Summer Guest Room Ideas And A Refresh

Is your guest room summer ready? In this post get summer guest room ideas and see how I refreshed our favorite guest room with things I already had.

Earlier this summer, our guest room went through a little refresh. I used furniture and other items I already had.

Summer is the time of year our guest room gets the most use. We have lots of family and friends who come and visit and even stay a while.

So to prepare for them, I refreshed our guest room and got it ready for summer at the same time.


Our golf guest room comes by its name honesty! This is our largest guest room and it overlooks our golf course.

The views are so pristine and every season is a different display of nature’s best beauty. Summer is verdant and lush and busy with golfers!

No wonder our visitors pick this guest room for their stay!


For the golf guest bedroom, I replaced some of the furniture and accents with things I already had. This was so easy because we have a whole home color palette. So I can move the furnishings I have in one part of my home to another and I’m pretty sure they will work.


So with a little bit of creative thinking and a little more muscle power, I moved things in and out of the guest room to give it a fresh look!

The little table beside the bed once lived in our sunroom. I think it looks much better up here next to the bed.

One of the accent chairs in the guest room was once used in our dining room. And the upholstered headboard came from our master bedroom.

Everything except the curtains came from the other rooms in our home or the basement.


The best idea for a summer guest bedroom is to keep it simple.

Simple bedding, simple accent decor, simple everything! Simple but comfortable!

Create a little private space for your guests so they can spread their things out and make themselves at home in your house!

Here are three ideas for keeping your guest room simple…

  • Keep flat surface decor to a minimum.
  • It’s nice if you can offer your guests an empty closet with lots of hangers. Or at least, give them lots of space to hang their clothes
  • Give your guest’s drawer space for folded clothes.
  • Keep your personal things like family pictures and souviniers and sentimental-to-you items out of the guest room.


It’s important to do our part to help guests get a good night’s sleep. In the summer, light layers of good-quality bedding are important.

Good quality sheets, light blankets, a comforter, and a summer weight duvet or another blanket folded at the end of the bed are good choices for a bed.

On this bed, we chose a white comforter and a lightweight chevron blanket for a topper and folded a white summer weight duvet at the end of the bed.

If the duvet is too hot for our guests they can stash it in on the shelf in the closet.

Here are a few extra tips about a comfortable summer bed…

  • A good night’s sleep starts with a good mattress. Get a good quality mattress for your guest beds! And please don’t use your old cast-off mattresses! I’ve slept on some pretty bad guest room mattresses in my day and they don’t encourage a great night’s sleep.
  • Give your guest nice pillows to sleep on too! If you can, offer both down and foam pillows to your guests. Everyone has a preference! I usually put down pillows in one guest room and foam in another. So my guests can choose what they like.
  • I keep both cotton sheets and linen sheets handy for our guest room beds.
  • Keep an extra blanket in the guest room in case your guests get cold at night.
  • If you have repeat guests note what they like and make the guest room bed to suit their needs


Even in the summer, it’s a good idea to add a decorative throw to the end of the bed. It adds a pretty layer but more importantly it is a nice way for your guest to cover themselves if they take a nap or want to read in their room.

Even in the hottest part of the summer, it can still feel cool with air conditioning.

In the golf guest bedroom, I chose a gray nubby decorative throw. It adds a bit of grounding color contrast to a very light, monochromatic room.


How can something so attractive cause so many adamant opinions! Some people love them and some, well, not so much!

No matter where you fall in the pillow debate when it comes to our guest rooms considering our guests is most important.

Instead of piling on the pillows, I chose two white Euro shams and three large pillows for the guest room bed.

I used a very edited hand! Looking at these images makes me want to add about 5 more pillows to the bed! But, when it comes to pillows on a guest bed restraint is best.

In our golf guest room, I chose to keep the pillows light and the same color as the bed. This gives the room a calm feel!

If you use pillows on the guest beds like I do then think about where your guests will put them when they sleep. The floor is not a great option!

I have a big empty closet for guest to put the pillows in.

Here are other ideas for decorative pillows in the guest room…

  • bigger is better and less is more
  • use one big lumbar pillow across your bed
  • if your room is big enough add a basket that will hold your decorative pillows
  • stack two bed pillows on top of each other and don’t use decorative pillows
  • use light fabric for summer pillows


It’s a pretty idea to add a nod to the season if a nightstand is big enough.

The nightstand in our guest bedroom is small. I don’t need to put a light on it because we hung sconces instead so there is room for a small pot of summery daisies!

Adding something organic is a nice welcoming idea! I like to send my guests home with something from their visit and a potted plant is a nice choice.

Here are other things you might want to consider next to your guest’s bed…

  • Choose a nightstand with drawers. And if the nightstand does not have drawers add a basket next to the bed so your guests can put essentials into it.
  • Have an outlet nearby so guests can plug in their electronics at night
  • Make sure there is a lamp or other light source near the bed.
  • As a little surprise, tuck a new magazine or two behind your guest’s pillows with a little welcome note. Our guests love this!
  • Provide a small decorative plate so your guest can put a water bottle on it.


  • Its been mentioned before but it is worth repeating, keep things simple.
  • Add a luggage rack to the guest room.
  • Ask guests before they come for a visit if they have any allergies to detergent, fabric softeners, animals, scents, plants, and more.
  • Stash a pack and play, fitted sheets, changing pad, and other things guests with babies might need.
  • Put an set of sheets and towels in a dresser drawer for your guests.
  • Add a chair to the guest room.
  • Install blackout shades in your guest rooms. Summer nights are long and if you have guests that go to bed early or nap this is such a nice amenity.
  • Put a fan in the closet.

I hope you found summer guest bedroom tips to help you get your bedrooms summer ready for friends and family!

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  1. Great ideas, thank you. Will you share your source for the bedskirt in the golf room?

  2. What a beautiful guest room. I have read your blog for a long time and always look forward to a new post. I noticed in the golf guest room that there was an air vent on your baseboards under the window. I have these in my house too.
    I was wondering if you have any tips on how to hang curtains so that the airflow isn’t blocked? I have almost an entire wall of windows facing the west in our living room. Needless to say, it gets very hot. I have blinds up now, but want to add lined curtains to soften the look, as well as block some of the heat. This would involve covering 2 vents. I really don’t want to hang them above the vent/baseboard. I prefer my curtains to skim the floor. Any Ideas would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Shannon, We don’t close our drapes so this is not a problem. I don’t really know how to solve this problem, but I did a quick search and found plastic diverters. You might want to google them and see if they could work for you. Hope this helps.

  3. Diane Noe says:

    Yvonne- I’m looking for pillows like the tan and white trellis pillows on your guest bed. Would you tell me where you got these? thanks!

    1. Hi Diane, they came from Pottery Barn years ago. I have not seen them in stock for a while. Sorry!

  4. I too love the bed skirt/dust ruffle you used in this room. I have seen it in some of your past posts as well. Can you tell me where you purchased it please. I love your style and your ideas! Keep them coming, I never tire of them.

  5. Ann Rourke says:

    Love all of your decor! I would love to see in some of your posts, if it is possible the big picture of a room. You have such wonderful information but the peeks are of small, up close portions in a room. Thanks for sharing your home.

    1. I have company in the guest room this week, but when they leave I’ll take some longer shots and add it to this post.

  6. Love all of your ideas and your pretty color scheme too. I am in the process of trying to redo my guest bedroom, so this was a real treat and full of ideas.

  7. Gorgeous. Where did you get the drapes?

  8. What a beautiful guest room. Anyone would be happy to stay there. An additional thing that I did for our guest room was to print out our wifi password and put it in a small pretty frame then set it on the night stand. It keeps people from asking to ask for it.

  9. A very nice and relaxing room! Okay, since no one asked, is the dresser from Wayfair?

    1. The dresser is from Pottery Barn. You can see a link for it at the bottom of the post. Hope this helps, Donna

  10. CarolBinTX says:

    Love the lamps! I have them in a Wayfair cart but I don’t yet have a place for them!

  11. I really enjoy your blog. Your home is lovely and you are so kind to share your ideas!
    Where did you get the Scripture sign that’s above the bed? I would love to put that in my entryway.

  12. I have always had a neutral home. So when I want a refresh, I do what you do- shop my basement! I enjoy changing my home out for the seasons. And….I coincidentally have many of the same decor items! Great minds! Thanks for your inspiration.

  13. Hi Yvonnne, I,too expect company this summer and have much to do to get ready! Thanks for all the helpful tips!

    1. Lee Berry says:


      1. Hi Lee, Right now I am working on a bit of a blog redesign and will have as many sources as I can find. Hopefully by Thanksgiving.

  14. kathryn stewart says:

    I have the same bedskirt from SS and love it. Where did you get the rest of your bedding? And also where did you get the framed Numbers passage above the bed?

  15. Susan Duncan says:

    I totally love your “Guest” Bedroom color scheme! Where did you find that beautiful bedskirt? Gotta have it for my master bedroom….I have been searching high & low for one just like it!! Absolutely love your blog and your style….I wish I could do cream or white but my husband hates the neutral scheme. So i am trying to incorporate more of the beige with some cream mixed in.

  16. Mildred Hoppe says:

    Hi Yvonne, I love these Wednesday favorites, and always look forward to them.
    What is the source for the “Hello” on your front door? and the multi hook coat/wall hanger in the entry?
    Hope you are having a good summer.

  17. Yvonne, you’ve blown my mind that you use the blanket as a topper to your white summer comforter! I have been doing the reverse all these years which, of course, doesn’t have the same pizazz! Thank you for this sage tip. I’d love to spend the night in your serene golf guest room.

  18. Where did you get the small pot of daises?

  19. Where did you get the Numbers 6 verse print? I HAVE to have one. My father (now deceased) always used that as his benediction when he preached so it has a special place in my heart and memory. Now my husband uses that as his benediction when he is asked to give he benediction. It is such a special blessing.

    I don’t have much room for art in my home with open concept but I will find a place for it.


  20. Love the bed coverings in the guest room!

  21. This is such a gorgeous guest room. So restful. I would feel perfectly comfortable in this lovely room. Great tips as well.
    Blessings to you.

  22. Such great advice, Yvonne. I am working towards a whole house color palette.

  23. Julie Dunleavy says:

    Simply beautiful as always. ?

  24. Such great ideas as always. I just had a house full for my son’s graduation and used several of your ideas. You’re so right about keeping it simple it makes cleaning up that much easier too. Ready for the next guests. Thanks Yvonne.

  25. Can you tell me why you put the blanket on top of the comforter? It’s normally the other way around. This way your summer guests have to take the blanket off to take the comforter off if they only want to sleep with the top sheet and blanket on a summer’s night.
    I’m heading into my guest room shortly to take a few pieces off the bureau. While the vignette is pretty there isn’t much room for their things. Thank you for that reminder.

    1. I put the blanket on top of the comforter for a couple of reasons, Joanna. The comforter and the blanket are both lightweight so it really does not make a difference what layer is taken off first. And the blanket is so pretty so why shouldn’t it be on top. And finally, with air conditioning the room is cool, even in the summer. Hope this helps.

  26. Lovely! One thing I always display for guests is a photo of them. For long-time friends and family, I frame a snapshot from years ago – they always love this personal touch!

  27. Can you recommend a soft white paint for two small bathrooms? Our house is eight years old. As much as I dread it, I think it is time to start painting over the builders grade paint. I will start with the bathrooms and move on to the two bedrooms, leaving the great room for last. I hate having the house in disarray but I have put it off long enough. Thank you.

    1. Hi Lin, It’s hard to recommend the right paint for your bathroom. I need to know the undertones of your flooring and anything else in it. We painted our whole home Simply White by Benjamin Moore. It’s a soft white with just the hint of a yellow undertone. Check it out.

  28. Marsha Daubenmire says:

    Yvonne, you have the most beautiful home and such a great taste for style. I enjoyed seeing your blog until my computer was hacked and I haven’t gotten it fully recovered. Anyway, I wanted to ask about a few things here. The Bible verse above the bed is so lovely, did you make that yourself or could you share with me where you purchased it? I also love the brass light fixtures and would love more info about those as well. One last thing, it seems you posted something about knitting a coverlet for a bedroom in your house. You said it was a very easy pattern, I’m a new knitter and would love to try making that if you remember what pattern you used.
    Thank you,