It’s a FALL TOUR… again!!! Two days of touring and seeing all the fun fall decor in my home and the homes of my very talented blogging friends! Yay!!!! We all love home tours! I’m so glad you are here!

A big thank you to Linda at IT ALL STARTED WITH PAINT for getting us up and running (a big, big job) and our beloved Marty at A STROLL THRU LIFE who was the originator of these tours! Marty has been putting together the best home tour for years!

I’m thrilled to be a part of this 30 blogger FALL TOUR with such a wonderful legacy!

You are both the best!!!!!

Today I’m sharing the SOFTER SIDE OF FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2.

Yesterday I posted Part 1!

Here’s just a little peek at the tour. Head over HERE to see the whole tour and lots of fall decorating tips.

You can see my fall foyer

And my foyer table

And the great room

With the fall fireplace

And lots more! Decorating tips and ideas too! So make sure you stop by and see part 1 of THE SOFTER SIDE OF FALL HOME TOUR.

Ready to start this tour in the little dining area?

Our dining area is open to the great room and the sun room and the kitchen. It literally sits in the elbow of our home!

To keep this area from looking too busy I keep it very scaled-down and neutral! But don’t mistake scaled-down for not a lot of pretty natural fall things brought inside! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all things fall!

There are so many beautiful natural things you can use to decorate for fall, like the little white pumpkins I’m obsessed with. I grew them in our garden one year and have loved them ever since!

You will see them and many more fall elements sprinkled about our home!

You might like to see 10 NATURAL FALL ELEMENTS TO USE IN YOUR HOME here.

I love using natural fall elements to decorate! Oh, I just can’t get enough of those darling baby boo pumpkins!

Come see the arrangement I made for the dining room table!

I combined a long willow basket with a huge jar filled with three autumn scented candles. Then I filled the basket with real and faux white pumpkins and little dried gourds to make a low profile fall arrangement.

My whole house smells like fall! Oh, YUM!

Don’t you love easy-peasy decorating, no matter the time of year?

I like food-type aromas when it comes to candles and diffusers! So cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, pumpkin, and other warm scents remind me of fall!

Let’s make our homes smell glorious too! We should always try to decorate for all of our senses!

Because our home is very neutral I like to call on pillows and throws, like the one below, to add a bit of texture and pattern. That is such a great way to decorate! So I use them liberally.

And you should too! I always say pillows are a room’s jewelry!

If you like neutrals you might like to read 7 TIPS FOR DECORATING WITH NEUTRALS HERE.

One of the decor diy’s on my list (probably not until the New Year) is to paint the legs of our dining area chairs a light neutral color. I love the shape and size of these chairs but the legs are too dark!

I bought them knowing I would probably have to change them. Once you dive in and start learning how to paint furniture, decorating becomes so much easier!

Ready to head to the kitchen?

Here’s how it looked before the renovation started…

And although it’s not totally done here’s how it looks now…

Big difference, right?

The bones of the kitchen were good so we kept the cabinets and the layout and changed the rest!

The kitchen is not decorated yet because I have workers still coming and going almost daily!

But I did pick a big bunch of hydrangeas from our bush by the front door and put them in my gray urn and styled it along with little white pumpkins and spinner gourds.

Sometimes all we need is one amazing fall centerpiece to make a whole room look decorated!


I also added a 3-pound white pumpkin perched on a couple breadboards on the counter!

One of my favorite things to do is to elevate any decor. It makes decor feel more important! Think about risers like books, breadboards, log slices, and even cake stands!

You can see MY FAVORITE DECOR RISERS HERE. There are so many amazing household items you have in your home already that make fabulous risers for your decor!

The little bump out next to the kitchen became a banquette and really pulled this area into the kitchen! Before it looked so separate.

I’m still not sure about the fabric for the 3-inch cushion on the banquette. I’m taking my time and looking for a performance fabric I truly love!

This will be a nice sitting area in the kitchen and we can bring in an extra table when we have family for special events etc and need extra seating.

The last stop on our fall home tour is the sunroom. Here’s where Bobby and I love to hang out in the evening!

Because we use this area of our home the most I kept fall decor mostly low profile and simple.

I used the same color palette I talk about in part 1 of my fall home tour. And even though this room is a bit more informal than the rest of the house it does not look out of place.

Friends, a cohesive color palette is an amazing thing!!!! You can read about the HOW TO DECORATE WITH COLOR.

I chose pillows in blond and white with a relaxed feel!

Just like I created a dough bowl of brambly fall elements in the living room and the basket of pumpkins and gourds on the dining table, I used a galvanized metal tray to create a natural arrangement out of real pumpkins, faux stems with berries and acorns, and my favorite woodblock stamps.

These arrangements are just so easy to make and add a big dose of fall to a room!

Here is a post about HOW TO STYLE A FALL DOUGH BOWL.

And here’s a really pretty THANKSGIVING DOUGH BOWL made with seasonal fruits and vegetables for you to see!

The other side of the family room is also decorated with a light hand for fall!

The bar cart has a mirror top and the candle (battery operated and on a timer) in the lantern adds a warm glow that is also reflected on the top of the bar cart! It lights up that whole area in the evenings and looks so pretty!

It’s hard to see but there are acorns in the bottom of the lantern for a nod to the season!

Every fall I bring at least one mum into our home. It’s just something I’ve always done ever since I was a young bride!

It just would not feel like fall without one pretty fall mum indoors! I’ve also been using ornamental kale and other fun fall plants and look forward to adding them to our fall decor later in the season!

I’m so happy you stopped by! I hope you have been inspired by my fall tour and are taking some ideas home to use in your house!

Make sure you stop by my friend’s fall tour and see what they are sharing!

Happy Fall!




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  1. Hi Yvonne , I love the image from the kitchen bench where you can see how your open plan rooms connect up so beautifully with the design and colours . Beautiful .

  2. I love your new kitchen! Everything looks so tied together and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful as always! I quickly scrolled through and see so many ideas for inspiration. Can’t wait for time later to mull over each picture.

  4. I am in the market for a sectional; may I inquire where you found yours?

  5. Peggy King says:

    Your new home and fall decor is beautiful. Love the softer look. I’m curious if you have a tv? Your newly remodeled kitchen is looking so pretty! Can you share about the backslash? Thanks !

    1. Hi Peggy, yes we have a tv. It hangs on the wall in the sunroom over the dark beige chair. Because that room is so square and there is furniture on the far wall it is hard to get an image. We opted to hang it up and we are so happy we did! What a space saver.

  6. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    So love seeing how you are decorating your new home!
    Do you have a source for purchasing acorns? Please share.
    Will look forward to the finished kitchen and.more. You mentioned adding kale.later in the season. Please teach me how to care for the kale using it inside. To date, I have no luck

    Be well.

  7. What a transformation – from a house to a welcoming home – sending all good wishes to you & your family. Celebrating family in your new home will be wonderful for you all.

  8. Yvonne the renovated kitchen is absolutely spectacular! Your truly have created a stunning fall home. It is always such a joy to be on tour with you dear one.

  9. Yvonne your home is amazing and that kitchen renovation is stunning. The thing dreams are made of. I always love seeing how you add seasonal decor throughout your home, it is a lesson in decor for sure. You have taken a blank slate new home and turned it into such a welcoming and inviting place. Thanks so much for joining the tours again this season.

  10. Well you have done it again! Love the new kitchen updates and fall decor! Excellent plan for your new home and decor. Love it! Jean

  11. Yvonne – Wow! And wow! And another wow! Your home is simply stunning and the kitchen is swoon worthy!!! Love the cabinets all the way up to the ceiling and the glass insets – seriously, my dream kitchen! And the dining area is just gorgeous and I love the cozy sun room!

    Thank you so very much for joining us in this seasons fall tour of home! And thanks for the shout-out too!

    🙂 Linda

    1. Linda, I can’t tell you how generous you are to have stepped in and taken care of this wonderful tour at a time when Marty needed you! So so so sweet! I will forever be grateful and remember to be as kind as you! xo

  12. Sharonbutler says:

    Hello Yvonne. It’s great to see how your kitchen is coming along.Its BEAUTIFUL.I can’t believe those are the same cabinets. They really turned out spectacular. Love the fall decor. So pleasing to the eye. Have a great week.❣

    1. Hi Sharon! Thank you so much. Isn’t it amazing what a coat of paint can do?

  13. HI!
    Love your seasonal decor.
    Pumpkins (velvet) are my favorite. Lanterns are another
    Favorite. I keep them around our home almost always.
    They don’t just hold candles.
    Our 3 yr. old gran daughter will adore helping me display them in a few areas of our home this coming season. Is the printable “ single pumpkin“ available?
    Your kitchen is looking wonderful. Is your DR TABLE
    concert? Looks great with the wood legs!!

  14. I love your gray urn on your counter. Can you share the source?

    1. Hi Laura, my urn is an oldie! I found it at HomeGoods about 8 years ago. Sorry I don’t have a source.

  15. Yvonne,
    I could so move in! It’s so cozy and warm. You sure know how to do neutrals!

  16. Angles Pate says:

    Hi Yvonne-
    Your home is so beautiful. May I inquire as to where you found the throw across your dining room chair. It is so soft and lovely.

    1. Hi Angles, I found it on Amazon but I’ve seen it at Target. Sorry, I don’t see it in stock right now.

  17. Leslie K. says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    “I combined a long willow basket with a huge jar filled with three autumn scented candles.”

    Do you use the same scent for all 3 candles or do you mix the scents?

    Thank you for your help.


  18. I love the framed scripture from Numbers in your entryway. Can you share the source?
    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Debra, there is a direct link in the Fall Home Tour part 1. Check there.

  19. So serene and beautiful! I need find that candle remote and the candle(s) it goes with! I love that vignette on your cart.

    1. Thank you so much, Linda! Happy Fall! I hope you will come back to Bible Study, Friend!

  20. So fun to see your new kitchen! The little added decor actually looks perfect, and I’m looking forward to seeing the fabric you choose for the window seat! You have a real gift from the Lord for adding lovely decor to your home, my friend!

  21. Diane Troxell says:

    I absolutely love your style. Your home is gorgeous and what I aspire to for my home. Would you share where you got your lamps that look like stone or whitewashed wood? I have been looking for something like that for a while. Thank you!

    1. Hi Diane, those big lamps came from Pottery Barn several years ago. I haven’t seen them on their site for awhile.

  22. Elaine Wesselman says:

    Everything is beautiful! but I absolutely love your backsplash!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!

    1. Thanks, Elaine. I wanted something timeless so we decided on a Calcutta Gold marble basketweave. No wonder I like it so much! It has the word basket in it! LOL!

  23. Karen E Serpa says:

    Oh my gosh that gray urn is gorgeous! Is is concrete, painted? Your home is amazing

  24. You never disappoint! Not only is your home beautiful, it also says, “come in, prop up your feet, and sit awhile.” I want to spend some time walking room to room in your home. I’m sure I would be swooning! We are in the process of redoing our kitchen. I hope I love mine as much as I do yours. I think blue pillow ticking would be beautiful on your banquet!

  25. I can’t wait to see what you are going to do next. Simply beautiful and inviting!

  26. Audra taber says:

    I love how your kitchen is turning out and all the little touches of fall throughout. Would you mind if I ask you how wide your kitchen pantry cabinet is next to your refrigerator? We are adding one to our kitchen and I can not decide between an 18″ or 24″. We do not have an open concept home but we do have a 72″ walkway that would need to be closed down a little depending and I’m not sure if we should close it down anymore then it is. Thank you for helping!!

  27. Oh my goodness, that kitchen is a stunner!! wow! Tanglewood is shining, I love all you’ve done.

    1. Cristina, coming from you that is an amazing compliment as I so love all your decor and your style!

  28. Yvonne Happy Fall! This is my favorite time of year as well. Your home is welcoming and so beautifully decorated. I really enjoy looking through your blog!
    Can you tell us how you transformed your kitchen? My kitchen looks similar to your “before”. I want to update but terrified!!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us all. Stay safe!!

  29. Wow Yvonne! Everything is SO gorgeous and your photography is stunning as always. You have such a talent for making simple decor look amazing. I’m also loving your new kitchen and can’t wait to see it all completed. Wishing you a wonderful fall!

  30. Do you have a source for the floor lamp in your sunroom? It looks like one that I like from Kirkland’s but I can’t tell what color you have. Is it the Elm Wood one?

  31. I wish that I had a favorite thing in your home but everything is my favorite! I love your blog and the staory and transformation of Tanglewood. By the way I had a book when I was a child with Tanglewood in the title.

  32. Yvonne, I don’t know where to start because it is all STUNNING! You’re such a huge talent and inspiration, I just love how you style everything! Every view, nook and cranny, vignette, is truly so beautiful. But your kitchen! Oh my – I know it’s not done but it’s pretty perfect, what a stunning space!

    1. Jennifer how lovely of you to say! Your comment means so much to me! Thank you!

  33. Elizabeth Ward says:

    Oh Yvonne! Your home is a dream! I love every single thing about it. I think your kitchen is incredibly beautiful. It is an inspiration for my future kitchen remodel. I especially love that you opened up the kitchen by taking out the “lip” around the island. I have the same situation and can’t wait to have it removed. It makes such a difference.
    Your home is my daily inspiration for decorating. I am in the process of having my entire house painted “Simply White.” I learn so much from your blog and it has helped to make my home more welcoming and classic in it’s design.
    Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  34. As always, you never ever disappoint. I will be seeking this diy for my home. Thanks and stay safe

  35. What a beautiful, bright home you have. I love the bits of fall you have added. Gorgeous kitchen too! xo

  36. Sally Ficken says:

    Beautiful, can you share your process of painting your dining chairs. I’ve been contemplating painting mine for awhile now

  37. Tracey Hite says:

    Everything is so beautiful. I’m feeling inspired now. Thank you for sharing your lovely home.

  38. Was so excited to see your remodeled kitchen! Love the way you went to the ceiling with cabinets. I took your tip and brought in the last of my hydrangeas blooms. My two cents? I like the contrast of the dining room chair table legs. I think it picks up the color of the fireplace. 😉

  39. Theresa Sexton says:

    I love your new kitchen. I’m building a new home and I’m considering 3″ shaker cabinets (vs 2″). I will have solid cabinet doors in most cabinets. I will have glass shaker doors in the coffee/drink bar area. All SW extra white. Do you have a preference – 2″ shaker cabinets or 3″ shaker cabinets? Suggestions?

    1. Hi Theresa, I think it really depends on the width of your cabinets and your taste. I think either would look amazing!

  40. My mother introduced me to your blog and I just love everything I see :). Wondering if you could share where you bought your woven hanging light above your dining/kitchen table?

  41. Rosemarie says:

    Your kitchen came out simply beautiful. Would you please link your kitchen counter stools?

  42. Hi Yvonne
    I just love your home and your neutral decorating. Your tips are very useful. I do have a question- When renovated your kitchen and installed your white countertops, what material did you use? I want to renovate my countertops from black to white but, I’m concerned about the heat from my gas stove damaging the white countertop.
    I hope you don’t mind me asking..
    thank you, ellen 🙂

    1. Great questions, Ellen! We chose Quartz for our counters. Quartz is a man-made material that looks like marble. But it can be cleaned up easily and is very durable. We also have a gas stove and the burners are nowhere near the burners.

      About the cabinets… we had them professionally painted.

  43. Pamela Hall says:

    I love your simple decoratons for Fall. It’s so relaxing and the older I get the less decorations I need. Our children are grown, so it’s just the two of us now. I have pumpkin-colored leather overstuffed couches and can’t decide what color of pillows to add to it. I have two lovely faux fur mink throws in chocolate and my other main color is off white/cream like our walls. May I get your advice on the color of pillows you would suggest if you have time? Thanks in advance.

    1. Oh, pumpkin-colored leather sounds gorgeous!!! Try using white and off white and a taddy bit of dark blue. Wow! I can just see it!

  44. I LOVE the curtains in your sunroom! Where did you get them?

  45. One thing that comes to mind after visiting your home Yvonne RELAXING!

  46. Shirley Brackett says:

    Love your kitchen remodel! What brand and model is your gas range/oven? Are you pleased with it?

  47. Pamela Haymes says:

    I’m looking for a new rectangle rug under my dining table. Would you please share where you got your ‘spotted’ rug under your rectangle table? I love love love your decorating ideas

  48. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Lovely as usual!
    Please explain the candle in the.jar. What scent did you chose? Are the candles in individual jars?
    You know I wanna copy this . Give me the details, please.

    1. Hi Nan, I found these candles with the candles in them at a local shop but they would be so so easy to replicate. Just find a jar that is big enough to fit a the candle you want.
      I’m so glad to hear from you!

  49. Connie Gould says:

    Hi Vyonne, I love all your attention to details with the Fall decor. I have done many of your vignette ideas. I was wondering if it would be appropriate to use faux lime green hydrangeas in a vase since I don’t have dried ones for Fall? Your blog is such a blessing!!! Love all your ideas.

      1. Connie Gould says:

        Thanks Vyonne for your advice on using my faux green flowers. The reason I asked about the color is my faux ones dont have any brown tone to make them look dried. They are pretty much lime green. That should still workwith my Fall decor riight?

  50. How can I name a few things when I love it all. Everything so fabulous as usual. Thanks for sharing