Declutter Your Home In 15 Minutes A Day

Do you struggle with clutter? You can have an decluttered and tidy home! In just 15 minutes a day, you can create a routine that will help you get rid of the excess and clutter in your home, and put things away neatly. And most importantly keep your home tidy every day! Ready to declutter your home in 15 minutes a day?
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Some people love to declutter and some don’t but almost everyone can spend 15 minutes a day decluttering their home! And every single day your home will be freer of mess and clutter and that feels so so good! Let’s set our timers and declutter!

Does everything in your house have a home? A place it belongs preferably near its site of intended use? Or do you have “piles” of things? Maybe in baskets or dish pans (guilty) or tote bags or trash bags or boxes… all conveniently hidden away? Or maybe you have piles of paper and mail and magazines and shoes and books.

Or odds and ends or do-dads and clothes, and things you need to put away and they are piled up in plain site!  Let’s talk about the best and easiest way to declutter your home!

But who has time to dig through all the mess and clean it up?

YOU DO! Yes, you do, my friend!

If you have 15 minutes in your day you can start to declutter. This is not an overnight, bring in the forklift and dig out decluttering. It’s gentler and kinder and actually works much better in the long run!

After decades of reading every kind of home organizing and cleaning book you can imagine I know the strategies that have worked best for me. I’d like to share one of the best with you…

This is a 15-minute declutter that you religiously do every day (5 days a week)! You can have a clutter-free home and keep it that way!

There are a few guidelines you need to follow for this declutter plan to work.



calendar with date circled to start the 15 minute declutter plan

Right now, today. Not tomorrow! And commit! Create time on your calendar to declutter!

The more committed you are to keeping a 15-minute date with your home to declutter it the better this plan will work.

You can certainly declutter your home for longer than 15 minutes IF YOU HAVE TIME. But your goal is 15 minutes!

When 15 minutes is up feel fabulous! You have achieved something wonderful for you and your home!


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When we don’t have a “home” or purposeful place for everything in our home we start that downward spiral to clutterland. And clutter begets stress and stress most of the time stress begets twins called inertia and apathy!

Dealing with our clutter is just too stressful! And so more clutter accumulates. This is a vicious cycle, for sure!

The best way to destress our homes is to dig in and start clutter busting! Cleaning out and decluttering and finding places for EVERYTHING in our homes.

I often hear that I just don’t have a place for (fill in the blank)!

Then, seriously you have too much stuff!

Our homes can get bloated and busting at the seams!

It’s time to let “stuff” go so we have room for everything! And maybe even have a bit of breathing room for our homes too!

Too much stuff can psychologically weigh us down and make us tired.


NOW here’s how to take action on your clutter!

Your goal is to declutter your home 15 minutes at a time! Do this quickly and efficiently and don’t get caught up in the nostalgia of a “thing”.

Grab a big trash bag and two laundry baskets (or boxes). Throw all the things that are not in good shape and that you don’t use often in the trash bag.

Put anything that does not belong in the room/closet/drawer/cubby/spot you are working on in one of the laundry baskets. This is your “put-away” basket. And everything that is in good shape that you no longer want or need goes in the “give-away” basket. Right now you are working as fast as you can to declutter.

Everything that stays in the room/closet/drawer/cubby/spot must have a home. Put things away neatly.

From now on, you will know where everything in that room is and you will always put it away after you use it! If something new comes into that room, something else must be taken out. It does not take long for clutter to start accumulating. We all must be on our guard!

You might like to read DO THIS ONE THING FOR A MORE ORGANIZED HOME. In it, I explain the “put it away” plan!

When the trash bag gets full, throw it out immediately!

I empty the “give away” box into a box in my car and when I’m out and about I take it to Goodwill or other charitable organizations.

Hmmmm, what to do with the put-away box? Well, put it all away! Don’t let your put-away box become another pile of clutter. I try to keep my put-away box down to a minimum. This motivates me to give almost everything in it away!


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This is my mantra! BE RUTHLESS!!!

We don’t need three lemon zesters. Two need to go!

We should not have 10 extra bed pillows. Only enough for each bed and maybe one or two extra for a guest.

Those extra and duplicate items we have in our homes cause clutter. And clutter is literally stressing us to death.

You don’t need to show your clutter love or send it off gratefully! NO! You don’t need to hold it in your hand and get all the memories from it.


This clutter is causing you and me lots of time, money, and angst! Just get rid of it and don’t give it another thought!!!!!


Pick a room, any room, and set a timer for 15 minutes. Now start straightening up and organizing. When the timer dings, you are done for the day… until tomorrow. Work a little every day. Some days you may have more time to give than others and that’s okay.

The key is consistency. Make organizing a part of your life!

I like to start in my foyer because it is where people enter my home.  Then I work around the room in a clockwise direction picking everything up.  I don’t go into another room until the room I am working on is totally straightened up and everything in it has a well-ordered “home”.

We are not talking about cleaning it… we are talking about organizing it.  

So now you pick a room. Go through every drawer, cabinet, and surface.

Use the trash bag and 2 laundry baskets or boxes to get rid of everything that does not belong in that room!

BE RUTHLESS about what you keep.

Most of us tend to keep so much more than we can ever really use. Get rid of it… this is so freeing!

When one room is organized and decluttered, move to the next and dig in! 

I like to work on organizing five days a week. 


Once a room or drawer or closet or ANYTHING is decluttered you must be vigilant and RUTHLESS and keep it that way!

Everything if left to its own devices will gradually slide into disorder. This is entropy. It’s not YOU! It’s just how things are!

But you have to guard against entropy!

No more stashing and squeezing and dumping ANYTHING in any place!

As you bring something new into a space it MUST…

  • be useful or bring beauty to your home
  • have a home
  • fit in its home – be contained
  • replace something else of its kind

Thinking about this EVERY SINGLE TIME you bring something new into your home is the key to staying organized! And this mindset is freeing and will save you tons of time trying to find things!

And the big added bonus is that it will also save you lots of $$$!


lilacs on a table in a decluttered home

This is an ongoing process. You are never really done.

Use those 15 minutes declutter minutes to start all over again and refine, edit, and organize what you have.

The 15-minute declutter plan is the easiest way to organize a home. It might take longer than spending a week or two doing nothing but nose-to-the-grindstone decluttering and organizing, but every little step is a step in the right direction!

Get a free printable of the 15 MINUTE DECLUTTER PLAN and a helpful list of things to give away and throw away below…


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This post has tons of tips and amazingly savvy ideas for getting your home sparkling clean and oh, so tidy!!!

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  1. Everyone thought I was crazy when I did a drastic declutter in my house, however, since then I have recieved many compliments about how well kept up it is!

  2. I agree, decluttering is a journey. I am slowing working my way through the guest room and the office. Any progress is a win. I have donated many things on a local free website.

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