Today let’s talk about choosing lamps! They are one of the most important elements in our homes! Lamps are helpers, mood setters, guides, pathfinders and more! So let’s spend a little time today discussing the right lamp for the right job!

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There are many ways to light up your home. Let’s talk about choosing LAMPS that are perfect for your home!


Lamps should not only illuminate your rooms but also layer light just like we layer decor. Did you know that not every corner of every room needs to be lit? And if our rooms are entirely lit up they often seem harsh? 

Lamps have many jobs! Their main purpose is to shed light in a darkened room. But lamps do so so much than that! They illuminate areas we read in and do tasks. They spotlight art and bring drama to a room. And they add ambiance and warmth to our homes.

I love lamps! They are such an important accessory in a room. But they are not just something pretty to put in a room, they are essential for comfortable living! 

Today, let’s talk about 3 types of lamps…

  • task lighting
  • table lamps
  • floor lamps

They all have different purposes and should be a part of every home! 


Know the purpose of the table or floor lamp you might choose. 

Task Lighting

Task lights illuminate a specific task. They direct the right amount of light where you are working. Reading, computer work, hand sewing, writing, and crafting are all examples of work that need task lamps. If your eyes get tired when doing up-close work you might have the wrong lighting!

When you are choosing lamps for task lighting here is what to look for…

  • an adjustable head 
  • various lamp wattage with a clear bulb
  • height (the taller a task light is the more area it lights up)
  • a focused pool of light
  • design… lamps must look great and fit into our decor!

Here are task lamps that not only will look beautiful but will illuminate an area with focused light. Click on the image below to see more…

Table Lamps

lamp with a burlap shade on a table

Most of us think about using lamps for general lighting. Lamps for general lighting should be layered with other kinds of light in a room.

A lamp simply washes an area with light. When you think of general lighting, think of a nice table lamp. Sometimes there is some crossover and a table lamp can double as a task light too.

The lightbulb, lampshade, and position of the lamp are all very important things to consider when looking for a lamp that illumines part of a room!

It’s a good idea to put lamps on a dimmer or use a lamp that can handle various wattage!

Here are a few general rules for choosing lamps for tables…

  • if a table lamp is used for reading etc the bottom of the lampshade, when seated on a chair or sofa next to it, should be just below eye level
  • the lamp must be stylish and work with my home
  • pay attention to lampshades. A lampshade should cover the throat of the lightbulb in it and affects light diffusion
  • bigger is better

Here are some of my favorite picks for table lamps. Many are on sale! Click on the image below to see more…

Floor Lamps

floor lamp in the great room

Floor lamps are a great option to light up a dark corner, use as task lighting and add another layer of light to a room. I love their look and how they add style and panache to the decor in my home.

Size is important when thinking about buying a floor lamp. Does your room have room for a floor lamp? That is a question to first ask yourself. Also, floor lamps should be tucked away in a place out of direct traffic. You don’t want them to get knocked over.

Floor lamps are a great option for putting behind a sofa, in a corner or near a chair that does not have a table. Think about areas in your home that could use more light, would a floor lamp work?

Here are some beautiful floor lamps you might like. Click on the image to see more…

lamp on an entry table

Buying a lamp is so much more than finding one that looks fabulous. Make sure it’s part of an overall plan to bathe your room in layers of light!

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lamp with burlap shade on a table

This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. We recently added some transitional updates to our home and after the impact that a complete interior paint job did, I think new lighting made the most impact of all. The biggest bang for the buck was changing the lamp shades in several rooms from traditional shades to white drum shades. Instant results – brighter and a fresher look. I also bought new lamps for several rooms – the new lamps were much larger than the original. One example was moving two lamps from our living room and putting them in our guest room. The new lamps in the living room are taller and make a big difference. In our master bedroom I replaced traditional lamps with two large ginger jar lamps. At first I thought they were too large, but now I can’t imagine the room without them. The price of lamps can range from low to high, but with keeping to a budget is easier if you look at the high end first and then explore similar but less expensive options.

  2. sharon karinch says:

    Thank you for answering all my questions on lamps. Love your tips. the height of a reading lamp has always been a problem. Now I have the guidelines to buy the proper size. Have a wonderful New Year in your new home

  3. Michele Cellura says:

    The one I am always attracted to is the lamp in your last picture, that sits on your foyer console….. but I don’t see it in the above choices(?)

    1. Hi Michelle, the lamp came from The Pottery Barn several years ago. It’s no longer on their site. There are a few table lamps that have that same look in the boutique.

    1. HI ROBBYN, he’s not a print. He’s an original I got from an artist years ago. I love him!!!!

  4. This was a great post! A friend and I made a trip to Home Goods today, I recognize a few of the lamps in your post.

  5. I much prefer the table lamps you have in YOUR home and would like to know where you purchased them.

    1. Hi Scarlett, they mostly come from the Pottery Barn outlet. I’ve had these lamps for several years and unfortunately, many companies retire their products almost yearly. I can no longer find a source for most of my lamps. The glass and oil-rubbed bronze lamp on the Curlacue chest is in the “boutique” and so is the floor lamp.

  6. Thanks for linking up at the Happiness is Homemade Link Party. I hope you join us next week.

  7. Hi Yvonne! This was a great article – as usual – and so helpful. But I have a huge question. What do I do with the cords? Especially when I have a “floating” arrangement of my furniture. I want to choose the best lighting – but I can’t figure out how to get them lit when the cords run across open floor space. Thank you so much for all of your great help!

    1. Great question, Carol. I had an electrician come in and install outlets (just for this purpose) in my floors. Make sure you don’t do this yourself. The one’s I have are meant to work on the floor.

  8. Arleen Rice says:

    What is a good source for lamp shades that you’d recommend?

    1. Hi Arleen, I like Pottery Barn lamp shades. They are mid-range priced, but pretty good quality!

  9. Tink Bayton says:

    This was a good reminder for me.
    Thank you for posting this.
    Love your many choices.

    1. Hi Tink! So glad you liked this post. I know it can be hard to know what lamp will work in different spots in your home!

  10. I just adore that lamb print : )

  11. I love the details in your pins! This pin about lamp shades is wonderful. I have used pure white shades for years and have stayed away from burlap because I thought it was too old-fashioned. Thank you for the education, I’ve followed you for several years and have never regretted it!

    1. Hi Kathy!Thanks so much! I put a lot of thought and research into each decorating post! Try a burlap lamp! Pretty texture!

  12. Carol Balbo says:

    love the Alina Lamp you listed but cannot find it, brings me to Wayfair but they don’t list it

  13. Linda Lewis says:

    where could I get that fantastic floor lamp by the fireplace and chair with throw?? It is a light brown

    1. Hi Linda, the lamp and chair came from Wayfair years and years ago. I’m so sorry, they are no longer in stock.