2023 Fall Kitchen Tour And More

Ideas for simple and beautiful fall decor you can use to create your own fall kitchen and home.

Early fall in our home is all about bringing in and enjoying what lies outside our front door. And the sink full of just-picked hydrangeas fall is literally outside our front door! Decorating with organics is not only attractive, but it is so easy!

I’m so glad you are here to visit us for our fall home and kitchen tour!

A big thank you to Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for hosting and organizing this tour. Make sure you check out her fall home HERE.

A big special welcome if you are coming from Michelle’s home at Thistle Key Lane. And Welcome one and all!

You can see part 1 of our fall home tour, Simple And Organic Home Tour, 2023. Before we head to the kitchen, here are a few images of the rest of our fall home.

Our front door is open, so come on in!

A Little Recap

Here’s our foyer dressed up for fall. A foyer should give all who step inside your front door a taste of what lies beyond!

The stars of the foyer are the interesting trio of faux gourds that sit in the center of the white console table. I found these locally but cannot find a source for them. If you have found one, please share it in the comments.

In our Fall Home Tour, Part 1, I talked a lot about using natural elements, just like I did in the kitchen. The white buffet in the living room has the only pumpkins in Part 1 of the tour. However, I think I made up for it in the kitchen!

To keep them looking simple, I put them in a white bowl.

The decor in the dining room was very simple this year. When you have an open-concept home, less is best! I used a big, showy vase of faux fall leaves.

I also added a new pillow to the upholstered bench against the wall by the window.

Our sunroom was not on the tour. However, I did style a few fall centerpieces on the coffee table.

I challenged myself to style as many different easy fall coffee table centerpieces with just a handful of items.

You might like to check out Fall Coffee Table Decor Using 8 Items.

A Simple Way To Decorate For Fall

I love decorating for each season, but I must admit fall is my favorite! I think it is because our area is resplendent this time of year! Just as summer fades away and fall eases in, I like to transition from summer decor to fall. And in the height of the season, I like to add a bit more to my fall decor. Then I start putting away most of my fall decor, so Thanksgiving only has the best and most cozy of my fall decor. And as fall wains and the fa-la-la of Christmas can faintly be heard, I start easing into Christmas. Honestly, that is not exactly how to decorate now, as a blogger, but this way of decorating is really a joy!

The Smart Girl’s Guide To Easy Fall Decorating will show you a much easier, simpler, and prettier way to decorate! A must-read, my friend!

Our Hydrangeas

This time of year, my early fall tours always include hydrangeas. And you can see why!

My favorite hydrangeas line our front walk. And they are ready to be picked this time of year! The pink-tinged edges of the florets let me know these booms are ready to come in.

So, I picked a huge armful of hydrangeas!

Not a great picture of me, but I had to show you the hydrangeas! This is maybe a sixth of the flowers on the bush.

Now, let’s head to the kitchen!

Inside The U

Let’s start on the inside of the U!

Our U-shaped kitchen is dressed up for fall! This is the right side of the U and my cooking station. This year, I used lots of fall colors in the kitchen, more than the rest of our fall home.

On the hood hangs a brambly blond wreath, just like the one in the foyer. However, I tied a bow with a cream and honey-colored ribbon. See my explanation for why I buy multiples of some decor in Part 1 of this year’s tour. Do you buy multiples, too?

I was so happy to get this creamy white Dutch oven in time for the tour. It was from the Pioneer Woman collection, but I found it on Poshmark since it is no longer in stock this year. I just love it! It will sit on the stovetop all fall long. I can’t wait to make soup and stew and other yummy fall recipes in it!

I put the vase with faux leaves from the dining room table on the kitchen countertops. When we have company or family for dinner, I usually take the centerpiece off of the table and put it here. I added some pumpkins, a faux gourd, and spinners to keep the leaves company!

The Coffee Station

I like to add a touch of the season at the coffee maker. If truth be told, this is the heartbeat of our kitchen! We are having overnight family for the weekend, and I like to have a little something sweet at the coffee station so our guests can help themselves.

I tied up these cute little napkins I found at a local shop with a thin russet-colored velvet ribbon.

It’s always nice to have some fruit and something sweet to eat for overnight guests! And I like to cut a few little blooms and keep them on the tray that holds our coffee pods and sugars for something organic and pretty. The little orange mum blooms look so sweet in a clear milk bottle.

Hydrangeas In The Sink

I brought the hydrangeas in and put them in the sink. They don’t need water, but I wanted to cut their long stems, strip their leaves, and shake them out. Hydrangeas are quite messy!

Each bloom is a little work of its Painter’s hand!

So, where are these hydrangeas going from here? I’m making a hydrangea wreath. I have never made one in all the decades I’ve harvested hydrangeas. Look for an upcoming DIY.

The Banquette

When I was moving some furniture around in the living room last summer, I put the small round French table in the corner of our banquette. It’s where we sit and eat breakfast or watch the birds at the feeders or even work.

In the center of the table, I potted two ornamental cabbage and tucked them into a little basket. I added a couple of my favorite baby boo pumpkins and a handful of Kentucky spinners.

Click On The Video Below For More Fall Inspiration


Shop my home and fall decor. When I can’t find the exact item, I search the web for something similar.

I hope you have enjoyed our kitchen tour and more! Thanks for stopping by! Now, please visit my dear friend Julie from My Wee Abode!

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  1. Karen Vargo says:

    Thanks for your Wednesday post, I always look forward to it. p.s. I think you look beautiful holding all of the hydrangeas! 🙂

    1. Awww! Karen, thank you! No makeup except for a little lipstick I threw on and my hair was a mess!

  2. I always look forward to seeing your seasonal coffee station decor. Where did you find the cute white coffee cups?

  3. I love your kitchen and your decor for Fall is just perfect. Your coffee station is set with everything anyone could want and what a special treat for guests. I need to work on creating a special one for my overnight guests too. I always love visiting your home and especially love your tips and ideas for decorating different spaces. Thank you so much for joining the tour again this season, your home is always a delight to visit.

    1. Thank you, friend! It is such a pleasure to be a part of your most popular tours! Thank you for all your hard work. I am so looking forward to your Christmas tour. xo

  4. Laura Ingalls Gunn says:

    Yvonne, I am in love with your fall kitchen. The small table at the banquette is so charming and the cake looks delicious! So happy to be on tour with you.

  5. Michelle | Thistle Key Lane says:

    Fabulous kitchen tour Yvonne just as I knew it would be! Your coffee station would be my favorite hangout if I were a guest or maybe the sunny banquette. Your French table looks so pretty in that corner!

  6. Calypso in the Country says:

    Yvonne, your home is stunning as always! I love the neutral colors and natural elements. Those gourds are fantastic. What a find! Thanks for taking us on your lovely tour!

  7. Jayne via Chalking Up Success says:

    Yvonne, I absolutely love your front door wreath, what a stunner. Those gourds on your entryway table are so pretty too. That bench pillow is beautiful and so are your coffee table centerpieces. I had a bumper bloom of Annabelle Hydrangeas this year and have used them throughout my home for fall – gotta take advantage of nature when it’s so resplendent! Lovely tour, so much inspiration has to be pinned!

  8. Yvonne, your home is beautiful for the fall.

  9. Your home is so beautiful and peaceful. What a wonderful place to be. Hugs and blessings to you.

  10. Julie Briones says:

    Your fall kitchen looks lovely, especially with those lovely large pumpkins. Those aren’t easy to find here in So Cal! And I always love those spinner gourds… I’ve never seen those here, either. The table at the banquette looks perfect… a great place for a quick breakfast and some time with the Lord! Thanks for the shout-out! Pinned!

  11. Suzy Handgraaf says:

    As always, a beautiful tour, my friend! Everything looks so perfect for fall. Love seeing the picture of you with your arms filled with those gorgeous blooms!