Are White Kitchens Really Out Of Style?

As styles change and trends go in and out of favor, do white kitchens go out of style? In this post, we will discuss this question and lend some helpful ideas for keeping a white kitchen updated and fresh.


Say it ain’t so! If you read certain articles on websites not to be mentioned here, they say that white kitchens are out of style. I have an all-white kitchen. Actually, I’ve had two. One a farmhouse kitchen and one a more contemporary. I proudly consider myself a white kitchen enthusiast. But let’s get to the bottom of this: Are white kitchens truly out of style?

In this post, I’m sharing our kitchen during different seasons and holidays.

Timeless Style


White kitchens have been around for decades, even before they became a trendy choice. In fact, I’ve had a white kitchen for over 28 years! While they may no longer be the hottest trend, they are far from being outdated. White kitchens have stood the test of time and have earned their status as a classic choice.

There are countless reasons why I adore white kitchens, but one of the most practical is their ability to remain fresh and stylish for years. Kitchen renovations can be costly, so it’s nice to know that a white kitchen won’t scream, “Oh, was is so 2015″or any other bygone year.

A well-maintained white kitchen is truly timeless.

Even The Pros Don’t Agree

I’ve been doing lots of research on what the pros have to say about white kitchen design trends, and they don’t agree. Some say the white kitchen look is still going strong, and some say not so much!

Some claim state that white kitchens are still going strong, while others argue that people are craving something new after years of white kitchen dominance. It’s only natural for our desire for new to influence our preferences, even in kitchen design.

A Quick Look Back At Recent Kitchen Trends

But let’s not forget that just because other kitchen styles like blue, two-toned, moody, gray, or dark neutrals kitchens might be having their moment in the spotlight, this doesn’t mean they will ever achieve the status of a classic. Who knows? They might end up fading away like Tuscan kitchens or golden oak cabinets.

Very few designs can rival the timeless appeal of the white kitchen.

What Makes A White Kitchen Defy Current Trends


White kitchens create a bright and airy ambiance, making even the smallest kitchens feel more spacious. And the best part? White goes with everything! You can easily introduce a pop of color, neutral shades, or different textures. White pairs beautifully with various wood tones and metal finishes, allowing for endless design possibilities.

Painting Our Kitchen Cabinets White

When we moved into the Tanglewood House, we had a kitchen full of contemporary shaker cherry cabinets. I loved the style of the cabinets because they complimented the style of our home, but not the color. So we painted the cabinets in our open kitchen white, the same color as the rest of our open home.

Here’s the before…


And the after…


We decided to use a white backsplash and white quartz countertop. The white kitchen palette keeps our kitchen in line with the rest of our home. Although my kitchen is my favorite room, I did not want to call attention to it from the other rooms in our home.

Does A White Kitchen Show Dirt?

Yes, that is the short answer. But why wouldn’t we want to clean up any dirt, spills, stains, or marks, regardless of the color of our kitchen?

How To Update A White Kitchen Ideas

Here are some ideas if you want to update your white kitchen. These ideas would also work for any kitchen too.

Add Art


One of the easiest ways to warm up and update a kitchen is with art. Art is so popular right now. Especially in the kitchen. Hang art on a wall or put a pretty picture on a stand on a countertop. Choose what you love and enjoy living with art in the kitchen.

Display A Collection


Collections add warmth and personality to a kitchen. Display things like wooden cutting boards or a crock of wooden spoons on a counter. Do you have a collection of cookbooks you love? Then don’t hide them away. Cookbooks were meant to live in your kitchen!

Other things to display in a white kitchen (or any other):

  • bowls (especially if they are different colors of white)
  • platters and plates on a wall
  • egg cups
  • pitchers
  • crock of rolling pins
  • soup tureens
  • large clear canister-type jars
  • baskets

Change Out The Hardware


Updating the cabinet hardware is a simple and effective method to give your white kitchen a fresh look. Replace those outdated knobs with timeless or even more trendy options to make a significant impact. Investing in new hardware is worthwhile, considering the updated difference it can make.

Introducing a mix of metals in your kitchen brings an updated element to white cabinets. Opt for brass or gold hardware while keeping stainless steel appliances. Or, consider hanging a brushed nickel pendant light above a sink that features a stainless steel faucet.

Choose a primary metal color and incorporate a few additional metal finishes to create an on-trend look.

Change Out A Backsplash Or Countertop


If you feel your kitchen needs a major update but not a makeover, changing the backsplash or countertop can breathe new life into the space. Stick with timeless choices to ensure long-lasting style.

Our backsplash is Calacutta Oro in a classic basketweave pattern


Around 15 years ago, I made a firm promise to myself that I would never endure the tedious task of chipping and scraping wallpaper off the walls of our home again. However, as they say, never say never! Surprisingly, we have decided to embrace wallpaper once more and hang wallpaper in our kitchen. I’m currently eyeing a tone-on-tone print in warm neutrals.

Wallpaper can be an economical way of revitalizing and introducing depth to a white kitchen. Right now, I’m in the process of selecting peel and stick, ensuring easy removal if I ever desire a change in the future.

Lighting Fixtures

Pendant lamps have gained immense popularity in kitchen design, and they have the ability to elevate the overall look of a kitchen to a more updated level.

Consider incorporating a statement lighting fixture if feasible, as they can truly make a striking impact.

Also, think about placing a small lamp on your countertop. When turned on during the evening hours, they will create a warm pool of light in your kitchen.

Add A Rug

Bring color and pattern into a white kitchen by adding a fun rug. It will add visual interest and color to a white palette.

Choose one that can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer and has a non-skid backing.

Use Wooden Items

Incorporating wooden accents is a wonderful way to add warmth to a white kitchen. Consider showcasing cutting boards and wooden spoons, adding wooden shelving, or incorporating upholstered barstools with wooden legs.

Add a wooden table or island to your kitchen for an instant focal point. This timeless look instantly grabs attention and can be achieved economically. If space is limited, explore the option of a butcher block on wheels or a small vintage table, introducing a wooden element into your kitchen.

Use Accent Colors


Enhancing a white kitchen with an accent color is another very easy update. One of the advantages of a classic white kitchen is the way it works with virtually any color or combination of colors.

Injecting an accent color into your white kitchen can give you a fresh new look. Depending on the season, you can introduce a touch of color that adds a hint to the season at hand.

Beautiful Classic White


White kitchens are timeless and go beyond trends. They possess an inherent classic appeal. The white color scheme has a remarkable ability to create an illusion of spaciousness, making the kitchen feel larger and more inviting.

Now, back to the question at hand, are white kitchens out of style?

It’s important to consider that design trends can vary over time. However, white kitchens have proven their staying power by consistently remaining popular throughout the years. They serve as a canvas that effortlessly adapts as tends change, and as our personal preferences do too.

So what do you think? Are white kitchens really out of style? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color is your kitchen?

Our kitchen, like the rest of our home, is painted Simply White by Benjamin Moore. The finish is semi-gloss.

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet color this year?

White is still the most popular kitchen color this year, but warm neutral is predicted to overtake white as the most on-trend color in the future.

What is the most timeless kitchen cabinet color?

White is the most timeless kitchen cabinet color. and because it is a timeless classic will probably stay in style.

Are two-toned cabinet colors still in style?

Yes, two-toned kitchen cabinets are still in style. This cabinet treatment allows you to mix and match colors in your kitchen,

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  1. Holly Rigby says:

    Our house flooded in Harvey, 2017. My white kitchen gone! My new house dark wood brand new house. Hate them! Summer house in NH..only 10 years old…black cabinets in galley kitchen. Black is harder to keep clean than white!! Love all white, love your kitchen!

    1. HI Holly, I am so sorry about your home! And so sorry you are not happy with your dark wood. I think once you have a white kitchen it is so hard to change. Thanks for you very kind comment.

  2. Good morning Yvonne.
    My kitchen is not white but a neutral light beige. I love the versatility of the color when adding accents for different seasons and holidays but I must say it is its prettiest in the fall. I get lots of light in the afternoon in my kitchen and the colors of autumn just glow. White is a neutral and is a perfect background for any accents and will always be in style as far as I’m concerned. Your new home always looks beautiful.

  3. I think a tone on tone wallpaper will be gorgeous in your kitchen! Can’t wait to see what you choose. Thanks for emphasizing how important it is to think in terms of long time design durability when making basic design choices. Basically home design is really not that much different than fashion design when you think about it. 🙂

  4. Teresa Greene says:

    Personally, I have always loved white kitchens. But, for 23 years I had natural bird peck pecan cabinetry and it was gorgeous. When it came time build again, I chose white, and I’m so glad I followed my heart. To warm up our kitchen my huband incorporated a custom range hood built from gray barn wood, rustic metal, and round iron clavos nails accenting the overall design. It is the most admired feature in our home; guests swoom over the rustic touches in our white kitchen. We also chose a dark granite with lots of character and guartz through out. The classic white, the rustic barn wood, and a bold granite might seem too much for some but the results was magical. I would encourage anyone to explore white cabinetry and all the options you have adding your personal touch. With white, your options are endless. Yvonne, I love your blog. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas.

    1. Theresa, your kitchen sounds beautiful! I would love to see pics! Thank you for your sweet comment!

  5. Your kitchen is beautiful…I’m definitely a white kitchen girl although I do love the island painted a different color. In looking at your before and after, I have a few questions as we are purchasing a second home in southwest Florida with a kitchen very similar to your “before”
    1) did you keep your existing upper cabinets and add the glass top cabinets?
    2) where did you relocate your microwave?
    3) is it very expensive to lower the higher part of your island/bar?
    4) is your stove hood decorative only or did you change the vent
    I really appreciate any help you can give me?

    1. Hi Sharon, we did keep the upper cabinets and added glass front cabinets above them as well as crown molding. The microwave is a tall cabinet to the left of the refrigerator. We tore out all the countertops and installed new ones, so we did not lower the leaning bar we took it all out. We added a new vent and hood in the kitchen. I hope this helps.

  6. Cindy Molleur says:

    Yvonne….do you have a post on the actual painting of your cherry cabinets?? We have a cherry cabinet island. I plan to paint it a very slight off white, Greek Villa, just like our trim. Cherry can’t be sanded or it will bleed thru like crazy and turn pink. I’d love to know the paint and method used on your beautiful cabinets. Thanks so much!!

  7. I really don’t think white kitchens will ever be out of style, but I also think we need to be careful because cabinet styles can go trendy. And cabs are too big an expense so better to stick to a classic look! I believe I have seen true farmhouse kitchens from almost a century ago with white kitchens. Staying power!!!!

  8. I have always had a white time. The builders had painted the kitchen a soft yellow. We kept the yellow because my husband liked it. When time came to sell and enlarge our family the kitchen was painted white. No problem selling a white kitchen. Besides, it really showed the copper pans with style.

  9. Adria Hayward says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    For me, white kitchens will never go out of style. I feel it is all about preferences. If you’re someone who loves classics more than trends, then it doesn’t matter what the current sentiment is.
    Thank you so much for your posts, they are informative, inspirational, aspirational and sometimes thought provoking! My husband, however, very likely does not share my sentiment as you’ve inspired me on many occasions to spend a little more than my husband would like to see!

  10. White anything will always be a classic. Your kitchen is more beautiful in white than the wood. I’m looking to paint my cabinets white also. I have had white cabinets before and prefer them over any wood. So bright and airy !

  11. Jeanne Minert says:

    My two grandmas and my mother all had white kitchens. I have a white kitchen and three daughters do as well. That’s 4 generations! White kitchens are not a trend, they’re timeless.

  12. White kitchens may be “timeless” but they totally lack character and warmth! The feel cold and sterile like a hospital. Your original wood cabinets made the kitchen warm and far nicer and inviting. I simply can’t understand why anyone would paint natural wood cabinets rather than refinish them and allow the beauty of the natural wood grain shine through. Absolutely abominable!

  13. I love your kitchen. I have your original color cabinets and want white without replacing. How costly is it to have kitchen cabinets painted? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Mary Beth, there are so many price points. If you do it yourself it is quite reasonable. Because we had so much remodeled, we had the cabinet professional painted. It costs about as much as getting new ones. We did not want new ones, because we loved the style and really did not want more mess. Hope this helps.

  14. The after is nice especially the backsplash. Honestly am tired if white cabinets! Its not the clean up factor, but the odds are good that I see the same white or gray in any other home. I like colors maybe because am from the island but I just find white cabinets bland especially when they are the only color. I love the cabinets before!