How To decorate With Less

Discover the easy beauty of “Less is Best” decorating, where simplicity reigns supreme. This is a timeless approach that promotes mindful curation and banishes cluttered, overdecorated spaces. Embrace the beauty of less is best decorating.

In a world filled with constant stimuli and overwhelming choices, the idea of embracing simplicity when decorating our homes has gained significant popularity. “Less is Best” is not just a trend; it’s a timeless approach that fosters tranquility, enhances functionality, and celebrates the beauty of space and form.

I’ve been thinking a lot about a less is best way of decorating my home. Choosing to decorate with less layers, less visual noise, and less stuff creates a calm look and feel in our homes.

In a world that often equates material possessions with happiness, the less is best approach to decorating stands as a gentle rebellion. It encourages us to free ourselves from the burden of excessive clutter and focus on the things that truly matter.

The core principle of less is best is to create a living space that reflects our style and personality without a lot of extra stuff that causes busyness and clutter.

And honestly, I am loving a less fussy and more curated home.

I’m seeing another HUGE decorating shift towards more defined spaces in our homes that are less decorated. Layers and layers of decor are going the way of the cherry dining room set! And it makes sense. We just don’t live that way anymore.

So shouldn’t our homes be in tune with the way we live?

I’m not a minimalist, my friend! Oh, no! I love love love beautiful decor and home accents. But lately, I’ve been feeling a bit frustrated by my things. And the urge to simplify decor in my home is strong! Do you feel that way too?

Easy Ways To Tell If You Need To Simplify

If you are not feeling great about the decor in one of your rooms, you may need to simplify. Here’s how to tell…

  • do you feel anxious when you walk into a room
  • does a room feels cluttered to you
  • do your room feels off-balance
  • it’s hard to see through a room into the next room because your eyes get stuck looking at things in front of you
  • are the things in a room too matchy-matchy
  • do you think a room looks tired or out of date
  • are color and or texture not evenly distributed throughout the room
  • do you find there are too many collectibles that get distracting
  • is there too much and too heavy wallpaper on the walls (even though wallpaper is on-trend right now)
  • are your window treatments too heavy or busy
  • are you yearning for a new look

The Less Is Best Philosophy

The less is best approach to decorating is really about order and enjoying the true beauty in a space! Space is your best friend when thinking about paring down what you have to a more simple design. Less is best decorating is all about opening up space in your home. Space goes hand in hand with light. The idea is to have a space that is free from clutter and light and airy!

In a less is best interior, the use of space allows for visual clarity. When there are fewer items competing for attention, each piece can stand out and be appreciated individually. The absence of clutter ensures that your eye can focus on the essential elements, which creates a more serene and balanced atmosphere.

I want to stress again that less is best is not minimalism! We are talking about loving and living with our treasures but not living with so many all in the same room!

Clutter And Less Is Best Decorating

When we embrace the less is more decorating philosophy, clutter becomes a significant consideration as it directly contradicts the core principles of simplicity. Clutter comes in many forms in our homes. Clutter can be the accumulation of things that we don’t put away. Or things that don’t have a specified home.

We should also think of another kind of clutter. Our decor can be clutter. Too much of it is also distracting!

Any space with this kind of clutter cries out for our attention. How can we have a welcoming and beautiful home when the clutter in our home obstructs what is actually beautiful?

Here are a few examples of decor clutter…

  • having “collections” of almost anything displayed en masse
  • too many layers of decor
  • a space with too much furniture
  • too busy color palette
  • things on every surface
  • pillows on every chair and sofa (sorta guilty of this one)
  • every wall covered with pictures or art
  • a mirror that reflects unattractive things like a ceiling or messy kitchen counters

These are just some ways we can overstimulate a room so it feels cluttered.

How To Declutter Your Home In 15 Minutes A Day is a tried and true, easy system to get clutter under control in your home and keep it from coming back.

How To Simplify Our Decor

When we want to simplify our spaces to make them even more attractive and calm, we should think about two words in particular.

Space and light!

How Space Works In Less Is Best Decorating

Space is of utmost importance in less is best decorating because it is a fundamental element that shapes the entire design philosophy. Embracing space allows the beauty of simplicity to shine, and it plays a pivotal role in creating an environment that is visually attractive.

Most of us are neither minimalists or hoarders. Somewhere in the middle is a sweet spot of loving to live with beautiful things but also loving breathing space in the rooms of our homes. How much open space (designers call this negative space) we have in our homes is a very personal thing.

Space provides visual breathing room, allowing the eye to rest and appreciate each element in the room individually. When there is ample space around objects, they can be appreciated for their design, texture, and significance without feeling crowded or overwhelmed.

When there is limited space to work with, it prompts us to mindfully curate our decor. Each chosen item holds more meaning and purpose as it competes for a spot in the carefully crafted space.

How To Decorate A Small Room and How To Decorate A Small Dining Room give lots of examples and designer tips that you can use in your home.

Curated simplicity is beautiful! Your home will look even more beautiful and more comfortable if it is filled with a little less!

You might also like to read How To Curate Your Style. This post is full of helpful ideas and easy to understand designer secrets for choosing decor that is perfect for your home.

Space is a very important element of good interior design. What You Need To Know About Space When You Decorate will help you understand this concept and be able to use it to create beauty in your home.

How Light Works

Lightness, in this context, refers to the perception of a space feeling airy, open, and unburdened by visual weight. Light plays a significant role in achieving this feeling and complements the less is best decorating philosophy.

Light is synonymous with beauty! When we make space for space in a room and open it up, it will begin to feel visually light. When it comes to decorating, simply think about space and light. These decorating concepts will help you create a beautiful room!

Why Knowing About Visual Weight Will Make You A Better Decorator is a must-read. This easy to understand designer concept is often overlooked by home decorators.

How To Achieve A Less Is Best Look

Achieving a carefully curated, less is best look in a room involves thoughtful design choices and a commitment to simple beauty. Here are some practical steps to help you create a minimalist and uncluttered space:

  • Decluttering: Start by decluttering the room and removing items that are not essential or don’t contribute to the overall design. Be ruthless in your decision-making process, keeping only what you truly need or love.
  • Embrace A Neutral Color Palette: Choose a neutral color palette for the walls, floors, and larger furniture pieces. Neutral colors create a calm, timeless backdrop that complements the less is best style.
  • Invest In Quality Pieces: Select high-quality furniture and decor items that have clean lines and a timeless design. Invest in pieces that will withstand the test of time and won’t need frequent replacement.
  • Functionality: Ensure that each piece of furniture serves a functional purpose in the room. Avoid unnecessary or redundant items that can clutter the space.
  • Create Breathing Room: Allow for ample space between furniture and decor items. Don’t overcrowd the room; let each piece stand out and be appreciated individually.
  • Curate Your Decor: Be selective with decor and decorative accessories. Choose meaningful pieces that contribute to the overall aesthetics.
  • Edit Your Space Regularly: Regularly reassess your room and edit the decor and items. As you live in the space, you may find that certain items are no longer needed or that you can simplify further.

Remember that achieving a less is best look is not about sacrificing comfort or style but rather about prioritizing what truly matters and creating a space that reflects your style and personality. By adopting an intentional approach to decorating, you can create a room that promotes simple beauty that you will enjoy living in.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is less is best minimalistic decorating?

Not always. And certainly not in the context of this post. Less is best decorating embraces simple design and an uncluttered curated look.

What color palette works best with less is best decorating?

Ideally, a neutral color palette works best for less is best decorating. You might also like to read Can I Mix Warm And Cool Colors.

How do I decorate a small home?

The best way to decorate a small home is to keep a tight neutral color palette, use the less is best philosophy, and curate your home’s decor.

Easy To Understand Designer Concepts

These designer concepts are broken down into easy-to-understand, repeatable processes you can use in your home over and over. If you love to decorate, these are must-read posts.

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  1. Yvonne, Good morning.
    I think that the urge to simplify our homes is related to the hot summer we are having in so many parts of the country. When I come in from the heat I want lots of empty space, no clutter and a calm color scheme in my home.Just this and a cool drink makes me feel better. The same less is better is a good plan for my garden when keeping my plants watered is my primary gardening chore. If a plant or pot look poorly they are eliminated. A
    Keep cool and have a good weekend.

    1. Hi Kathy, I’m sure the heat makes us want less! However, it’s a great way to live all year long.

  2. Omg, are you sure you don’t have a camera in our home? Why? Because now that we are downsizing from a large 5BR house, to a small three BR home, and thirty plus years of stuff. We have giving away, sold, and donated stuff, and yet, we have lot of things to get rid off. I can’t wait until it’s gone, and we are living a “ less is best!” Life. Thanks for this wonderful and timeless post.

  3. Thank you for reposting these. I love rereading these guidelines periodically. You have also said that it takes 2 yrs to settle into a home. We are approaching that in our right sized home next month. And you are so right. We did downsize, so it has been a learning experience to still have non cluttery spaces & the simple open spaces I love. By the time I found you, I had already laid the groundwork for it thru the open floor plan & lots of windows for good light by following a classic designer’s advice for the permanent background elements. (Flooring, tile, cabs, etc) You gave me permission to weed out our belongings. I rehomed so many of our treasures & it has been cathartic. Now anything that comes in has to replace something else, not just be added to. There is so much overload of STUFF available, it is a constant effort for me. I change out some things regularly. I have come to realize I need some changeable elements so I don’t get bored. I have a neutral base & switch out artwork, vases, a slipcover on a chair, pillows, etc at my whim. I love playing with smaller hits of color. Anyway, thank you, your advice has been invaluable.

    1. You are a smart one! Sounds like you are on top of your game when it comes to your downsized home. Congratulations!

  4. Sharon Brown says:

    Hi. Love the post! Such a great reminder. Quick question. I need ideas for a book shelf refresh. I have one on either side of gas fireplace and television. Ratio is 1/2 fireplace and television and 1/4 (each side) shelves. Any ideas for a refresh that looks updated? I can’t do real plants because of light. I know it’s hard to advise without a picture. I have a few family pics, books, candles and faux greens , wicker and ceramic decorative pieces. All the basics. Would love some to hear your advise and if you had before and after updates you’ve done, if you have any ? Thanks!

  5. I love a less is more approach. I have several Hutch type pieces that I have collections in. Do those count as clutter ? Collections are inside with glass doors