As I begin to decorate for this year’s fall tour I thought you would like to see all the inspiration and ideas from my fall tour last year. Enjoy!

t’s a fall home tour! Don’t you love home tours? Me too! And since fall is my very favorite season and Lancaster County does fall so beautifully I get a little crazy and excited to see homes decked out in autumnal finery! Come on in I’ve been waiting for you!

This post contains affiliate links. That means when you click on some of the links in this post and you make a purchase I earn a small commission at no cost to you. All my opinions are my own.

This post is L-O-N-G and has tons of tips and designer secrets and pictures to help you decorate your home for fall too! Enjoy!

Today is part one of my Tanglewood FALL TOUR! And the FALL HOME TOUR continues HERE with part 2!

I’m so happy to be part of THE BRILLIANT COLORS OF FALL TOUR hosted by Mansa at This Is Simplicite and Kelly at The Tattered Pew.

These ladies have worked so hard to organize us and bring you a gorgeous fall home tour! Make sure you stop by and say “thank you”!

A special fall welcome if you are coming from Shiplap And Shells! And whatever reason you have shown up on my doorstep I am so thrilled you are here!


Let’s start right here in the foyer!

The Tanglewood foyer is very long! 22 feet long! But right near the front door, there is a small area to drop your bags and sit if you want! And read a blessing too! Everybody needs a blessing, right!


I love to decorate for fall! And one of the ways to make decorating easier is to use repeated things or elements throughout my home. You will see lots of fall elements repeated here like the little pumpkin above.

We have fields of white pumpkins here. So I get them by the box full!

You will also see lots of what I call “blond” decor like the bleached-leaf wreath below.

Repeating elements throughout your home is a tip you might want to tuck away and take with you!


Before every season I inventory all my stash and decide what I can use and what I can cull out! This is a hugely important first step in any decorating!

Then I choose a color palette. This is so helpful! A color palette is another way to create a cohesive look in your home!

This year’s fall color palette is white/blond/brown/gold. With a little bit of green too! But just a little!


Here’s my foyer table. Can you see why I added a bit of green to the color mix! Right outside my front door is a huge bush of these gorgeous fall-saturated hydrangeas. I just had to use them for the tour!

I adore hydrangeas and the way they change from summer to late fall! These beauties went from white to white and pink and now they are green tinged with a bit of pink and sepia!

I have an easy way to dry hydrangeas so they look lovely for a long time. You might like to check out HOW TO DRY HYDRANGEAS THE EASY WAY.

Did you notice these darling green striped mini gourds. I found them at the Amish greenhouse down the road. They were 20 cents a piece. I think they are “tour worthy” don’t you?


I’m heading back to the Amish greenhouse later today to see if I can find out the name of the gourds and get more. I’ll post the name if I find out.

Update: I just came back from my favorite Amish greenhouse and brought home more white pumpkins and found out those little green gourds are called “spinning tops”. And they do spin!

Now you can see why I added a bit of green to my fall color palette! The green hydrangeas show up again in my kitchen and in our master bedroom this fall too.


And I almost forgot, I did add a tiny bit of orange too. You will see.

Just a side note, our home decor features both real and faux white pumpkins this fall. I’ve painted many faux pumpkins over the years! All my old orange pumpkins are now white pumpkins with the magic from a paintbrush and a taddy bit of tinted wax. They look pretty real!

You can see HOW TO PAINT PUMPKINS WHITE HERE and get my number one secret for making a faux pumpkin look real! You won’t believe how easy it real-ly is!

After deciding on a color palette I “shop my house” for things that might work for fall like pillows and throws and containers and vases and candles and more!


This pumpkin pillow is a hold over from last year! I’m usually not too fond of motif pillows but this burlap painted and embroidered pillow is just so unique.

You can see it HERE. There are only a few left. My readers like it as much as I do!

Fall is the best time to use gorgeous naturals! Again both real and faux!


The foyer opens up to the great room. So let’s go there next!


The middle of October will be one year that we have been living here at our Tanglewood home.

Honestly, I’m still getting used to how to photograph this open concept home. And because it is such a bright house finding the perfect time of day to photograph is still hit or miss!

One of the biggest and most helpful decorating tips I can give you is to take pictures of what you decorate in your home. It will tell you…

  • what you have
  • what is working
  • what you need
  • what you need to change
  • and more!

Your phone’s camera is another eye when you decorate!


Here’s an overhead view of the great room from the the stairs.

Every season, no matter what home I have lived in, I always put a wreath on the front door and decorate my mantel first!

Decorating my mantel rings in the new season or holiday and has become a much loved ritual!


The “gather” sign above the mantel fits the season! You can see it HERE.


Here’s a mantel decorating tip for you… decorate not only the mantel but carry your decor down to the hearth.

A mantel is usually the focal point of the room so you want to give your eyes something to look at as they travel over the whole area.

If you want to know more about FOCAL POINT TIPS FOR CREATING BEAUTIFUL ROOMS go HERE. This post will break down the interior design concept into easy to understand doable portions you can do in your home today!


Isn’t this big jar of pumpkins and branches fun? Here’s where I added just a bit of orange to my fall decor. I found these branches locally and knew they would be a pretty addition to my fall decor!

Most people don’t LOVE orange decor. But here’s a trick to make orange look gorgeous.

Use lots of white and add just a little bit of orange. It works perfectly every time! Easy-peasy! See if you can spot where I also used this trick in the great room.


This fall I styled an asymmetrical mantel. The visual weight on one side of the mantel is heavier than the other! I love symmetry but this year I wanted to do something a little more daring! I blame it on the orange berry branches!

One of the best ways to become a better decorator is to know about the decor element of balance. You can see a very helpful post about BALANCE IN DECORATING HERE.


To the left of the mantel is a white buffet. It’s a big piece of furniture! It is perfect for the big tall wall!


The buffet is simply decorated with a lamp, nesting baskets, and a couple of candlesticks circled with some bittersweet brambles. And of course a little two-pound white pumpkin!

Because I’ve lived in Lancaster County for so long I’m pretty good at guessing the weight of a pumpkin just by looking at it! Of all the things to be good at!

The chunky white candlesticks on the buffet have been in my decorating stash for over a decade! They have a presence without being overbearing. It’s really all about visual weight!!!!

These candlesticks are the same height but they would look boring next to each other. So elevating one make for a much more interesting look!

Books make the best risers! You can see them used in a few places around the room.

Burlap covered books are my favorite risers! So textural without adding a lot of visual weight!


You can see how to COVER BURLAP BOOKS HERE. And you can still read them.

And see WHAT IS VISUAL WEIGHT AND HOW TO USE IT WHEN YOU DECORATE HERE. This is one post that will help you understand how to decorate! It’s a must-read!


Here’s looking into the great room at the buffet from the dining area. The fireplace is behind the column.

Our little cat loves the basket under the table!


Because of fall’s amazing glorious bounty I tend to use a heavier hand when decorating for the autumnal season!

One designer secret when using a lot of seasonal decor is to keep a tight color palette. This will keep the decor from looking cluttered!

I’m a huge fan of bringing the outdoors in!


The coffee table holds a big rough hewn round bowl filled with brambles, pumpkins, willow balls, mini Indian corn, dried sunflower heads, braided husk pumpkins, leaves, berries, mini gourds and brambles.


This is what fall means to me!

Beautiful fall! Jumbled up in a bowl! These are the things I see as I travel the country roads of my beloved Lancaster County in the fall!

Look for a post soon about how to fill dough bowls!

The pedestal table holds a clear bottle vase with faux seed pods in it. I love to use lots of texture for fall decorating! And mixing different textures makes for very pretty decor!


Gourds are such interesting vegetables! These dried gourds add to the golden palette of my fall decor! Isn’t that big gourd magnificent? It has been left to dry naturally!


The Curlacue chest is tucked in the corner of the great room. It was once the focal point of my living room at the StoneGable house. But here it feels too petite (although it’s a nice size) to work on one of the tall walls in the Tanglewood home.

But it does not seem to mind not being the center of attention any longer!

This chest seems to exude beauty no matter where I put it! I fell in love with the Curlacue (that’s how it is spelled) the first time I saw it and I think I love it even more today!

chest with a mirror above it with a wreath hanging from it

There is a bleached leaf wreath hanging on the round mirror above the chest. It’s just like the one that hangs on the vertical coat hook in the foyer. And there is also the same wreath bend upon itself and tucked into a basket on the hearth of the fireplace above.

When I see something I know will work with my home I tend to buy several of them. At Christmas, evergreen sprigs can be added to this blond wreath and I know it will work with my decor and colors.


I can use them at Thanksgiving on a tablescape under dinner plates for a very pretty look!

I’m sure I’ll use these wreaths in many ways for many seasons here at Tanglewood!

Decorating should always be a process no matter the season or holiday! Do a little bit of planning and then decorate one thing at a time. Decorating is not a race.

Start with one small space. Decorate it and then do a little more. Curate your look and use what you love!

And most of all enjoy your home and the amazing gift of fall!


Hobbes (who never misses a photo opportunity) and I thank you for visiting today! Now please head over to Dabbling And Decorating, your next stop of our FALL HOME TOUR.

And please stop by for my FALL TOUR PART 2 HERE! I’m sharing the dining area, KITCHEN (almost done) and the sunroom!



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Happy Fall!


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  1. Gorgeous, Yvonne! Love every bit of your fall tour. I searched but did not find a source for your gold striped pillow on the bench in your foyer. Is that still available? thanks for all you share 🙂

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  4. Tink Bayton says:

    Hello Hobbes. You are just so adorable and fir perfectly into the color scheme of Tanglewood!
    Have a blessed day.

  5. Lovely fall decor, I especially like the natural look. Where did you find the scripture in the entrance? What finish is your drum table? When do the colors peak in Lancaster?

  6. I so much enjoyed your fall home tour, Yvonne! I slowly scrolled through taking in every detail in every picture. It is always a pleasure to visit Tanglewood!

  7. Sherman Cathy says:

    Would you please post rooms where you watch tv?

  8. Yvonne, your home is just stunning! I love your soft colors and of course those amazing hydrangeas. I also enjoyed seeing your furniture in the new spots. I remember many pieces from your old home and it’s fun to see how you’ve decorated with them in your new one. And my heart skipped a beat when I stared into the eyes of adorable Hobbes! He looks exactly like my childhood kitty, Junior. Orange kitties are the best! Thanks for the lovely tour!

  9. Beautiful! So inspirational. Hope I find some goodies today at the farmstands in Lancaster! Be safe.

  10. Your home looks warm and inviting. I enjoy all of your tips and tricks along the journey. Thanks for sharing. I see you decided on your window treatment in the great room. ?

  11. Pam Iaquinta says:

    Will you please tell us where the blonde wreaths and faux seed pods are from? Love them!

  12. Thank you so much for ALL the useful decorator tips. You give such an education. Not just from how to choose the item but the why it works. I like your ideas on storage as well. We all know how expensive it is to have extra storage so your tips are valued.
    Love Hobbes’ photo, too. Handsome boy!

  13. I’m so inspired by seeing how you have decorated for fall! I’m starting today.

  14. What an interesting fall display of natural elements in your tour photos. I did not realize you have a cat. How did I ever miss that? Anyway, I jumped up from the breakfast table and made a small change in the arrangement of a throw in my living room. Thanks as always!

  15. This was a fun peek into your new home and I love that Hobbs blends right in with your color scheme. Happy Fall!

  16. Karen Smith says:

    I have to smile… only a true decorator would have a cat that matches their decor.

    1. LOL! We have had Hobbes for almost 10 years. It was not on purpose but serendipity! Orange tigers have the best disposition!

  17. Karen VanLoo says:

    So beautiful Yvonne! I am so inspired by you, and I just love your home!

  18. Hello Yvonne, your home is very pretty and I have been enjoying your fall posts. I have ordered the pillow from Wayfair and made the DIY candle with twine and leaves so far. I think today my favorite was your dish with the tiny gourds, so cute! Can you tell me if you preserve the real pumpkins you bring in to your house? Two years ago I bought some in September and by November I was getting fruit flys in my house and discovered my gourds had been rotting on the bottom, so I bought faux last year. Looking forward to part 2.

    1. I don’t think you can preserve real pumpkins. But what I do do is pop the stems off the pumpkins when I am done using them and dry the stems. Then I save them and glue them on faux pumpkins. The faux pumpkins look so real!

  19. Your house is so beautifully decorated. I especially like the change you made to your curtain rods. Great change!! You certainly have talent and your place is so cozy and inviting.

    1. A couple people have commented on the curtain rods. Thank you and everyone who really helped me to decide!

  20. Everything is simply stunning! I love the pretty orange tones mixed with the hydrangeas!

  21. Your fall decor looks great. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you find the glass jar/vase on your mantel? I have searched everywhere for a jar just like that and the height seems to be perfect for what I need it for. I love how you incorporated color into your decor, love the touches of orange and green. Great job.

  22. Kim Fuller says:

    Hello, would love to know where to find the gold striped pillow that’s on the bench, didn’t see a link for it. Thanks.

  23. Elaine Wesselman says:

    Your fall home is beautiful and so is Hobbes!

  24. Nice, but the biggest surprise was the cat!! Had no idea you had one but he goes perfect with the decor

  25. Yeah……you changed to full curtain rods!!! Love them!

  26. Miche Ortega says:

    Yvonne, your home is beautifully decorated for fall, and I love the green striped gourds. I see you extended your curtain rods over the windows in the great room. That really balanced the wall. Can’t wait to continue the tour tomorrow. Have a great day.

  27. Miche Ortega says:

    And Happy Fall Hobbes! We had an Opie that could have been his twin. Yes, orange tabbies do have the best dispositions.

  28. Love, Love, Loving the serenity of your white autumnal nod to this changing season! The pops of color give just the “right” accent without overpowering the senses and peacefulness of your home.

  29. Kathy Menold says:

    So unbelievable that you have been in your new home almost a year. It is so beautiful and the decor is definitely a great blend of Stonegable and Tanglewood. The soft colors of fall you have used are just right for what is going on in our lives this year. Calming beauty and a blessing are just what we all need. Thankyou

    1. Hi Kathy, I think of all my readers every day and hope to give them a few minutes of peace and beauty in these uncertain times. It is okay to seek out comfort and security! Our homes are our sanctuaries. We can help others and pray for others but we should never feel guilty for trying to create a place of beauty and rest for our families. xo

  30. Kelly Sanchez says:

    For Christmas, will you be using any color or will everything just be white?

    1. For Christmas this year I am going with a natural green theme. Lots of greens and white. One of the big trends this year is to use natural greens and burnished metals. I love that combination!

  31. I see… Hobbes is another element of orange in your home! 😉 Girl, I cannot believe how lovely Tanglewood looks this fall! So much to comment on, but I’ll keep it ‘short’. Your natural elements (that giant gourd is amazing), and your faux pumpkins throughout look amazing! And your entryway! That bench looks great, but I bet you’re still dreaming of the one in San Diego, right? 😉 Now I need to go fix my “entryway/mudroom” and retake my photos! LOL! Pinned… and so excited to be touring with you this week!

    1. I can’t wait to see what you have done for fall in your cozy California home! Hope to see you in San Diego soon!

  32. Beautiful white family room. Love your rug. Is it jute or sisal and can you recommend where you purchased it. Also, does it shed?

  33. Of all your decor, Hobbes is my favorite!

  34. Your fall touches are just so beautiful Yvonne. I spent so much time looking through each picture so carefully. There is so much inspiration here, thank you for sharing! I am so happy to be tour hopping with you this week.

  35. Oh my goodness! So lovely! I’m going to dust right now so I can decorate after lunch!

  36. I love all of your fall touches! I love all the natural and organic elements you used! It looks beautfiul Yvonne! xoxo

    1. Hi Stacy, thank you so much! Naturals are the way to go! I’m sure you know this!

  37. Where did you get the bleached leaf wreath? It is amazing.

    1. Hi D. I found it locally. I’m trying to source it for you! I’ll post it if I can find one.

      1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you’re trying to source it.

  38. Sharonbutler says:

    Happy Monday Yvonne.I love your fall decor so far.I’m a fan of the white pumpkins,and the spinning top gourds. They are so beautiful.I haven’t seen anything like that around here. Your decorating is always amazing,and so is your home.Your a very talented lady and blessed.Cant wait til Tuesday.

  39. Your home is absolutely stunning and I love all of your Fall decor tips! So glad to have met you through this blog hop.

  40. Lila Housden says:

    So very inviting! That is my hubby’s favorite scripture! Is that lovely gold pillow a new find? If so would you share where you found it?

  41. Yvonne!! I love the neutral, yet Fall color scheme you went with! Its absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for all the decor/design tips you sprinkled throughout your post! So glad that I found you through this Home Tour!

    1. So glad you found our StoneGable community too!!!! Hope you signed up for the newsletter! Lots of inspiration there!

  42. Oh, Yvonne ~ I absolutely love every single thing you have done to decorate your home for the fall season. Just wish I had more space in which to decorate and some place locally that carries all the wonderful bits you comment about buying locally. Your tour + the nice cool, humidity-free afternoon we have had today is getting me in the mood for fall and to decorate some more. Your home looks spectacular and so beautifully done! Enjoy!

    1. Hi Shebe! Thank you so so much! I’m so happy you enjoyed the tour!

  43. Paula Sjullie says:

    HI! Loved your fall tour today! I love Hobbes!! We lost our orange kitty earlier this year, her name was Emma. I am always interested in your advise, continue to be my decorating inspiration!

    1. Hi Paula, so sorry about little Emma! Hobbes sends a rub and a lick!

  44. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Thank you, Yvonne, for taking us on a partial tour of Tanglewood. I look forward to Part 2 tomorrow. Your mixture of textures really does make it interesting.

  45. Just beautiful!!! I have semi-stalked your 2 homes through your blog over and over. I thought I had memorized every piece you have, but the Irish Blessing in the entry I have never seen before. I have been a choir director for over 30 years and The Lord Bless You and Keep You is basically our anthem. I absolutely must have this artwork in my home or I’ll just have to come live with you in your beautiful home so I can see it and hear the beautiful song in my head whenever I pass by it. Could you please share where you bought it?

    1. Janet Hatcher says:

      Found it on Etsy! Whoo hooo!

    2. Hi Janet, what a lovely Aaronic blessing to be your anthem! The link to where you can purchase it is in the post. God bless your ministry! I wish I was musical! No talent for it at all!

      1. Janet Hatcher says:

        Oh sorry! I didn’t see the link. I’ll go back and look for it again and see if it’s the same one I saw on Etsy. Also, I realized that I said “Irish Blessing” but that’s a different text that I like that has been set to music too. The Lord Bless You and Keep You is the one that we choir directors always sing, not the Irish Blessing.

  46. Hi Yvonne , I just love the soft colours of Autumn that are in your home . I love how Hobbes blends in so beautifully with the chosen colours !

  47. Yvonne not only is your home gorgeous but you have taught me so much about decorating! I read every single word and had so much fun learning from you. Thank you for sharing your heat, your home and your wisdom. I am in LOVE with the blessing in your entry! Happy Fall and thanks for hopping with me!

    1. Happy Fall Kelly! Thank you so much for including me in the wonderfully fun tour!

  48. Yvonne, your home decor is always perfection, and this fall’s decor is no different! Love all the pretty details and the lessons you sprinkled throughout your tour. And the sweet ginger kitty at the end? Well he is purrr-fect!

  49. Your home is beautiful. I love all the textural items and natural things! Give Hobbes a pat and a scratch from us!

  50. HI Yvonne

    What a beautiful job you did! Since Autumn is my favorite season I do love and appreciate everything about it. I sincerely believe that there something special, even in nature about it. Thanks for sharing.

  51. Love your home and all your fall accessories. You are so fortunate to live in Amish country! I love Amish country and visit Shipshewana, Indiana as often as I can. Love your neat cat too.

  52. You’ve got such a beautiful home Yvonne and I just love all of the cozy textures you brought in to warm it up for Fall! SO lovely!

  53. Your home decked out in Fall is absolutely stunning. Every area just beckons you to look closer, love every bit of it.

    1. How sweet of you Joy! I can’t wait till I can visit all the talented bloggers on the tour!

  54. You do Fall so beautifully! I love all of the seasonal vignettes and especially the floral.

  55. Absolutely gorgeous, Yvonne! So bright and light yet balanced perfectly with your warm fall touches. I love your tip about using your phone camera as another eye – that is brilliant!

  56. Lindsay Aratari says:

    Your home is so beautiful! I love all the natural light!

  57. I love all your Fall touches! Your front door wreath is so gorgeous!!

  58. Your home is stunning. I just love all the neutral fall decor throughout your spaces. So fun to tour with you!

  59. I always love seeing your home, Yvonne, but I especially love to see how you deck it out for the season and this one made me smile! I loved all the textures you added with the baskets and hydrangeas. You truly inspire me and I’m honored to be a part of this tour with you!

    1. I think the first grade teacher in me needs to decorate for the seasons. LOL!

  60. Where did you find your Scripture wall pictures? I love them and would like to obtain the Numbers scripture. It is a favorite of mine

    I love your home and the beautiful way you have decorated it


  61. Hi Yvonne,

    Love your fall decorations and especially your furniture. I moved into a smaller home 9 months ago. I’ve been doing a lot of home renovations and I’m getting closer to buying a new sofa & reupholstering 3 chairs & an ottoman. I would love to know what color of “white” your sofa and 3 chairs are. They appear to be the same color with different textures. A furniture salesman tried to talk me out of having everything the same color. However, going to your blog reminds me how beautiful “all white” upholstered pieces can be. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Warmest regards,

    1. Lori, I agree with the salesman! My chairs are more white than my sofa. Here’s the secret… keep everything warm or cool. Working with whites is all about undertones! You gave me a great idea for a future post.

  62. JoAnne Shull says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    I love your fall decorations. I am always trying to reproduce various decorations of yours for my home. I would love to do the wooden bowl you have on your coffee table in your great room filled with fall items. Can you share where you purchased it? Thank you so much!

  63. Lillian Chiu says:

    What a beautiful decor you have! I have a question about electrical outlets in the center of the living room, for example where is the electrical outlet for the lamp on the pedestal table in the great room? You hid it so well that it doesn’t disturb the decor. I couldn’t place a lamp next to the sofa because of this problem. Thanks.

    1. HI Lillian, the outlet is in the floor under the sofa. It is so worth having one installed if you have furniture away from a wall. Hope this helps.

  64. Love your fall decor in your beautiful home! I especially love Hobbs! Can we see more of him please

  65. Jeanne DiOrio says:

    I have recently found your blog and I love the way you decorate. I also love the Wednesday lists and have purchased a few things off your lists. I was wondering where you got the large cement lamp that you have on a table. It looks to be cement or stoneware. It’s white/grayish.

    1. The lamp is really wood and has a painted finish. I found it at Pottery Barn but I don’t see it now on their site. Sorry!

  66. Hello Hobbes! Greetings from my orange tabby Elsa! The white pumpkins are adorable. The hydrangeas are lovely. And I like the pillows on your beautiful chairs flanking the fireplace; they add a grounding effect with the richness of the contrast. Truly an amazing beautiful home. Thank you for ministering to our hearts with all the loveliness you so graciously share.

  67. Was able to order the Wayfair Pumpkin Pillow, so excited!! It’s gorgeous. Beautiful home tour❤️ Fall is by far my favorite, also, and I’m doing neutral fall decor in our new Beaufort, SC, home.

  68. Sheila Allen says:

    Hello! Love your palette as always! Was wondering about the wreath on your front door? I looked in other links but couldn’t find any information about it or a closer pic. Is this a store purchase or something you made? I love the small amounts of Buffalo check ribbon added!

      1. Thank you so much! It’s beautiful! You are a very talented lady, love your tips and beautiful home!

  69. Beautiful just beautiful I love your style!
    But most of all I love your Cat!!!! What is his name? I have 2

  70. Beautiful just beautiful I love your style!
    But most of all I love your Cat!!!! What is his name? I have 2
    Ih I see now it Hobbes❤

  71. Linda D Hollenbeck says:

    Love your fall decorating!! Can you please tell me where the wooden vase, the one with hydrangeas in it , came from?

  72. CarolbinTX says:

    Just beautiful! I’ve been collecting white faux pumpkins all summer long!

    What a cute sweet kitty! Our tuxedo cat used to get right up in the middle of things too!

  73. I love your ideas! I am particularly taken by all the adorable pumpkins you use – next summer, I’m going to grow my own – nobody grows pumpkins over here in the Netherlands. ( and yes, being able to estimate how much a pumpkin weighs is a brilliant skill which I honestly wish I had.)
    Another aspect of your ideas which I find so brilliant – you’ve done fall AND you’ve blended it into your white decor. Your rooms are beautifully subtle

  74. I love the pillow with the stripe on the entryway bench. Do you have a source for it?
    Can’t wait to see your dough bowl post.

  75. Yvonne,

    Even your cat coordinates with your decor! Funny!
    I was wondering if you have ever painted furniture and if so what paint did you use to get a good smooth finish. I am looking for a good white paint.
    Thank you for any information you can provide.

  76. Linda Buchanan says:

    What do you have on the floor in the foyer? Do have a runner or just a mat at the door? I have a long foyer too and I have a runner. I was wondering if I should change it out.

    1. Hi Linda, right now I have a 5 x 7 sisal rug. My foyer is quite a work in progress. I’m hoping to put down hardwood flooring and then have a custom rug made for it.

  77. All so pretty. But I would love a link to the orange striped pillow on the entryway bench please. Wish I could pet Hobbes! Love cats!

    1. I found it at Pottery Barn. Hobbes wishes you would pet him too! He is a lover!

  78. Your home is stunning and I just love all your neutral fall decor. Neutral with touches of blues and blush pinks are my favorite fall colors. I’ve been so inspired by your home tour and it’s all I can do not to break out all my fall decor right this moment!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Tara! Fall naturals with blue and blush sounds divine!

  79. Can’t wait to see Lancaster County in October, Lord-willing! (We need to pray for this!)

  80. Susan Duffy says:

    I absolutely love love your decorating style and colors! I am updating my apartment now and wanted to get your thoughts on pillows for a blue dark denim couch. My color palette has been blue, white and coral. I’m thinking of replacing the coral with a complimentary light beige. I have white side chairs and a mix of woods. I really want a white/natural couch but trying to hold off. Your thoughts? Susan

  81. CarolbinTX says:

    Two new decorating vocabulary words…nubby and stash!

  82. GL Gardener says:

    Lovely. Where did you get the Numbers plaque in the foyer and what size is the one you have? I would like to get one for my home. Fall is my favorite season.

  83. Marilynn Vannelli says:

    I have been following you for quite a while now, and my house, especially the mantel area, looks a lot like yours. I am a big fan of white pumpkins and lanterns, and I use them for several months. Hobbes is my favorite accessory though. He is adorable!

  84. Hello,

    I love all of your decorating ideas. I want to paint my living room the same wall paint color that you have on your walls. Can you share the wall paint color is it decorator’s white, ???

    Thank you for sharing with us!

    Robyn Welch

    1. All the walls in our home are painted Simply White by Benjamin Moore. It’s a creamy white that reads very soft white. Hope this helps.