12 Home Decor Trends That Are Out Of Style

What decorating trends are out of style in 2024? This list will help you avoid passé designs so you can let them go to keep your home updated, classic, and inspiring.


Hey, trend watchers! If you clicked on this post, you probably like to look at trends. People love to see what styles are in and out. What styles are hot and not! I love trends. I like them for their “oooh, this is interesting” quality and their “what a trainwreck” quality too! Today let’s chat about home decor trends that are out of style.

Before I talk about what’s in or out, I like to distinguish between a trend and a classic. You might have read the next two topics before in any of my trend posts, but I think it is important to remember!

What Is A Trend?


Trends are born as a reaction to the world around us. They are creative solutions to what is happening in our lives. These can be practical or inventive or sometimes even a bit ridiculous!

No matter how you feel about trends, always use what you love in your home! Because your home is just that… YOUR HOME!

What Is A Classic?


Oh, I love a good classic. Classic decor is something that has stood the test of good taste and time and is always in style. It transcends trendiness most of the time.

Classics often float in and out as the latest trend before they settle on their high pedestal as the best of the best decor!

I love trends, but unless I know they will be classics or are already considered classic decor that has gained enough popularity to be a trend, I use trends sparingly. I’m a classic girl through and through!

Why Do Things Go Out Of Style?

Things go out of style for a variety of reasons, and it’s a complex interplay of social, cultural, economic, and psychological factors.

One of the biggest reasons things go out of style is because of changing trends and tastes. Styles are driven by ever-changing trends and tastes. What is considered fashionable and desirable today may not be so in the future. People’s preferences and aesthetics evolve over time, and as new ideas and styles emerge, older ones naturally fall out of favor. It’s just human nature! For the most part, we like new, shiny things!

The second biggest reason things go in and out of style is media and advertising! Media and advertising have a powerful influence on popularizing and promoting certain styles. When a particular style or product is heavily marketed and embraced by celebrities or influencers, it can quickly become trendy. However, as new trends emerge and the media landscape changes, the popularity of certain styles may wane.

Do Experts Agree

Oh, goodness, no! The interior design industry cannot always agree on what is in or out of style. But I look for a consensus. And I look at what I am seeing in magazines, in fashion, on blogs, and on Pinterest and Instagram. As you will see in the list below. However, you can almost be sure some trend is heading out of favor if…

  • The trend has been trending for several years. And…
  • It has been very overexposed.

If that trend does not reach classic status, then it will pretty much be out of style. At least for a decade or two.

Here are two examples of very big kitchen trends. One was and still is a classic, and the other a totally out-of-style pariah. A white kitchen, as you will see, is starting to not be as trendy as it was. However, and this is a BIG however, white kitchens are classic, so they will always be in style! The other example is the 70s orange and green kitchen. Once a trend and never a classic, it has been out of style for over 40 years. And can we all say amen to that!

So the smart decorator that doesn’t have tons of money and gads of time who wants to remodel their kitchen will stick to a modern classic.

How To Decorate A Room With Classic And Trendy Decor is a helpful post that features how to use both trendy and classic home furnishing in a smart way.

My Two Cents

I think trends get a bad rap! Most of us are not wearing the same styles as we did when we were twenty. And we probably don’t have the same furniture we did then either. We change! And so do the things we like.

And speaking about things that change, here are 10 things that are falling out of favor…

White Kitchens

white kitchen

What The Experts Say

White kitchens have been very popular as a TREND for almost a decade. If you have looked at Pinterest or Instagram, I’m sure you have seen ombre kitchens and blue kitchens making a trendy appearance in the last 3-5 years. Right now, black and white kitchens (high contrast) are popular, as are matte black kitchens. And so are kitchens with no upper cabinets.

My Two Cents


Oh, say it ain’t so!!!! I LOVE my white kitchen! And no wonder a white kitchen is a classic. I don’t think white kitchens are ever out of style, but an all-white kitchen is not the most popular kitchen now. If you love a white kitchen, it will always look classic and fresh. It just won’t be the trendy thing.

Get the whole story about Are White Kitchens Really Out, Here.

All White Or All Gray Rooms


What The Experts Say

Color is coming on strong! And moody vibes are still very popular. Rooms that are all white or gray have fallen out of favor.

My Two Cents

Don’t get too comfortable with those moody tones. They will be fickle trends. They have been popular for a few years, and I’m feeling a shift to warm neutrals again and lots of wood tones. Grand Millennial, with its bright cacophony of color, is also beginning to fade. But it might take another few years to start looking out o style.

I think all-white or all-gray rooms have gone by the wayside over a decade ago. If you love whites or grays, mix them with other neutrals and pops of color to keep them classic and fresh.

Is Gray Paint Totally Out is a very informative post with lots of information about using gray in your home. And What You Need To Know About The Color Beige will help you understand why beige is not boring and should probably be something you should decorate with.

You might also like to read Can I Mix Warm And Cool Colors When I Decorate. This post totally demystifies undertones and helps you use warm and cool colors in your home in the right amounts.

Brown Is The New Hot Color, Really? will help you embrace this beautiful, warm, and versatile color when you decorate. It is a companion post to What You Should Know About The Color Beige.

Animal Prints

zebra rug

What Expert Say

Along with white-on-white decor, animal prints are now out of style. Experts say biomorphic shapes are in right now. Biomorphic shapes are shapes with curvy edges.

My Two Cents

Animal prints can either look tacky or classic. It’s how you use them and the quality of the item with the animal print. I must admit I do love animal prints. However, I did give up my zebra rug about a year ago, but I’m thinking of bringing it back. It really is a classic!

Keep animal prints to smaller decor items like pillows.

Rose Gold And Gold Hardware


What Experts Say

Experts are saying rose gold is totally out. And gold is taking the slow boat out of the trend harbor.

My Two Cents

I agree with rose gold. It was so overdone! And its undertones don’t work with a lot. As far as gold hardware? And other gold home decor items? I think gold is here for several more years, at least.

Open Kitchen Shelves


What Experts Say

There is a lot of ambivalence about open kitchen shelves. One kitchen trend we are already seeing is no upper cabinets or shelves at all in a kitchen. Open shelves have been around for quite a while, and we are ready for something new.

My Two Cents

I’m not totally sure about this one. With the no-upper cabinet or shelves trend, I have to wonder… where do people put things? This trend does not seem practical unless you have a huge kitchen. And most of us don’t. I do agree that shelves have had their time in the trend sun, so it would not surprise me to see them slowly go away. And open shelves are not classics, so eventually, they will say goodbye!

Millennial Pink

Millennial pink

What Expert Say

This has been a hugely popular color. It was made popular by Gen Z social media influencers like the Kardashians. However, this color is so hard to define because it is not exactly one color. There are several pinks that claim to be Millennial pink.

My Two Cents

I’m not a fan of this pink. I like the color, but not how overused it has been by Gen Z influencers. Now I hear Gen Z yellow is trending!

Sliding Barn Doors


What Experts Say

Since the exit of Farmhouse and Cottage Core as the on-trend design style, sliding barn doors look out of style.

My Two Cents

Farmhouse 2.0 is still going strong, as well as Cottage Core. These styles were supposed to be out of style a few years ago. When they finally drift into the sunset, then sliding barn doors will be out. Saying that I do think they date a home.

Biomorphic Furniture


What Experts Say

The love affair with squiggly and squishy furnishing is over. Period.

My Two Cents

Didn’t we just say animal prints are giving way to biomorphic shapes in interior design? Just goes to show you how fickle design is. Yes, sorry, I agree. You will see biomorphic furniture in ultra-modern/mid-Century modern designer homes or museums.

Word Signs


What Experts Say

Word signs are very out of style, according to many interior designers. Choose art that says something about you instead of words.

My Two Cents

Word signs have been popular for a long, long time. Seasonal signs still work. But for all other signs, I agree. Try something new. I am.

Open Floor Plans

out of style- open floor plans

Open Floor Plans

Although open floor plans offer lots of open space, many of us would like some of our own private space. Semi-open homes with distinct rooms are becoming more trendy now.

My Two Cents

I do see homes with more planned rooms becoming more popular. However, I don’t think open concept is out of style. I think semi-open plans are very on-trend right now.

Rattan Furniture

out of style- rattan

What Expert Say

Rattan has gained fast popularity in recent years. But now, it is overexposed and ubiquitous.

My Two Cents

This was a very short-lived trend. Good, high-quality rattan, however, is a classic.



What Experts Say

Greige walls, especially, are heading out because they have been so overdone.

My Two Cents

I agree, but Greige is not going anywhere. It’s still beloved! I’m hoping it will become a classic wall color.

  • Edison lights
  • Mass-produced furniture- like the furniture that rhymes with the word mikea
  • Mid-Century furniture
  • Chesterfield sofas
  • All light wood flooring
  • color matched furniture
  • home styles that don’t match their locations
  • Maximalism
  • too small furniture

A Good Thing To Remember

Trends come and go, but updated classics will always look fresh and in style. Use classic furnishings for your larger and bigger ticket items, and use trending items for small accents. Also, think about creating a neutral color palette for your home. Again, another classic!

Saying all that, remember your home should be a reflection of you and what you love!

Frequently Asked Question

Things like statement lamps, enclosed kitchens, warm wood, stripes, plaid, and wallpaper will be popular in 2024.

Moody colors are still popular this year and into 2024. Bolder colors will start making an appearance.

What styles will be out of date?

Farmhouse and Mid-Century Modern styles will slowly make their way off the design stage and give way to a modern/antique mix. However, it will take a few years.

What decorating trends are out of style in 2024? This list will help you avoid passé designs so you can let them go to keep your home updated, classic, and inspiring.

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  1. I still love my white Kitchen, Sliding Barn doors, Greige walls and semi open floor plan! You are right that if you love it, just keep it! It’s about what makes you happy.

  2. Mary Anne Russo says:

    Thank you! I always enjoy what you share! Some good information to follow!

  3. Yvonne, loved this article….I have a white kitchen, and would never go back. It’s a small , small kitchen and when I remodeled I did toy with dark lower cabinets. So happy I didn’t. What I did do, is bring in soft green tones as accents, my backsplash is a 6inch piece of marble from my counters. The rest is just wall painted in a soft sage green…lots of greenery, and a few wooden bread boards and fortunately a large window over the sink which lightens up the entire kitchen, which is closed off from the living area. I do like your styling style and suggestions….I do tend to stay to the classics……

    1. LOVE the sound of your kitchen Nancy! Yes being a classic girl is the way to go, at least for you and me.

  4. Great observations and info, as usual. I guess I’ll always be a classic-style kind of gal because I have to find ways to mix “the modern” with treasured antique and family pieces and items. I think listening to our hubby’s input is very important when applicable. They live in the home also…and are usually the voices of reason. Wink wink

  5. Yvonne, I so enjoy your blog. You shared that rose gold is out and gold hardware is waining. Is the classic brushed nickel? I would like to redo our primary bathroom and would like a timeless design. Also, what is your opinion on the free standing soaking tubs? Thank you!

    1. Here’s my take on metals. Use a metal that works with your decor. Choose one metal for your main hardware and mix in other metals in your decor. BTW: I love brushed nickel. It’s soft looking.

    2. I read recently on trends that built in tubs are coming back in style. Whether free standing will be out or just another option, I don’t know. The benefit of a built in is that you have the surround to decorate or to place accoutrements.

      1. Hi Joanna, thanks for helping Stacy. I think stand alone tubs are classics! You are probably safe getting one.

  6. Thank you Yvonne. You are right on target for your comments… trends come and go so decorators and furniture stores can get those certain few that want to change their homes like they change their outfits… those people truly do not know themselves. I love some minor trends in my home but not many. I/we had never trendy… and never dank the “Kool aide” no matter what. We are a classic home that is more traditional. If you buy quality and stick with neutrals you are always classic. We just finished painting (yesterday) our 2800 square foot home swiss coffee a nice warm beige based white from an antique linen that had too much of a yellow base. It is now fresh, crisp and clean. So excited I do not follow the trends. Thank you for your 2 cents they are exactly how I think… Pat

    1. Pat, you know the secret to a home that stays in style! Thanks for the comment!

    2. I love Swiss coffee! I use it A LOT.

  7. Gasp! Midcentury Modern furniture is on its way out?! Noooooo! I love my (authentic) mid century furniture!
    I didn’t buy my furniture because MidMod was a trend, I bought my pieces because I love the style. I won’t be tossing it either ( because it was not cheap ) So I’ll keep my style Scandinavian and sleek and tweak the soft furnishings as and when I fall in love…
    Thank you for the great blog!

    1. I hope you read the part of this post that says “No matter how you feel about trends, always use what you love in your home! Because your home is just that… YOUR HOME!” keep your MidMod and your Scandi- use what you love!

      1. I absolutely did read that part and I wholeheartedly agree with it. And in the name of sustainability and saving money I will use what I love

  8. Love your thoughts on these Yvonne- and I agree with much! A lot of things changing and a lot staying the same over here. Hope all is well- miss seeing you at conferences and events! A lot has changed with those too it seems! xo

  9. MCM may be on the way out as a trend but complements a MCM home beautifully. In those environments, it’s a classic!

    1. In that case, you are so right Missy! Just mix other styles in with MCM so it does not look like you are trapped in a time warp.

  10. Great article and lovely blog! Just ran across it today while trying to decide on a bedroom update and want to be certain the room flows with the rest of our home . I agree, although pretty to look, at I never got on the open shelving in the kitchen train. It just never made logical sense to me as we are a family that actually cooks in our kitchen and cabinets doors are much easier to wipe down afterwards than having all my dishes exposed. Though I will have to disagree with the Chesterfield sofas being out of style. They are a classic and have been around since the 1700s! Ok, ok, confession…we are a family of readers so there is also some deep nostalgia there as well 😉 But seriously, I’ve seen them very well done for multiple styles and they always look luxurious and classic (leather in a library, velvet in a victorian sitting room, linen in a formal sitting area, even one that looks like a fabric patchwork quilt in an eclectic home). The trick is definitely matching the covering choice and the size to what your home needs (another great article of yours…helped me understand that the scale/proportion of our nightstands was too small for our king bed and that’s what was throwing the look off). Bless you for sharing your knowledge!

    1. Hi Audrey, I so agree about the Chesterfield. However this post is about trends, not classics. Chesterfield sofas are not the new hot things right now. But they will always be a classic.

  11. In my opionion chesterfield dofas will never go out of style, it’s a classic,found in chateaus, palaces,castles,libraries,my church’s gathering area, & thru out in Europe ! These ‘ so called ‘ people ‘ who think they set trends try to control them for their self gratification, to get us to buy new trends they are supporting. Pish tosh.. I make up my own mind,period.

    1. Hi MarBurke,
      You are so right. In this post, I addressed the difference between a trend and a classic. A Chesterfield sofa will always be beautiful because it is a classic, but it just is not on trend. Big difference.

  12. Eileen Douglas says:

    I hope the silly style of turning books around on bookshelves so you can’t see the titles is going out of style. It’s absolutely absurd and stupid. Who would want to do that–just because some TV designer says it’s the “in” thing? I could say the new trend is sitting on the commode backwards, and some people would start doing it!

    1. Please don’t shoot the messenger! Oh, I can see you are passionate about this trend, Eileen.

  13. Armanunderpin says:

    It’s like you gave me the green light to bid farewell to the trends that have overstayed their welcome. Your honesty about what’s in and what’s out is a breath of fresh air.
    best brunch nyc

    1. Oh, thank you! I needed to hear that. Many times I’m the messenger my dear readers shoot when it comes to sharing what things are out! LOL!

  14. I love my sliding barn doors! Used one in the Pantry and gained so much more space there without having to accommodate a door that swung inside! Used another into the main bathroom. The old door swung into my half of the double vanity. Bang! We also live on 20 acres and barn doors are never outdated in the country!

  15. As always, great advice and insight. Your blog remains my all-time favorite. Your heart shines through in all you say and do.

  16. The only things I agree with that are “out” are rose gold hardware, mass-produced furniture, and word signs. The rest are seen everywhere in print, online, and on TV. Some of these in/out list are ridiculous. Do designers think we are going to change everything in our homes according to their ever-changing minds? I don’t think so.

    1. Lizzy, I’m afraid you have this a bit wrong. No one is saying you should’t have things you love. Acutualy, the many trends that are not classics will look dated after a while. Sad but true! Do you have the same furniture in your home that you did 30 years ago, if you are that old. Like it or not when our old furniture wears out, new styles will replace it. What the industry is saying is that the things on the list are no longer the new darlings and most sought after trends. They are still going to be around, at least for awhile. Things like white kitchens will always be classics but two toned kitchens in moody colors are not outpacing white kitchens. Please don’t shoot the messenger or get that worked up. Trends are not that important. Have fun reading the list and move on.

  17. Kelly Paz Soldan says:

    I came here expecting to be irritated, but I actually agree with you on nearly all, if not all, points. Especially the one that says decorate your home the way you want it. But I’m glad to know that some of those trends I never liked will be falling away. I’m so tired of what every builder/house flipper has been doing for the last five years.