8 Best White Christmas Decorating Tips

Looking for the beauty and wonder of a white Christmas? These easy-to-do White Christmas decorating tips will help you create a magical Christmas in your own home.

There is something so beautiful about the idea of a white Christmas! Let’s create wonder and beauty in our homes with these White Christmas decorating ideas and tips. of a White Christmas and create magic in our homes as we decorate for the holidays

Even if your home is not white or neutral you can still add the magic of a white Christmas to your home. Here are 8 White Christmas decorating tips you can use in your home this season!

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All decorating starts with a spark of inspiration! And inspiration usually comes from seeing something we love!

Does snowy looking Christmas decor make you a little weak in the knees? Or does the warm and cozy feeling of lofty white throws and pillows piled on a chair or sofa make you want to jump right in? Are you inspired by a stately lit flocked Christmas tree or the beauty of a big bowl of white ornaments combined with the sparkle of metallics?

It all starts with finding your inspiration for White Christmas decorating!

Where do we find inspiration? We often find inspiration on a blog, or in a magazine. Or maybe on Pinterest or other social media? A Christmas home tour is another good place for finding the inspiration we need. And shopping can spark that excitement that creates inspiration!

Use images and ideas of what you love to inspire your decorating this holiday season!

An inspiration is often a jumping off point to kick-start Christmas decorating!

Maybe you can get a little inspiration from these posts:

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One of the most important things you can do to create a cohesive home this Christmas begins before you bring up one Christmas bin from the basement or buy one item!

Christmas decorating begins by deciding on an overall color scheme for your home!

And this is especially true if you want to create a white Christmas. I think this is the most important White Christmas decorating idea I can give you!

One of my favorite sayings is… If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

So so true. Most of us would love to have a home that is Christmas magazine worthy and reflects your best family Christmas!

The Christmas tours you see on blogs and the Christmas homes you see in magazines don’t just happen! They are planned! And planned months in advance!

Planning begins by choosing a color scheme.

Choosing a Christmas color palette gives you a decorating direction and a plan! Choosing a color palette makes it much easier to decorate because all your Christmas decor choices will be funneled through your colors.

What To Remember When Choosing A White Christmas Color Scheme

Believe it or not white can be a very hard color to decorate with! It can look flat and stark and lifeless!

But with just a little know-how a White Christmas color palette can be gorgeous! Here are my best tips for working with white!

Don’t use one hue of white when you decorate. Choose several whites. Think of all the different shades and tones of white! Off-white and warm white and cream and champagne and crisp white. There are so many white colors to choose from!

This is a very important tip when decorating with white. We want our white Christmas to look rich and snowy and have depth!

I like to use whites that are warmer rather than cooler. Too many cool whites will not look cozy!

You might like to read CAN I MIX WARM AND COOL COLORS. This post will help you become very good at mixing white for the Christmas season!

White Decor Needs Texture

Here’s another white Christmas decorating tip that will help you create the prettiest look in your home…

White decor needs texture! And lots of texture!

Think about the smoothness of Christmas balls and the nubbiness of a basket filled with presents. And think about how the texture of Christmas greens adds beauty to a white mantel!

When a room has lots of white in it it needs texture to keep it interesting!

You might like to read about TEXTURE HERE to help you use it in your Christmas decorating.

Add Colors To Your Christmas Palette

Did you know the prettiest white-inspired Christmas decor may not actually be all white!

You can use a good bit of color and still enjoy a snowy Christmas home! Yes, creating a White Christmas look in your home may be easier than you think!

The most beautiful White Christmas decorations have one or two other colors mixed in. All-white decor is very hard to pull off! And often not very appealing!

Here are a few helpful tips for adding color to white Christmas decor…

  • Use colors you love but add them sparingly. A little color goes a long way when trying to use lots of white in your Christmas decor.
  • Metallics look especially beautiful with white Christmas decorations.
  • Neutrals and whites make a lovely wintery color palette and the result can be magnificent!
  • Add a couple of accents or pops of color evenly throughout your decor.
  • Add evergreens, both live and faux, and other greenery to white Christmas decor. You do not have to add green to your color palette. Christmas greens transcend a color palette.
  • Add twinkle lights for a magical look.


It’s just a fact that white backgrounds like white walls make it so much easier to create that beautiful White Christmas look!

But what if you don’t have white walls? Can you still have the feel of a White Christmas?

Yes! Actually, you can!

Even if you have dark blue walls you can get the feel of a snowy Christmas with these tips!


If you like that warm and cozy look we described above, use lots of pillows and throws!

Create a snowy look by layering pillows and throws in different shades of white!

White fabric and textiles work to create a White Christmas look! Here are some ways to use them in your home this holiday…

  • Use lots of white or light neutral throws to create a white backdrop decor.
  • Create a winter white table by using shades of white dishes and linens on your dining table.
  • Add white bedspreads and comforters and other white bedding to your bed.
  • Replace curtains with white panels.

Creating white backdrops around your home will add to the look and feel of a White Christmas.


Use greens with white Christmas decor!

Christmas greens add contrast and a spot of color that is so badly needed in white decor.

Flocked Christmas greens are fabulous to use for a White Christmas! They add that snowy look and feel.

Use lots of other greens too. Eucalyptus, ferns, and any lacy and airy greens look so pretty with white.

You can even add blond or bleached Christmas greens to white Christmas decor. It is a very interesting surprise!

These are such simple examples of how you can easily add greens to white Christmas decor!

Christmas Garlands, Wreaths, And Other Greenery

Even though most Christmas garland is green when they are embellished they can help create a snowy look in your home.

This year the trends for Christmas decorating are more lush and detailed, especially regarding trees and greenery. Here are easy ways to embellish garlands, wreaths, and other greens for a pretty White Christmas look!

  • tuck faux pearls or white berries into garlands and wreaths
  • add white or metallic ornaments
  • weave white ribbon and other light-colored metallic ribbons into your greens
  • light them up with strings of soft white Christmas lights
  • sprinkle grees with faux snow
  • choose white berries over red ones
  • white pinecones look handsome scattered in greens
  • metallic beaded garland lightens up greens
  • add other white Christmas accent decor like little white trees and houses to your greenery


The easiest way to create the look of a White Christmas is to use lots of white accessories.

No matter the weather outside, you can have a White Christmas inside by adding white holiday decor to your home!

How pretty!

Create a white centerpiece or a white vignette. Hang a white wreath on a mirror or set your dining room table with white dishes and beautiful textured white linens.

Make sure you check out all the white holiday decor at the bottom of this post in my Christmas Shops! There are so many festive items and many are on sale.


We all love the beauty of flowers! Think outside the poinsettia box to add to this year’s white theme.

Almost any white flower will add a bit of elegance and life to white Christmas decor. You might want to add white orchids in a white container on a table or a big bouquet of white peonies or tulips or hydrangeas to a buffet.

White flowers can be a stunning Christmas focal point!


White decor glows in soft lighting! Think about adding candles, lanterns, and strings of lights liberally to your Christmas decor.

Keep candles, both pillars, and tapers, white! The glow from white candles looks golden against white decor!

And use silver and goldtone candle holders and lanterns. Metallics look gorgeous and add sparkle to white Christmas decor!

Also, think about putting fairy lights and other strings of lighting into something glass. Glass will reflect the light making everything around it look pretty!


It does seem obvious, but it is still worth mentioning…

Use faux snow Liberally! It’s the “white” in White Christmas!

Add it to bowls and sprinkle it on greens. Dust it across tables and pile it into glass cylinders.

Not all faux snow is equal. I have tried lots and lots of different snow and the absolute best is HERE. This faux snow is what I call Hallmark Holiday Movie Snow! It’s magical!

And add snowflakes to your Christmas decor too!

They come in so many forms and looks from the tiniest snowflakes for a tiny tree to large paper snowflakes with a bold but lacy look! This year paper decor is very popular.

Create a white snow squall with snowflakes!


A white Christmas tree is a must for a white Christmas look.

But a white tree has many interpretations!

It can be literally white like my bedroom tree. It looks ethereal and magical and it is the prettiest of all trees! If this is something you would love, look for a white tree. Use white ornaments along with metallic ones for the softest look!

You might like to see The Magic Of A White Christmas Tree.

You can also get a White Christmas look with a flocked or an evergreen tree like the tree in our Cozy Christmas Master Bedroom.

The secret is to add lots and lots of ornaments and other embellishments that are shades of white to your tree.

Are you ready to think about Christmas yet? This just might be your White Christmas year!

I hope these White Christmas decorating tips will inspire you and help you decorate your home this holiday season!

Here are some other ways to add magical white Christmas decorations to your home…

  • use a white cake stand and add greens or ornaments or little houses and Christmas trees
  • put a white wreath on your front door
  • put white bows on gifts
  • put a white tree topper on your tree and a furry white tree skirt to your tree
  • hang white stocking on your mantel or stairs
  • put little faux trees into white pots
  • stack white dishes and add greens or an ornament to the top of them
  • paint cardboard houses white and add glitter to each roof.
  • make or buy a wood and white wool garland and use in a vignette- See an easy bead and white wool garland HERE.
  • add a white nubby throw to a sofa or chair
  • also, use a white throw as a table runner


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  1. Your ideas for a white Christmas is just beautiful. I have done white accented with mercury glass ,lots of little lights and lots of evergreens but never have had a flocked tree. Maybe next year. This year’s color pallet is old fashioned green,red, again lots of little white lights and larger faux candles and for more shine ,brass candle sticks,bowls,votives and gold ribbon. This is all in the planning stage and will begin to decorate after Thanksgiving.

    1. Your decor sounds just gorgeous, Kathy! Thank you for sharing your Christmas decorations.

  2. Yvonne, this post is filled with the most beautiful pictures and ideas. I’ve been incorporating a lot of white into what used to be a predominantly blue color scheme and will take some of your ideas along.

    On a separate note, l subscribed to the magazine and would like to look through it again but don’t know how to find it again. Can you point me to it? Thanks