Lazy Girl Decorating: 5 Best Tips For Easing Into Spring

If you are looking for a simpler and easy way to decorate for spring, this is it! In this post, you will learn how to ease into spring decorating and tips for making Lazy Girl decorating work for you and your spring home.

SPRING DECORATING- paperwhites on the coffee table

Last Friday, I saw my first robin. Every February, I begin diligently looking for these sweet little harbingers of spring. I was surprised they returned to our area so soon. The same afternoon, we saw six male bluebirds, some females, and a chickadee. It was a banner day at the birdfeeder!

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I know it’s still a bit early for spring decorating, but I’m so ready to think about spring. I’ve developed a simpler approach to seasonal decorating in the last several years. There is a smart, easier way to start decorating for the season ahead. I call it Lazy Girl Decorating.

Lazy Girl Decorating is all about simple, smart, and purposeful ways to decorate your home …

  1. Without lugging up tons of decor in bins from your basement, attic, or garage.
  2. No more killing yourself trying to take all last season’s decor down and decorate for the season all in one day.
  3. And no more overspending.
  4. Or overdecorating.
  5. And you will actually enjoy the process.

If that sounds like a better way to decorate for spring, this post is for you!

Lazy Girl Spring Decorating

I’ve been using the Lazy Girl’s Decorating method for several years now. It works, and I’ve really enjoyed decorating for each season. And as a bonus, I’ve become a better decorator.

I break seasonal decorating into three categories…

  • Early Season
  • Mid Season
  • Late Season

When I decorate for early spring, I establish the color palette for spring, buy or shop my house for what I’ll need to decorate, take down last season’s winter decor, and lightly decorate for spring. I don’t lug big blue binds, and I don’t overdecorate or overspend. Since Easter is the end of March, you might want to start early spring decorating… early!

Mid-spring decorating is the height of spring. I’ll add more beautiful spring organics that work with my spring color palette and add a little Easter decor. This is when our home is completely decorated for spring. Since I’ve already decorated lightly for the season, I’ve been able to live with my decor and can easily gauge what decor I need to add without going over the top!

Last Season, spring decorating mostly involved taking down Easter decor, replacing any live organics that were spent, and replacing a few of them. There is still April and part of May that many home decorators still like to use spring decor to seasonally decorate their homes.

About a week before you start decorating for summer, slowly begin taking down your spring decor and give your home a good cleaning. Then, it will be ready to start early summer decorating.

This is such a brilliant and easy way to decorate your seasonal home. Here are 4 Lazy Girl Decorating Tips To Ease Into Spring.

Choose Your Spring Color Palette And Mood

SPRING DECORATING- living room lightly decorated for spring.

Decorating should always start with knowing your color palette and the mood you want to set in the space. 8 Things You Should Know About Color is a must-read to help you choose and use the prettiest color palettes that work with the colors in your home.

Since last fall, I’ve been so smitten by browns and yellows, like gold and now butterscotch. I really wanted to add blue to my color palette, and I still might, but I decided to start with yellow. It’s such a pretty spring color.

Consider What Spring Decor You Are Going To Use

How many times have you wanted to decorate for an upcoming season but found your seasonal decor tired, lacking a cohesive color palette, or were so over it!

That is why now is the perfect time to dig through your spring decor and find items you are excited to use- not all of them, but only the best of the best!

It’s also a time to look for decor, especially organics, that will look fresh and beautiful in your spring home. Right now, there are many spring decor sales.

Take Down Winter Decor

This is the only season I would suggest taking down all the preceding seasonal decor in one day. Most of us don’t decorate with tons of winter items. However, if you love to decorate for winter and have lots of decor, then just take down the winter decor of the room you are working on.

The exception to this is bedding. Removing seasonal bedding and dressing your bed from spring takes time.

I chose to take down the decor in my living room first. I removed winter textiles like pillows and heavy throw blankets. Then, I deconstructed the coffee table and put all the books I used to decorate our coffee table. The orchid on the table still looked lovely, so I added it to the orchids on my dining room table.

While everything was stripped down, I cleaned our living room and organized each room! For great tips, see my Ultimate Cleaning And Decluttering Guide.

Add A Few Spring Textiles

early spring decor- white chair with butterscotch and white pillows

I like adding spring-inspired pillows and lightweight throws to my clean, stripped-down room. Right now, I’m only adding a couple of new, inexpensive white and butterscotch pillows on the white spindle chairs. I’ll add more later in the season. Simple and easy decorating.

Decorate One Surface In A Room

SPRING DECORATING- paperwhites on the coffee table

Although I have three major flat surfaces in our living room, besides the mantel, I chose the coffee table to decorate for spring first. It’s important to note here that not every surface has to be decorated for spring. Paperwhites are late winter/early spring flowers, so I added faux flowering bulbs to tall glass cylinders.

I have not decorated the white buffet yet. I decorated it after Christmas.

Remember, it’s important not to overdecorate.

Create one spring centerpiece or arrangement per room.

That’s it for now. As the season blooms and develops outside, I add more decor. And as the season wains, I start to take decor away. So easy! And smart!

I hope you will try decorating with the Lazy Girl approach.

FAQs About Spring Decorating

The best way to decorate your home for spring is with spring flowers and other seasonal organics, like spring branches. Also

The first day of spring is in March. However, many of us get spring fever as early as February. It really depends on you.

Decorate for Easter by adding a few iconic Easter items like colored eggs and a handsome bunny. When using Eastery things, less is best. Don’t overdo an Easter theme. Save that decor for an Easter table.

Early Spring Decorating To Consider

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  1. Gloria Ardrey says:

    Can you please tell me where to buy faux paperwhites with their bulb? I cannot find them in our stores here in Florida. Thank you so much, love everything you do !!!

  2. Wonderful suggestions and photos! I make very small changes to go from spring to summer so that part is easy…. And I do it a lazy girl way! I only store Christmas decor in 6 totes in the garage and attic, and anything for any other season has to fit in 3 trunks in the house and my storage in my wood end tables that are lidded and sturdy cubes basically. Pillow covers and floral stems are the main things I hold onto for season changes. Living in a small one level house I do not have a ton of stuff, and I do purge and donate “least favorite things.” I always love having my real plants, too. :).