6 Best Kitchen Organizing Tips

Our kitchens get lots of use and abuse! For most of us, our kitchens are really “the heart of the home”. Here are 6 best tips of organize your kitchen and make it not only functional but pretty too!

Most of us would say that our kitchens are the heart of our homes. And they can get used hard! Today let’s talk about the best kitchen organizing tips and ideas. We are not talking about organizing the cabinets or shelves but how to create effective, attractive, areas in your kitchen that work for you and others. I can’t wait to share this today!

If you are a cook like me and your kitchen is a busy hub for breakfasts or lunches or dinners or entertaining then you know that cooking and prep space is at a premium!

And if you are like me you also want your kitchen to be not only functional but a bit fabulous too! There is a way to balance having a working kitchen and a pretty one. Here are a few tips and ideas that will help!

Today’s post is more of a reminder than sharing something new. We all probably know these tips but it is good to be reminded of smart ideas, right?

So here are 6 best kitchen organizing tips.

organized kitchen sink area

I love to decorate so I have to curb my desire to fill up my kitchen with only pretty things because sometimes decor gets in the way of kitchen function! Knowing that about myself I’ve been thinking about the best way to organize my kitchen and to find the sweet spot where function meets fabulous in the kitchen.

My all-white kitchen offers lots of cabinet and counter space. But it does suffer from not having enough space for all our small kitchen appliances. All kitchens have their good features and ones we wish we could change. But because most of our kitchens aren’t perfect we need to make the best of what we have!

white organized kitchen

No matter what your style or space these tips just might help you too!

Best Kitchen Organizing Tip- Keep Clutter Away

A white kitchen with a mushroom colored sink

Of all the best kitchen organizing tips this one is THE best!

I think my kitchen can look pretty utilitarian! I don’t like kitchen clutter. Especially when I’m cooking. My counters are never a dumping ground for papers or book bags or purses or piles! And if something gets mislaid on them I’m quick to put things where they belong.

If your kitchen gets cluttered with things that don’t belong there don’t fret! There’s such an easy fix for this!

Clean off ALL SURFACES in your kitchen. Even if you have to put the clutter in a box or trash bag. Just do it! And NEVER put things on your counter that don’t belong there!!!! Make this a hard and fast rule for you and your family!

Keep your counters sparkling clean. It’s harder to clutter them up when they are clean!

When my kids were growing up the island was a favorite place to do homework and I loved it. But when homework was done EVERYTHING was put away right away!!!

Now my little granddaughter is using the island to color and do sticker art and I’m teaching her the importance of putting things away.

We put baskets under the banquette in the kitchen that are now filled with small toys, books, coloring books, crayons, watercolors, and more! These were originally going to stash cookbooks and other things like placemats and napkins but they found a much better use.

Clearing off all kitchen surfaces will make the biggest difference in how your counters look and how you feel!

What To Do With Small Appliances

stove view of an organized kitchen

I love love love the look of Ina Garten’s kitchen. Her appliances look stellar in her HUGE kitchen. And what about that outrageous kitchen in the movie It’s Complicated… sigh!  

Unfortunately, I don’t have the area these amazing kitchens have and can’t afford the counter space to keep out all my gleaming appliances!

Appliance clutter can make a kitchen look crowded and take up precious counter space.  Put any appliances out of sight that you don’t use almost every day!!! And better yet, ask yourself if you really need all those appliances.  

I just got rid of a toaster oven. Yes, I really liked it but I didn’t use it that often and it just was not worth the room to store it. And for goodness sake no duplicate appliances! We don’t need a spare!!!!

I keep my overflow appliances in the pantry off my kitchen and the overflow of the overflow in the garage. It does take a couple of steps to retrieve them and put them away but the exercise is good for me!

Create Kitchen Stations


I think of all the best kitchen organizing tips this one is almost as important as keeping a clutter-free kitchen.

Create areas in your kitchen that perform a special function! Keep everything in that area you need to do a task. Don’t overcomplicate these “stations”. Keep them simple and pretty. Simple is the most important thing to remember.

Do you like to bake? Create a baking station keeping everything you need close at hand. This saves time, and steps and keeps your kitchen organized.

We use our coffee maker many times daily, so I have a coffee station. I keep my cups in the cupboard above the coffee maker. The coffee pods are in a white-lidded container and the sugar is in a decorative container with a lid right by the coffee maker. Thank goodness the refrigerator is next to the coffee station. I can grab the milk out of it easily.


Oil, salt, and pepper, and a big crock of wooden spoons are stored next to the stove so they are ready to be used when I’m cooking on the stovetop.

I used to keep a big galvanized tray filled with oils and salts and other culinary things next to my stove. But over the years I really paired this area down to just the very basics that I use every day. 


Add creating pretty kitchen stations to the best kitchen organizing tips.

Have One Big Designated Work Area


Cooks need a workspace! And the bigger the better. If you have an island that’s probably the best surface to work on. But if you don’t you need to be ruthless in following tips 1… 2… and 3!

The more cleared counter space you have the more area you have to prep and cook!!!!

I’ve designated the middle of our U-shaped kitchen as my work area. It’s large and bare! Perfect to prepare meals and other food.

The big bottom drawer under my workstation houses the trash. I can push the garbage right off the cutting board I use there and right into the trash! 


My knives, measuring spoons, knife sharpener, zester, kitchen scissors, garlic press, and lemon reamer are in the top drawers in front of the workspace.

I keep storage bags, foil, plastic wrap, and parchment paper in the middle drawer. The bottom drawer holds a vacuum bag sealer and bags.

Bowls, measuring cups, mason jars, and more are in the turntable to the left of the workstation, and most used cooking supplies like oils, sugar, flour, and other things are in the bottom turntable to the right of the workstation.

I would never have thought about having a U-shaped kitchen in a million years. But I just love it! Everything is so convenient and there is lots of counter space in this kitchen.

Create A Focal Point Or Vignette


Now we’re talking my decor love language!!!

Pick one or two areas in your kitchen to decorate just for the sake of having something pretty.

Keep all non-kitchen functioning decorations corralled to one or two areas away from where I cook.

Enjoy Things You Love


You probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen, just as I do, so you want to surround yourself with things you love.

Make your kitchen a working sanctuary of culinary creativity!!  Surround yourself with beautiful things and great fresh food! It’s important to have a space that inspires you!

Having pretty fresh herbs on my island is important to me. They speak to my soul and are wonderful to cook with too!


I hope you will take stock of your kitchen and implement these 6 best kitchen organizing tips! Create a functional and organized and clutter-free kitchen. And make it fabulous!!!!

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  1. Thank you for another wonderful post! You’re kitchen is so lovely. Can you share what type of counter top you installed? It’s so pretty.!

  2. Your kitchen looks lovely,so bright and clutter free.Your home has such great light coming in from those large windows.

    1. Hi Doreen, we are so blessed to have such a bright home. The windows are one of the reasons we bought the Tanglewood House.

      1. Beautiful! I am remodeling my kitchen and just can’t figure out where to put my compost. Where do you hide yours?

        1. I have a garbage disposal and not a compost bucket. When I have both at the StoneGable house we kept it in a pretty white pottery crock with a wooden lid next to the sink. Hope this helps. Have fun remodeling!

  3. When I renovated I had them put in an appliance garage. Now my small appliances are all tucked away but easy access. There is a plug inside, so no need to even take them out. I love to decorate and make little vignettes but I have made my kitchen off limits. Lol I always have a fresh bouquet on my island though.
    Your new white kitchen is beautiful Yvonne!

  4. I love these fabulous ideas. So simple, and yet, I never thought to do. Thanks!

  5. I love your neutrals and share your dislike of clutter.

  6. Ivonne,
    I greatly appreciate your suggestions for kitchen organization. We’ll be moving soon to a larger space and I can hardly wait to get settled and get organized! I plan to use many of your suggestions. Thanks for sharing these!

  7. I totally agree with you on removing all of the clutter from the kitchen counters. I set aside one shelf in a lower cabinet just for the grandchildren. They know it’s just for them and as soon as they come over they head for “their” cabinet. I have a basket filled with crayons, markers and coloring books. Along side of that is room for puzzles and small toys. It’s worked out beautifully and they even put back their toys when they are done playing. It’s a win-win for me.

  8. Karen Cline says:

    Great tips! Happy Wednesday!,

  9. Micaela Brundage says:

    Oh my goodness! I just love your plants in your kitchen!

  10. Lisa Thoreson says:

    Thanks for another wonderful post! You are amazing.

  11. Susan Lambert says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. I have always loved your blog. This kitchen post was good because you simply explained why your kitchen is so stunning. You follow your own rules.

  13. Yvonne, Thank you for the inspiration. I will keep this post handy in case we decide to redo our kitchen.

  14. Gail Prowant says:

    Wonderful posts! I do not know how you keep coming up with such wonderful posts. Thank you

  15. I loved your tip about putting things away after you use them. It’s soooo easy to rationalize that you will do it later. Some temperaments are better about what “later” means than others! I heard when I was a young mom to teach my children that putting away was a part of playing. That really resonated with me and it was very helpful with them and now our grands. Whether our homes are small, medium or large; allowing things to pile up is always an issue. Not SEEING clutter is HUGE is having a calm mind and soothed soul. Because so many of your readers are very creative, it’s an enormous help to have your reminders to constantly purge, pare down and practice peace. Thank you.

  16. Rae Grossi says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    I always love your posts and you have inspired me many times. I have to ask you and you can respond to my email if you want. Years ago, I use to go to a beautiful home store in Thornton PA called Pratt and Company. A beautiful home near a stream in a historical aarea. Was this you?
    May Blessings come your way,

    1. Hi Rae, No that wasn’t us. There are a lot of Pratts in this area and we are not related to any of them.

  17. Organizing my kitchen has been the best singular thing I’ve done for myself since retiring. Decluttering, organizing and determining which things I really wanted to keep was quite the experience. My daughters love our newly organized kitchen! I literally got rid of many boxes of things… it has been so freeing. I enjoy my kitchen and cooking so much more these days! Now you’ve inspired me to go ahead and plant those kitchen herbs and put out some nice fresh flowers…!

  18. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Your kitchen is beautiful, Yvonne! Thanks for sharing all your kitchen organizing tips. There is always something we can do to make a little improvement in our own kitchen. I always enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for all the hours of work you put into your posts. I appreciate you so much!

    Hope you and Bobby have a wonderful weekend. Our forecast is for more snow!

  19. Thank you for this beautiful post! Perfect timing! Great ideas for an area I struggle with daily.

  20. Jill Bakeman says:

    Your kitchen is beautiful! Now that you’ve lived in it for awhile, post-renovation, is there anything you would have done or chosen differently?

  21. Joan Clanton says:

    Would you please share information about your lovely tile? Your kitchen inspired me to choose stainless steel appliances after having white ones forever and I think the bits of grey in the tile tie in the stainless color perfectly. Thanks so much for a beautiful read.

    1. The tile is basketweave Calacutta Oro marble. Google it and click on “images” and you will see different types. This is such a beautiful tile.

  22. Yvonne, I love reading your posts and learn so much from you. I love your white kitchen! Do you have windows in your actual kitchen and eating area and, if so, do you have window treatments on them? Asking because everything is so bright. My last home had a beautiful white kitchen with quartz counters which I had done five years prior to selling. My new kitchen has light cream cabinets with a brown and cream countertop which I am trying to embrace (but I really do miss my white!). BTW, where did you get the lovely floral canisters on your coffee station?

    1. Hi Diane, there are big windows in the kitchen. I don’t have window treatments on them because they take up the whole wall. Our view are so pretty looking out onto the golf course. We have blinds for privacy at night. Hope this helps. Here’s the link for the canisters:https://rstyle.me/+Y7i4MHMNjXIya7K2XnrLfQ