8 Fall Decorating Trends To Look Forward To In 2023

Discover the hottest fall decor trends of 2023. From this fall’s most popular color to what to put on your front door. Elevate your home with these beautiful trends that embrace the season. You will love them!

As we wait for the first crisp breeze and the first leaf to turn gold, red, or amber, let’s look at 8 beautiful fall decorating trends for 2023. This year color, texture, and natural elements define fall home decor! So you won’t have to root through or drag up all those big blue bins of fall faux pumpkins and fake garlands of fall foliage. Leave them in the basement! This year’s approach to fall is softer, upscale, and uncluttered. And just so gorgeous!

Fall is my favorite season. And the area I live in does fall like a Hallmark movie! No wonder fall shows up on my radar right after Easter! I’ve been reading about and looking for fall trends and seasonal decor this year, and here’s what is trending this fall!

Here are the best fall decor ideas for 2023 fall decorating trends!

What Is A Trend?

Trends are born as a reaction to the world around us. They are creative and beautiful solutions to what is happening in our lives. These can be practical or inventive or sometimes even a bit ridiculous!

No matter how you feel about trends, always, always use what you love in your home! Because your home is just that… YOUR HOME!

What Is A Classic?

Oh, I love a good classic. Classic decor is something that stood the test of good taste and time and is always in style. It transcends trendiness most of the time.

Classics often float in and out as the latest trend before they settle on their high pedestal as the best of the best decor!

I love trends, but unless I know they will be classics or are classic decor that gains enough popularity to be a trend, I use trends sparingly. I’m a classic girl through and through!

Here are the fall decor trends for 2023.

Go Easy On Themes

Instead of creating a fall theme for decorating this year, think of translating the season through color.

What The Experts Say:

The experts are undoubtedly moving away from fall themes and have been for some time. Instead of decorating our fall homes with themes like pumpkins, fall leaves, scarecrows, skeletons, or some other overtly fall-ish theme. They are taking a more subtle approach to fall decor. The experts are choosing color as a way to pull a fall home together.

My Two Cents:

I love where interior designers are going this fall. Color is a wonderful way to give a nod to fall so our homes don’t look too overdecorated with fall ornamentation. Saying that I do love to see some well-chosen natural fall decor lightly sprinkled here and there in a home.

The bottom line is to think about curating your fall decor to only a few of your best pieces. Use natural fall elements instead in glorious fall colors.

Trending Color This Fall

I am over the moon about this year’s fall trending color. Honey! What a delicious color.

What The Experts Are Saying:

Both interior designers and fashionistas are agreeing on the color for this year, honey. The fashion industry is calling it honeycomb, which is a more saturated offshoot of honey. Even in the hairstyling industry, “expensive honey” is the it color.

My Two Cents:

Well, if you have been following me for any time, you probably know I am thrilled about this fall color trend. It is luscious! Honey and its softer and more moody tones are perfect for fall! Bee honey can be a pale, almost transparent gold and as dark as a golden amber color. I think all these colors will be popular this fall!

Think about the golden-yellow leaves on autumn trees, the color of freshly cut barley fields, and the caramel in candy. Honey is a warm color that works with so many other colors. You might think about adding it to your fall color palette in a small dose.

Use lots of white and light neutrals with honey and just a smidgen of black. Another color that is big for fall is blue, and it looks stunning with honey tones.

Punch Of Black

Black is a classic color that is finding its way to trend status this fall.

What The Experts Are Saying:

Black is the color to use to accent your home in fall this year. It elevates a space. We have seen the trend for black kitchens, and they will continue on until the end of the year. Black is a true designer cameleon. It works with almost all decor to make an updated and chic statement.

My Two Cents:

Black is a classic that is having another trendy moment. When it comes to decorating for fall, stay away from using black in obvious fall decor like pumpkins, candles, or any ghoulish decor. Use black to ground the decor you already have. Use a few chic black iron candlesticks, a black picture frame, or a black lamp. A black lantern would also work to add a bit of this trendy color. Make sure to use a light hand when decorating with black, a little goes a long way. Use it as an accent.

Muted Earthy Colors

The trend to use earthy colors seems like a yearly event. But this year, they are more muted and soft.

What The Experts Say:

It seems that earthy tones seem to be popular every fall. However, this season, depending on which experts you read, earthy tones are taking on a muted presence. Instead of pumpkin oranges, we will be seeing softer, lighter, dulled-down oranges and muted peachy tones. Other fall colors that will be popular are browns, beige, brick red, sage green, and honey gold.


I think fall 2023 will be an exciting color year! I love all the muted tones of fall. So they don’t get too muddy, make sure to pair them with white and a little black.

My Two Cents:

The pillow above is a perfect example of a pretty fall color palette!

Beautiful Velvet

Velvet has been having more than a moment as a trendy fabric and will continue through the rest of the year.

What The Experts Say:

Beloved for centuries, velvet has, at first glance, a sophisticated appeal. But now synthetic performance velvet is sweeping through the design industry, and so it is practical on everything from bed headboards to family room sectionals. This fall velvet in autumn colors will be everywhere.

My Two Cents:

I am so biased when it comes to velvet. I LOVE it! It screams luxury and ultimate comfort. Velvet is a scrumptious fabric, and it’s hard now to tell the difference between silk velvet and a good performance one now. I’m thrilled it is still a trendy classic for fall this year.

However, I have a big pet peeve. Not in velvet per se, but in what furniture companies do with velvet. Watch out for uber-trendy furniture designs with velvet upholstery. Some are horrific and in bad taste. Velvet transcends decorating style but apparently not good taste!

I already ordered two of the cotton velvet Burnt Umber pillows below. Texture makes the trend list for fall almost every year.


Texture For Fall 2023

What The Experts Say:

Texture has moved up the walls for 2023 and will continue to be popular in the fall. Limewashed walls, textured wallpaper, and well as beadboard are all popular wall treatments for fall 2023.

My Two Cents:

Texture is a must no matter what time of year we decorate. But fall is the season of corn husks, the rustle of dry leaves, and drying gourds. Use texture liberally in your home. Not just rough or bumpy textures but also contrasting textures together. Think smooth and bumpy, soft and had, silky and leathery. Include natural furnishings that incorporate rattan and wicker, and even burlap. These home decor items have tons of texture and interest.

While experts are focused on textured wall treatments, let’s focus on creating texture using throw pillows, decorative throw blankets, leather and heavy linen textiles, and more! No wonder texture makes the fall decorating trend list for 2023!

Natural Elements

This is a classic that is very trendy in 2023.

What Experts Are Saying:

Some things never go out of style, and natural materials will always be classic. We have seen this classic style become trendy and one of the biggest influencers of interior design.

My Two Cents:

Natural elements like weathered birdhouse gourds, white pumpkins, wheat sheaves, fall branches, apples, pears, greenery, and dried sunflowers will always look fresh and on-trend in fall decor! Using natural elements should look “just collected” and be real. Or at least a faux rendition that looks very real.

What makes fall decor look dated is cutsie fall decor and lots of plastic pumpkins. Instead, bring the outside in this fall.

Welcoming Front Doors

Front doors and porch displays will be even bigger this year.

What The Experts Say:

Front door and porch displays will be an important part of fall decor in 2023. Big displays using natural elements and colorful front doors will be the hottest fall trend.

My Two Cents:

I have to agree! My head turns when I see a fabulous front door color! And who doesn’t love pumpkins and mums tumbling down the stairs of a front porch! Hang showy fall wreaths that can be seen from the road in front of your home. And fill your porch with the best of the fall season in autumnal earth tones.

Keep the front door and porch display natural and organized. Even a brambly-looking display should feel well constructed to please the eye. This season’s fall decorating trends for our outdoor decor can be summed up in one word… bountiful!

How To Incorporate Trends In Your Fall Decor

Here is an easy 5 step process to incorporate fall decorating trends in your decor this year:

  • Decide on a fall color palette. Use the colors in your home and add one or two trending colors in small doses.
  • Dive into all your fall decor and get rid of anything that is dated or tired looking.
  • Peruse blogs (my fall decor is HERE), social media accounts, Pinterest, magazines, and other fall idea sources. Find ideas you like.
  • Plan what you need to buy or make to keep your fall decor updated.
  • Decorate with light layers using natural elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start decorating for fall?

Decorating for fall is really a personal preference. Most people begin decorating for fall sometime in September.

How do I transition from summer to fall decor?

Decorating for from one season to the next does not have to happen all at once. First, remove all overtly summery items like shells, beach motif decor, or anything else. Then slowly introduce fall decor that would work from late summer as well as fall, like sunflowers or other greenery. Then finally, as the fall season moves along, add pumpkins, chunky throw blankets, and cozy smelling candles.

What is the most popular interior design trend for 2023?

The most popular decor trend for 2023 is using color instead of lots of fall tchotchkes. The biggest color this year is honey in all its tones and shades. Muted earthy tones, black and blue, are also trending for 2023.

Fall Trending Sources


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  1. Parci Parla says:

    Very nice blog! Thanks for sharing these tips with us.

  2. Fall is my favorite time of year. Looking forward to Honey as this year’s fall color. Love the pillows you selected. Thank you for your design inspirations.

  3. Wonderful post today. Encourages me to purge some of the fall items I keep in storage that do seem dated and follow some of your ideas for a refresh. I always enjoy your blog.

    1. Thanks Sherry! You are very smart to start purging those fall things you no longer need or want.Good for you!

  4. Thanks so much for your inspiring info and suggestions!

  5. CarolBinTX says:

    For once, I think I’m on point with this trend! Last year, I was out of town in in August and September, so I decorated my house with sunflowers, mustard yellow and amber before I left town. I kept all the pumpkins in their boxes. When I returned, it was just what I needed not to have to unpack, decompress from my travels and get ready for Fall all at once. I hand selected some more things when I got back, but I was happy with the unfussiness of it all. I did donate all my orange pumpkin-y stuff, keeping only what I loved and what sparked joy. I might do that with other seasonal decor as well. Fall is by far my favorite season!

  6. Love today’s post! I am all about fall. It is very hot here in Minnesota. Funny how we yearn for a season change.

    Yesterday I picked up the Autumn magazine by Hoffman Media. Told the guy at check-out hope it cools me off?

    The sweet berries you posted cannot be shipped and are not available in my area. Now I am on the hunt. Also some honey colored items would look beautiful in both my living room and family room. I’m going shopping?

    As we continue to eliminate things in our home and await that special villa/townhome my home has taken on such a serene feeling. A great start to a future chapter in our lives.

    Love all of your ideas. Thank you for all your hard work!

      1. I loved your downsizing series and reread it often! Now for that special new home to come our way. Patience is hard but we feel fortunate that we can take our time and don’t have to move. I am hoping to stumble on our downsized home like you did. I just remind myself when days feel frustrated that it is in God’s hands.

  7. Me again?. Where did you find that darling front door mat… hello pumpkin?

  8. Wonderful post about my favorite season. I will look for honey toned pillows, and maybe a throw…great ideas, as always. I have a collection of velvet pumpkins, that I love to pair with my glass pumpkins, they look great heaped on my hearth..

    1. Fall is my favorite season too Nancy! Love the idea of velvet and glass pumpkins!

  9. Jean Greenwood says:

    Where did you get the pillows at?
    So pumpkins in moderation are still in?

    1. Check the links under the pillows. Yes, pumpkins will always be “in”, they are a classic.

  10. Loved your post on 8 fall decorating trends. Can you please let me know where I might find the white wicker tray with iron handles? Thanks very much

    1. Hi Debbie, I found that tray at Wayfair a few years ago. It is no longer on their site. Sorry I can’t help more.

  11. I like one or two of the themed things– I don’t mind to have our cheesy pumpkin pillow on display with its cute, corny vibe. My husband loves that pillow, and it reflects a fun element that is tradition to us. 😉 But I do small doses of it, like the pillow, a couple of items, not an overwhelming, busy look all over. Mostly the look is with colors and stems in vases and a couple of tasteful accents and not cluttery. I love reading your advice, and you have guided me about decluttering and being very selective about accents. I donated my small, cheap knickknack type things I did not even like and have done vignettes of more special, larger items. I bought a large vase I absolutely love and rotate seasonal stems in it all year, guided by your tips about going big and focusing on timeless items. Anyone who comes to our house compliments the vase and stems and I have received more compliments from my mom, who visits with my dad from out of state. She said it is very pretty and cohesive and uncluttered here. I have read your blog a while! 🙂 It helps me a lot with the house styling!

    1. Tracie! What a great home decorator you are! I’m so happy you let me know! YOU GO GIRL!

  12. Kathleen Prettitore says:

    Loving the colors for this fall and of course all your tips!! When decorating outside, are the color trends the same ones you should use outside as well? Just wondering when it comes to mums/fall flowers if you should select the softer colors orange/yellow/white versus the pink and purples?? Do you always treat the outside as a separate space when decorating or should the color and themes flow from inside to outside? THANK YOU!