafed the tops and bottoms.

In 2023 I switched around several mirrors. We got a large 12-antiqued pane mirror for over the white buffet in the living room, so we moved the mirror above the curlacue chest, also in the living room, to the foyer.

mirror with a wreath on it

This is such a beautiful mirror! I’m so glad we decided to use it in the foyer.

Have you noticed how I use things in multiples? Mostly, in threes. Our eyes love things grouped in odd numbers, especially in threes. You might like to read The Magic Rule Of Three When You Decorate.

Friends, as you try new things and change things around, you will get better and better as a home decorator! Decorating is part science, part art, and part YOU! Enjoy the process this fall as you decorate!

Use these fall foyer ideas in your home this season.

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  1. Joyce Kennard says:

    Yvonne, can I please ask a question? On the mantal, on the right side beside the candles, is what I can see, The Little House Mouse? See, I have followed you for quite some time. LOL Your post help me each and every day. Thank You

    1. Yes, you are so right, Joyce. And you have been following and paying attention for a long, long time. This little stone mouse, our House Mouse, was on the mantel of our first home. It was a 110 year old home and there was this little mouse sitting on the mantel. We have taken it with us to every home and he sits on the right side of the mantel just as always.

  2. Amazing detail to your foyer for fall, love each of them!! Isn’t it magic to decorate with one pumpkin… esp the orange velvet pumpkin collared with feathers!!!! Beautiful

  3. Loved this post and seeing the evolution of your foyer. I always take pictures of my seasonal decorations, to refer back from the previous year, and it’s fun making tweek’s. Some displays are always the same but I do like to shake things up. I especially love the wreath over the mirror and the groups of three always work. I have a fondness for velvet pumpkins and add to my collection every year. Are the feathered collars separate or did they come with the pumpkins. I haven’t run across any where I shop…Happy Fall!

    1. Hi Nancy, the feather collars came with the pumpkins. Sounds like you have a plan for decorating your home for fall.

  4. Carol Koller says:

    All of your foyer displays are beautiful. I am interested in your hydrangeas. Are they from a PeeGee variety? They are so pretty and I would love to plant one near our home. Thanks

    1. They were planted before we moved in. I’m pretty sure they are limelight.