Welcome to our Christmas home and tour! I’ve been waiting for you and I’m thrilled you stopped by! We all love a house tour but there is something so magical and special about a Christmas tour! Today I’m sharing our home decked out for Christmas and the 7 most important things to think about when decorating a home for Christmas!

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I’m part of a big group of bloggers sharing our Christmas homes this week! A big thank you to Kelly at The Tattered Pew for organizing us!

If you are coming from my friend Paula’s at Sweet Pea, welcome! Paula is such a lovely and talented blogger and I’m honored to follow her in the lineup!

Welcome, everyone! Come on in and look around!

Today’s post is HUGE! Hope you enjoy our Christmas home!

Did you know I have a Christmas Shop? It’s full of beautiful Christmas home decor items to help you decorate your Christmas home! You can see the StoneGable Christmas Shop here.

Let’s start at the foyer.

I recently got this rug for our foyer! It’s a bit different, right? But it’s fun and gives anyone who steps inside our front door a clue to the color pop they will find in the rest of our home!

The foyer is a good place to pause and share with you one thing you should be thinking about when you decorate your home for Christmas!

You should ask yourself…


I probably talk about color palettes more than any other decorating subject in a home tour! And with good reason!

If you choose three colors to decorate your Christmas home with it will look cohesive! And a cohesive home is a pretty home!

Choosing a color palette is so so easy this time of year! Red, green, white, black, and neutrals are quintessential Christmas colors.

Just remember to choose one color to be the predominant color and then use other colors a bit judiciously.

I like a very tight color palette and this year I’m using lots of white, neutrals, and a bit of green.

I planed my Christmas colors this summer and they were not at all what you are seeing on the blog! No! I really wanted to use lots of white and a taddy bit of red and maybe green! But I was just not feeling red for our home this year! I even bought red plaid Christmas paper early this fall!

Oh, well! I will save it for next Christmas!

My foyer has more than a little green in it but it sets to stage for the color palette in the rest of our home.

If you want to see more of my Christmas Foyer and get lots of decorating ideas click HERE.

And here are a few color posts you might like…






Let’s head to the living room.

In years past I’ve decorated our home for Christmas with lots of Farmhouse elements and decor. And when we moved to the Tanglewood House I quickly found out that Farmhouse style really did not work with our new home.

This is the second year in our home and our third Christmas and this year I’m celebrating Christmas in a very traditional style!

We moved in eight weeks before Christmas so the first Christmas I was flying by the seat of my pants! The second year was a bit less crazy and this year I think I have a lot more under control!

My style in this home is Transitional which is a “super style”. It encompasses quite a few different styles in one! Basically, Transitional style is a modern more slimmed-down version of Traditional style with an emphasis on neutral colors. It can even lean a bit contemporary.

I believe that the style of a home often dictates the style in which it should be decorated. And our home is very Transitional and even a bit Contemporary in design. I feel a home is at peace when its outside goes with its inside!

Is knowing your decorating style important when decorating for Christmas? Oh, YES!

Everything you bring into your home or use should be filtered through your decorating style! And that includes decorating for Christmas!

Well, almost!

There are those beloved items we use in our homes every year that have sentimental value. So they are exempt! After all, we don’t want to be grinchy!

I have to mention the garland on the mantel this year. I decided to go all-out designer fabulous! However, I did not have a fabulous garland!

You would not believe how this Christmas garland started. The garland was old and ratty and sparse and just horrible!

Anyone can make a designer garland, it’s not as hard as it looks.

Check out the ratty garland I started with and all the step-by-step directions, images, and tips to make your own over-the-top Christmas garland here.

I’m slowly changing out some furniture I’ve had for years and adding new pieces that fit my current style.

There are two recent new additions to the living room! A round mirror and a little side table.

They both work with Transitional style and lean towards Traditional.

Did you know that Traditional style is making a big comeback? Pretty is back in a big, big way!

I needed a small table on one side of our sofa that would let someone sitting there put a drink down. We use our living room a lot! But there was no room for a regular size end table.

I found this little, practical table. It’s just perfect for a drink… or a little Christmas decoration! You can see the table here.

The other new home decor piece in our living room is this pretty round mirror!

I had a round mirror above the Curlacue chest but it was definitely Farmhouse style so I finally replaced it!

This mirror is very heavy with a beautiful subtle antiqued frame. You can see the mirror here.

I decorated the mirror with some pretty greens, black and white French ribbon, and a trio of mercury glass ornaments to mimic the Christmas balls on the chest.

The large ornament is a three-wick candle that smells like Christmas!

A metal and mother of pearl garland winds around the candlesticks and arrangement. I loved it so much a got two garlands. You can see it here.

The tree sits near the Curlacue chest and mirror.

I have a little confession about the tree! I did not light it. Just before taking the images for this tour my camera broke! So I took all the pictures with my iPhone!

I think the phone did a pretty good job but the lights on the tree looked a little pink for some reason! So no lights! Sorry!

Across from the chest and the tree is our white buffet.

Stopping at the White Buffet is a great place to talk about the third thing you should think about when decorating your home for Christmas…


Christmas is a time to sparkle and shine and use pretty metals of all kinds and use them liberally!

Use gold and silver and bronze and copper and every other metallic. Think about shiny finishes and satin ones too! Christmas is the time to glimmer!

On the right side of the buffet, I styled an arrangement in a big pottery wine cooler. If you learn how to style arrangements, decorating for Christmas will be so much easier! You can see how to make my 10 Favorite Arrangements here.

And flanking the arrangement is a pair of very special brass candlesticks.

When I was a little girl my father was stationed in Wakkanai Japan with the Air Force. Because it was so close to Russia we could not go with him. He was gone for a year and I remember spending Christmas stateside that year, missing him!

When he finally came home he brought beautiful items back from Japan. And among them were the candlesticks sitting on the buffet. My dear mother gave them to me several years ago. I count them among my most precious treasures!

They remind me that the best gifts are really the people we love!

On the other side of the buffet is a set of very popular bells.

They are rustic and I really like pairing them with something a little refined like the ornaments.

Now let’s talk about the Christmas tree!


A Christmas tree is the center of our Christmas decor! So take the time and make it beautiful and meaningful!

This tree is new to us this year. It’s a lot smaller than the one we had in our home the last two years. But it is FLOCKED! And I’m so excited to have a flocked tree this year!

This year I added white and metallic balls, pinecones, and gold and silver jingle bells on black and white French ribbon to our tree! As well as sparkling silver branches, champagne colored sprays of little balls studded with faux diamonds and matte gold berries.

A couple years ago I found these pretty Christmas gift boxes at Target and went a little crazy! I bought every single one they had in our local store.

You can see the round one here and the square one here. That way I don’t have to wrap gifts before a Christmas tour! These boxes are “filler gifts” and just for pretty! I hope I did not spoil too much of the magic, friend!

Ready to head to the Dining area? Here’s another thing to think about when decorating your Christmas home…


I’ve mentioned arrangements earlier.

Most of my Christmas decorations are made up of arrangements and simple vignettes!

The dining area is no exception!

One thing I really miss and don’t actually have in this home is a real dining room! I love dining rooms!

However, finding the silver lining, our dining is ample for our needs! And I do love how open it is!

I think it is important to learn how to make arrangements and centerpieces!

Really, they are so easy to put together they can make a room look amazing!

Although I make lots and lots of arrangements I mostly never let them stand alone! I usually add a few things around them to create a sense of visual weight and presence and decor heft!

Brass candlesticks and sparkly white candle trees add to the arrangement on the dining area table!

You can see 10 of my favorite CHRISTMAS ARRANGEMENTS and how to make them here.

The kitchen is next…

I think it’s important to decorate your kitchen for Christmas.

I decorate mine “lightly” because I spend a lot of time here baking cookies and making other Christmas goodies. And This year my grandbabies are old enough to make cookies with me!

Can you imagine the mess? And mess, when you are little equals fun!


This is another good place to share with you one more thing to think about when you decorate for Christmas…


This is another design concept I talk about a lot! It is that important!

I am not much of a collector but I do like to collect Christmas trees!

So this year there are little Christmas trees dotting our home!

Especially little white trees that light up. I found them earlier this season and bought a ton of them! I knew I could use them in every room. They are so sweet and they light up… on timers!

Repeating like things in a room or even in the whole house is a very important design concept. Our eyes actually love to find things that are repeated!

So this Christmas I’m going a little crazy with my tree collection!

Do you have a coffee or tea station in your kitchen?

I keep my coffee station very minimal but I just could not resist adding a couple white trees there too!

I also put little trees on a platter on our stove!

Here are some of the repeated Christmas elements in our home this year …

  • eucalyptus
  • hydrangeas
  • little trees
  • faux greens
  • black and white French ribbon
  • little wreaths
  • candles and votives
  • Christmas ornaments
  • and a very tight color palette

I think this might be the only red thing in my Christmas house!

I think the kitchen is a good place to end our tour for today!

I have so much more to show you so look for the Christmas tour part 2 next week!

Now please visit Robyn at Robyn’s French Nest! Ooh, La La! And you can visit everyone on the tour below!

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  1. Tanglewood looks gorgeous decked out for Christmas. I slowly scrolled through your post enjoying every picture.

    1. Merry Christmas Paula! I’m so thrilled I got to thank readers that came from your beautiful home!

  2. Your home decorated for Christmas is beautiful as always!! I love all your tips and ideas!!! So inspiring!!

    1. You are so kind Aliya! I’m sure I’ll be inspired too when I come visiting your Christmas home!

  3. Vivian Colemire says:

    It cannot get more beautiful!! I love scrolling through everything you’ve done. I especially love how you’ve taken old and made a beautiful new swag….I want to try doing this.

    1. Thanks, Vivian! I love repurposing things! And that mantel garland was certainly repurposed!

    2. Thank you so much, Vivian! That ratty old wreath really got a second chance at Christmas life!

  4. Janet Lampman says:

    Love the star on your Christmas tree! Where did you find it? And the little lighted trees?? Thanks!

    1. We found the star several years ago at Balsam Hill. The trees are local finds.

  5. Where did you get that adorable side table and the little white light up trees?

    Everything is stunning as usual! Your tree is gorgeous!

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you Connie, I found the little trees locally! I’m trying to find a source for them.

  6. I always love seeing your beautiful home, Yvonne and it’s especially gorgeous all decked out for the holidays! I love the mixture of metals! It reminds me of that old Christmas Song, Silver and Gold. And the new additions to your home are perfection!

    1. Aren’t you just the sweetest, Jennifer! I’ll be over to visit your Christmas home this weekend! Merry Christmas!

  7. Everything is just so gorgeous! I enjoyed touring your home this morning over 2 cups of coffee! Your Christmas Shoppe leads to a dead end when I click on it. Would you mind sending the link? Have a beautiful day!

    1. Hi Nancy, I have a link to the Christmas Shop in this post. I hope this tour make your coffee even more enjoyable!

  8. Yvonne,
    Your white Christmas is so elegant. It’s just stunning. I’m so happy to be on the tour with you today.

    1. Thanks, Rachel. This is such a beautiful tour full of very talented bloggers!

    2. Hi Rachel, this has been a beautiful tour! Everyone has really put their heart into their Christmas home!

  9. Do you have a source for the little white trees that light up on timers? Thanks

    1. Hi Nanci, I found them locally. I’m trying to find a source for you.

  10. Your home is truly a showplace of design and inspiration. I love your white and neutral decor, absolutely stunning.

    1. So sweet Marty! I can’t wait for the second part of our home tour with you next week!

  11. Your home looks beautiful.I love the neutral color scheme with the touch of green.I’m loving the flocked tree,it’s stunning !

    1. I’ve never had a flocked tree so I was SO excited to decorate it this year. And it is the smallest tree we have had in this house. I think I like it better!

  12. Your Christmas tree is drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Mary! I am going to do a post next week with it lit. My good camera broke and I had to take all the pictures with my phone. Can you believe it!!!!! The lit tree did not look so nice in iPhone images.

  13. Your Christmas home has a wonderful simple elegance to it. Lovely.
    Can you share where you got the new side table? Thanks.

  14. Yvonne, your home looks absolutely gorgeous all decked out for the holidays. I love the beautiful white and gold color scheme. So classic. Happy to be touring with you this week. Pinned!

    1. Hi Jen, I love your blog! Thanks for your very nice words! I will visit all the tours this weekend. I know your tour will be beautiful!

  15. Mary Smart says:

    None of your photos are with this post. I tried twice to find them but there is only comments.

    1. I’m so sorry MARY. I’m not sure what you are seeing. Try loading the tour again.

  16. Lynne Beattie says:

    Lovely! Timeless and classic!

  17. I adore your White Christmas Wonderland! Everything is so peaceful and you have so many wonderful ideas. You are always so helpful in sharing how to keep us on track. Excited to be hopping with you today. Blessings and Merry Christmas!

  18. I am mesmerized when I tour your gorgeous house, Yvonne. You have such a gift. Pinned and pinned and pinned again! I would like to feature your post on my Saltwater Sounds Wrap-up post this weekend.

    1. Yes, absolutely! Thank you so so much! I’m saving perusing all the tours until the weekend. I can’t wait to lounge on the sofa and take in all the Christmas home tour magic!

  19. Libbie Burling says:


    Your house is stunningly beautiful decked out for the holidays. The neutrals are light and bright and feel perfect for this time of year. I have enjoyed hopping with you! You are always such an inspiration. 🙂

    1. Oh, my goodness! How kind Libbie. You know how much work goes into a tour so coming from you I am blushing!

  20. Everything looks gorgeous, my friend! I had NO idea the trees were on timers! They go off by themselves after awhile??? Cool!!! I love seeing Tanglewood, and now have a sense of love for your home that I never had before! Going to look at everything again, now! Hugs!

    1. Missing you and praying for the new baby coming tomorrow! God has blessed me richly with your dear friendship!

  21. What a treat it is to see your beautiful home Yvonne decked out for Christmas. I love the new addition of the round mirror and garland above it. I’m also admiring the table decorations in the entry where the bench used to be. So many fabulous ideas to soak up!

    1. Michelle, you are so kind! Thank you! I’ll be visiting your Christmas home this weekend!

  22. MILLIE GRAUEL says:

    Where did you find your round table?????

    1. Hi Mille, you can see the round table here. This is really a lovely large round table with a leaf. We sat 11 around the extended table for Thanksgiving. The top is almost indestructible! My little grandbabies can attest to that!

      1. I don’t see a link for the table. I’m interested in it as well and have tried to search through your old posts but can’t find anything on it. Please help!

  23. Yvonne,
    I love your Christmas house tour. The simplicity of how you decorate just makes every bell, jar, mirror stand out so much. I love the color combo; especially the green rug. I noticed the small side table before you mentioned it in your post. I love it. I was wondering where you found it and the round mirror? Beautiful. Thanks for a most enjoyous year you brought to use this year. Very informative and caring and I love the Sunday sermons. You are so educated in the Bible and I enjoy reading your post about Israel and you explained all about your trip and sites you got to see; but your knowlege is so rewarding to me. Thank you so much for your blogging and i wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!!!

  24. OMG Yvonne I have followed you for several years. Your Christmas tour is stunning. I LOVE everything! It starts in your entryway. Your rug is gorgeous, your tree is dreamy. I’ve never seen one as fabulous as this. I could just move right in, and live there forever. Thank you so much for sharing your home. Merry Christmas. ??

  25. Absolutely beautiful home! Thanks for opening your home to others. I am a PA gal also.

  26. Your home is a stunning display all dressed up for the holidays. The combination of neutrals with metallic is gorgeous. And I just love the greenery added to your round mirror. I always struggle with wanting to add a wreath to my round mirror at Christmas but not loving the look of a wreath. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. So fun touring with you this week.

    1. Merry Christmas! Thanks so much for your kind comments! I’ll be settling in over the weekend to tour all the beautiful Christmas homes!

  27. Yvonne your Christmas tree is just stunning!!! I love how you make it the focal point. We too just got a flocked tree this year and now after seeing yours I want to add more to ours. Thanks for letting me know that it takes time to find your decorating groove in a new house. That’s how I’m feeling right now…in a state of figuring it out. Any ways, loved your tour and feel so grateful to have you joining this tour! Merry Christmas!

    1. Hi Kelly, your home is beautiful!!!! Congratulations my friend. And thank you for hosting this lovely Christmas tour! Merry Christmas!

  28. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Tanglewood home. I love the carefully considered color pallet and the way your christmas decor blends in seamlessly with your furnishings, creating a very sumptuous home. It is truly lovely.

    1. CarolBinTX says:

      After you mentioned those boxes at Target last year, I scoped them out on my next run through the store. They are really cute! I only have a table top tree, so I can never really display my real gifts – too big (and I’ve forgotten to bring those under the tree when we open gifts at my daughter’s house each year! However, using pretty small boxes as “props” is a very good idea…maybe next year…

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  35. Mary Margaret Smith says:

    Yvonne, would you share where you found your scripture wall art.

    Thank you.

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    Love your home and all of the Christmas decorations! You have inspired me to redecorate! Merry Christmas!

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    Absolutely lovely and most importantly liveable!

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