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  1. I have actually gone so far as taking photos of my kitchen counters to see how they look and then tweeking them to my satisfaction. My husband says I’m anal, but I call it particular! Just a hint about keeping your kitchen sink clean. A relative of mine eats dinner later, sometimes around 7:00 PM, then either gets the dishwasher started later, or doesn’t start the dishwasher at all. Then the next day the kitchen sink gets dumped with dirty dishes all day. This results with a big mess when trying to cook the next night’s dinner or walking into a messy kitchen after working all day as well as not having clean dishes to use!! Why not take 10 minutes to empty that dishwasher at night so you have a clean slate the next day?

    1. I like to get into this habit too! And, I prefer to put away my dishes when they are warm (much like I like to fold my clothes out of the dryer warm – this drives me nuts at my daughter’s house with 10 baskets of clothing waiting to be folded)! However, my dishwasher has the absolute longest normal cycle EVER! It must run 4 hours! I’m nodding off to sleep when it’s in the last quarter! If I don’t put them away after that interminable cycle runs, I put them away first thing in the morning while the coffee is brewing! I’ve been trying to eat earlier…we can do that now that we’re semi-retired!

  2. I noticed no bread box? I have one but our bread never makes it into it. Wondering if you keep yours in your pantry or have another idea on where to keep it? I have chips and crackers in a drawer and thought about putting it in there so I can away with the bread box?

  3. Your kitchen is WONDERFUL. But what about those of us who live in an older kitchen and no renovation in sight. I can see that when you redid your new kitchen you were able to think about the placement of every single thing and how to create storage. Many of us do not have such an option. I have a small 1930 kitchen which was the original part of a cottage that is my Maine home. Storage is completely inadequate. I must have my stand mixer, blender, toaster, coffee machine, compost… on the counter. I don’t know how to make that look nice. Where do you store produce that should not be refrigerated like tomatoes, citrus, bananas, avocados, potatoes, onions… these are also on my counter top in baskets… sigh. It’s nice to look at your photos and dream.

    1. I had a small kitchen at one time too. So small I needed all the countertop space for food prep. I stored my appliances in the basement. And I did not have a toaster. I used my oven to bake toast. My daughter still does this. As you can see citrus is on the counter. Onions are on the floor of my pantry closet as well as potatoes. I don’t like avocados and bananas usually sit next to the coffee station.

  4. There are very few things we disagree on, Yvonne, but this is one of them. I don’t understand the current obsession everyone has with keeping kitchen counters devoid of kitchen tools and then decorating the same counters with all sorts of objects. I could never imagine putting the toaster oven in a cabinet. In a kitchen with limited storage I can see no reason to try and hide the things we use everyday.
    In a recent post on Facebook about light fixtures someone had the gall to tell me to clear off my countertops. While we all love beautiful kitchens I enjoy using mine but my kitchen is small and my space very limited. That means that from time to time the counters are covered from one end to the other with food, pans and items drying from being hand washed. The reality is that we all don’t have pantries and laundry rooms to absorb the messiness of daily living.

    1. Margo, please don’t be offended. Of course, kitchens get messy with cooking. They are supposed to! And I remember the comment on THE DECORATING PANNEL, but I don’t think that person meant anything bad. You had asked a question and although a bit off-topic the commenter gave you a suggestion. Sorry, you were offended! This post is meant to help you inspire! My advice may not be your thing but it also may help others.

          1. Hi Yvonne
            Could you please give me the particulars of your countertops? And the finish?
            Thank you

  5. I am new to your site and I have to say how much I love your style of decorating. Your kitchen would be my dream kitchen! I have found myself returning to neutral colors in my own home with little pops of color here and there and I really found your living room something to aspire to. Thank you for all of the tips and pictures!!

  6. I’m with you on the less is more! I do have a large kitchen , but only keep coffee station area, crock with knives and white mixer out. The island always has flowers (right now a white artificial orchid) candle sticks for night time ambience! I can understand those with small kitchens not having places to store small appliances. I just know that even when I lived in a little apartment, smaller homes, I’m still a minimalist at heart! Thank you for your lovely post!!

    1. One of my dear friends has a very small kitchen. You can’t believe how much she cooks and has everything streamlined! She has a table set set up in her garage with her small appliances. It’s amazingly organized!

    2. I’ve lived in 4 homes. Our first home had very limited counter space and I felt it was so important to keep them free of appliances. They took up my prep space. I housed them in the basement. That was when I was young and did not mind running up and down the stairs!

  7. I have nothing on my counters but my Keurig. All other appliances are in the appliance garage. All cooking utensils are in a drawer beside the cook top at easy reach. I like my counters clear and shiny. The view out the wall of windows is my decoration. I do keep a vase or pitcher of fresh flowers on the island. I live in a great room house and the kitchen can be seen from the dining & living room. When looking towards the kitchen, one only sees the lovely garden beyond with no clutter to distract. I really don’t see the sense in “decorating” or “staging” a kitchen. Having trays is a good idea for corralling the pieces that must stay out because of lack of space but if you have a big enough kitchen store it.
    Another excellent post Yvonne!

    1. Your kitchen is so beautiful! I have a large family and currently use two (non-matching) stainless steel bread boxes. On holds a couple loaves of bread and the other has buns wraps, etc. I’ve searched all of Pinterestdom and no one has bread boxes on their counter. What’s a girl with no pantry to do?

  8. Your kitchen is so beautiful!! Each piece compliments the other. I would be interested if you have any good air fryer recipes – I seem to be at a loss right now. Thank you.

  9. It all looks very nice. Good ideas. I would very much like to see a picture of the drawer with the salt pig and butter dish as well as the pop-up bar and cabinets or whatever with all the glasses and gadgets needed.!

  10. I am.with you. No cluttering counter unless I am cooking. only appliance pot! Always something seasonal and have a long stainless shelf in front of sink with large windows…perfect for herbs. mom was the same about clutter and now my daughter is too…I have a lot of counter top and think I will copy your wooden bread boards..I have some old ones moms..keep posting

  11. Ah, the battle of the toaster on the countertop! I am the only one in the family that feels it needs to be put away. Seriously, I’ve considered converting my formal dining room into a huge walk-in pantry!

  12. My smallish kitchen has an appliance garage to house the toaster, can opener, bread and crackers. I love it and it takes up very little space. The other thing I do is keep a large soup terrine close to the back door so hubby can drop off keys, change and all the other various items (golf tees) than accumulate in his pockets. It’s going somewhere, I might as well make it pretty. As I have view all the beautiful kitchen this week, I’m surprised at the amount of unnecessary clutter. It’s made me reevaluate what I leave out even before I read your post today. I’m going to edit a few other areas on this bitter cold day in Tulsa. It will help me stay warm.

  13. Hi! I just did my spice cabinet too. Like you I used all glass jars and new labels. In stead of the “stepped” organizer, I bought turntable from The Container Store (I’m short, so getting thing up front is important for me). I feel like this is a work in progress. I still need a few more jars and there are spices I just don’t use. You are so right — time and money!

  14. Just beautiful. You always give me such great ideas! How tall are your ceilings and how wide is the counter where the kitchen sink is located? We may be building a retirement patio home and the builder grade kitchen will be the best I can do…..
    Just wondering the difference in dimensions. Thanks!

  15. While I like the idea of moving small appliances off the counter into cabinets to reduce clutter, two of my roller drawers (in solid maple from a high end kitchen specialist) have fallen down after three years–one from canned goods (for only two of us!) and one from my crockpot. Never again. For those contemplating renovations, stationery shelving measured for height for your appliances is the way to go.

  16. I place a small rimmed cookie sheet under my 4 slice toaster, and slide it in an under counter cabinet. The tray collects the crumbs and it makes it so easy to slide in and out.

  17. Yvonne — LOVE this post! Your kitchen looks immaculate! There are several items I would love to buy: the small white milk container (holding the snapdragons in front of the bread boards, the bread boards themselves 🙂 and the pitcher and small cake pedestal. Can you please share your sources? I absolutely LOVE, LOVE that small white milk container and have not been able to find one yet!!

    Stay warm!


          1. Love the containers so much! I just order the tray, so perfect! Would you be able to share where you got the cutting boards from?! Love your kitchen so much! Thanks for your time and sharing it with me!

  18. Yvonne,
    Even with a large kitchen I find there are times I question myself about having to many things on my counters I like to use large glass jars for my baking staples and on another counter keep dried fruit and cereals in other glass jars. We have a coffee station and coffee.and train canisters next to pot. On a large buffet I keep the cookie jar,dog biscuit canister and a jar of snack crackers. Everything is well balanced and neat and my appliances are in cabinets when not in use. Anyone who comes into my kitchen knows it is the kitchen of a cook and my grandchildren would be very disappointed if no cookie and snack jars. A seasonal vignette is created in another area on tray as you taught me and the magic of three utilized throughout the kitchen. Kitchens should be unique to their users and variety is what keeps the world interesting.

  19. This has inspired me to take another look at my countertops, and remove a few things! We use are toaster often as well. It’s functional, but not pretty. Do you have a source for the canisters, and tray that corrals them? Thanks so much Yvonne!

  20. In an open floor plan I feel it imperative to keep a clean and neat kitchen. Albeit, life does happen and the kitchen counter is the first place an armload of stuff ends up! I appreciate your suggestions and love your new kitchen. After Christmas I like to strip my counters and change what I have on them. My sweet brother installed a lift that allows me to hide my KitchenAid mixer and still have it at an easy reach. I wipe my countertops down every night so that helps me from collecting a lot of stuff.

    1. I luv your backsplash, I finally saved enough money to do mine. I’m struggling with what color would work in my kitchen. Where did you get yours?

  21. Wish i had all your cabinets to store stuff but i dont. Beautiful pull outs. I have about 1/4 of your counter top space. Maybe i just hang on to too much stuff in cupboards. Junk it!!

  22. I agree with decluttering your countertops.My kitchen is not overly big so I’m always trying to keep it free of unnecessary items.I have a cabinet with pullout drawers and the toaster goes there !I also like a little pretty on the counter, makes me happy !

  23. Just wondering since you said the color paint for your walls is BM’s “Simply White,” and that it blends perfectly with your cabinets, what color were your cabinets painted? Beautiful kitchen. So tastefully done.

    1. All our walls, trim and cabinetry are all Simply White. The walls are flat and don’t refect much light and the rest is semi-gloss which is light reflecting! So the colors look a bit different and always look nice together.

  24. These are wonderful ideas, thank you so much. I always love everything you post. Totally fabulous

    Please send me your post. I keep not getting them. Thanks!

      1. Where did you purchase the basket weave backsplash ? Or what brand is it ? I ve been to Lowes and Home Depot . They have one Calcutta gold but it is not the same ? Help I need asap . Thank you .

        1. Hi, we got it from a local stone shop. It is calacutta gold. The stone on our order is called Soci SSH 270 Calacutta marble basketweave. Hope this helps. Our grout is ultra-white.

  25. Keeping kitchen counters decluttered is a 24/7 job for me! It just never ends! In fact, The only time I feel truly gratified is after spending an entire day cleaning and organizing and then insisting on take-out for dinner! I just cannot keep up! My next DIY in there is creating a cabinet space for the trashcan and recycle bin.

  26. You always give me such great ideas. We’re in the beginning stages of planning to remodel our kitchen and I wondered about your sink and faucet. What is the sink made of? It looks like the faucet is one that has a sensor to turn on the water. If that’s the case, how do you like it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sandy, the sink is a composite sink from Blanco. A composite sink is a joy! It’s made of ground granite and other materials. It does not stain and is antibacterial. The faucet does have a sensor. I love it! When I am cooking and have messy hands I just wave a hand in front of it or on the top and get water. Hope this helps.

  27. Hi Yvonne,
    Thank you for your lovely posts. I always find them helpful and inspirational! Your kitchen countertops are beautiful! Can you send me a link for them or tell me where you purchased? How do you like them? My husband & I are starting a kitchen remodel soon out here in California.
    Thank you so much!
    Treva Del Bene

  28. Thanks for sharing this, Yvonne.

    These are some amazing ideas you shared here. It will be very helpful.

  29. Your clutter-free counters have inspired me. I’m was intrigued by your storing butter in a drawer. Could you provide some more information about what you use fir storage and the lack of refrigeration?

    Thank you

    1. I have never put my butter in the frig. We go through it pretty fast and I don’t like spreading hard butter from the frig. I have a drawer next to my stove and the butter dish with its lid fit perfectly in there. Hope this helps.

  30. Where do you put your bread? It seams like it’s out everyday, sandwiches, cheeses, toast, etc

    1. Great question, Diana. I have a drawer just under the area I prepare food. Breads, cookies, and other perishables like that are convenient when we need them.

  31. Love your kitchen! You always have many great ideas! Where did you get the pots for your plants that you have in your kitchen?

  32. Thank you for these tips! With these updates, I’ve been trying to find a way to decorate my kitchen and counters without it looking too cluttered. I just ordered a wood tray and a breadboard, and I can’t wait to get them and decorate with some spring flowers as well!

  33. Yvonne,
    I’m laying in bed on a very early Sunday morning reading every single word about your kitchen remodel, and inspired by the photos. I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed an article as much as yours. Thank you for sharing every detail. It’s perfection! You’ve become my favorite designer to read daily. Love your inspirational words, as I too am a Christian. Keep up the amazing work. Blessings,

  34. I love your kitchen and I’m in the process of remodeling mine. Can you please tell me about your backsplash? What is the name and color of it?

  35. I love your grey and white canisters that are in front of the cutting boards. Can you tell me where you purchased them?

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