A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS... THE FALL EDITION! Fall is my favorite time of year and here are a few of my favorite fall home and garden things to do and decorate and experience!

Can I say this again without you rolling your eyes? Fall is my favorite time of the year! I feel like I should be able to write an ode to fall or at least a rhyme extolling all its amazing and glorious virtues! Fall and I were made for each other.  So instead of a poem I’m sharing some of my favorite fall things in pictures! 

Today on Decorating Tips And Tricks we are talking about FALL TABLE IDEAS. All three of us love to set a beautiful table and we are certainly having lots of fun sharing our ideas for setting a fall-perfect table!

You can listen to episode 104 below:


My fall favorite things list must start with PUMPKINS!!! Lancaster Country is dotted with field after field of pumpkins! So I decorate with them and cook with them and absolutely love them!!!!

Here are two posts with 100 WAYS TO DECORATE WITH PUMPKINS! And I bet I could have thought of a whole lot more! Each idea is easy and fun and full of fall inspiration!


100 FABULOUS PUMPKIN IDEAS- Let's celebrate 100 creative ways to use pumpkins in decor this fall!


100 FABULOUS PUMPKIN IDEAS, PART II- All the ideas you will need to decorate with pumpkins for fall!


Did you know you a pumpkin can work just like a baker dish? Yes, and a delicious one at that! One of my favorite pumpkin recipes is GRUYERE, BACON AND GREEN ONION STUFFED PUMPKIN! This recipe is a must-try! Oh how scrumptious and what a WOW of a recipe!

Before we leave PUMPKINS I have one more recipe for you! PUMPIN SPICE BAKED OATMEAL is a Lancaster County fall tradition.  Eaten for breakfast with milk poured over it or as a snack with whipped cream or ice cream, this recipe is one luscious bite of autumn!



I also love M-U-M-S. Fall in the mid-Atlantic means mums! They can be upscaled to become a really  beautiful addition to your fall home decor. 

I have some great tips for dressing up mums HERE.


I think mums are a much underrated bloom. They are showy and big and long long lasting. Give them a chance! I’ll show you how to mix them with other fall elements so they will be swoon worthy! They are one of my favorite fall things!

Did you know that bittersweet is a nuisance plant. And may states are trying to eradicate it. But around here it is abundant in fields and hedgerows! And even though it does not play nicely with other plants I think it has a brambly beauty! And it is one of my favorite fall things!

See an easy way to style a hutch like a designer HERE.

I paired my love of wreaths with my love of bittersweet and made a FALL BITTERSWEET WREATH!

 Fall leaves are some of my favorite things! They are saturated and colorful and leathery and crisp!   There’s nothing quite like taking a walk when the fall leaves are swirling!


Fall leaves make showy decor!

I’m so fond of picking small branches from our trees and adding them to decor and fall tables!  

 Just a little heads up about pretty fall leaf filled branches… they don’t last very long! A day or two at best. So enjoy them!!!!

If you want fall leaves that last a little longer, try making a HERE.

Such an easy diy! Even if you are not crafty, you can do this!

As the weather turns nippy I love fire pits and cozy blankets!  I love porch sitting wrapped up in a tartan and swinging on the back porch with a cozy flannel throw!

One of my very favorite things to do is to is to take a cup of coffee on the back porch early in the morning and wrap up in a cozy blanket and enjoy the scenery from my back porch. It’s perfect when I can see my breath!

You can see how to make this flannel blanket HERE and hand warmers HERE.


Fall is a time for hayrides, caramel apples, country fairs, sleeping with the window opens, Indian corn, apple cider, carving pumpkins, football, down vests, hot soup, walking in the woods, farmer’s markets, bulky sweaters, acorns, mittens, making applesauce, bonfires, tartan scarves, burnt orange lipstick, pumpkin spice lattes, camping, and Sunday afternoon naps!

These are a few of my favorite things… the fall edition!



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A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS... THE FALL EDITION! Fall is my favorite time of year and here are a few of my favorite fall home and garden things to do and decorate and experience!


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  1. In The a Fall Ode

    Our friend, Yvonne
    Enjoys looking at the colorful leaves on her lawn

    Warm blankets, crisp leaves, and spicy cider drink
    Savor the season, it is gone in a blink

    I’m a poet and don’t know it

  2. Now I am very excited! Our weather has cooled down a little bit, we got some much needed rain…and I am taking a day off of work at the office to start decorating! I can’t wait to get out all of my faux pumpkins, then I will begin to add some real ones in as our markets start to put them out. I love the fairy tale pumpkins. I’ve been packing up some regular decor to go in storage, to make room for my pumpkins, garlands, and flowers in fall colors along with some of my vintage reproduction Halloween things I’ve collected over the years. Nothing spooky! Mostly folk art in paper mache – I love bittersweet. I wish I could get it where I live!

  3. I agree with you—I love fall. Your pictures tell the story and are so beautiful. Mums and Pumpkins are plentiful in our area now and are popping up on porches and in homes. Also our trees are starting to show their color and can’t wait for my fall color ride. Love this season.

  4. I’d rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself then be crowded on a velvet cushion.
    One of my favorite fellas wrote that. Henry Thoreau.

  5. I totally understand why you love Fall. Pennsylvania is gorgeous at that time of year. I always enjoyed visiting my daughter in the Fall when she lived in Downingtown. Fall is not so great in the Fall and thankfully my daughter lives close to me now in Florida so sometimes we plan trips to the north to enjoy Fall.

  6. Yvonne thank you for all the beautiful photos and the great ideas. I’m looking forward trying both the pumpkin recipes. Fall is a wonderful season and for me it represents a season of Thanksgiving. Giving God thanks for all our blessings and the beauty that surrounds us. May God richly bless you and all the readers on this blog.

  7. I love, love, love all your fall favorites! Having grown up in Tennessee and now living in southwest Florida for 35 years, I still get homesick for autumn colors, smells, and temperatures. Here, it,s just more sand, heat, and humidity. I do notice a bit of change in the angle of the sunlight (That’s how we realize the seasonal changes down here!) and it gives me hope for a break from the summer’s mugginess. A trip to Lowe’s will result in some pots of mums, and a trip to Fresh Market may score me some pretty green and white pumpkins (maybe), and a cinnamon broom. But I sure wish I could sit on your porch and savor the beautiful weather and scenery of Stone Gable, though!

  8. Moving from NJ to FL,I sooooo miss fall.I just came back from a month in Pa. helping
    my daughter with our new grand baby.The leaves started changing and pumpkins were
    everywhere.Your pictures are beautiful,I wish I could have coffee with you on your back
    porch and enjoy everything about fall.

  9. It finally feels like fall here in Wisconsin after the 90s and humidity last week. I love all your beautiful pictures and the way you decorate. I’ve been picking and using bittersweet in my fall decor for many years, though it’s getting harder to find here lately.

  10. I am also a Fall person. In Pennsylvania we are fortunate to have changing seasons. Each season has its signature natural elements but Fall, well, it is the best. Your settings are lovely and incorporating natural elements make them so special!

  11. We don’t have bittersweet here in NC. I guess that’s why I love looking at yours! Wishing it was available here! Fall is a great time of year!!

  12. I just got back from a visit to my home state of Kentucky and one of the things I wanted to do was find some bittersweet. I used to stop and pick some to bring home when I was in college. After traveling back roads and looking and looking, I finally found some to buy at a charming shop in Smith’s Grove. I think I must plant some for myself. It’s sitting around my home now and making me smile. I LOVE bittersweet.

  13. LOL Yvonne, I know what you mean. I think if I say “I Love Fall” one more time my readers will throw some rotten pumpkins at me. 😀 But I do, I do, I do. I just can’t help it. Loved all your inspiration images as always. xxoo

  14. Lancaster County sounds like the perfect place to be in the Fall! I’m a Central Florida native of 64 years and the first time that I saw a mountainside dotted with pumpkins my heart skipped a beat. It was enchantingly beautiful. We are blessed to experience seasonal changes in Ocala, FL and we never have to shovel snow so I have always loved living here, but your blog helps me feel like I am connected to the another beautiful area of our great nation. I am so grateful for that.
    PS: Bittersweet doesn’t grow in Central Florida either, but I do love decorating with it. Thank you Hobby Lobby. 🙂

  15. I too love the fall season. Thanks for all the beautiful ideas and inspiration. I would love to have coffee with you on that beautiful porch!

  16. What a lovely, lovely post! Delicious candy for the eyes! I love all the things you mentioned, Yvonne, with the one exception of football. Have never really been a fan of this rough and dangerous sport.

    Thanks for sharing the beauty of your porch and home.

  17. What a lovely, lovely post! I love fall, also, and you’ve certainly captured the very best of the season here! I am a new subscriber and this was truly enjoyable!

  18. Beautiful décor Yvonne! I’m loving your blog today, all the wonders of Fall, my favorite time of the year. I especially love the little white pumpkins dressed in their gingham ribbons.

  19. Oh my! Love your favorite things because they are some of mine also!! But those recipes you shared sound so awesome! I will definitely try!!
    Thank you for sharing beautiful fall ideas!

  20. Your list of favorite things are some of the things that I love about fall. My husband and I are in Inden,Germany for the next two weeks. I’m getting ideas for fall decorating over here in Germany. Their decorating is very different than ours in the United States . I got to visit a home decor shop and a flower shop this afternoon in Duren, Germany. So far it has been fun. Happy fall Yvonne.

  21. I did not roll my eyes because you again said, “Autumn is my favorite time of year” because it is my favorite time of year and I have said that probably a thousand times. The colors, the sky, the feeling in the air and the delicious spicy foods with cinnamon and ginger. Oh, my goodness!! I could go on and on. I am so thankful for Autumn!!

  22. WOW, Yvonne! So much fabulous Fall eye candy to take in. I love every single bit!! And who knew you could bake in a pumpkin?! You’ve inspired me to give this a whirl!!!! Thank you so much for pulling together a wagon full of Fall flair for us to relish!! xoxo, Jennifer

  23. I can definitely see that fall is your favorite season — it comes through your decor!! Very inspiring for someone like me who does not love fall quite as much … my favorite seasons are in this order: summer, spring and then fall. Winter doesn’t make the cut.

  24. I just love Fall and wished we got to experience it more here. However, I do enjoy getting the taste of Fall through your blog.

  25. thank you for sharing all the fall pictures and comments/info along with tem , so beautiful , can’t wait to see your Christmas Blog – I do love fall and spring but my favorite Holiday is Christmas , church , décor, music , books , magazines , movies family etc.. white Christmas day –

  26. Thank you for all of your fall decorating tips and inspirations. I am officially finished decorating for the fall and can just enjoy the season until Christmas decorating starts. We finally are getting some lovely cool fall weather.

  27. I love this post! I’m so inspired! Now if our weather would just get colder!!!??