Best New Decorating Trends For 2024

We all love to see what trends will be popular in the coming year. Here are the best decorating trends for 2024.

a warm neutral chair

There are beautiful decor trends coming our way in 2024! If you exclude just a couple trending trainwrecks, this is the year of pretty things! The best-of-the-best decor trends for this year makes 2024 a bonus year for decorating.

I chose this chair and the surrounding elements in the image above as the poster child for this year’s trends. If you are wondering why, I’ll explain at the bottom of this post!

Before I begin any trend post, I like to explain what makes a trend and also what makes a classic. Trends make much better sense if you understand trends, classics, and the differences.

What Is A Trend?

Trends are born as a reaction to the world around us. They are creative and beautiful solutions to what is happening in our lives. These can be practical or inventive or sometimes even a bit ridiculous!

No matter how you feel about trends, always use what you love in your home! Because your home is just that… YOUR HOME!

What Is A Classic

Oh, I love a good classic. Classic decor is something that stood the test of good taste and time and is always in style. A trend that floats in and out as the latest hot decor can sometimes become a classic, finally settling on its high and lofty pedestal as the best of the best decor!

I love trends, but unless I know they will be classics or are classic decor that gains enough popularity to be a trend, I use trends sparingly. I’m a classic girl through and through!

Here are the top home decor trends for 2024.

Traditional Decor Redefined

Traditional decor is getting a second look!

What The Experts Say

Traditional furniture is getting a thumbs-up from the interior design world again. With one caveat: it is trending when it lives alongside home decor in eclectic styles. This is a fun mixed-style look that makes traditional decor very trendy.

My Two Cents

I’m thrilled to see beautiful traditional furnishings live for another day or decade. And I love the idea of updating it by mixing it into what we already have.

Traditionally styled furnishings are the epitome of class and beauty. I love how it is wisely mixed with furnishings and different styles to keep it from looking outdated and staid. Rhoda’s dining room is the perfect example of this stunning style.

Sunshine All Day Long

Interior design has been moving us toward sustainability, more plants, indoor/outdoor living, and natural materials. Sun-filled rooms are naturally next.

What The Experts Say

In 2024 the design forecast will be sunny all day long. This trend is to create rooms with lots of natural light. There has been a move to larger windows, more windows, french doors, and windows that act as walls. The goal is for sunlight to fill our homes when the sun comes up until it goes down.

My Two Cents

Let the sun shine! 🎶 I love this good-for-our-soul trend. Sunshine makes people happy, and rooms look nicer. One of the nicest things about our home is the windows. The sun streams in all day.

Create Your Own Color

If you don’t have lots of windows that stream sunshine into your home, you can color tune your lights now so it seems like there is sunshine in your rooms, even on a not-so-sunny day.

Real Wood

Beautiful natural wood is making a big comeback again! It’s a classic that really never goes out of style.

What The Experts Say

Soft natural wood is coming back in style. The color tones are warm and welcoming. We are turning our backs on all the gray wood from the past few years and opting for a lovely, warm, honeyed color palette. The beauty of wood is always in style, but it is on-trend for 2024.

My Two Cents

I love the move toward warm-toned woods. Their richness adds depth and a cozy feel to a room. This move towards natural woods probably has something to do with the trend of mixing vintage with modern items in our homes. KariAnne’s beautiful staircase and foyer are scrumptious examples of this very pretty trend.

I have a deep love for painted furnishings; these items will look much better with a little natural wood mixed in!

Wood molding and doors are making a comeback, too.

Warm Hues

Gray has had its day, and now warm hues are here to stay.

dining room table

What The Experts Say

A warm color palette influences interior design in 2024 and beyond. This is a continuation of last year’s trend when we saw the gray color palette start to wane. We crave warmth, restful colors, and coziness in design, making our homes sanctuaries to live and work in. This color palette uses earthy colors together with modern whites.

My Two Cents

I’ve seen this trend lurking on the horizon for a few years now.

Warm neutrals are beautiful. Gone are the days of all-white rooms that can read cold and gray everything. Warm hues are taking their place at the top of 2024s interior design’s best trend. Welcome, warm neutral hues that include colors like modern creamy whites, camel, taupe, beige, tan, and brown. They can create color stories that are rich and sophisticated and also warm and charming.

I love warm hues and neutrals, so I’m thrilled to see interior design trends bend in this direction. Warm neutrals are easy to live with, mix well with almost any color, and create a calming environment. I think we will see other colors that aren’t exactly neutrals added to the warm color story collection. Colors like muted and muddied gold, greens, and even blues. It’s all about undertones and saturation of color. Even Pantone’s color of the year for 2024, Peach Fuzz, can be muddied a little and work as a neutral. As well as Glidden’s color of the year, Limitless a soft, buttery, muted yellow.

This trend is classic!

Make sure to read What You Should Know About The Color Beige.

Brown Is Back

Warm hues are dominating the trend list, and brown will be part of that warm color palette.

hydrangea on a brown table

What The Experts Say

Brown is replacing gray. There has been a huge shift from a decade of gray, and now brown is the color of the moment.

My Two Cents

I saw this trend coming in 2022 and wrote a post, Brown Is The New Hot Decorating Color. In this post, I talked a lot about the reasons brown was going to be so popular, what brown is and isn’t, and how to add brown to your home to add beauty and depth. Please read this post because it will be so helpful.

Brown will be a huge color trend as it fits into the warm hue trend for 2024 and beyond and the shift we are seeing toward more natural wood in our homes.

Brown is a misunderstood color and, like its cousin, beige gets a bad rap. Brown is not one color but a plethora of light and soft tints as well as moody and dark shades. Brown can be a nicer, softer, less in-your-face substitute for black.

Saturated Color

It seems neutrals and colorful rooms are battling for what will be big in 2024. Interior designers seem to be duking it out over what color palette will reign supreme in 2024.

What The Experts Say

Along with neutrals, experts say to look for colors that are very saturated, like bright orange and cobalt blue. Color brings energy and interest to a room.

My Two Cents

If you are thinking that the interior design industry is a bit wishy-washy in its color trend prediction, let me help. Interior design is a very inclusive, creative, and smart industry. They know one trend does not fit all, and everyone is different. So they predict trends for many different tastes and sensibilities.

If you love to decorate with color, include more saturated colors in your home. For most home decorators, a little bit of vibrant color goes a long way. So, start small by adding accent decor in bold colors.

If you love bold colors, you will love Benjamin Moore’s color of the year, Blue Nova.

Classic Green Turns Trendy

green chair

Green is a color that never goes in and out of style, but it will be very trendy in 2024.

What The Experts Say

Green fits into the ever-on-trend push for sustainability in all aspects of our lives, especially in our homes. It is also a part of the indoor/outdoor living trend and can be paired with a warm hue color story.

My Two Cents

Green is a versatile color, whether it is dark and moody or mid-toned and muted. Green has been my go-to accent color in our Tanglewood home. I have very strong opinions about green. My advice is to keep green muted and muddied or on the citron side. Stay away from minty greens, they look too precious and cute.

They say, whoever they are, that all greens work together. And that is mostly true. If you are using green as an accent color, opt for two or three greens that share the same undertone.

Brass Accents

Don’t get rid of your brass and gold accents yet!

What The Experts Say

Brass is still the dominant metal for home decor, at least this year. It fits beautifully into the warm hue and real wood color palette, giving it a bit of glow. Gorgeous!

My Two Cents

I agree that brass is still big and will remain the dominant metal choice in 2024 and beyond. However, I do predict that brass will have to share the stage with other metals. Mixing metals is gaining resurgence again. Personally, I love a well-balanced approach to mixing metals in decor. And I think brass is a bit overdone, but I’m sure many of you might disagree.

Brass is balanced to perfection in Lory’s closet-turned-butler pantry.

Quiet Luxury

Oooh, we are ready for some luxury!

living room sideboard with luury items

What The Experts Say

Interiors will be elevated and a bit more streamlined and fussy. Sumptuous fabrics in neutral hues will be popular. It’s all about an appreciation for lovely things and living a life that appreciates them.

My Two Cents

I love this look! A beautiful, warm, neutral color palette with understated furnishings that have been carefully curated. And nothing ostentatious! Yes, please! Really, this is a style that oozes good taste and refinement.

The words grace notes also describe this look. Paying attention to every detail and adding simple, beautiful things to your home that elevate living. The most beautiful scented candle, the softest throw, or a bunch of flowers on your nightstand. Think of a five-star hotel room.

Another 2024 trend that is a close cousin of Understated Luxury is called Understated Opulence, where everyday decor lives next to something fancier and more special. It’s like a real gilded mirror hanging over a console table got at a thrift store and painted yourself.

Vintage Furnishings

Vintage and found items will be layered in with our modern-day furniture.

vintage buffet

What The Experts Say

Vintage and antique furniture have always been loved by decorators who prize a curated, well-traveled look. There has always been a niche of vintage lovers who have kept this trend alive and well. Now we see vintage and antiques being embraced by the general public again. Acquiring investment pieces is on trend for 2024.

My Two Cents

No matter what your style or color preferences, incorporating a touch of vintage or antique decor into your home will add interest, warmth and, like the experts say, a curated look. Homeowners are shifting away from big box store furniture for furniture that is better made and will last.

The vintage/antique trend is a what-goes-around-comes-around trend. Items from a bygone day will always be cherished and loved, especially if they have been passed down from family. You just can’t reproduce (even thought they try) the charm and character of antiques. It has to evolve over time.

Embellishments And Classic Details

The popularity of embellishment in interior design has been rising over the last couple of years.

embellished pillow

What The Experts Say

The importance of embellishment will be a big trend in 2024. Fluted detailing, tassels, trim on drapery, buttons, and upholstery. The love of trim and embellishments from the 80s and 90s is back.

My Two Cents

I saw this trend coming a mile away, friends! Scallop detail was huge last year, and I saw more embellished detail creeping into decor along with it. Oh, welcome back to classic details! I LOVE beautifully embellished pillows and curtains. A detailed tassel hung on the pull of a bookcase door still makes me swoon.

Embellishments and other attention-to-detail touches add to the beauty of any decor. As long as they are applied with a light hand. There is a huge difference between the elegance of one or two well-done and well-placed embellishments in a room and the overdone and gaudy look of too many.

Pretty is back in a big way in 2024.

The 70s Look

Design elements of the 70s will be popular this year.

What The Experts Say

Nostalgia seems to be a big factor in the interior design world in 2024. Even if it is throwback nostalgia from the 70s. Fiber art, sunken living rooms, and shag carpeting will be on trend again in 2024. And brown will be a dominant color, along with orange. Both colors were popular trends fifty years ago.

My Two Cents:

Been there, done that! I will not repeat my mom’s decorating mistakes. Sorry mom! In the day, these trends were groovy!

Hygge Homes

A move away from open concepts. Cozy rooms are in!


What The Experts Say

The desire for cocooning drives the trend for cozy, warm spaces in 2024. Open spaces are less on trend and a closed concept, more traditional home design is gaining popularity.

My Two Cents

Hygge (pronounced hyoo’-ga) is the concept of creating warm and welcoming spaces filled with charm. It’s a space where you and your loved ones want to spend time. I see many things on this 2024 trend list, like a warm color palette, L-shaped sectionals, quiet luxury, sunny spaces, cozy dining rooms, and performance fabrics pointing to our need to gather in our homes and find comfort and sanctuary.

So it’s more than just moving away from open-concept homes. I really see the trend as moving towards creating spaces we love and want to live in, no matter the design of our home.


Wallpaper will be big again in 2024. Especially in unexpected areas.

What The Experts Say

Wallpaper is still a very popular choice for 2024. This year’s twist is to wallpaper small areas like closets, ceilings, and hallways. Wallpaper murals will be a beautiful addition to this 2024 trend.

My Two Cents

I said I would never wallpaper again after having to painstakingly remove rooms of outdated wallpaper at StoneGable. I said I had learned my lesson, and wallpaper was banished from my home.

Well… never say never! Wallpaper today is not the same wallpaper you might have been scraping and scratching to remove 15 years ago! First of all, it is removable! And there is so much wallpaper on the market to love! Like all decor that rises to a trend, I think wallpaper will have its day, year, or decade again, and its time in the spotlight is now! Wallpaper something. Wallpapering a closet is very on-trend.

Pretty Lampshades

Colorful, embellished, patterned lampshades are popular again.

What The Experts Say

Because of styles like Cottage Core, Granmacore, and English Manor House, lampshades that are done in pretty patterned fabrics with tassels or trim are in style again.

My Two Cents

I love a pretty calico fabric perfectly pleated on a lampshade with accent trim for a small lamp in a bedroom. But that is about as far as I am comfortable taking this trend. If you are a braver decorator than I, you will probably love adding a pretty lampshade to a lamp in your living room.

Honestly, it’s all a matter of the fabric, trim, and the shape of the lampshade. Pretty lampshades fit an overarching theme of back to lovely, time-honored home decor for 2024.

Performance Fabric

This is not a new trend, but is just gets bigger and bigger!

performance fabric on a light colored sofa

The Experts Say

Performance fabric, which is almost impervious to stains and as rugged as nails, is a huge trend for 2024. Companies are increasingly offering fabrics that can withstand pets, kids, wine, and daily life.

My Two Cents

I could not live with a light, neutral color palette if it weren’t for performance fabrics. These fabrics have been tested by my six little grandkids, ranging in age from seven to two. I will not buy anything for our home that can be sat on if it is not covered in a performance fabric.

I’m also adding indoor /outdoor rugs to this category. I’ve used them in our home for over a decade.

Performance fabrics and indoor/outdoor rugs are less of a trend and more of a way of life!

Café Curtains from Eleanore Rose Blog

Here are more 2024 trends to give a try in your home…

  • Boucle upholstered furniture
  • Barbicore- say it ain’t so!
  • Biomorphic Shaped Furnishings- why does the interior design industry keep trying to make this style popular? It’s not working!
  • Curves, curves, curves- I am seeing this, however. Much nicer!
  • Window Seats
  • Cafe curtains
  • Mid Century furnishings- but heading out
  • Victorian Era Furnishings
  • Ruffles
  • Heritage Style- a la Madmen
  • Splathroom- bathrooms taking on spa-like qualities
  • Velvet- even stronger than last year
  • Eat-In Kitchens
  • Pops of warm reds
  • Statement and handcrafted tile

2024 seems to be a year for returning to an appreciation for the best and most beautiful, time-honored home furnishing of the past.

Remember, trends come and go so embrace the trends you love and say bye-bye to the rest! Home decor is and has always been about creating and curating a home with your personality and lifestyle in mind!

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FAQs about cheesecloth

Choose brown wood tones in medium to medium-dark colors. Stay away from gray tones.

Peach Fuzz, Panatone’s color of the year, is a beautiful muted and mudded medium peach color that will be popular. Also, there is a huge shit to warm neutrals and muted mid-tone colors.

This year, light to medium warm-tone real wood will be popular in kitchen design. As far as paint, blue, green and greige will be popular.

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chair in the sunshine

This image has many of the elements that will be trendy for 2024. Do you see them?

  • fluted element
  • embellished pillow
  • vintage inspired styling
  • warm neutral
  • brown rug
  • sun-filled room
  • performance fabric
  • hygge style
  • traditional furniture
  • classic detail
  • quiet luxury

Happy decorating in 2024, friends!

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  1. Excellent, informative post! I personally don’t care for oranges and reds (not even a splash of them) or patterned, tasseled lampshades but I totally agree with you on your evaluations of the majority of the 2024 trends. Thanks again for your insights.

  2. Your home is beautiful! I love the color you used through your home… would you mind sharing the paint color for walls?

  3. Raymalee Allman says:

    Loved this article. Where is your sofa from that you have in your sunroom

  4. Great article Yvonne!! Thanks.

  5. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Hi Yvonne, I’ve been off the grid for a while. My husband was sick and recently died so decorating has not been a priority. I need to update some of my rooms, but reading your “Trend” post has me feeling anxious. I love the open space and light wall colors in my home. My windows span the back of my house and I bring in color from whatever season is current. I have wanted to paint my maple cabinets and bookshelves but after seeing that wood looks good, I am undecided. Keep bringing good tips and suggestions for decorating and looking sophisticated.

    1. Cecilia, I am so so sorry for the loss of your husband. God bless you! Please don’t be anxious about trends. Live with what you love! And take trends with a big grain of salt.

  6. Grey has not to be cold! There is a warm nuance mixed with a little bit of brown.
    My husband wanted to have a dark red leather sofa years ago. First I thought “Oh no, 20 years younger I would have died for such a color”. Well, now I really love it although it is not easy to combine every pillow with that color. We added a neutral dark brown rug on the wooden floor of the same brown color, neutral curtains and pillows in every color instead of pink, orange or red.

    The rest of our house is in neutral colors, no more wallpapers since years. And – I’ve got a lot of inspirations from you – added with decoration items in difficult colors, changing for the reasons of if I am in the mood for something different. Easypiesy and on a low budget.

  7. Good Sunday morning to you! Before I begin to get ready for worship with my church, I wanted to ask you for a source on the spool chair. I have the perfect spot for two of these! Thank you!

  8. Interesting ideas and takes on home decor. I agree with take what you want and forget the rest about ‘trends’ and those that try to push that on us. And there are many that will push and sweeping changes in their homes to promote the trends. I can say from experience in two homes that step down living rooms/dining rooms or any room will be a HUGE mistake unless they plan on moving before it’s a no-no again. We bought 2 homes with step down rooms which were very much trendy and the newest idea. Thankfully, we were able to sale and move on and those homes became someone else’s big problem. While I didn’t like buying/selling and moving so often in hind sight it was a blessing. I fear the ‘experts’ will be sneaking up on a version of the Tuscany style or the Southwest colors and Kokopelli everywhere. I just can’t imagine down the road a bit seeing your beautiful home with walls in a shade of brown or heavy dark furniture or fringe/ruggles/tassels on 50% of it. Thanks for a preview of what to expect.

    1. Dee, I don’t think experts try to sneak new trends on you. Things change. You can accept them or not. However, everything changes. Are you still wearing the same clothing from high school or wearing the same hairstyle. We don’t eat the same thing everyday. People are creative and love to try new things. Hope this helps to understand trends a bit better.

  9. This may be one of your best posts!l: factual description of trend; expert opinion; your trust-worthy take (which also intuitively feels right). I am just a voracious reader who recently moved to a new-build that required new furniture. The gap between wishes and local availability is huge. This post confirmed am making timeless choices and gives me other directions to explore. Thank you.

    1. You are so welcome! You are so right to choose timeless furnishings. Happy new home!