Book Page Egg diy

Book page eggs are so easy to make and will add beauty and whimsy to your spring decor. Even if you are not crafty you can make this easy spring diy.

I hope you will make book page Easter eggs this season. If you love to add eggs to your spring decor you will want to make these eggs! Even if you are not crafty you can make book page Easter eggs sweet eggs! Let’s make them…

Easter is the time to pull out spring decor and eggs! Lots and lots of eggs. I’ve colored eggs and covered eggs and everything in between! They show up in nests and in teacups and in baskets and bowls at StoneGable! I have marbled eggs and gold-leafed eggs and make torn tissue eggs and even sugared eggs!

Book Page Spring Eggs

Today I’m sharing a very very easy, no-cost way to decorate Easter eggs! Book page Easter eggs!  They are pretty and totally different than the usual pastel eggs we see this time of year! Now is the perfect time to make them! 

BOOK PAGE EASTER EGG DIY- Easy and practical no cost Easter Eggs with a book-lover's twist!

Let’s make Book Page Easter Eggs!

This is such an easy-peasy way to decorate Easter eggs! Even if you are not crafty YOU CAN DO THIS! 


Here’s what you will need:

  • blown out raw eggs 
  • pages from a book, cut into thin strips
  • Mod Podge (see it HERE)
  • paintbrush to spread Mod Podge
  • wax paper
  • twine
  • embellishments

Making The No-Cost Eggs

  1. Blow out raw eggs and let them dry. I tore out pages from an old book and cut the book pages into thin strips according to each line of writing.
  2. Then I used Mod Podge on a small paintbrush and glued the book page strips onto an egg. I worked 6 eggs at a time gluing several strips at a time on each one and then doing to same to the next egg, and so on, to let them dry. Don’t glue in any particular way. Best if it is random.
  3. I chose to use the whole page that included some white space because it makes the overall look of the eggs lighter. You can use only the print if you don’t care for the blank spaces.
  4. When I started using Mod Podge on the eggs I put them on a piece of wax paper so they would not stick. As I layered the strips of book paper on the eggs I added a little extra Mod Podge on each egg and gently smoothed the paper out with my fingers.
  5. When the entire egg was covered with book page strips and smoothed with Mod Podge I let it completely dry.
BOOK PAGE EASTER EGG DIY- Easy and practical no cost Easter Eggs with a book-lover's twist!

Embellish The Eggs

These eggs look so pretty just as they are, but I wanted to add a little embellishment to them. 

I wrapped a piece of twine around the egg three times and tied it into a knot.  With some eggs. I stamped an initial on it for each of my family’s names and hot glued a little white flower or bud sprig.

BOOK PAGE EASTER EGG DIY- Easy and practical no cost Easter Eggs with a book-lover's twist!

I hope you give these pretty Easter eggs a try! Just think of all the different ways they could be embellished!

BOOK PAGE EASTER EGG DIY- Easy and practical no cost Easter Eggs with a book-lover's twist!

StoneGable Tip: Save the egg carton the eggs came in. Mark it with BOOK PAGE EGGS and use the carton to store the eggs in after Easter!

Click The Video Below For More Spring Ideas

I hope you will add these fun and pretty spring eggs to your decor this season. They will also make the sweetest giflt!

book page eggs diy

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  1. Cheryl Durant says:

    Will be making these Easter eggs, going to give it a trial run this week! Thanks again for these unusual eggs.

  2. These eggs are fabulous! I don’t know where you get all the great ideas for crafts. I will be making these for sure. Can you give us some tips about blowing out the eggs? I have never done that before,
    Thank you for this awesome give away! I had never heard of April Cornell before this morning. I went to the sight, and I am in love! She has gorgeous things! Felicity’s Flowers round cloth in the white and light blue floral is my favorite. But they are all so pretty and feminine. I have four sons, so I could use some feminine things around here!

  3. Sounds easy enough for me to do and they look great!

  4. I so love all of your wonderful book page projects. This is one of my favorites along with that napkin ring you created long ago!
    This is a project that is right up my alley…easy and with beautiful results! Great to “party” with you today!!! Have a wonderful day!

  5. If I do one new thing to decorate for Easter this year, it will be making these book page eggs. They are simply fabulous! I never heard of Mod Podge, but I will find it. With almost 2 feet of snow outside, it’s lovely to still contemplate new birth!

  6. Flora Turner says:

    Thank you! I love all your ideas. I love using some of them to make my home feel as warm and welcoming as yours. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  7. LOVE the tea rose round tablecloth! It made me so ready for spring just looking at those fun summery colors?

  8. I’ve done several book page projects and this one is just too cute to miss! Definitely going to make them and some extra to give as hostess gifts!

    Love April Cornell—hard to choose just one but I love Felicity’s Flowers.

  9. Love these eggs! They’re so cute! Thank you for giving us such cute and easy ideas!

  10. Amy Rands says:

    Love that you cut the paper into strips. I was thinking of giving it a bit more antique look by lightly brushing some butterscotch ink across the surface or even adding a layer of beeswax.

    April Cornell has so many gorgeous patterns – the Pears pattern struck me as a fave… love the large scale and watercolor look.

  11. Another project. You keep me so inspired with all of your wonderful projects. Thanks for sharing. So many wonderful items in April’s collection. I do love the Willa Rose farmhouse apron, just like Gramma’s. So many memories.

  12. genie steger says:

    I like the Tea Rose runner…Love your Easter Ideas for Eggs!

  13. Lucia Corwin says:

    Blue and white are my love and the tablecloth Item #: TPWESS*.Periwinkle captures the freshness of spring with the soft colors I love.
    Eggs…I have collected the ones made with several dye baths and etched with different colors, eggs that have colored wax applied in beautiful patterns, and I even made a collection of blown eggs from Alice and Wonderland which are a family treasure! Love this new idea…a sweet gift to make for guests, maybe in a little moss nest.

  14. Carol Davis says:

    Love the way I can now use some of the old books I have been attempting to eliminate from the book shelves. Would like to try giving the egg an aged paper look after all the paper is on the eggs. Will do some experimenting with different items.

    1. If I were doing this craft, Carol, I’d also like an aged look. I’ve done this on previous projects and find once the final coat of Modge Podge has dried, I squeeze out a blob of Umber (Dark Brown) acrylic craft paint in a dish, add a little water, stir and paint it on. I then gently wipe it off here and there with a tissue according to how dark I want the aged appearance to be. Besides book pages, I like using old sheet music, old maps and also Chinese fortunes from my take-out nights. The sheet music and maps that I found at reuse centers were already “aged” (paper is really discolored) so they both were perfect for a craft I was doing at the time.

  15. Love your eggs. You always inspire me.

  16. Carol Davis says:

    The Tea Rose runner is just lovely. Would work on beautifully on the top of my dresser for a nice summer change up.

  17. Love April Cornell…discovered her years ago…her vintage vibe fits my lifestyle…The Willa Rose in red (or yellow!) is my current fave.

  18. Judy Reed says:

    Love the book page eggs. Will be making them. Thanks for all your wonderful inspirations!!
    Love the Chickadee tablecloth in April Cornell’s collection. Love the birds; decorate with them all the time!!
    And I especially love your Sunday writings. Thank you, Judy

  19. I love all of these Easter ideas. I especially liked the tissue covered eggs! I have to give those a try!

  20. Those are just perfect for your farmhouse Yvonne and I can imagine doing that with plastic eggs too! Always inspiring my friend…hugs.

  21. Donna Milazzo says:

    Love the Willa Rose Dress on the April Cornell page! I think I may try the Easter Egg idea too!

  22. I ama always looking for crafts to enjoy with my 10 year old, very arty granddaughter. She also loves anything Harry Potter so I think I know what book we will use to make these! I do wonder if styrofoam eggs could be the base?

  23. The Fiesta Patchwork Ovenmitt and potholders are my favorites!

  24. These are so pretty and simple. I’ve made your “napkin” eggs last year in several colors and some for gifts that were well received. I think I’ll make these too….for me 🙂

  25. All of your eggs are gorgeous! I am going to make the tissue paper eggs. The Pear tablecloth is stunning, but I would probably choose Felicity’s Flowers.

  26. Carolyn K. says:

    Love the tea rose pattern on the round tablecloth. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to enter. I’m also going to try the book patterned egg project and I love your fau branches in the glass containers. So many great ideas in 1 place.
    I hope this means that you are well on your way to a complete recovery from your ankle surgery.

  27. Joanne B. says:

    Love this look as well as the similar craft you did previously with covering eggs with decorative paper napkins! I was hesitant because of the delicate nature of using real eggshells. But this lovely craft come with the BEST tip of all! Storing them in an egg carton! So simple and yet SO BRILLIANT! I love how your mind works!

  28. Yvonne, this is so beautiful, I love these eggs! I think I will print out some scripture and cover the eggs with those for Easter, maybe mostly book page strips and then the scripture on top. It’s a joy to be on this blog tour with you today! Xo Lidy

  29. I am smitten with Felicity’s Flowers. The classic red toile would go smashingly well with my olive green dishes and black and white checked napkins. ?

  30. Loving theses eggs and so easy to do,I will have to try this craft.
    Yvonne,you are very creative.Kinda liking April Cornell’s Felicity’s

  31. cindy ross says:

    What a beautiful idea. Was already planning on doing the tissue eggs. I’m going to try doing some plain white plastic eggs that I found a WalMart the other day. They look just like real eggs! With a matte finish and carton to put them in. Hopefully they will turn out well, and will be less fragile!

  32. Great idea; now I have to find some book pages I cut up.

  33. I could make these eggs for my librarian daughter and her husband for their Easter decor. They look great and I can’t wait to try them.

  34. im probably not the norm but I have never done anything creative with an egg. love this idea. Happy almost spring, even though it sure dosn’t feel like it.

  35. Teresa Gonzales says:

    Love the book page easter egss! Also love April Cornell Felicity’s Flowers tablecloth!

  36. Portia Read says:

    Hi Yvonne.
    I’m always entranced with April Cornell’s colors and designs for tables. I like the simple pleasures, linen color stories. I am drawn to Felicity’s Flowers in blue or in red. Also the Tea rose in light Aqua.

  37. Aimee Kronberger says:

    Love all the beauty on April Cornell’s website…Felicity’s Flowers (red toile) is my favorite! Last year I dyed eggs with the red cabbage method and they were gorgeous, so this year it’s going to be the book page wrapped eggs!!

  38. Natalie in Ohio says:

    Oh… I’m in-love with April Cornell’s “Felicity’s flowers” tablecloth in red! The chic tassels on it are the icing on the cake! I would love to win this! I haven’t bought/got a new tablecloth in decades!

    Your book page Easter eggs are darling Yvonne! I CAN actually do these! 🙂 I’m a newer follower, after finding you a month or so ago ~ and I love everything I’ve seen on your blog! Thank you for all you share with your readers to inspire us!

  39. I have loved April Cornell fabrics for many years! Viewing the designs is like a quick trip to Provence! I am going to be true to myself and choose the very, very vivid colors of the Victorian Rose tablecloth!

    Enjoyed your book page egg post…Wouldn’t the eggs be perfect as a centerpiece for your book club??? Add a few embellishments, large and small, and you have a lovely table…

  40. I am crushing on these book page egges! I cannot wait to make some. I have been saving an old dictionary to do some kind of craft with. I will give those pages a try. Also, would be great with bible verses, but of course I don’t want to cut up my bible. Printing out some verses would work. You’ve got my creative juices flowing! Love your blog and I am such a fan of the podcast. I look forward to checking every morning to see if there is a new one. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  41. Donna Gonzalez says:

    Love the Felicity’s Flowers Tablecloth.

  42. Vicki N. Martin says:

    Thank you for all the Easter ideas. I love Easter for the biblical readings of the life of Christ. It’s the time of year when we see trees and flowers starting to bloom. I have bunnies, marble eggs, a little chick coming out of it’s egg that was my mothers. I love going to the feed stores and seeing the baby chicks, ducks. I remember my Brother Les and I receive two white ducks for Easter. Mama and Daddy kept them in a bird cage during their early years of life and then we moved them to the back yard. We named them Donald and Daisy. We sold their eggs and had a pool for them too. I think Mama and Daddy enjoyed them as much as we did. Memories of your family that never leave you.

    Hope you are feeling better Yvonne. Happy Easter and Spring to you.

  43. Theresa Winterberry Lane says:

    I’m always looking for great ideas and inspiration. This should be an easy project my 3 year old grandson can do this next week when he comes over to Gramma’s house. Thanks Yvonne and have a great day!

  44. From Anna Cornell, I love the Felicity Flower pattern in blue.

    Thanks for the tutorial. Nothing like an easy craft that looks like a million bucks!

  45. Everything is just so pretty! What a great idea for the eggs!

  46. Debbie Taylor says:

    The painters are at my house right now and I’m going with Sonnet and Simply White! Thanks for making my choices so easy! What color would you suggest for my bathroom?

  47. So ready for spring! Lots of beautiful ideas… love the eggs!

  48. I just LOVE the April Cornell Felicity’s Flowers tablecloth! <3

  49. Love the cheery yellow color-

  50. I just LOVE the Red April Cornell Felicity’s Flowers tablecloth! <3

  51. I love April Cornell’s designs and your blog- running home to make those eggs! 🙂

  52. Love Love Love the Book eggs!

  53. Love the April Cornell Backyard Rooster in Round, with Basic Essential Napkins in Ecru! Here products are gorgeous!!

  54. I came here to enter the April Cornell package, but found so much more. Love those book pages Easter eggs, too!

  55. Sandy Manning says:

    Oh that tablecloth! If I had an all white kitchen, my accent colors would be blue and yellow. I love that combo!

  56. April Cornell rocks ~ Greta’s Garden does too.

    And Easter eggs? I am inspired to write our own pages about our grandpeeps and then cut them up for the page eggs. Wouldn’t it be fun to see them identify thoughts about themselves? Thank you for your sharing so many creative projects!

  57. Meadow tablecloth would be my choice….
    newly widowed & looking for something to try & brighten my day.

  58. Brenda Chambers says:

    Love your emails/blogs. I can’t get out like I use to and they give me ideas as well as brightening my day.

  59. I love book page projects in any form. I especially like the larger letters that pop out here and there on your eggs. I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I have real eggs that I painstakingly emptied and cleaned (I have a tool for this) about three years ago. This year, I’m going to cover some of them with book pages. Thanks for sharing.

  60. Portia Read says:

    Love the Greta’s garden tablecloth! And Frlicity’s Flowers in red and blue .
    Also the Tea Rose in Aqua. I’ve always loved April Cornell! She used to have a store I would always visit on my trips to Kansas City. Then it disappeared!
    The bookprint eggs are darling. I would enjoy making them.
    Thanks Yvonne for such a sweet bunch of posts!

  61. Oh Wow.. I love all of April Cornell Paisley Napkins!!! Paisley is my ‘color’!!!
    Thank You Yvonne!!
    Patricia (NC Coast)

  62. Christine Vaughn says:

    April Cornell is one of my favorite designers. Just love her dresses and the wonderful fabric designs she creates. Greta’s Garden Round tablecloth is my favorite. It’s the perfect Easter tablecloth.

  63. Willa Rose and Greta’s Garden are both so beautiful! thanks for sharing with us.

  64. Love the strawberry oilcloth! I have seen many April Cornell oilcloth tablecloth in a shop in Cambria Ca. Beautiful patterns but they never have a large enough size for my table. Next visit to Cambria and I’m getting one!

  65. Robin Talley says:

    I love these, how creative and adorable! I’m going to pass them on to my Daughter-in-Law who loves crafting and has the patience to make them!!! She will adore these! Thanks as always Yvonne!

  66. I love the Linen Jacquard table linens, so many pretty patterns. Great giveaway! Thanks!

  67. The colors in the table cloth and napkins are to die for! Love them. And the eggs are delightful. So many décor ideas here!

  68. I love the Felicity’s Flower pattern – all the patterns are Springtastic! I did the book page/mod podge thing for a bridal shower with vases….do the eggs keep for future?

  69. Homespun Matelasse Tablecloth is my favorite just because it reminds me of the sunshine in the summer, and in the middle of winter in MN, I want to see it more

  70. Those eggs made from books are adorable…..will be making them this weekend. Loved listening to this Blog as well. Hearing you all makes it more personal. Thank you.

  71. Love the eggs in so many different ways! Thanks for the inspiration!

  72. JudyCinNC says:

    Beautiful ideas and love a challenge. April Cornell linens are the beat and I love Felicity’s Flowers. JudyC

  73. Sandy Manning says:

    Girl! I did not need to know about that April Cornell website! I made the mistake of looking at the Attic Sale too! Wow. So much gorgeous stuff!

  74. These are so cool and they would look absolutely beautiful nestled in a nest on the Greta Tablecloth

  75. Kimberlee says:

    April Cornell has the most beautiful linens! I love the Water Lily pattern in red (but the green is a really close second!) What a beautiful table it would make with white dishes.

    And I love those eggs! What a wonderful project. 🙂

  76. I love all of the April Cornell patterns. I think I would like the Wildflower tablecloth and napkins best because I love color and I think my white Nantucket dishes would be pretty with this—I also really like the oilcloth squares! The Essential napkins come in so many pretty colors that would go well with the Wildflower pattern. I love that the April Cornell napkins that match the tablecloths are backed with a coordinating fabric so you actually have two napkins in one! It is all so gorgeous!
    I love your blog —you give us so many great ideas—-but I enjoy your Sunday blog just as much! You are a wonderful teacher! Thank you!

  77. Wendy Toomey says:

    Beautiful eggs that are so creative and artistic as well! Your posts ALWAYS inspire me as well as your “fun” podcasts!!!!

    The eggs I will create will complement Greta’s
    Garden ( my fav!) and all will be beautiful Easter morning!
    Thank you for wonderful posts!!!

    1. Hi Wendy, I’m so thrilled you are enjoying the podcast! We love doing it!

  78. Cindy Hayhurst says:

    I would love to have more tea cozies for my tea pots. I’m also attracted to the tablecloths of all colors! I have an odd shaped kitchen table that would perhaps work with one of April’s many sizes available.

    Your pictures are so very lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  79. Karen Cadden says:

    What wonderful way to decorate eggs for Easter! And they can be use in the future. The nest you placed them in is also beautiful. Thanks for sharing another beautiful way to decorate and show others how much we care.

  80. diane moser says:


    sorry for caps
    Love all things by April! The Chickadees [birds] are my fave.
    I’m feeling lucky!

  81. Hi Yvonne! Like your Spring/Easter posts. I have 2 decorating questions I hope you can help me with. 1) Is there a height ratio between a couch and a coffee table? I know the length is 2/3rds of the length of the couch, but is the height supposed to be the same height as the couch seat or maybe shorter? 2) How much larger should a dining room rug be compared to the table? I know there would need to be space for chairs to be pulled out, but by how much? Thanks for any help. Barbara

  82. Anne Marie says:

    Love the bookpage eggs – so originat and unique! Thanks for sharing.

  83. I love Felicity’s Flowers. It would look perfect in my kitchen. I am also shopping for my DIL, and this page is bookmarked.


  84. Love the egg idea. Can’t wait to try it. Easter and Spring is my favorite time of year. Thanks again.

  85. Ann Bienvenu says:

    April Cornell’s designs are all so beautiful but the Wildflower pattern is just joyously spring! I have lots of her linens but also look forward to exploring the other products!

  86. Thanks for sharing all your spring decorating ideas! Plan on making the moss nest!!!

  87. I absolutely LOVE the Chickadee Round placemats! They say spring to me!

  88. Karen K from Buffalo says:

    Such sweet eggs & patience you have!! As far as patterns, I would love Greta’s Garden for the beautiful blues & yellows.

    Thank you for giving us a chance to win this.

  89. Nancy Mattox says:

    Decorating for Easter and Spring makes me so happY. I luv bunnies. Thank you for the ideas. My favorite is the Water Lily Tablecloth. All are wonderful! Off to find my Easter/ Spring totes!

  90. Gretas garden tablecloth is my favorite! It makes you want to decorate for spring. It’s so beautiful.

  91. It’s impossible to ever pick a favorite April Cornell, they are all so beautiful. If I had to pick just one product it would be the Dandelion Dreams Table Cloth. Looking a this pattern takes me back to childhood when we would blow on the seed head and make wishes.

  92. Thanks for turning me on to April Cornell’s site. I really like Felicity’s Flowers as a tablecloth pattern. As of late, I am in the middle of an intense love affair with blue and white dishes, so that may be why……sigh

  93. Deborah Ruggles says:

    Love this latest podcast, Ladies. Love the spring ideas.!

  94. Thanks for introducing me to April Cornell. I’ve never heard of it before. Lots of wonderful items! I’m partial to the Lotus tablecloth and the Provence Seersucker. I guess I have a thing to blue and yellow!!


  95. Love the tablecloth and April Cornell’s site.
    Thanks for sharing.

  96. Annmarie Wehmann says:

    I can’t wait to make these eggs. 🙂 Thank you


  97. Your ideas are always unique and exceptional! Thank you

  98. Elizabeth Anne says:

    I love the fabrics and designs of April Cornell. Thank You Yvonne for introducing us to her talents.

  99. Bet Stephens says:

    Love the look of linens however I don’t purchase on line.
    Are there stores that carry the linens?

  100. Cute eggs! I have been admiring April Cornell’s products for a while now and I’d love to have the Meadow Round tablecloth. Thank you!

  101. The eggs are a must do! Great idea using scripture for Easter.
    My favorite table covering is the yellow matelasse. What a beautiful way to decorate a table.

  102. Becky Kellerman says:

    I love the tablecloth that is blue and white-Flelecity’s
    flowers Tablecloth!

  103. Annmarie Wehmann says:

    April Cornell’s Greta’s garden is beautiful. I also love the name, my almost 12 years old German Shepard ‘s name, who just past on this past Saturday.



  105. Made your salmon last night. Super good and had loads of compliments. Thanks.

  106. Love, love, love the Willa short dress in daffodil yellow! Thanks for the contest.

  107. Diane Ruebel says:

    Now is the time!

  108. Even though winter has returned to N.C. I am planning my Easter table. Went out to
    buy some good faux spring flowers to try to recreate your eggs and flower centerpiece in the clear glass cylinder. I am going to flank it with two white ceramic rabbits and some pastel candles. Love all your ideas. Thanks so much Yvonne.

  109. These linens are beautiful. I absolutely love Greta’s Garden. And it would look lovely with my Blue Bonnet tablescapes.

  110. Love your site so much, so many ideas

  111. Barbara Harilaou says:

    Yvonne your book page Easter eggs are really cute. I was getting ready to do your torn tissue eggs from an older post so I will try to make these also . Again your ideas are absolutely beautiful.Have a wonderful day. April Cornell has so many beautiful . things I even pinned some on my boards. I love everything with blue. it’s such a happy color

  112. Nita Hiltner says:

    That tablecloth is so French country and would fit my outdoor table beautifully. I saw they have plastic eggs out you could decopage too, I suppose, but I love those eggs!!!

  113. Katherine Gebhardt says:

    Very good ideas for celebrating Easter. I’ve always liked April Cornell.( A couple of her dresses hang in my closet.) Choosing one table cloth pattern is difficult but for my home I’d go with Felicity’s Flowers in blue or red.

  114. thanks for the offer…I loved greta’s garden, provence, felicity’s flowers and seersucker…I loved them all!

  115. Such a good idea for the eggs and a nice change of pace. You are inspiring me to get started!

  116. Love the idea for the eggs! I’ll just get out my paper cutter and go to town!!

  117. All the tablecloths are beautiful, but especially love the Willa Rose pattern.

  118. Love dandelion dreams! Oh my such beautiful spring colors!

  119. Lillian Lane says:

    I love the book page idea, but I am afraid I would have a problem destroying books to make them–I was a librarian years ago and still love books. Would newspapers or magazines work?

    1. I feel the very same way about books, Lillian, so I look for really, really old books that have pages missing, etc. and also old sheet music and old maps that I recently found at a reuse center. My sheet music is very discolored and torn so I don’t feel I’m “harming” anything when using it. I also am saving up “fortunes” when I have Chinese take-out. Since that paper is new and therefore, white, I plan on antiquing the finished project with brown acrylic craft paint – perhaps, diluted with a little water.

  120. I like the book eggs!
    The Felicity’s Flowers pattern is my favorite.

  121. Susan Jackson says:

    Snapdragon Watercolor just looks like Easter! It’s so pretty!

  122. I love the idea of using paper to do these eggs. How fun it would be to put different scriptures on each one and let the family read their verse before opening up the egg.

  123. What a lovely giveaway! I love the aqua Tea Time pattern. Thanks.

  124. Beautiful table cloths! I like the Matelasse-Broken White- versatile! Thanks for the gift ideas!

  125. Lillian Lane says:

    I love the Kashmir Paisley pattern, and I also love that it comes in a 60 x 108 size–we have an antique table with three leaves, so when we have a family gathering, I need a long tablecloth.

  126. Angela Hamby says:

    I would choose Playful Paisley. All are so pretty. Also, love the eggs. Think I’ll try sheet music!

  127. These eggs are beautiful, especially with the twine wrapped around them. And I love April Cornell’s Peony Watercolor Throw! It looks like Spring!

  128. Nancy Itson says:

    I love April Cornell. Her linens are beautiful as is her entire line. I love the Tumbling Hydrangea Watercolor Tablecloth. It is so cheery and would look wonderful in my dining room. Thanks for all the great ideas and thanks for the give away.

  129. I never come away from StineGable without great ideas. Can’t wait to try these eggs! They’ll be a perfect part of my tablescape.

    1. Oops….StoneGable…

  130. Elaine Wesselman says:

    I love the Easter eggs and the April Cornell website. I ordered 2 pairs of tennis shoes! Everything is beautiful!

  131. I have one April Cornell tablecloth that I found on sale when a small store was closing. Love all of them but especially Water Lily and Greta’s Garden is beautiful.

  132. Love all the egg decorating ideas! Everything looks gorgeous!

  133. Teresa Sole says:

    I am HEAD OVER HEELS for Felicity’s Flowers!!! The round tablecloth would be ideal for our home. I have loved April Cornell’s linens and aprons for years! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the drawing!

  134. I love the book page eggs! Thanks for the idea.

    1. April Harris says:

      Love your ideas that motivate me to DIY! Thanks!

  135. Esther Williams says:

    I love both the April Cornell Rose Nouveau Tablecloth and Greta’s Garden. I don’t think I’d ever leave the table with either one of those tablecloths gracing the table!

    I am definitely going to try decoupaging eggs. I have wanted to do it for years and your instructions make it look very easy.

    Thank you for sharing all your ideas.


  136. Love the paper covered eggs,plan to give them a try. You always have such unique ideas. Hope mine look as pretty as yours! Thanks for such great posts. I need April Cornell’s Felicity Flowers,would love for my screen porch.

  137. You inspire me to move things around- room to room to make them look fresh. I love adding bird nests to my spring decor…picked up a few new ones on a recent trip to a cute shop while travelling in Florida. Can’t wait to add them to my groupings. Thanks for your Inspiration.

  138. These. are. gorgeous! I didn’t check to see if anyone has asked this, but do you think these could be done on plastic eggs, too?

  139. Dianne Lanier says:

    A tablecloth in the red and white Felicity pattern would be perfect for my kitchen!

  140. Saw my first robin here in Michigan March 9….and now after seeing all your beautiful photos I can say that I have SPRING fever…Love the web site.

  141. Dianne Lanier says:

    The book page eggs are so unique, and I can hardly wait to make them!!

  142. I really like the Mingle Stripe tablecloth!

  143. This is a nice simple craft, I could actually do this…and silver glitter will be involved 🙂

    Wow. The visit to April Cornell and picking out a favorite was difficult! There used to be a store here in Boulder and it closed…sorry for that, always liked it and have some of her napkin, as well as a few dresses. I am torn…the Beckoning Bocas tablecloth had a pretty and soft vintage feel. The Margarets Em over a lilac paisley was so pretty. I have been thinking of doing a tabletop with plum glassware. I will be going back there!

  144. Eggs are such a fun thing to decorate for Easter and Spring and your book paper eggs are so lovely Yvonne. It’s a pleasure to be on the bHome tour with you this week.

  145. I love this Easter egg idea. It’s simple enough that I think I could do it, but really posh, too.

    April Cornell is one of my favorite designers! I don’t have any of her tablecloths, but I have a lot of her clothing. And her nightgowns. . . heavenly.

    I would love to have her tea rose quilt.

  146. Love, love Gretas Garden pattern tablecloth. Would look georgeous on my patio. Thank you for your wonderful inspirational posts. Enjoy your blog.

  147. Would love the Victorian Rose for a bridal shower I am hosting soon. The egg craft is fun. I have done that on other objects.

  148. Those eggs are so cute. I really like the eggs made with paper strips and twine.

  149. I LOVE the April Cornell “Fiesta Stripe” tablecloth with the fringed edges! I can just imagine all of the table setting options.

  150. Gwen Roberts says:

    The Willow dress is the elegance of a time past spending an afternoon in the garden.

  151. Margo Condit says:

    I keep picturing that Lovely ‘Dandelion Dream’ table runner on my new table…..Sighs ….. also, THANK YOUso much Yvonne for giving a chance to us Canadian’s – love your blog and your Podcast team – I look fwd to hear each week!

  152. what a cute, fun project! I’m rummaging through my trash can to find that egg container I just threw out this morning, never gave it thought that I could use it to store book page hand made eggs, which I am now going to make!

  153. Rosemarie says:

    Love your style. Great layering

  154. Denise Hackman says:

    Spring is my favorite time of the year and I love seeing all your eggs and nests and seasonal colors! The TumblingPeony Watercolor is my favorite tablecloth, but they are all so beautiful!

  155. Donna Simmons says:

    These are just fabulous! Love the look, great project to do with friends.

  156. I always enjoy your posts and I’m enjoying your podcasts, too. Another great idea! Thank you for introducing me to April Cornell. I love the Greta Garden table cloth. I’m having my kitchen renovated (cabinets come tomorrow) and this would just make my breakfast room! Wish I could have your kitchen! Love it!

  157. Love Water Lily in green. It would make a beautiful table. Thanks for your inspirational posts!

  158. The music page eggs are very different and I love them! Thanks!

  159. Loved the table cloths. I think my favorite is the tulip cloth. I just placed tulips in my kitchen and even though it is still cold it looks like spring in my kitchen. I love receiving your emails.

  160. The book eggs are so darling! I think they would also work as window ornaments. I would glue fishing line to hang in front of windows. Thank you for the inspiration. I would love the Greta’s Garden pattern. If I don’t win I might have to treat myself- it’s just THAT pretty!

  161. Jan Schouw says:

    Since I have a small family making a lot of eggs would be a waste. But you gave me a great idea. I’ll buy some plastic eggs. Paint them and use your paper technique. I also thing it would be fun to open 1/2 of the egg and put a small chick inside . Fun, fun, fun. I live greta’s garden. Beautiful.

  162. Melody Wright says:

    My favorite tablecloth is Tea Rose, but they are all beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    I love the eggs too! I think I’ll have to make some of those to add to my decorations!

  163. April Cornell’s entire line is exquisite! I’m especially fond of the linen Jacquard cranberry tablecloth.

  164. Love the egg tutorial. This will be a fun one to try. I like everything April Cornell. I have three of her tablecloths and have given one as a gift. I also love her table runners. The colors are so vibrant and stunning in her designs. You really can’t go wrong with any of her designs.

  165. I love your blog!!!! Your ideas are wonderful and I enjoy trying them. April Cornell products are beautiful. Thank you!

  166. Regina S. says:

    I love the green napkins on the April Cornell website. Great for spring & summer.

  167. Carol Elkins says:

    I love the book page eggs!!! What a great idea – and I have some old books that will be perfect for this. Thank you!

  168. I love April Cornell products, especially the tablecloths and napkins, which remind me of my mother. She loved to set a beautiful table and I do too! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas with us! I loved the Easter eggs from today’s post! Such an awesome idea.

  169. I liked the tulips material on everything ! So pretty and Spring like.

  170. I can only say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your awesome ideas!

  171. Sandra McFadden says:

    I love all things Stonegable! Love all the spring ideas and colors!

  172. Unbelievable Yvonne!! These eggs are so fab!! How do you come up with these ideas? You are such a genius. I love how they look “schooly” yet fabulous and decorative. Love ❤️ these!
    Thank you

  173. Martha Durick says:

    April’s colors are great …especially the yellow. Your egggs are lovely. Must Iuse Mod lodge or will any glue do?

  174. Oh my…well I would pick the “April’s Reef Tablecloth”….if I were to be your lucky winner!!! Everything is SO pretty! Many thanks, and cheers, Valerie 🙂 (p.s. I am a band now subscriber to your site….awesome ideas!! ) 🙂

  175. Phyllis McCoy says:

    I absolutely loved the Easter ideas – gorgeous blue dyed eggs! Thank you for all your inspiring ideas.

  176. Maggie Nelson says:

    What a cute idea and easy and they look so pretty! I like Greta’s Garden tablecloth. I heard the new podcast. You ladies are sooo much fun!!

  177. Loving the fiesta tablecloth…perfect for my fiesta dishes.

  178. Kathryn Durrant says:

    Love the Bliss Ladies Nighty. Perfect for summer sleeping and so feminine. I’ve got some old music books and I’m going to try these eggs using strips of music. Thanks for the great ideas.

  179. I love April Cornell, the tablecloths and napkins remind me of my Mom. She loved setting a beautiful table and I do too. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas. The Easter eggs are awesome!

  180. So many pretty things but my vote is for Backyard Roosters tablecloth. Love the cool colors .

  181. I love the Tea Rose tablecloth! Can I midge pudge plastic eggs?

  182. Love ,Love your eggs,I was thinking about doing something along these lines, thanks for inspiration:) I Love April Cornell , when I lived in Seattle she had a store in Bellevue Square. I always love to go in there and every now and again i would make a purchase. Love her clothes. The table cloth you picked out is so pretty.

  183. Love these book page eggs. I need to try this project.

    And my favorite from April’s site is the Playful Paisley Tablecloth.

  184. Love your tissue eggs with the beautiful flowers. Sounds pretty easy to make. You always show us such beautiful things we can make and lovely table cloths and napkins. I saved your table setting for Mother’s Day you showed us about 2 years ago. It had your beautiful lilacs with the beautiful table setting for your Mother’s Day luncheon. It was just so beautiful. As are all your table settings. Surely do enjoy your blog!

  185. Greta’s Garden is absolutely gorgeous, but then, almost everything I see on your blog is! After seeing your Ralph Lauren comforter set, I searched every TJ Maxx in a 75 mile radius of home to find one for myself–successfully! Thanks for so many beautiful ideas for the home.

  186. Love the Willa Rose in yellow and grey – so pretty!

  187. So many great choices but I picked the peony watercolor tablecloth .TY

  188. I love the Greta’s Garden tablecloth the best, though there are so many lovely ones to pick from…

  189. Last Easter you inspired me to make Easter eggs wrapped in twine, and I gave them as gifts. They were a big hit. This year I am going to give the book pages eggs a try. I love the vintage looks of these eggs. Thank you Yvonne for continually inspiring my creative side. ?

  190. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing … you are sooo creative!

  191. Cyndy Daukantas says:

    I love the Tea Rose Breakfast Oil Cloth. Just gorgeous!

  192. Linda Chapman says:

    I love the idea of different eggs!! I will be making these! Just love StoneGable and all your wonderful ideas! Keep it up! All the tablecloths are beautiful!!!

  193. Nancy Bailey says:

    I love April Cornell and there are so many choices. My favorite is the Romantic Crochet Cafe Cloth. Thank you, once again, for your inspirational ideas!

  194. Alma Garst says:

    I am so inspired by your Easter ideas! We always host an Easter dinner and an egg hunt afterwards! I love to change the settings and you have shared some wonderful concepts! I have been looking for Easter linens and April Cornell has some gorgeous tablecloths! I fell in love with the water lily pattern! Thanks again for sharing!

  195. Carol A. Wellein says:

    Dandelion Dreams is my favorite design. I’m a sucker for yellow even though there is no
    yellow in my house now. It would be fun to decorate the eggs with personalized words for
    those coming for Easter dinner. They could take them home as a remembrance of the special
    time spent with you.

  196. Love all the glimpses of Spring. Hope you are still in the mend and getting better day by day!

  197. cynthia Lewis says:

    I love this book page egg project. It will suit all of my bookie girls and be a great spring break activity with my grand-duaghter. I have love April Cornell for years. It’s really hard to pick just one favorite; probably Victorian Rose or Fruit Basket.

  198. It’s hard to pick a favorite in the April Cornell line – Linen Jacquard, Heirloom Rose Linen, and Greta’s Garden are a few of my favorites. I love your blog Yvonne!

  199. What a great way to dress up an egg!! I love this idea, and will be making some very soon. Duh….I would have probably thrown the carton in the recycling bin. Using it to store the eggs is a great idea!

  200. Carol Seguin says:

    Love your spring ideas. I’ve discovered some great ideas for the spring, hoping to try some.

  201. Rosemarie says:

    I am definitely giving these decorated eggs a try. It would go beautifully with my decor which is a neutral palette with some black accents. DH calls it boring……I call it calming!!!!!

  202. Your web site is so inspiring! Decorating is one of my passions. New love is white dishes; thanks for the tip of displaying them all over my home. I have found so many new places to shop on line and April Cornell is going to be a delightful addition; thank you for sharing new places to acquire home goods to bless my family. One of the best compliments I can receive is my friends and family saying they feel so relaxed and happy in our home! LOVE the GRETA GARDENS tablecloth makes me feel JOYFULL! Also going to make the newsprint eggs with my granddaughters. GOD BLESS YOU TODAY AND ALWAYS.

  203. I have never seen or heard of April Cornell, but once I saw the pictures, they are absolutely beautiful. The colors and styles. Yvonne your egg ideas are fun and fresh.

  204. Just love your Decorations!! I am going to try your eggs. Very different. Love how to did the table with the nest.

  205. Wonderful and so divine! Question for you Yvonne, how do you display family photos? I don’t see any around your living spaces.

  206. I love the simplicity of the White Matelasse. It would make the perfect foundation to a colorful spring table.

  207. Denise Paulus says:

    I’m definitely going to try these eggs! Though I always have a hard time cutting up books, no matter what, so I might make copies of pages and tea dye them or copy onto tan paper.

    These would be cute as “kids” eggs too! Copy your kids’ or grandkids’ favorite story book and include some illustrations. Wrap with colored twine. (Can you tell I’m a Nonna now?)

  208. Tablecloth is beautiful.

  209. Greta’s garden tablecloth is just gorgeous. I love the eggs too. What a unique idea.

  210. Nancy Ashley says:

    I have got so excited about spring/Easter just looking at your site and reading your blog!!! I have been decoupaging paper mache’ bunnies and oh what fun I have had. I seen a couple in a catalog and low and behold they were $50 each!!! That may not be much for some folks but is way out of my price range. I did have a hard time finding the paper mache’ bunnies but once I found a good website I bought 2 of every kind. If anyone knows of a good place to buy really large ones (10″ and up) I would love to know. Most I find are really small or in the 6″ to 9″ range). I used a real high gloss finish and vintage looking floral paper and they are just darling. Keep exciting and encouraging your readers to be creative. Love it!!!!

  211. I am having such fun with your ideas! The head start on Easter is great!

  212. Lynn Fowler says:

    Homespun Mattelasse’ is my pick.

  213. These are so pretty and unique, Yvonne! I love book paper crafts.

  214. Alice Binford says:

    They all are so beautiful. I really liked Snapdragon Watercolor Tablecloth.

  215. Dianne Lanier says:

    All of April’s fabrics are gorgeous. Make mine a 90″ round please.

    I revisited your beautiful spring decor today, and it seems even more beautiful than before!

  216. Love these egg ideas-so clever! The April Cornell pear watercolor tablecloth is absolutely gorgeous!

  217. I really liked your book page Easter eggs. I have made eggs of all kinds like you have and have eggs made of everything, but these are different and very pleasing to the eye. I am disabled and I enjoy having things to do with my hands that I can give to my family and friends. It keeps me busy instead of being a couch potato. I had never heard of April Cornell, but I certainly her website. I would love to win the Queens Court Tablecloth 60×90. The blues mixed with the soft yellow would look great in my dinning room. I love the paisley pattern of the material.

  218. Teresa Alexander says:

    such beauties! love the tablecloth!
    the bookpage eggs are so pretty ! what a great idea!

  219. I love the bunny place cards for some other time, maybe, but I have trouble using bunnies and easter eggs for the Resurrection holy day/season. What do you think about it? I am not criticizing any one’s choice, but I cannot put anything else in view on Christmas or Resurrection Day. The other major religions do not tolerate introducing anything that would take the focus away from the main thing on their holy days. Why do we? They make sure they are looking at the right focal point. I was raised with Easter bunnies and loved them and egg hunts, but I have since been convicted away from that. Just give me Jesus! Make Him first and foremost and only.

  220. Hard to choose just one – but my favorite is “MEADOW”

  221. April Cornell never grows old. Remember her from when I was a teenager!!!!!!!

  222. I do love the Provence Seersucker tablecloth…but they are all fabulous. Thank you for your blog. I have been inspired in my own decorating by your classy taste.

  223. Love the eggs and great giveaway

  224. Crystal Brazil says:

    Book pages are so versatile. Would love ro see a post about the many ways to use book pages.

  225. What a beautiful tablecloth! Love the springy feeling! And the eggs are beautiful!

  226. I LOVE the Greta’s Garden, Meadow and Tulips patterns. They are all beautiful though. These particularly feel like summer to me!

  227. I love all the sweet spring decor ideas. It’s just a pleasure to look through your blog! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ☘️☘️☘️

  228. Thanks so much for this Giveaway!
    I really like the: Felicity’s Flowers Throw
    Item #: THWFEL5X6D.Blue

  229. Veda Spalding says:

    I love the fresh and springy look of the snapdragon watercolor tablecloth!! I started this comment over an hour ago but got sidetracked at her website with all the lovelies to look at!! I look at a lot of ideas on other blogs but when I really get ready to make a change in my decor its back to Stonehable to see what Yvonne has to say!!

  230. Brenda Chambers says:

    Always great ideas we can use. Thanks so much.

  231. Dawn Womble says:

    The Luxurious Linen Jaquard is beautiful!

  232. Great ideas. You are such an inspiration ? I love all the tablecloth patterns…especially ‘Beckoning Bocas’. ❤️

  233. Beautiful website of Aprils ! I love the heirloom rose!and the Rooster in green! Looks like great quality and GOOD prices ! PICK ME PLEASE !!

  234. Can’t wait to make the book page eggs with my granddaughters!

  235. How lovely this cloth would look over the spring and summer on a porch setting. Can’t wait to make these eggs. Where did you find the beautiful nest. It really sets the eggs beautifully.

  236. Elaine Weiss says:

    Love the April Cornell Elves pattern, so perfect when spending the holidays with my kids and grandkids

  237. Cathy Chapman says:

    I must say I do love all of the April Cornell styles, but not all of them would fit my decor. I would choose the luxurious white matelasse’ table square with the tassels. It looks gorgeous and I can see so many scenarios to use it in my home. I receive her catalog in the mail and its a favorite!

    Thanks so much,

  238. Always great inspiration.

  239. The Meadow Jacket is gorgeous!! I love the botanical floral design and would probably wear it all the time. I love everything April Cornell. I just wish her place mats were available in the round styles for those of us with round tables.

  240. Bobbi McComber says:

    Your blog is always fabulous! I really look forward to it! It is full of great ideas! Thank you for all the inspiration!

    April Cornell has attracted my notice for some time. I love all her patterns, but I am currently attracted to her Wildflowers pattern.

  241. Sandra McFadden says:

    I love the Mystic Emb Tablecloth, it would look perfect in my kitchen.

  242. Yvonne, I like the idea of the book print Easter eggs! The “nest” you made to display them in is adorable. The recent cold snap had dampened my spirit as I watched the snow and ice damage to my plants. But this has perked me up! Thank you.

  243. Teresa Harral says:

    What a beautiful and fun project to welcome in the Easter and Spring Season. A fun project that will add so much beauty to your table and decor!

  244. Judy Russell says:

    Love the April Cornell Queens Court runner, placemats and napkins. Making the eggs looks like fun.

  245. Greta’s Garden! Your eggs are lovely. Thanks for the idea.

  246. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Great idea, Yvonne! These eggs are so different! You always bring us such wonderful ideas. Thanks for all you do for us!

    I love everything April Cornell! I love tablecloths and can’t resist buying something that I absolutely can’t live without! I especially like the Provence Seersucker and Greta’s Garden!

    Have a nice week-end.


  247. Every year I think I have added enough decorated eggs to my collection, only to find a new design I can’t resist. I love the book page eggs in French script.

  248. Jeanie Johnson says:

    Love your blog….my favorite of all…especially how to make the Easter nest!

  249. Kristen Shields says:

    I had never visited the April Cornell site and now that I have visited I will definitely re-visit. Such gorgeous things! My favorite is the tea rose round cloth.

  250. Candace Taranto says:

    Love all the textures, colors of Spring

  251. These are darling and I love the addition of the twine!! xo

  252. These cute eggs are just my kind of project. I love how they turned out Yvonne! I am also happy that Spring is right around the corner. I am hopping to my next project:)

  253. This is a really unique idea for egg decorating. I am thinking I might do it on plastic eggs with wrapping paper scraps.

  254. Amanda Tonar says:

    I like the Willa Rose Tablecloth and the Essential Napkins.

  255. I love the April Cornell “Victorian Rose Runner”, it’s beautiful! It would be so pretty on my dining table.

  256. The eggs are fabulous and look simple to make. So much nicer than the ones in the stores

  257. Lorri Sawyer says:

    Thank you for the wonderful inspirations and the introduction to April Cornell site. The Bird Coeur Necklace is exquisite.

  258. Oh wow – I do love these book page eggs but with my severe Fibromyalgia I just don’t know if I can do all the cutting required for the project. I may try to make a small nest of them for our powder bath. Hugs, Dorinda

  259. For the April Cornell giveaway it’s very hard to choose just one of her fabulous tablecloths but I will choose the Snapdragon Watercolor tablecloth. hugs, Dorinda

  260. I love the
    book page eggs. I’m thinking of trying some with music book pages for a pianist friend.

  261. Really love the papered eggs, the texture of the nest and moss is perfect..a must do project. The tablecloth “felicity’ flowers” is a to die for cloth for sure. Thank You

  262. I hope this goes through as I have tried many times, but we are in the hospital again and the connection is not so good.
    Anyway, I like the Water Lily tablecloth patterns. Beautiful! I now subscribe to their site, and I LOVE their clothing, too. I learned about April Cornell because I sell on ebay and most of my items are tablecloths and lines, and I know these items are collectibles.

  263. Great minds think alike! I just covered some paper mache eggs with old pages torn from a falling apart German book over the weekend and even used the raffia twine around them and little flowers!!! I have done this with the plastic eggs too that are not as fragile. I have had some of the eggs for years.

    I also covered 3 really big plastic eggs and added ribbon, religious medals and florals that I use in my home Easter displays. I sprayed painted them cream first since they were bold Easter colors. They came out so darling that I had to make more for cousins and friends that saw them.

    Your posts and ideas are marvelous. Enjoy all the “Scoops”

  264. Beautiful linens. I think the Snapdragon Watercolor Tableclth is my favorite with its beautiful pastel colors! Thanks.

  265. Your posts are so creative and you give the simplest things new purpose and beauty. I LOVE this idea for spring!

    April Cornell… AHHH! I’d never heard of her products prior to today. I love her simplicity, vibrant yet timeless colors and patterns, and the attention to the small details. If I had to choose one (for now) I really like “Felicity’s Flowers” table runner. Her little embellishments are the perfect touch!

  266. Love the eggs! I too like to put them around the house. This will be a NEW vision for them.
    Thank you! love your ideas!

  267. Love the book covered egg idea! Will do!!
    Also, did your medallion mirrors for an actual cieling piece and your step by step painting was perfect! Thank you for sharing.

  268. From Pinky: I love this! Do you think it would work on the plastic eggs???? I have a whole bag of them from way back and would love to put them to use. Love the stamp idea too! Beautiful!!!!

  269. Love your blog! I read this last week and I wonder if there was an error in posting it again. I just hate to miss anything!!! All the other bloggers’ articles were repeats of last week, also. Thought you would want to know…

    Thanks for listening.

  270. I hadn’t heard of April Cornell before but I love the doodle embroidered tea towels.

  271. Darlene Odom says:

    It was very difficult to choose just one favorite on the April Cornell site but I pick Charlotte’s Chenille Embroidered tablecloth and pillow.

  272. I could just what is the phrase? But I put back some $3/dozen chalkboard painted eggs and wooden eggs to do this craft (I would not eat enough eggs to justify blowing out my eggs! I do remember my Mom doing that for us and school projects ?) . Would it be all right to have eggs out past Easter? I still want to make these.

    1. Hi Gwen, if you blow out the eggs that would be best. Don’t cover hard boiled or raw eggs.

  273. The book page covered eggs are delicate looking, but definite attention grabbers.
    April Connell has so many beautiful sets for spring and the Vivian set is one of my favorites. As always, I continue to enjoy your blog..

  274. I am a new comer to your blog and I just love everything you do! I started following you on Facebook and I read your blog everyday. You give me inspiration! What do you think about using plastic eggs to make the Book eggs?

    1. Welcome to the StoneGable family Dawn.We are so glad you found us. I say give those plastic eggs a try!

  275. Love the Francesca dress and the Backyard Rooster fabric pieces…… them all…….
    Really enjoy following your journey…..have made soooo many recipes, all great……and have made many of your “crafts”…….thank you very much.

  276. Charlotte says:

    Oh these linen collections are scrumptious! I have never heard of April Cornell but you can bet I’ll be there a lot! The Zinnia Collection Runner speaks to me! Thanks for the great discoveries and the chance to enter!

  277. So glad I subcribed to your site! Beautiful and inspiring ideas…..I’m looking forward to making the book page covered eggs this weekend. Also love the Felicity”s garden tablecloth by April Cornell. Thank you!

  278. The beautiful booms tablecloth with the ethereal hydrangeas is so lovely. Always wanted an outdoor dining table in an Italian grove filled with friends laughing and toasting…this would give that feel. Love it!

  279. Marialaina Goeke says:

    Love all the spring groupings. Going to hit the second hand shops looking for eggs to redo and nest making stuf?

  280. They are lovely, but that parakeet plaid is happy! For spring and summer

  281. Toni Foster says:

    I thought the torn tissue was beautiful until I saw the book age eggs! The are incredible. Thank you.

    1. LOL! Both are so easy and I think they are beautiful in their own way!

  282. Donna zoltanski says:

    Adorable book page eggs. A must try! My fav april.cornel us the annalouise! Thanks for the entry to win!

  283. Carol Tyler says:

    I love the Vivian table cloth! I have many sets of dishes. I think my cabbage dishes would look fabulous on it! Maybe the red transfer ware, and for sure the white ones. The pattern with the black background is so dramatic, and would go so nicely with the other black accents in my home. Love your blog, I read it first thing everyday.

  284. I am inspired! I love the fresh pretty look of the Spring Meadow collection. My kitchen is yellow and blue , and I would love to use some of these things to freshen up for spring! I love the book page egg idea too. Both of my sons are avid readers, and this will be perfect to create a specialized Easter basket for them without being too feminine. But the ones I make for me will definitely have flowers and butterflies on them.. Thanks so much for your creative and beautiful ideas. You lift my spirits every time I read your blog. God bless you and Happy Spring !!

  285. Judy McCrary says:

    I love wearing cool, cotton dresses during our hot and humid summers. The PINK PORCH DRESS has my name written all over it!

  286. Debra Cotcamp says:

    The Cottage Rose tablecloth is timeless and would be perfect for the Mother’s Day tea party that I have for my daughter and three little granddaughters every year. How beautiful a vase of different colors of pink roses and my pink dinnerware would look with this colorful tablecloth. It shouts tea time!

  287. The Berry Special Tea Towel bundle is my favorite. After the winter we all have survived it so speaks of Spring and flowering berry bushes and plants.

  288. The eggs are so cute! I might use plastic ones. The idea of blowing out raw eggs makes me a little queasy.
    As for April Cornell, is it cheating to say ‘ALL OF IT” is my favorite! I love her stuff! I think my current favorite are the tablecloths.

  289. Love the eggs, will be doing some for Easter! The Wildflower Meadow pattern is perfect for my love of flowers!

  290. I just spent 40 minutes going over the tablecloths at April Cornell’s website. They are all wonderful designs. I finally chose Rhapsody Paisley Tablecloth because of my tableware to go with. I could see myself having to buy new tableware to go with some of the other tablecloths. Absolutely gorgeous!

  291. Betty Mashburn says:

    They are all so pretty … but I think I like the Wildflower Meadow tablecloth the best. Thanks for cluing me in on a new website.

  292. Yvonne, I really enjoy your blog! These eggs are so pretty & I’m going to give them a try along with the torn tissue ones. I love linens & the aqua cottage rose tablecloth is my favorite. Have a great day! Clara

  293. The tablecloth patterns are beautiful. So many patterns and colors. I like Priscilla’s Paisley tablecloth. Could be used nearly year round. I’ll go back to that website again.

  294. The eggs are sooooo pretty! I am working on an easter egg twig tree centerpiece using salt dough ornaments and burlap/lace! Praying it comes out good. So many things to choose from April Cornell. I liked April’s original artwork!

  295. Cynthia Halbgewachs says:

    I like Wildflower Meadows. I really enjoy your style.

  296. Michelle Jackson says:

    I love the the touquoise tea rose linen set

  297. Lisa Truscott says:

    I LOVE her peony watercolor tablecloth. It reminds me of a perfect summer day – sunshine and flowers!

  298. Amy macfarlane says:

    I love the wildflower meadow tablecloth!

  299. April Cornell has wonderful style. My favs are the table covers, particularly the Meadow collection. Thanks for great ideas.

  300. I just love the Field Flower tablecloth! Perfect for my sunroom!

  301. Brenda Zinck says:

    I love the linens and lace pattern. I can see this on my table for Easter. I have a new house and this will be the first time I will have my family over and use our new room to celebrate the day. This pattern would be perfect with my dishes. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this.

  302. This is would pretty with song/hymn lyrics and music!

  303. Monica Dameron says:

    Yvonne, I know that Easter is now over but I am going to make these book page Easter eggs for next year!! I found an old hymnal at Half Price Books and I am using song pages for my eggs. Some of the strips will show the music bars and most will have the words of the songs and others the titles and number of the hymns. Can you tell I am excited? I wish there was a way to post a picture when I am finished.
    Have a great day. Monica

  304. Lynnette Husted says:

    The Rainforest Orchid looks like a beautiful painting canvas draped over a table! It’s beautiful!

  305. Adorable, Yvonne!!! I am so glad you make all kinds of blown Easter eggs… My mother and I made Easter eggs découpaged with torn pieces of colored tissue paper way, way back and they lasted for 20 years or more. Thank you for the reminder and I’ve already posted to FB for you and pinned. <3

    Hugs and so glad for more Easter ideas,
    Barb 🙂

  306. Love the eggs. I think the twine
    is a nice finish to the eggs. Looking forward to more spring
    Ideas.Have a great day.?

  307. Love the idea of making these eggs; will give it a try for Easter.

  308. LOVE your decoupage eggs….would love to know how you make the twig basket the book page eggs were displayed in?

    1. Hi Jeanne, I bought that basket years ago. I bet you could make it if you soaked think twigs and wired them together.