strawberry cobbler

Happy June! June is such a fabulous month for cooks here in Lancaster County. Our farm stands are filling up with such delicious produce. Peas, zucchini, strawberries, and more! I’m eating and freezing local strawberries! They are wonderful this year and ON THE MENU this week!

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We love grilled food. Bobby enjoys grilling and I enjoy how easy dinners become when he grill!

And if you make one thing on the menu this week make it my potato salad. Not bragging (well, yes I am) but it is the best you will ever eat! This is my number one most requested food to bring to a picnic!

I make grilled asparagus the same way I make it in the oven. Just over medium hot coals until a bit crisp.



This week’s soup is really a meal! Rich and full of wonderful clam flavor… and bacon! As a treat I’m making Jordan Pond Popovers! When we went to South Harbor (near Bar Harbor) for a vacation one year we ate the most delicious popovers with homemade blueberry jam.

The kind people at the Inn at Jordan Pond were happy to share their popover recipe! This post is o-l-d! But the recipe is amazing!

I make these popovers a couple times a year and they are so worth the splurge!

They can be eaten with something sweet, like jam, or even opened up and the soup poured in them. YUMMY!



The grilled salmon tonight comes from Natasha’s Kitchen! Grilled salmon tastes amazing! That little bit of smoke adds such a depth of flavor to fish!

I’ll serve tonight’s dinner in my very favorite wide soup-style dishes. Risotto on the bottom, then the sliced portabella and then a gorgeous piece of salmon on top, finished with fresh herbs. Oh so good and so beautiful!


Tonight’s dinner is a favorite of mine! It’s easy to make and has such amazing flavors. I don’t know many people who don’t love chili for dinner! And especially when it is served with plenty of yummy things you can add to it!

See my slow cooker HERE.


Many of you know my love of a perfect hamburger! Grilled. On a soft bun and lots of fresh lettuce, tomato, and a bit of chopped onion. Oh, and also mayo and a taddy bit of mustard!

Tonight I’m combining my love for a hamburger with a love for anything Tex-Mex! Don’t quesadilla hamburgers sound insanely good? I think so too!

I’ll ask Bobby to grill the hamburgers for tonight’s fiesta! Thanks, Jenna from Recipe Diaries.



Pasta Carbonara is more or less a pantry meal! I always have the ingredients in my kitchen! I think ever home cook should learn how to make this chef’s staple! Oh, it is delicious and so so easy to throw together and is company worthy!

The same sentiment goes for the Caesar Salad. We serve this salad most often here at StoneGable!



There seems to be quite a confusion when it comes to the terms “crisp” and “cobbler”. Although they are similar they are also very different.

I’m making Strawberry Cobbler this week. However, if you prefer Strawberry Crisp you can find it HERE or if you like Strawberry Shortcake it’s HERE.



Let’s start off with this gorgeous FRENCH BREAD CHICKEN PESTO PIZZA! This is a must for an upcoming On The Menu!

Here’s a Tex-Mex favorite…MEXICAN PIZZA

If you like single-serve foods, like I do, then you will want to try this SINGLE SERVE WEDGE SALAD IN A JAR!

This SUMMER PASTA WITH ZUCCHINI, RICOTTA AND BASIL makes me weak in the knees! Oh, I’m so making this!!!!

Here’s another amazing summer recipe SUMMER VEGETABLE TORTA!

Make FRESH STRAWBERRY CAKE while local strawberries are in season!

And here’s a gorgeous and easy LEMON ARTICHOKE SALAD, my favorite!

Looking for another different and oh, so tasty salad this week, try ASPARAGUS, EGG AND BACON SALAD

This is my next company dinner, PORK LOIN WITH WINE AND HERB SAUCE.

TOMATO RICOTTA PHYLLO TART is just so so beautiful!!!!!

Have a scrumptious week!


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  1. Gay Clark says:

    strawberry cobbler recipe not showing up; Caesar salad is what comes up when I click on strawberry cobbler.

  2. Good Morning and thank you for all your work on the delicious recipes. I always look forward to them on Mondays and they have given me so many great ideas. The link for the grilled vegetables with the balsamic dressing is not working, well at least not for me as an fyi. It takes me to weight watches desserts.

    Enjoy your day and have a great week.

  3. I made your potato salad recently and we loved it!

  4. I should never look as your menus when it is lunch time and I’m hungry! Thanks for some fresh menu ideas. Have good day!

    1. I know!!! You can’t imagine how hungry I get putting them together! Hope you are doing well, Linda!

  5. Yvonne, thanks a bunch for including my Skinny Taco Chili. I’m delighted to hear you love it. Thank you!
    Such a yummy menu this week. I’m looking forward to trying QUESIDALLA HAMBURGER (APPLEBEE’S COPYCAT).
    All the best,

  6. Beth Groff says:

    Good Morning Yvonne

    I look forward to Friday’s and your wonderful recipes. You post the most delicious looking recipes and none of them are that complicated which I love. Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend! Hugs

  7. Kay Warner says:

    What are baking potatoes? Are they russet potatoes?

  8. When I clicked on Jordan Pond Popovers, the page I landed on said Error and page wasn’t available. I tried several times, and even went to a previous menu that featured those popovers, and got the same lack of results! Can you repost this recipe? It sounds lovely, as does the clam chowder!

    1. So SORRY Diane, Some of my recipes were destroyed from a tech glitch. I need to remake this post. Thanks for letting me know