Get Inspired: 5 Easy Spring and Easter Centerpieces You Will Love

Discover the charm of spring by creating stunning Easter and spring centerpieces. From elegant arrangements to simple and easy designs, find inspiration to brighten up your home this season. Elevate your decor effortlessly with our expert tips on crafting beautiful spring centerpieces.

spring centerpiece- blooming bulbs in various containters

Spring and centerpieces go hand in hand! Beautiful spring flowers have such a short season. They are here now, so let’s use them to grace our homes by creating lovely centerpieces. In this post, we are featuring centerpieces that will be stunning focal points for your dining room or kitchen table for spring and Easter. However, centerpieces can be used on almost any flat surface to uplift and add beauty to the room they are in.

So, let’s get creative! Look at the featured easy spring centerpiece eyes and think about how you can tweak them and use them in your home.

Here are 5 spring and Easter centerpieces you will love!

A Simple Vase Of Tulips

pink tulips- spring centerpiece

Tulips are quintessential spring and Easter flowers. They embody spring because we can find them outside our front doors this time of year. Or in abundance at our local grocery store! And nothing is more beautiful than a vase of tulips in the center of your table.

To make a long-lasting centerpiece, choose tulips that are somewhat closed. Cut the stems at an angle and add them en masse to a simple vase or urn. One trick for putting tulips in a vase is to hold them together in your hand (or hands) and drop them in the vase. Then, gently turn the whole bunch counterclockwise. If you are using a wide-mouth glass vase, you will see that the stems will spiral on the diagonal and be almost as attractive as the tulips.

Adding greens, like silver dollar eucalyptus, to a tulip centerpiece will give your centerpiece a very interesting and graceful aesthetic. They both like to bow and arch from a container. When tulips gracefully droop over their vase, it’s simply charming, don’t you think?”

Tulips are an inexpensive, if not a cheap, spring centerpiece! And my favorite way to decorate a table this time of year.

Don’t be afraid to cut the tulip stems short to make a low arrangement. Cut them and arrange them in three or four glass containers. I did this for our Easter table when we had a small group. It’s so pretty, and its low profile encourages good dinner conversations!

short cut tulips- spring centerpieces

Recently, I’ve been collecting colorful tablecloths and haphazardly laying them askew or crumpling them up as a base for a vase of tulips. I call this my bohemian look. However, I really think it looks far more elegant than bohemian! This look would be wonderful on an Easter table. It’s a great way to add color and pattern to a table, especially if you don’t have a tablecloth big enough to fit.

How To Keep Cut Tulips Looking Fresh Longer will help your spring tulip centerpiece look lovely.

A Simple Bowl With Something Textural Or Colorful In It

Artichokes in a white shallow bowl- spring centerpieces

Another simple and elegant spring and Easter centerpiece is putting to use a large shallow bowl. The key to pulling off this look is to choose the right bowl. Then the rest is easy. I have several white bowls just for this purpose.

Add something organic and textural to the bowl. I love artichokes—their form, color, texture, and taste. They look sophisticated in a rustic way, and when I use them in a low-profile, easy centerpiece. When the centerpiece is no longer needed, I make them for dinner. This is a very cost-effective centerpiece.

close up of artichokes in a shallow bowl. - Spring centerpieces

This kind of centerpiece looks best in the spring with one kind of organic. Another version of this shallow bowl centerpiece is to fill the bottom with white crinkle paper and add Onion Skin Dyed Eggs. It is a charming look!

To give this type of centerpiece some movement and softness, add a sprig of something, like silver dollar eucalyptus, to one side of the arrangement and let it drape over the edge of the bowl. Try putting one of the same kind of items in the bowl close to the bowl on the table.

This centerpiece is my go-to centerpiece for my dining table and kitchen island. It takes minutes to put together and looks lovely.

Make A 20-Minute Spring Centerpiece


This charming centerpiece is so easy to make and, with a little ingenuity, can be made over and over again for every season and occasion.

Again, the key to this easy spring and Easter arrangement is the right container. This sweet arrangement works best with a wide, shallow pedestal bowl. My favorite place to find them, especially white ones, is at HomeGoods. They usually have a good, inexpensive selection.

You will also need a glass hurricane, a tall, chunky candle, and a few bits and pieces of faux flowers and greens. Instead of me describing how to make this spring beauty, you can see lots of pictures and get directions for the 20-Minute Spring Centerpiece here.

flower spring centerpiece on a dining room table

This centerpiece would look lovely on a coffee table or even an end table. The size of your container will determine the size of the arrangement, so you can make it small enough for a guest room nightstand (use a battery-operated candle) or large enough for a dining room centerpiece.

Here’s another variation of the same centerpiece idea in a gold bowl.

spring centerpiece

Wreath + Candle Centerpiece

spring  pussy willow wreath as spring centerpiece

This is one of my favorite ideas. I like to use a wreath as a giant candle ring. Spring-inspired wreaths laid flat on a table make a striking centerpiece.

Put a large glass hurricane in the wreath’s hole and add a pretty candle to the hurricane. It couldn’t be simpler!

I found this gorgeous brambly pussy willow wreath at a local orchard store. It was hanging along with many others on a barn wall. I scooped it up right away, not for a hanging wreath but for a centerpiece.

spring  pussy willow wreath as spring centerpiece

Find a spring wreath you already have, or keep your eye out for one that is worth your dining room table. This Easter, I’m using the forsythia wreath hanging on our front door as the base for our dining room centerpiece.

Spring centerpiee- forsythia wreath

You still have time to make this easy Forsythia Wreath for your Easter table.

Spring Bulb Grouping

spring flowering bults planted in pots- spring centerpiece

Another easy spring and Easter centerpiece is a grouping of spring flowering bulbs. This grouping is worthy of the dining room table because the bulbs are placed in pots, hurricanes, or things you find in your kitchen, like mugs.

I found all these blooming bulbs in our local grocery store. I popped the grape hyacinths out of their plastic container and put them in a mug with a broken-off handle and a little chinoiserie planter. It was easy to add the tete-a-tete daffodils to the tall glass cylinder. I added white pebbles, which I use over and over again, to the bottom of the cylinder, and then I nestled washed-off bulbs in them.

spring centerpiece on a small round kitchen table

This spring, I kept this little arrangement of spring-blooming bulbs on our small round kitchen table. But it would look beautiful as an Easter centerpiece.


Whenever possible, use candles as part of a centerpiece. Candles are great fillers, add height and ambiance, and round out almost any spring centerpiece. They are an important part of a finished centerpiece’s look.

Centerpieces are decorating workhorses. Just one well-designed spring centerpiece is all you need to create a beautiful spring or Easter table.

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