On The Menu 4Th Week Of March

Need dinner ideas? Here’s a week’s worth of scrumptious recipes On The Menu! There are delicious main dishes, side dishes, vegetables, salads, desserts, and breads, as well as some for early spring!

place setting with a white dish, nest of speckled eggs, and a forsythia branch.

I wish the weather would start acting like spring. We have had a big cold snap here with a powerful wind. It’s hard to think about making light, springy dishes when I’m wearing my long winter coat out to the mailbox. So, this week’s menu is a bit more hearty, except for Easter Sunday. I wish you and all you love the most blessed Easter!


Salmon is one fish we eat weekly. There are so many ways to make it! Bake it, grill it, pan fry it, air fry it, make it into a burger or cake, smoke it—there are so many delicious options! If you want to pan-sear the perfect salmon and want to know how to pick the best one, see THIS VIDEO.

For tonight’s dinner, I’m making a delicious Asian-inspired dish. I love the marinade for this recipe from A Family Feast. I’ll be following Jack and Martha’s recipe, and instead of grilling it, we are going to air fry it at 400° for 8 minutes.

The salmon is paired with lemon orzo and fresh roasted asparagus. We almost always roast asparagus in the oven or on the grill. When it is done, we give it a squeeze of lemon or a sprinkle of cheese. I could make a meal out of spring asparagus.


We eat a lot of organic chicken! Like salmon, there are so many ways to make it. Bobby and I prefer thighs because they are tastier and juicier than white meat. Tonight’s main dish from A Pinch Of Healthy is an easy and delicious way to bake chicken thighs.

I like this recipe because it is versatile. Changing the spices changes the flavor profile. This dish is one for the recipe box. Another must-make is our favorite, Nani’s Sauteed Chicken. It’s a winner-winner chicken dinner, too.

I’m pairing the chicken thighs with Broccoli Cauliflower Bake. This dish looks gorgeous and appetizing. I love pretty food, don’t you?


Stir-fry is the perfect recipe when you need a quick meal. This delicious recipe from Kelly at Chef Savvy is one of our favorites. Marinate the flank steak the night before, and it will take on the most sweet and tangy Asian flavors. This recipe is a great way to use up the leftover broccoli from Tuesday’s menu.

I feel like I buried the headline because this is a one-pan meal. Yay, easy clean-up!

I’m also trying my hand at Rice Paper Dumplings tonight. I love the idea of making them. I have never made this kind of dumpling before, so I am very excited to give this recipe a try. And they look amazing.

Thursday- Soup Day

Soup makes a delicious meal. We live in the southern part of Lancaster Co., about 30 minutes from the Chesapeake Bay. Seafood is so good around here, especially the clams. For tonight’s clam chowder, we are foregoing fresh clams, and I’m making this soup the easy way with canned clams. To amp up the flavor, I topped the chowder with bacon. The smoky flavor is delightful with the clams!

I’m pairing the soup with beer bread. Beer bread is a quick bread, so it does not need yeast to rise. The beer in the bread gives this easy bread a rich flavor that works well with seafood.

a bowl of clam chowder with bacon bits on the top


It’s Easter weekend, so we will have everyone home. Friday is dinner and a movie night. We usually have it with our son and his family, who live somewhat locally. But tonight, our daughter and her family are coming home for Easter. I can’t tell you how excited I am! Our kids make pizza, and we make a salad. Our three-year-old grandson loves an Italian chopped salad, so we are trying different variations to see which one he likes best. Tonight, on the menu, is a Grinder Salad. Thanks, Mary from Barefoot In The Kitchen.

I’m making our favorite chocolate chip cookies and serving it with ice cream and sprinkles.

grinder salad in a bowl

Saturday- Grilling Day

Tonight’s main dish is all about the chimichurri sauce. The grilled chicken looks delicious, too, but honestly, it is just a vehicle to eat the sauce. Chimichurri and pesto are my kryptonite sauces. All of my grandchildren actually like chimichurri sauce! That’s pretty sophisticated for a 7,6,5,4,3 and 2-year-old!

You can see my recipe for chimichurri HERE. This beautiful herb sauce comes from Argentina. Thanks, Shawn from Kitchen Swagger.

I’m serving the chicken with my air fryer crispy potatoes and grilled marinated vegetables. Our marinade is very similar to the recipe below. I add a couple of garlic cloves and fresh chopped basil. We pour the marinade over the vegetables after they have been grilled. No matter, you will want to make this recipe. I make a huge amount of veggies and eat them for lunch all week.

It’s grilling time, although the weather has been more like winter than spring. Thank goodness Bobby likes to grill even in inclement weather. Our son and son-in-law will join Bobby to grill.

Sunday- Happy Easter

Our big meal on Easter Sunday is a brunch lunch. The picture of a very Christmassy-looking breakfast casserole is because we also serve this family favorite on Easter. LOL!

We serve many of the same things every Easter because everyone has their favorites. Do you do that, too? After I wrote down all the things that usually grace our Easter brunch buffet, I had to laugh! What a mish-mosh of dishes! The more our family grows, the more favorites we have.

Over the years, I’ve tried many different spiral hams, and we like the spiral ham from Costco the best. I also like Wegman’s organic spiral ham, but it is exorbitantly expensive. The one from the big company with the name HAM in it is much too salty. So, if you have a Costco near you, you might want to get one there.

Christmas ad Easter Breakfast Casserole

Sweet Treat Of The Week

Bobby’s favorite dessert is cheesecake. You would think I would have made him one in all the hundreds of years we have been married. But, sadly, no!

So I’m going to make him one for Easter Dinner. I’ll be following the Preppy Kitchen’s tips, but Averie’s recipe from Averie Cooks. Yes, the cheesecake is gorgeous!

More Recipes To Make

This beautiful cake.

This main dish is worth a million.

This potato salad has a secret ingredient that makes it everyone’s favorite.

I could eat these for lunch every day.

You might remember a break-in this salad is named after.

So easy to make and so crunchy and delicious.

Fun and tasty appetizers.

These veggies with bacon.

Ooh la la pot pie.

Another recipe with a million.

Julia’s signature dish.

This salad goes with every meal.

This dish is what a spud and a meatloaf would have if they had a baby.

Chocolate meets decadence.

A meatball casserole to love.

Have you heard of these potatoes?

Copycat steakhouse chicken.

This is a beautiful and easy dessert.

Pillows of deliciousness.

One of my Nani’s best dishes.

Ted Lasso makes these, and I will, too.

A Bostonian dessert.

This chicken and broccoli casserole is an oldie but goodie.

This Easter tart.

Recipe Roundups

Get dozens of delicious recipes you and your family will love!

Happy Easter!

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  1. Love your Friday post. I’m gonna cook this week but probably not decorate! And so nice to find other blogs for cooking inspiration. I’m sure the bloggers appreciate it too.

  2. Loved your story about the dill pickle juice in potato salad. My mom amped up her macaroni salad with sweet pickle juice, and it made other macaroni salads taste so-so. I’ll have to try the dill juice with potato salad. Thanks for your menu plans. They always help me think a little outside of my normal go-to dishes. Happy Easter!

    1. Hi Mel, I’m going to use your sweet pickle juice trick the next time I make macaroni salad. Thanks.