Easy Forsythia Weath DIY

Add a little bit of spring to your front door. Make this easy and pretty brambly spring forsythia wreath DIY. This wreath boasts delicate yellow forsythia flowers on a grapevine wreath with a beautiful black and white bow to tie it all together!

forsythia wreath

Forsythia is one of the first branches to bloom in the spring. Their quintessential yellow blooms on brambly branches with spring green foliage create a profession of unkempt beauty! A forsythia wreath is the perfect springtime front door decor!

This wreath is so so easy to make with just a few items and will add springtime cheeriness to your entryway!

My Do It Yourself Wreath Story

I love to create! And am pretty handy when it comes to wreath making. However, I did not start out that way.

I love the look of a designer wreath but not the price tag! So, I decided to learn how to make wreaths worthy to hand on my front door.

My mantra when it comes to wreaths is “why buy it when you can make it yourself?”.

And over the years I’ve made dozens and dozens of wreaths for every season and holiday! I’ve studied and picked apart true designer wreaths to find the best wreath-making practices so I could make the prettiest wreaths!

And I’ve come up with a recipe of sorts that I follow when I make my own wreaths!

My Wreath Making Recipe

The recipe for a beautiful wreath is really very easy!

Wreath Making Recipe

Create what you see in nature. Use a double wreath as a base. Don’t skimp on materials. Divide and conquer. Fasten everything on a wreath with lots of hot glue. Add a stunning bow.

Create A Wreath That Mimics Nature

The number one ingredient for making a beautiful wreath is to study the real thing! If forsythia is not blue in nature then don’t use fake blue forsythia! Or if Bird Of Paradise is not naturally found in your area, you might not want to use them on a wreath. Let the real deal be your inspiration!

Right now the forsythia in our area is blooming. However, when I’m driving through the countryside I see so many bushes that are maligned and abused! Forsythia should be cut to resemble a fountain, letting slim branches grow long and the bush quite brambly. Too often I see them cut into hedges with the most beautiful long branches nowhere to be found!

So taking my cue from real forsythia my wreath has longer branches and a wild look. That is the beauty of forsythia!

And how lovely to have that somewhat disheveled look on a front door for spring?

Use A Double Wreath As A Base

This tip is a real game changer! Especially if you are using a grapevine wreath! Doubling a wreath gives your overall creation a bit of heft and helps it to stand off of your door a bit! A big grapevine base is a great start to a beautiful seasonal wreath.

I like to use a zip tie to fasten two wreaths together.

Think of your wreath as a clock. I fasten them together at 2:00, 6:00, and 10:00. If you don’t have zip ties, use wire or brown pipe cleaners.

Don’t Skimp On Materials

A wreath is only as nice as the things you put on it. So don’t skimp on the materials! You will be disappointed if you do!

You don’t have to use the best quality items on a wreath. But you want to use enough!

Divide And Conquer

When I make a wreath I divide it up into imaginary sections and work on one section at a time. I broke the forsythia wreath into quarters and worked counterclockwise around the wreath. As one-quarter of the wreath was finished I started the next.

Doing this gets me into a rhythm and I can see from one section to the next how the finished wreath will look.

Use Hot Glue Liberally

Because a front door wreath will probably be exposed to at least some of the outdoor elements it’s important to make sure things you put on a wreath don’t fly away!

When your wreath is totally glued, use a hair dryer on warm to melt any straggler hot glue spider webs.

Add A Bow

If you want to put a bow on a wreath make it a stunner! For the forsythia wreath, I used a bow used it to hand the wreath on. I’ve been using this black and white French Ribbon for many of my wreaths. I think it is a good contrast to our light-colored front door.

Making An Easy Wreath

Once you have made any purchases for the wreath and gathered up your materials it should take about 30 minutes to put together.


Here’s another designer tip…

Best Money-Saving Wreath Tip

Disassemble a wreath after it has been used for a season. And store all the parts of it to use again. This saves lots of $$$ as you do not have to keep buying new wreath bases or things to go on a wreath.

Here’s what you will need to make the wreath…

Forsythia Wreath Instructions

Make The Wreath Base

Fasten two grapevine wreaths together, as described, above. The smaller wreath should be centered over the larger wreath.

Cut The Forsythia Branches As You Go

Cut each forsythia branch into 3 or 4 groups of forsythia stems. Cut them 8 to 10 inches long. Cut a few shorter stems for the inside of the wreath.

Add Forsythia In Sections Around The Wreath

Working in one section of the wreath from the outside in push each group of stems deep into the wreath, as shown. You will want to have some yellow flowers over much of the wreath but also leave room for the grapevine wreath to show through. Remember you will want your forsythia wreath to mimic the real thing in nature! And

Keep working around the wreath until it is finished.

Give The Wreath A Good Once-Over

Check for bare spots and fill in. Also, check for areas that are too heavily covered and take a few stems out.

Glue everything thing down.

Melt Away Any Hot Glue Spiders Webs

Using a hair dryer on warm, blow the air over the wreath and melt all the “spider webs” away.

Add A Bow

Add a pretty bow if you would like one on your wreath.

Hang And Enjoy

Hang your wreath on your front door and fluff the blooms and the bow! You may also like to make this wreath to hang over a mantel or on a mirror! And enjoy the beautiful wreath you made!


FAQs about cheesecloth

Real forsythia blooms in the spring. This wreath looks best on your front door from the end of February through Mid-May.

The best thing you can do if you are using your wreath on an outside door is to make sure the wreath is somewhat sheltered from harsh elements like rain and wind. Putting this wreath on a door that sits under a small porch is best.

Use lots and lots of hot glue to adhere the blooms to the wreath.

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I hope you will make this beautiful forsythia wreath for your spring home. Enjoy the process!

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  1. This wreath is beautifully. I have two questions. How and where do you store your wreaths? Also, where did you get the HELLO decal on your front door?

      1. Isn’t that difficult with all the hot glue? Also where did you get the Hello decal for your front door?

  2. Yvonne, your forsythia wreath with the black and white bow looks lovely on your front door. You always make such gorgeous wreaths. Thanks for sharing your expertise in making this wreath. You are so gifted and always so willing to share with us. Bless you for being such a special lady! Enjoy your week! We had a bit more snow last night so no Spring here at the moment even though the shops are full of beautiful Spring flowers and plants.

  3. I love your tip to use TWO grapevine wreath forms as the base. I can see how it adds substance to the overall design. I looked at a couple of other photos of other wreaths you created and WOW you definitely have talent for making a beautiful front door. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I can’t wait for Forsythia to bloom in upstate NY.