20-Minute Spring Centerpiece DIY

Need a super easy and pretty idea for spring decorating? Here’s the prettiest spring centerpiece you can make in about 20 minutes.


Happy almost Spring!!! We are starting to celebrate spring here on the blog! Ready to make a super easy spring centerpiece that will take only a few minutes to put together and it’s so so pretty! And you can recreate it in so many ways with so many different things.

I’m sharing a “recipe” of sorts so you can find what you have around your home and create a pretty spring centerpiece too in just a matter of minutes! Let’s make a spring centerpiece!

Let’s Make A Spring Centerpiece


I’m all about creating decorating recipes for you so you can create beauty in your home!


Here’s what you will need to make a pretty spring centerpiece…

  • candle
  • glass container
  • bowl
  • wreath
  • faux flowers

If you don’t have a pedestal bowl how about finding a cake plate or an interesting dough bowl or a pretty bowl you love to make the centerpiece in?

And instead of a boxwood wreath how about a small grapevine wreath or even a garland! Just wind it around the bowl.

And if you don’t have a glass hurricane how about any glass container. A ball jar perhaps!

And you can also make this with real flowers! Spectacular!

Make An Arrangement Of Your Own


Once you see how this easy-peasy spring centerpiece is put together it will be so easy for you to do it again and again!


A beautiful arrangement always starts with a good foundation.

Start by putting a candle (I use a battery-operated one) in a glass container and placing it in the middle of a white pedestal bowl.

Then place the wreath in the bowl as shown.

The wreath centers the candle and creates a foundation for adding flowers. And it’s so attractive too.


Start arranging the flowers around the bowl. The wreath really helps to anchor the flowers in the arrangement and helps fill up the bowl. Doesn’t it look so pretty?


To fill in the arrangement I used flowers from my “stash”! My stash is a mishmosh of all kinds of bits and pieces of flowers I keep in a few clear shoeboxes!

They are nothing really special but when they were put together I think they make decorating magic!

Start with a couple larger flowers and tuck them into the wreath. I had two faux Queen Ann’s Lace that I put on either side of the pedestal.


Next, add a few medium blooms around the bowl, spacing them out. I found some green mum-type flowers to use. I liked their look against the green boxwood wreath.


The last thing to add to the spring arrangement is what I like to call “fluff”. Fluff is what you add at the end of any type of decorating that takes it from nice to OH, THAT’S SO PRETTY!!!!

The small flowers are the “fluff”! I love flowers or twigs and sticks that are wispy and feel visually light! Arrange the “fuff” around the centerpiece filling in any bare spaces and let some slight spill over the edge of the bowl. Super easy!!!

A Word About “Fluff”

Years and years ago I found long branches with little white blooms on a major sale. So I brought home a few of them. And am I glad I did! I knew they would be very useful!

From cutting apart the branches over the years I had a handful of “fluff”. And these little twigs of white blooms were the perfect size to add to the arrangement.


Do you have a stash of floral bits and pieces? Floral fluff? It’s amazing what you can do it.

So, why not get a clear plastic box and start collecting flowers and sticks and twigs and fluffy things! You just won’t believe how often you use your fluff!


Just think of all the amazing arrangements you can create using this simple decorating recipe!

Once you have all the elements to create an arrangement, you can put it together in just a few minutes!

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FAQs About Spring Centerpieces

Add Easter eggs to the centerpiece.

Use a candle or lantern in a spring centerpiece. As well as leafy branches or curly pussy willow.

Flowers are the most common things to add to a spring centerpiece. Choose spring flowers that work with the season.

Don’t you love the idea of being about to recreate a centerpiece again and again for any day of the year? This pretty little arrangement is so easy to make and can be imagined in so many different ways! Yay!


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  1. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    So pretty, Yvonne, and it looks so easy to put together. Thanks for another great idea for making a floral arrangement using items we already have in our stash!

  2. So pretty! Once again you have designed such a beautiful and easy centerpiece for any home! Can you tell me what size candle and glass container you used?

    1. The candle and the candle holder is one I just had down in the basement.

  3. I had all the pieces, but couldn’t visualize how to put them together.
    Beautiful and so simple.
    Thank you!

  4. Yvonne, Lovely centerpiece. I have not invested in a smallish boxwood wreath. Do you have any recommendations? I know that you always select quality faux greenery. Hope you have a blessed Sunday. I always look forward to them. The latest about being grateful and thankful was right on. We pray for meals and sometimes ask waiter if there is anything he would like us to pray for him. a variety of responses!! Vicky

    1. Hi Vicky, try a small grapevine wreath or a faux branch twisted into a circle. The wreath at the bottom of this centerpiece fills it up and stabilizes the other things you put in it. Hope this helps.

      1. Good morning Yvonne
        Love your idea of having a base design that can be easily changed each season or holiday.
        I need to buy a new boxwood wreath since mine has seen better days. First centerpiece I do will be for St Patrick’s Day. Your example is just right for that with your green and white theme.I have alot of those little glass flower tubes and may try some real green carnations from my grocery store.
        Have a good week.

        1. Yay! I’m so glad you are using this centerpiece as a blueprint for many more

  5. Lois Vogen says:

    Yvonne, the centerpiece featured above is so beautiful; however, the one I really want to make is the one you featured a few weeks previously with the bread bowl, the paperwhite bulbs, reindeer moss, and spring flowers. I already own a bread bowl, so purchased and/or ordered all the other supplies, but now am unable to find your instructions. Would you please send them to me again? I would be most grateful. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

    1. Lois, on any blog post or my home page, you can find a little magnifying glass. You can search for blog posts there. I you wanted to find the spring dough bowl arrangement but did not know what to type in, you can just type “dough bowl” and all the posts that have a dough bowl in them will come up. I hope this helps you in the future. For now you can find the Spring Dough Bowl Arrangement DIY here:https://www.stonegableblog.com/how-to-style-a-charming-early-spring-dough-bowl-centerpiece/