Foyer Table Decor: Easy Step By Step Styling Like A Pro

What you need to know about styling foyer table decor like an interior decorator. Here’s a step-by-step guide for creating an entryway table that makes the best first impression.

If you use the front door of your home, then you will know a landing spot to put down your keys, purse, or mail is essential. An entryway table is a convenient catch-all space that keeps clutter at bay and ensures you never have to frantically search for your keys again.

A foyer should also evoke warmth and hospitality, serving as both a welcoming hug and a preview of the style that awaits beyond its threshold. Think about the comforting feeling you get as you step into your home after a long day. So welcoming! Foyer tables play a pivotal role in achieving this atmosphere. They go beyond just being practical; they’re essential elements in crafting a style statement and contributing significantly to the overall charm of your foyer.

Here is a step-by-step approach for styling your foyer table to serve a practical purpose, enhance the overall ambiance of your home, and introduce your personality to all who step through your door.

Things To Think About

items on a white foyer table

Here are a few things to think about when styling a foyer table…

Consider Your Decorating Style: Your foyer should mirror the aesthetic of the rest of your home. Make sure your entryway table coordinates seamlessly with your chosen decorating style. 5 Steps For Finding Your Unique Decorating Style And How To Use It is a great resource to help you.

Your Color Story: Your foyer gives visitors an initial glimpse of your home, a preview of its inner beauty. A consistent color palette is important so that your foyer and foyer table work with the rest of your home’s aesthetic. This creates a cohesive look and feel throughout your living space. How To Choose A Color Palette For Your Home will take you through choosing a color palette step by step.

Keep In Mind Good Design Principles: Decorating a foyer table becomes simpler and more aesthetically pleasing when you follow the principles of good design. Applying concepts such as the rule of three, balance, and scale and proportion contributes to a visually appealing arrangement. Also, remember that bigger is often better and less is more, and consider that a simple table design often produces the best results.

Choosing The Right Table For Your Space

There are three things to consider when choosing a foyer table that is right for your space, needs, and style.

The Goldilocks Principle

Thinking like Goldilocks is essential when selecting the perfect foyer table. Much like Goldilocks sought items that were “just right” in the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we should also search for a foyer table that fits our space perfectly. Using a large piece of furniture makes sense if you have a large foyer. But even something as simple and charming as a stool can work if you have a small space.

Consider Your Needs

Consider what you will need from your foyer table. Determine if you require features such as drawers for storage like a chest, a bottom shelf for storage baskets, or a console table to accommodate a tray to hold items when you get home. Understanding your specific needs will help you select a table that is functional for you.

Work With Your Style

After considering the size and functionality of your foyer table, it’s time to focus on design style, color, and other aesthetic elements that will be cohesive with the rest of your home. Are you drawn to antiques? A vintage table with a touch of history could be the perfect addition to your foyer. Seeking a layered look? Opting for a wider entryway table may be the ideal choice. If visual interest is important to you, consider a painted table that adds vibrant color to your decor.

What To Put In Back Of A Foyer Table

console table with a gold mirror behind it and a few decorative accessories on the table.

Chances are, your foyer table will be positioned against a wall. The decor on your foyer table and the wall behind it should work together to create a focal point for your space. Here are some popular decor items that help to draw the eye upward.

A Mirror Is A Classic Choice

Opting for a mirror to hang behind your foyer table is a smart choice. Not only does it visually enlarge a space and introduce additional light, but it also contributes to a timeless and elegant look and feel. It also provides a convenient opportunity for a last-minute appearance check before stepping out your door.

We chose a round gold mirror for our foyer. I love the gentle curves of a round mirror. Despite its size, its shape accommodates the hanging of two white plates on one side, adding to the look of the foyer table area.

Other Options In Back Of The Foyer Table

There are other decor items for a beautiful look.

Artwork: Another popular pairing with an entryway table is artwork. Whether hung or leaned against the table, artwork adds a touch of sophistication. Opt for a large piece of art makes a more striking statement rather than smaller ones. Art is a stunning way to showcase your unique personal style and personality.

Gallery Wall: Using gallery art behind a foyer table will certainly make a statement. The varied arrangement of artwork adds depth and personal flair, creating a conversation starter as your guests enter your home.

Dish Display: Do you collect dishes? Consider hanging those dishes on your foyer wall! Using dishes as entryway decor is a charming idea that transforms everyday items into artwork. By styling them together, you can create unique wall art that reflects your creativity and inspiration, turning what’s often hidden away in cupboards or cabinets into a pretty visual display that will get lots of attention.

Sconces: Sconces work as an additional layer of lighting and are an upscale decorating element. Pair them flanking a mirror or artwork for a bit of symmetry.

Wallpaper: Consider incorporating wallpaper into your foyer decor, using it as a foundational layer to hang a mirror, artwork, or other decorative elements on. Wallpaper is popular now and offers lots of options to work with your color palette, decorating style, and personal preferences, creating a perfectly layered personalized foyer design.

Foyer Table Decor: Start With Lighting

lamp on a white console

Begin with your table lamp if you plan to use one. This is often a fixture that remains constant on your table, even as other decor items may vary over time. So you should determine where your lamp works best first.

If you are using one lamp on your foyer table, like me, then you have two practical and obvious places to place them, on the left or right sides of the table. Choose the side that needs the most light.

Our foyer is a wide, long hallway. It has lighting above the entryway and in a few other strategically placed spots before reaching the living room, so we didn’t need lighting to illuminate the path to the living room. I mainly wanted lighting near the door, so I chose to put our table lamp on the left side of the table.

If you are using tall, thin buffet lamps or candlestick lamps, they should go on either side of the buffet.

Decide Where To Put Your Largest Piece Of Decor

1 FOYER TABLE DECOR- orange tulips on a stack of decorating books

After you have established where a table lamp will go on your foyer table, it’s time to decide where the largest piece of decor will go. If you have a table lamp on one side of the table, the most obvious spot for a large piece of decor is on the other side of the table.

Here are some ideas for large entry table decor…

  • Vase of fresh flowers
  • Vase of greenery
  • Oversized bowl
  • Lantern with chunky candles
  • Sculpture
  • Large frames
  • Seasonal decor

Typically, the largest decor piece complements the lamp on the opposite side of the foyer table, creating a visually balanced table arrangement.

1 FOYER TABLE DECOR- tulips on one end of a console

I most often opt for florals, either real or faux, on our foyer table. On the opposite side of the table from the lamp, I placed a ribbed glass vase filled with vibrant orange tulips and eucalyptus sitting on top of a stack of books. The books add extra height to the arrangement. Since the foyer features predominantly neutral colors and white walls, I opted to introduce a fun pop of color through the cheerful flowers.

Adding Home Decor Accessories And Accents

1 FOYER TABLE DECOR- vases and a candle grouped together

To complete the styling of a foyer table, consider incorporating a few home decor accessories and accents. Start by thinking about practical items you might need on the table, such as a designated spot for keys, sunglasses, and other small essentials you typically carry when entering the house. Woven baskets and trays effectively serve this purpose while introducing texture to the space.

Here are a few accents that will work as console table decor…

  • Candles
  • Vases
  • Candlesticks
  • Trays and decorative boxes
  • Picture frames
  • Small art pieces
  • Plants
  • Small mirrors
  • Dishes and small bowls
  • Decorative objects
  • Season decor

I opted for very simple accent decor because the flowers make such a big statement. I chose two small floral vases and a wonderfully scented candle in a brown hobnail glass jar with a lid. I also added a square picture frame I love with an attractive paper design. Both arrangments are grouped in threes, creating small arrangements that are pleasing to the eye.

Styling A Lower Shelf

When styling the lower shelf of a foyer table, it is important to strike a balance between the space’s overall look and making sure that the decor on the top of the table remains the focal point.

To achieve this balance, select items for the lower shelf that complement rather than compete with the decor on the top. Choose visually appealing pieces that don’t overwhelm the space or draw attention away from the main focal point. This might involve opting for smaller or less visually dominant items that still add interest without overpowering the look you are trying to create.

Think about utilizing the bottom shelf as a storage solution that is both functional and attractive. Woven baskets or bins can be placed on the lower shelf to corral items such as shoes, keeping the foyer organized and clutter-free. Opting for baskets with lids or decorative liners can add a touch of style while concealing the contents within.

In the winter, we use the bottom two round baskets for scarves, gloves, and hats. In the summer, we put sunscreen, bug repellant, and foldable straw hats in them.

1 FOYER TABLE DECOR- decorated foyer table

Decorating a foyer table involves a thoughtful balance of function and aesthetics. By using practical storage solutions, layering decorative accents with varying heights and textures, and cohesiveness between the top and bottom shelves, you can create a welcoming and stylish entryway that sets the tone for the rest of your home.

FAQs About Foyer Table Decor

To decorate a small foyer table, focus on minimal yet impactful decor such as a vase of fresh flowers, a decorative tray for keys, and a small piece of artwork or mirror for visual interest. Keep the arrangement simple to avoid clutter and maintain a sense of spaciousness in the entryway.

A small foyer table is often called a console or entryway table. Both are narrow enough to fit in a foyer.

Consoles, Chests, And Other Tables For The Foyer

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