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It may be the new decade or our need for something new, but interior design in 2020 is taking a major shift that will probably reverberate over the next decade. I love decor trends! They can be fresh and doable or be a silly hot mess! Either way, they are fun to see! So let’s take a look at what is on the decorating horizon for 2020 and how these trends might influence us in the coming year!

Before we begin let’s set a few ground rules…


I say the same thing every time I do a trends post…

Seriously, friends! I’m just sharing what I am seeing! You may be happy about these trends or maybe not. But please know that it’s my job and pleasure to share them.

You have no idea how many emails I get every time I do a trends post! And sometimes they can be a bit testy!

Thanks for understanding!

I strongly suggest you read 7 HOME DECOR TRENDS FOR 2020 I wrote last summer as these new 2020 trends were emerging. I explain why we have decor trends in the interior design industry and just exactly what they are.

As well as the trends I saw coming for 2020. It’s really a must-read if you like decorating trends!


Let’s take a look at what you will probably be seeing in 2020 and beyond.


two-toned trendy kitchen

The two-toned kitchen trend is not on the horizon any longer! It’s here in full force! And it is going STRONG!

trendy kitchen


Kitchen designs have always been trendsetters for the rest of the home. Probably because we tend to spend lots of time in our kitchens.

The most popular two-toned kitchens have a focal point island in a great pop of color or colorful base cabinets.

Trendsetters say that the two-toned kitchen will be around for quite a while!


I think the two-toned kitchen is a great way to update an all-white kitchen by bringing in a bit of interest and color!

It’s a safe way to test out how much we would actually love a kitchen other than white. And I agree. We will see this trend for a long time as well as see a movement to all cabinets being really fun colors.

If you have a white kitchen and want to update it try painting your island or adding one in a color like moody blue! Or instead of a white subway tile backsplash try something with a bit of color and pattern!

For me, I’m a white kitchen girl! If you look further down the page, the designers in the know are saying the white kitchen is going out. Well, make sure to read my two cents about it!


This year’s Pantone Color Of The Year is CLASSIC BLUE. It’s a just-before-dusk sky color! Of all the Pantone colors of the last decade, this one will be the biggest crowd pleaser!

This color has lots of staying power!

Pantone's color of the year


The interior design industry loves this trend! This blue and other moody blues have been on the trend radar for a year or so now. Blue is everywhere!


I love blue. Everyone loves blue! This trend is a home run! Everyone can add a bit of blue somewhere in their home! See my Two Cents when I first predicted it as a trend HERE.

And if the trend is moving out of the (spoiler alert) totally monochromatic color palette this is a great color to add!

I’m looking at peel and stick navy-ish blue wallpaper for our new powder room.

But just a caution, don’t get carried away with blue. Don’t go blue crazy! A sofa or a great pair of chairs will look amazing. Or a rug or curtains. Just not all at the same time!

This is the trend to follow this year! Add something in a great moody blue to your home!


trendy animal leather chair

colhe leather sling chair

This trend is really a classic but done in a new and updated way for 2020!


Sustainability and going green are big buzz words now in interior design.

And so are animal prints. Instead of a faux fur pillow or cowhide rug, this year’s trend is all about using animal skins on tabletops and armoire fronts or on handsome decorator boxes.

But using real skins are a big no-no when it comes to most animal species. Faux is also out this year but not when it comes to animal fur and skin! Go for a realistic look when it comes to animal prints!

beautiful faux snake skin decorative box

Serengeti embossed snake box

trendy tortoise shell glasses

faux tortoiseshell glasses


Bring on the animal prints. They are the ultimate classic! And I love that they are trending so big and being used on other home items and not only on pillows!

I don’t see animal prints as out or in but they are certainly trending in 2020! Every home could enjoy the wilder side of decorating!

Will you see animal print items in my home in 2020? Yes, please!

Faux is the way to go and many faux products look gorgeous!

Just another word about natural and sustainable products I think will be popular this year that have not shown up on any list…

Just like skins on furniture, I think other sustainable treatments will pop up too! Linen on walls and furniture, burlap on lampshades and stools and beautiful grasses woven on chairs. We will see!


on trend dining area

Okay, I see in and out when it comes to neutrals. Gone are the all-one-color-no-texture rooms. But a tight color palette full of texture and variations of shades and tints is still on trend!


Neutral color palettes will continue to be popular. They will be a great backdrop for the big, bold pop of color that is coming our way this year!

Cool neutrals, like grays, are fading and warmer neutrals like bone and beige are gaining importance. Think warm neutrals!

Neutrals are an important part of the design industry!


YAY for Neutrals. I love love love living with neutrals. A neutral room with lots of various shades and tints and tons of texture is BEAUTIFUL!

I’m glad to see the tail end of the gray craze. If you have been reading StoneGable for any time you know my aversion to a gray room! It just makes me feel sad. I’m so excited to see the warmer neutrals I love so much still trending!

One of the biggest advantages of choosing neutrals for your home is neutrals are classics! They will stay in style a lot longer than their color counterparts!

Adding color to a neutral room is the way to go this year! One fun thing you will see in my home this year is a neutral room with a colorful rug!


This is the anti-trend trend!


This is the no-trend trend.

We’ve been seeing the same popular trend elements over and over again for several years and this year is the break out year for anyone who is trend adverse!

But there are still design rules for this no-trend trend. It’s all about uniqueness and finding gorgeous one of a kind pieces and collecting what you love.

What it is not is no style! Actually, it is the opposite. It is about developing great and discriminating taste.


Yes, I love this trend. I am a huge believer in decorating our homes with what we love! But I tend to agree with the industry about not being an excuse for being lazy!

If you love decorating, this style is for you! Curate a look and go with it! Just know your decorating style no matter how unique it is!

I’ll be posting more on this later.


Here are a few beloved trends that we will be saying goodbye to in 2020. Or at least that is what the trendsetters in the industry are saying!


You know the room, the boring lack of interest room that is all one flat color. Not to be confused with neutral rooms!


Rooms decorated with one color and little interest are taking the fast train out of style this year! They fall into the same what-were-you-thinking category as the “bag dress” and the “nose ring”.


Oh, I am doing the happy dance of joy. I will cry no tears over this decor trend leaving the decorating stage!

I first saw this trend on a few blogs about a decade ago. Whole rooms one color, primarily white. They looked like they had been spray painted with a painter’s grade white paint!

UGH! I am so happy to see this ugly trend go away! Bye-bye!

These rooms should serve as a warning to those of us who have neutral homes. Lots of color variations and texture are the keys to keeping a tight color palette interesting, alive and beautiful!


open concept room

Open concept homes are still the design standard for 2020. But instead of having a room or space designated as a “living room” or “dining room” we should be rethinking these spaces.


Saying goodbye to a one-use room is born out of practicality and making use of all the spaces in our homes. It is about living in our whole house and not saving rooms for when company comes over.

No rooms sitting empty!

This practical trend is very family-friendly smart living!


I totally agree with this trend in concept. If you have the luxury of a big home, having a formal dining room or living room still works.

But the trend in homeownership is towards more open spaces and smaller homes. So using a room for one purpose, as the formal dining room, is a dying concept.

We traded our big home for a downsized version and love the practicality of our rooms being opened and multi-use! I say our downsized home lives large!


I think the trend towards open concept and smaller home living goes hand in hand with the demise of the more is more decorating concept!


More is more, is just that. Adding layers and layers of decor to a room. Bold furniture, lots of accent pieces and heavier curtains and rugs. And lots and lots of color.


I’m not sure about this trend leaving us! There is also another trend in 2020 called “Maximalism”. Just goes to show us that trends are fickle! There is really an on-trend decor style for just about everyone!

For me, I’m loving a cleaned up approach to decorating these days! Although I LOVE the new Maximalist viewpoint in interior design too, this girl will be saying goodbye to lots of stuff! But then again, maybe my love of a less is more look is because I just took down all my Christmas decorations!


big box furniture

Fast furniture is the kind of furniture you can get in a big box store and put together yourself. Think Ikea!


After decades of the sofa-in-a-box, we are longing for a better quality curated look when it comes to decorating in 2020. Buying quality is in! Buying big ticket items to last a long time will overtake the Ikea philosophy of fast furniture of the last decade.


I think we can live in both worlds. I love the mix-and-match of quality furniture and furniture I can assemble at home! It’s all about the perfect blend and mix, my friend!

Haven’t we, savvy decorators, been doing this for decades! Who doesn’t love to peruse Ikea? What great finds. Ikea is not going anywhere. There will always be a market for this price point.

But I hope to see home decorators making the choice to save up to buy great quality sofas, anchor chairs, dining room tables and such! These quality pieces are the backbone of a great room!


Simply put, trends are the design industry reading the tea leaves of what will be up and coming in the future. A good guess at best!

I say embrace what you love! Keep what you love but be open to fresh ideas! And have fun!

It’s nice to be in the know, right? But you know what is right for you! Be your own trendsetter!

Make sure to read 7 HOME DECOR TRENDS IN 2020 and LIGHTING TRENDS FOR 2020 too!

trendy fireplace

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  1. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Great information! What do you see on the horizon for lighting? I see more formal in new decor but my home is more casual. Looking forward to seeing what you pull out this Spring!

    1. Hi Cecilia. Lighting is all over the place! I am seeing a more pared-down approach. And still lots of gold! Make sure to see LIGHTING TRENDS FOR 2020 at the end of this post.

  2. I didn’t see anything here I didn’t like. First off, we downsized to a great room house and love the openness. My home is neutrals with different textures for interest. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m happy to see the grey trend disappearing. And, not sure I could live in a totally white home. Kinda like living in a blizzard. We had a kitchen renovation in 2010 and the designer suggested painting the island a different color. Initially, I thought that is trend that will fade quickly, so I’m pleased that it is strong ten years later. I don’t buy fast furniture. I upholstered furniture like a sofa, chairs & beds need to be comfy and fast furniture pieces are not. Plus, I like my wood furniture to be solid wood. I change out my decor often so that I buy in Winners, Homesense, Ikea. I enjoyed reading this post, Yvonne. I like to stay up on what’s trending and what’s out But still stay true to my aesthetic.

  3. Sue Mellette says:

    Thanks, Yvonne, for sharing your thoughts along with the trends. I love blue, but I agree with you, not too much in one room. I have been collecting blue and white china, vases, etc. for years. Love that it is coming back!

  4. I know you’re a “white” kitchen girl! I have nice oak cabinets (early 90’s)that I am contemplating on painting white. Do you have any reservations on the upkeep of them? I’m struggling!

    1. I’ve had a white kitchen for 24 years and LOVED it! And we are painting our kitchen cabinets white in our new home too! You will love a white kitchen!

  5. Great post! I always love reading about trends even though I don’t follow most of them. Although…I do have a navy dining room and I do love neutrals… Also, I have always leaned more towards beige than gray for neutrals. The only gray in my home is my boys’s bathroom and a little bit in their bedrooms. I feel the same way about gray as you do…gray is just too depressing for me! Nice to hear your thoughts. Happy New Year!

  6. Ann Light says:

    I love this! We moved a few months ago into a huge “cottage” in Maine. It was the property that spoke to us and a whisper in my ear that said this is where we need to be. When you posted the trend forecast this summer I went for painting my dining room walls a very dark blue. I was scary as they were white. But, I love it and might not have had the courage without you : ) I only buy good quality solid furniture. Cheap just looks cheap IMP and I would rather wait until I can afford a better piece. Some trendy things will not stay so long so I guess that is when I would not spend too much. We have spent a lot of years in Africa, Asia and Guam so my decor is definitely of the non- trend type I guess. This year I am following something Oprah mentioned. This year the best thing you can do is not buy anything more… or something like that. Happy New Year!!! Thank you for all of your sharing and guiding me into creating a home that I love.

    1. I think you will be happy with your choices for many years to come!

  7. As I think every year – trends are there just to influence people to keep buying “stuff” even when they don’t need it. But, the one good thing about trends is, if it is something you already like, it makes it easier to find items in your style. While I enjoy reading about trends, I don’t like “what’s in /what’s out” lists – I think their purpose is to make people feel less than – another method retailers use to get people to buy things they probably don’t need. One trend I can really get behind, that I read on another trends for 2020 list, is the return of the dedicated dining room. I love this! Thanks for sharing – it’s always a fun read!

    1. Hi Judi, I can understand why you think that and to some degree that is true. There are lots of reasons styles change and new styles emerge. I’ll have to do a post and look at the psychology of trends. It’s really fascinating!

  8. Nancy Davies says:

    18 years ago I installed moody dark blue kitchen cabinets in our new house. They still look great, to my eyes anyway. So of course I am pleased that those blue colors are on the radar again!!

    Loved this post so thank you!

  9. This is a great post Yvonne! I have always been one to decorate with things I love that look cohesive and beautiful together. I am THRILLED to hear that buying good quality pieces of furniture is something that is coming back. I have always encouraged my clients, friends, daughters, etc to buy the best that they can afford. I am a collector of well-made pieces and I rotate and store pieces because it pains me to see everyone throwing their solid cherry bedroom or dining room set to the curb or for $20 on Facebook Marketplace. Painted pieces are not for everyone but , as you well know, updating quality pieces is a great way to freshen up your home and is certainly better for our planet than pieces from the other side of the world that are cheaply made and destroying rainforests.
    Happy New Year, Yvonne! I’m a big fan 🙂

  10. I love the look of your sisal rugs, what brand do you prefer, and do they constantly shed? Thank you.

  11. Thanks for the great post as always!

  12. Great post!
    Got a kick out of your two cents remarks and great suggestions.
    Have a great day.

  13. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

    I’m doing a jig as we speak! I switched up my teal/aqua blue accents to the “moody” blue in my great room and I am loving the change!! Here’s to 2020 trendsetters!


  14. I am glad to hear that color is finally returning to homes, but you comment that everyone loves blue isn’t true. I added blue to my home many years ago and became very uncomfortable. I found out I truly like earth tones the best, especially greens. I could never live in a colorless house. I enjoy the fact that God gave us a colorful world too much.

  15. Well Ms. Gable, since I never was able to meld any grays with the warm tones in my house I am happy about that, however we started a kitchen remodel just this weekend and I was thinking it was the perfect time to try out some grays. But now maybe not? I think I need to see examples of the 2020 neutrals, design and color of any shade are definitely NOT my strong point!

  16. Hi, this is a great post – and bang on the money! I am based in the UK so I was curious to see whether trends were the same in the US – but it seems that they’re pretty similar! It will be interesting to see how it all pans out this year. I found you via the Inspire Me Monday Link Up – but I’ll definitely be back for more! x.

    1. Hi Kate, welcome to StoneGable! I lived in the UK when I was growing up and have such a heart for your home!

  17. Great post. I kind of wish you had included picture examples in each category.
    I live in a home with blue walls everywhere. I’ll be neutralizing them as soon as my broken foot heals. I need a paint color that will help with lighting in my dark house. Still trying to get a feel for this house. I prefer something more comfortable like the painted shiplap look but have a fancier fireplace and crown moulding. Replacing everything isn’t an option. I need to scour Pinterest.

    1. Hi Zi! Sorry to hear about your foot! I hope you have a speedy recovery, friend! While I love shiplap it will eventually go out of style and make your home look dated. Painting your walls in a gorgeous neutral is your best option!

  18. What a fun and informative read Yvonne! I like to refresh my home with a piece or two or color that is trendy but overall I think it is important to surround ourselves with the things we love. I just shared a post on how blue is going to be trending in 2020 and I think you might love the inspiring round up of blue I shared: https://followtheyellowbric
    I am excited about blue and animal prints as accents for my neutral home, but my heart is still set on white and off white when it comes to my kitchen remodel. We have original dark woodwork all through our home that I love, but the kitchen gets the most light and I really need a room with white/off white cabinetry and trim.

    I loved reading your “two cents” about these trends! I will be featuring this post at All About Home on Monday. Thanks for sharing!

  19. All I have to say is THANK GOODNESS for color! So tired of looking at photo after photo of all white rooms!

  20. Jayne McLeod says:

    Good morning Yvonne … thank you for sharing all you’re wisdom and ideas about decorating and different styles going on. I love reading thru and enjoy very much all of the lovely pictures you post, I for one appreciate the time you take to post each day … its like talking thru ideas with a girlfriend. Thank you once again for being so willing to put your ideas and yourself out there, for all to read. That’s why God made us all so different …. I love that !! Enjoy the SONshine, Jayne

  21. Hello! I enjoyed this article but really believe decorating is very personal, use things that have meaning to you, and you will be happy!….did I also read you are moving?? I would love to hear more! Have a wonderful day!

    1. Hi Rebecca, you are right! Decorating is VERY personal and our homes should reflect our tastes and our lives. Yes I did move. Check out my recent posts to see all about it!

  22. Cindy Golec says:

    I’m searching for a sofa or loveseat. I now have a big honker of a couch that my husband and I just don’t need anymore. In my searches I am so disappointed. S ite after site after site they all look the same–plain, boring, grey, square, pedestrian. No style, materials, patterns really. What happened to chintz, patterns, florals, etc.? How far off the grid would I be to choose a chintz or pattern let’s say. What’s in, what’s out? Your opinion please.

    1. Hi Cindy, first do what you love. And second I hope you will take some good advice. The days of chintz sofas are over. They are not practical and they just too much visually to put into today’s rooms. Today’s homes are not as matchy-matchy as in the days of chintz. If you go for a neutral colored or solid colored sofan (navy would look gorgeous) you can add gorgeous floral pillows and other accents you love. And when you are done with the florals you can decorate with something new you fancy without the expense of buying a whole new sofa! Hope this helps.

  23. Cindy, I had the same issue also. Check out the Ballard Designs website (or catalog). They have a lot of fabrics to choose from and some lovely sofas – not all boxy and big! I ended up going to a high end furniture store, but I think I would have done better (at least price wise) with Ballard.

  24. I am currently making some upgrades to my house including the furniture. A friend shared the neutrals picture with me and I fell in love with the neutral dining chairs. Do you happen to know where I can find these dining chairs?

    1. Hi Sheila, We love those chairs! They are so comfortable!!! I found them at Birch Lane. However, I don’t see them in stock right now.

  25. I simply love all of your decorating ideas but I have a problem… I cannot seem to decorate my little potty room off of my master bath… It is rather long and narrow and there is simply a toilet in there… Please help …what can I do?

  26. I simply love all of your decorating ideas but I have a problem… I cannot seem to decorate my little potty room off of my master bath… It is rather long and narrow and there is simply a toilet in there… And I have high ceilings… Please help …what can I do? Do you have any ideas for a very small rooms?

  27. DANA G Noack says:

    Always love your choices. I’m looking for good looking ceiling fans (with light). They are all the same or all just terrible. I need to replace 6 ceiling fans. I’ve been looking for 2 years.