Sweet And Easy Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls With Icing

Bake a little love with easy heart-shaped cinnamon rolls, a sweet treat that’s quick and easy to make. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, breakfast, or any occasion to spread a little culinary love. These rolls bring together the cozy goodness of cinnamon in a simple and delicious way.

heart shaped cinnamon rolls with sprinkles

What could be a better Valentine’s treat than iced, sprinkled-laden cinnamon rolls that are shaped like hearts? They are so easy to make and delicious because they are made with iconic Pillsbury flaky Cinnamon Rolls. Last weekend, my little granddaughter, Emma Kate, and I made them for a mid-morning treat, and our home smelled scrumptious. What a fun activity to do with someone you love.

Let’s make Cinnamon Roll Hearts!

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Why You Will Love Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls

  • EASY INGREDIENTS – The only ingredient you will need is a can of Pillsbury Flaky Cinnamon Rolls you find in the refrigerator section of your local grocery store. Sprinkles are optional, but add a sweet and fun crunch.
  • FUN TO MAKE – Making cinnamon rolls into heart shapes is easy and fun! And lots of fun!
  • DELICIOUS – Who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls?
  • QUICK SWEET TREAT- No proofing and resting the dough. Just pop them out of the tube, and they are ready to shape and bake.

What You Need To Make Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls?

a small bowl of red, white and pink sprinkles and a can of Cinnamon Rolls

So easy! Just a can of Pillsbury Flaky Cinnamon Rolls and Sprinkles.

How Do I Make Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls?

heart shaped cinnamon rolls, one with a bite out of it.

These delicious cinnamon rolls could not be easier to make! Just pop open the can, shape the cinnamon rolls into hearts, and bake according to the package directions. When they are cool, drizzle the included icing over cooled cinnamon roll hearts and embellish with sprinkles, if desired.

How To Shape Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls?

These sweet cinnamon rolls are made with Pillsbury FLAKY Cinnamon Rolls. Start by separating the dough into individual cinnamon rolls. Unroll and shape one cinnamon roll at a time.

unbaked cinnamon rolls

Gently unroll and keep one end coiled up, as shown. Coil the other end of the dough strip, as shown.

Pull the strip of dough down and pinch the middle together firmly, making a heart shape. You will want to ensure the dough is firmly pinched together so it does not break apart during baking.

Put the heart-shaped rolls on a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake according to the directions on the can. Cool the cinnamon rolls on a wire rack.

dough hearts on a parcment lined baking sheet

When the rolls are cool, drizzle the enclosed icing over them and add sprinkles, if desired.

Tips For Success

There are just a couple tips for success when making these scrumptious sweet rolls.

I used Pillsbury Flaky Cinnamon Rolls for this recipe and found them much easier to work with than the regular cinnamon rolls.

I made four batches of heart-shaped cinnamon rolls, and baking them for a few minutes less than the suggested time on the package made them lightly golden and soft.

If the icing is too thick to drizzle, add the tiniest splash of milk to the icing and stir it into the icing.

Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls

Delicious, easy to make heart-shaped cinnamon rolls drizzled with icing and sprinkles.
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  • 1 13 oz Pillsbury Flaky Cinnamon Rolls
  • sprinkles optional


  • Open the can of the cinnamon rolls and
  • Preheat the oven to 375°.
  • Open the can and divide and separate the rolls.
  • Unroll the cinnamon roll, leaving one end coiled.
  • Coil the other end, making two equal coils.
  • Stretch the uncoiled dough a little and pinch the center of the dough together firmly.
  • Place the cinnamon rolls on a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake according to the directions on the package.
  • Cool on a wire rack.
  • Drizzle icing over the heart shaped cinnamon rolls and embellish with sprinkles.

Aren’t these the sweetest treats? Make them with or for someone you love!

heart shaped cinnamon rolls with sprinkles

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  1. Patti Smith says:

    Cute and easy! I would like to visit the other blogger’s Valentine pages….but cannot be found??

    1. Patti, there are images and links for of what my blogging friends are sharing at the bottom of this post. I know you will love what they are sharing.

  2. What a great idead! My granddaughter lloves to come and bake at the farm. She is going to love this idea. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings to you.

    1. Hi Renae, that warms my heart! I love the idea of doing fun things with our grandchildren. LOVE to you, friend

  3. Laura Ingalls Gunn says:

    Yvonne, I absolutely LOVE this delicious idea. It is so simple but truly makes a big impact. I can’t wait to make these for my family. Thank you for joining in the hop!

  4. These are almost too pretty to eat Yvonne! We ate these growing up on special occasions but I had no idea you could make them into heart shapes. That is so cool! I love how you added the icing and the sprinkles for Valentine’s Day too. It makes them so fun and festive! Hope your Valentines Day is a special one, CoCo

    1. I did too Coco! And the smell of them brought back just how much I loved them as a child. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Michelle | Thistle Key Lane says:

    I see now where I went wrong, when I tried to make these before haha. 😉 Your heart shaped cinnamon rolls look delicious, and I love how you iced them and added the sprinkles. I’ll be making these very soon for the grand littles!

  6. Debra@CommonGround says:

    Your heart shaped cinnamon rolls look so yummy. What could be better for a special breakfast treat than something warm and delicious. I’m sure the kiddos love making these, too! Love the extra sprinkles on top!

  7. Lynne | My Family Thyme says:

    What an easy and special breakfast treat for Valentine’s Day! I will definitely be making these for my family. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  8. Lora Bloomquist says:

    How fun that you could make these with your granddaughter:) When my kiddos were little, they loved when I made Pillsbury cinnamon rolls; always delicious. This is a great, simple idea to show a little extra love;)

  9. Love a cinnamon roll and what’s better than sprinkles!

  10. Julie Dunleavy says:

    😃 Hi Yvonne,
    I am making your Chicken Taco soup tomorrow for an event at church. Quick question..
    planning to do it in the crockpot. Do you cook the chicken separately “before” putting in the crockpot or put in raw & allow it to cook with all of the ingredients.
    Thanks SO much! Julie❤️

    1. I put the chicken in the slow cooker raw and let it cook with the other ingredients. Enjoy!