gold bedroom sconce beside a bed 2020 decor trend.

Lighting trends and ideas for 202 are just beautiful! So if you love to know the up and coming trends you will love today’s post! Let’s talk about chandeliers, pendant lights, floor lamps, and sconces! All very exciting ways to light up your world in 2020!

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Today’s 2020 look at on-trend lighting was inspired by a note from one of my fabulous readers…


Can you please address the trends in light fixtures and how they will correlate to the rest of the room? Thanks a lot and (I) read your mail every day. LISA

Well, Lisa! I am so glad you asked! After doing lots and lots of digging and research I must say I am so impressed with all the pretty chandeliers, pendants, sconces and more for 2020.

Most of the styles and trends are similar to those in 2019. It seemed they were tweaked a bit and have a more streamlined and modern look. I think many of these on-trend ideas will work in so many homes!

Before we dive into the trendy new lighting on the 2020 horizon I must tell you that trends are just very educated guesses. And please, please know that just because something is on trend or hot does not mean your home decor is “out”!

Trends are to inspire you not to frustrate you! If you love what you have, great! If not you might want to add one of these pretty pieces of lighting into your decor

But most of all HAVE FUN WITH TRENDS!


I did not see any “new” lighting concepts but this year’s word in lighting should be “refinement” when it comes to the chandeliers, pendants, and lamps we choose for our homes! I saw lots of the same type of lighting as last year with a little different profile.

2020’s trend is still lots of big lighting pieces which are bigger and even more of a focal point. I LOVE this trend. It fits into my “bigger is better and less is more” point of view. Don’t skrimp when it comes to buying any lighting fixture. Go big!

And I’m loving the switch from bedside table lamps to sconces. Sconces are the new decor trend for 2020!

Now, let’s look at specif 2020 lighting trends…


2020 lighting trend mixed metal and wood chandelier
washed pine chandelier

Natural materials such as wood, grasses, and burlap are flooding the market! Think about taking your favorite chandelier and recreating it in a natural material!

This pretty trend will easily work with so many different styles. If you add one lighting trend to your home this year this should be it!


Wood bead chandeliers are going strong in 2020. They have a world market, boho feel that makes them irresistible! If you are in the market for a new chandelier over your dining room table, in your bathroom or bedroom or even in your kitchen this is the one to get!

Wood bead chandeliers have such a relaxed vibe! Even fashioned in the most elaborate chandeliers. They will work with almost any decor style!


Personally, I love this 202 lighting trend. I’m a basket lover from way back!

Baskets pendants are long on texture and good looks! I would not say they will be your forever lighting fixture but they are perfect for a fling!

Look for one in my home in 2020!


Just when I thought burlap lampshades were going away they seem to have a second chance as being an on-trend look for your home!

I adore burlap, especially on a lampshade, so I’m thrilled to see this perfectly nubby natural material take a second bow. How about a few more encores!

And as a side note, linen lampshades which are always a classic are always in!


Of course, we will be seeing chandeliers and pendants and other lighting show up in geometric forms. Geometrics will be hot, hot, hot in decor for 2020!

Many geometric lighting options will have a slimmed down look, following the rest of the geo decor craze in 2020!

See 7 DECOR TRENDS FOR 2020 to see more about geometrics in decorating HERE.


Think about incorporating a geometric chandelier or pendant into your style.

If you love this new trend but are a bit shy about incorporating it into your own style, try a less complicated geo design! The chandelier above is the perfect mix of on-trend styling and classic design!


I really thought we had seen the tail end of this lightbulb trend. Well, yes and no! Yes, the bare lightbulb seems to be out for 2020 and with good reason, I think!

And no! We have not seen the end of this trend! Edison bulbs are fascinating, but a bare light bulb does little to enhance one’s room!

Hurray, it’s coming back dressed up! Encased in glass in all pretty shapes, These Edison bulbs are taking on a refined style.

I really love some of these all-glass pendants! They are clean looking and have interesting shapes! I even have one in the guest suite here at StoneGable!

Here are some great clear pendant lighting options…


Again we see a carryover from 2019, the architectural floor lamp. These lamps are long on style and put to shame their less than interesting floor lamp cousins!

These pretty floor lamps demand attention! They add lots of style to any room they are put in.

If you are in the market for a floor lamp try a modern looking tripod lamp! It will play nicely with many styles.


Sconces! Beautiful functional, sconces!

I must have started this trend. LOL!

We have attractive sconces in the master bedroom and in one guest room. I LOVE the ease and look of sconces!

Who knew they would be a hot trend in 2020! This is an on-trend lighting anyone can use!


This year’s biggest trend in lighting and in decor for 2020 is gold! Not your mother’s brass but beautiful shades of gold!

Gold is having its turn as the IT color for metal in 2020! I saw this trend building momentum in 2019 and now gold is everywhere!

I think it can incorporate into any style of decor with just this little caution. Gold is a bold color and should be mixed with other metals!

Gold is at its best if used in one big piece of lighting and other metals in a room are nickel or brushed stainless or oil rubbed bronze for example.

Other 2020 lighting trends for 2020…

  • Mid Century Modern
  • Art Deco of the 1920s
  • Mixed materials in individual lighting

There you go, Lisa!

I hope you will incorporate one of these 2020 decor trends into your home this year!

Is there an on-trend 2020 design you would like to see in your home?

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  1. I love seeing the return of gold tones. They have always been my favorite even when there was such backlash against brass. The new golds are so soft and are even available in spray paint if you want a few smaller pieces. Makes me wonder if we will see a return to yellow gold jewelry?

    1. We have! I’m seeing lots of gold in jewelry. And I love its comback!

  2. I’ve always been partial to lanterns especially without glass…and about to get a pair over a kitchen island. I think those are classic. I’ve had burlap lampshades since I saw them on your site years ago, just love the texture they add to a room!

  3. Thanks for this post on lighting ~ love that Gold is trendy! I do have a question about bathroom lighting. Do you have suggestions for replacing bathroom vanity lighting in an older home. I’m taking the huge wall mirror down ( the kind that covers the entire wall above the sink), and am getting a newer, stylish mirror. Just need ideas for the right amount of light for the room. Is there a “rule” that I could go by?

  4. I’m sorry to say I didn’t like anything! I did like that burlap shades are still in. To me everything looked too modern to me. I like looking at it in someone else’s home but it’s not for me.

  5. These lighting fixtures are very beautiful and blog too and nice information. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love the look of basket pendants since they provide both interesting shape and texture. The area above my dining table is quite empty, so I have been thinking about getting a pendant for it. A basket pendant would go great with the more bohemian style of my home.