This Sunday is Easter. I call it Resurrection Sunday! We will have family here to celebrate with us so there will be lots of cooking and food going on this week! Dinners will be easy so I can concentrate on prepping for the weekend! Let’s get cooking, friends.

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Hey friends, I did not forget One The Menu this week. Just moved it to today because of a Spring Home Tour that was scheduled for Friday. You can see all of my Spring Home Tours HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Now, here’s what’s on the menu this week…


Mondays are such busy work days for me!!! And I really try to push out lots of work in the beginning of the week. So I look forward to a good dinner and a simple one!

My favorite chili is on the menu. I have two chili meals in the freezer so this will be a super easy meal!

I serve chili in a big shallow bowl along with what I call “fixings”. Sliced green onions, sour cream, cheddar cheese, tortilla chips, and salsa. These toppings round out chili into a big meal!


Can you believe this recipe is WW-friendly? And it is so so delicious!!!!! Have you ever made rolls from lasagna noodles? They are so pretty and quite company-worthy.

I’m heating up my oven for Crack Chicken Roll-Up Lasagna from Jenna at Recipe Diaries. You see her recipes often here because she is a StoneGable Foodie Favorite blog and everything I make from her site is always a new favorite!


Oh, Bobby! We are grilling tonight! YUM! I love a good kabob! The marinade flavor for this dinner is delicious and so so summery! A big thank you to Natasha at Salt And Lavender for tonight’s kabob and salad meal!!!

Natasha is a StoneGable foodie favorite blog!

Grilled protein is a fabulous addition to a big salad for dinner! Please make homemade dressing like the one Natasha features with this recipe. It just takes a couple minutes to whip up a dressing and it makes the whole meal taste soooooo much better!

When it comes to most salad dressings I make them up in a mason jar, put the lid on the jar and shake it up! Any leftovers get stored in the jar in the frig!


Oh my goodness! This is such glorious salmon! I have lots and lots of herbs growing like weeds so this is the perfect recipe for me!

I’ve made this salmon recipe from Michele at Paleo Running Momma several times and find that the salmon is perfectly done and very tender! And it’s so easy! I’d serve this to company!!! Thanks, so much Michele!

My favorite farmer’s market, Meck’s, has beautiful think asparagus. I’m getting a couple bunches and roasting it this evening.

When I plate the asparagus I squeeze a healthy dose of lemon juice on it. So good!


Okay, let’s make some delicious chicken IN THE CROCKPOT to go in our tacos!!! I can’t wait to make this chicken.

I love crispy corn taco shells, lots of lettuce, tomatoes, and sliced black olives along with my chicken! So good!!!

Friday’s at StoneGable are all about easy to make meals! Bobby and I often eat on our patio while Bobby practices his chip shots in the back yard and listen to great music. So fun!

I’m hoping I have leftovers! The chicken will taste so good in a lettuce wrap for lunch too!

You will love Foodtastic Mom and Jill! She is a StoneGable Foodie Favorite blog! No wonder, her recipes are scrumptious, easy and cooking is her superpower!



Our son Christopher and his family are joining us for Easter this year. Actually, they are moving from Alexandria Va back to Lancaster. To say we am thrilled is such an understatement! We are overjoyed. So we are celebrating with a delicious steak dinner tonight.

Aren’t these steaks gorgeous! Thanks, Beth from Small Town Woman! I think every home cook should know how to make a killer steak! And there are many ways to make one. But there is something so flavorful about a steak on the grill!

Beth does a fabulous job of walking us through the whole procedure! She likes T Bone and so do I but my favorite is Ribeye! If I’m going to eat a steak I’m not worried about fat or calories! Steak is a treat!

And this steak is even more delicious because Beth finishes off her steak with herb butter. Oh yes!

Please give the potato salad a try. I’m making it for Easter brunch tomorrow but we are having some for dinner tonight. This is a big family favorite. Believe me, this potato salad is the best you will ever eat.

And wait until you see what I’m making for dessert!


Happy Easter!

I pray you have a blessed day and can celebrate Resurrection Sunday with those you love.

Today we will be celebrating Easter with our son Christopher and his family, my mother and a neighbor.

And Easter is a day of traditional food! Brunch before Church and a big family dinner that has primarily been the same for decades and decades.

This is the dinner my mother served us and I served our family when our children was little. Ham, potato salad, pineapple casserole are all staples on our Easter table.

This year I’m making Roasted Green Beans And Bacon instead of the iconic Green Bean Casserole. Sorry, Son!

And I’m making an easy and scrumptious Strawberry Galette. The recipe below is for a Rhubarb galette but this recipe will work with any fruit.

I think this recipe is a keeper because it is so easy and versatile!


We can get delicious zucchini at our local farmer’s market and at Costco. I used to wait till zucchini was ready in my garden before I would make my repertoire of wonderful zucchini recipes. But now I can get pretty decent zucchini almost all year round I’m making my Glazed Streusel Topped Zucchini Bread for our family this week.

Zucchini really has no taste but infused baked goods with the most marvelous moistness and texture!

Of all my zucchini recipes I think I like this the best. But don’t tell GLAZED LEMON ZUCCHINI CAKE (okay that ties for the favorite), or ZUCCHINI CHOCOLATE CHIP BREAD. On second thought, I like them all the best!

Just make these easy zucchini loving baked goods! You will be so happy you did!


I’m a huge fan of Chicken Fried Steak, but I have not had it for years. Maybe I’ll treat myself with this recipe!

Do you like Chicken Enchiladas? I love them! Here’s an easy recipe to make them with just 5 ingredients.

I’ve made this summery Pan Seared Cod recipe several times and love it!

Summer and Fish Tacos go together! How about this colorful Baja Fish Tacos this week?

I make lots of Magic Rub to use on most of our grilled food! Especially good on chicken.

There is nothing so good as homemade ice cream. Want a step-by-step recipe? See this wonderful post on Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.

Even though soups not on the menu how about this gorgeous Crab Bisque?

I’ve got to make this slow cooker Baked Ziti.

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  1. I’ve pinned 4 recipes this week to try! YUM
    I always use your cole slaw recipe. My son LOVES it. And I get requests to make it for picnics all the time.

  2. I have made the crack chicken alfredo lasagna roll ups before, and I recommend that you use much more alfredo sauce. They tend to dry out without more sauce, but are still very good.

  3. Marilyn Petitto says:

    Good Morning Yvonne: I just want to wish you a Very Happy Easter and Spring. Lou and I hope you and your Family have a wonderful Holiday. Thank you for all of your special talents that you have I have learned a lot from you.

    Marilyn and Lou Petitto

  4. Thank you as always for sharing these wonderful recipes! I will try the recipe for the Scalloped Pineapple soon. I have one by Paula Deen that is really good also with cheese. https://www.pauladeen.com/recipe/pineapple-casserole/ I don’t use as much sugar or butter as Paula’s recipe. You will love it if you try it.
    Happy Easter to you and your family Yvonne!

  5. What a fantastic menu! Thanks for including my crockpot chicken tacos. I’m definitely going to try those lasagna roll ups too.

    1. Jill, I love your menu! Thanks for letting me share your delicious recipe.

  6. Yvonne, I was going to make the arugula salad tonight but your link is broken to the recipe. Thought you’d like to know so you can fix it.